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  1. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    More like ‘pie in the sky’ ….. can’t believe you said that …..you are either a hunbun, or you know nothing about foofball

  2. Apart from wanting our players to have the majority of game time…what tf is stopping BR starting with our finishing eleven

  3. The rags and Level 5 at desperation stage,pitch invasion and coin stuff…..Captain Fantastic turns up yet again….not seen Brendan celebrate a goal like that before…

  4. Wan thing that was very noticable was the fear Eddy Bhoy put into Kilmarnock – especially early doors.



    Eddy getting that 60+ minutes was good for Celtic and getting a decent result in Spain. He is the Man that can do Something Big on his own.



    A draw would be good, IMO.



    Hope springs Eternal – especially as we now seem to have a clear road to winning 8.

  5. For anyone on Instagram, Timothyweah has posted an apology to Killie fans who may have taken offense at his post game celebration.


    Then goes on to say he had 3 Killie players take cheap shots at him as soon as he came on.


    He says he gave them some of their own medicine and accepts the consequences.


    What a mature guy for his young age.


    Some of the agricultural players could learn a lesson.


    Anyone with an Instagram account? Timothyweah.

  6. Thelurkintim


    I hope he sees some of the loaners as impact players as the opposition tires, and these guys present a different challenge to tired legs and brains.


    But why he leaves it so late confounds me.


    And on today’s result, the opposition.

  7. ‘GG sorry…I’m one of the few in my age group who is resisting social media…no twitter, no Instagram…no Alexa or it’s ilk constantly monitoring/listening…Tim is quite right…why…’cause he’s our player…hopefully extended ;-))




  8. ‘GG…on today’s result…was it luck…or managerial genius…to my feeble mind it’s happened too often to be luck…but why not put a game to bed early by starting with our finishing eleven




  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    THE_HUDDLE on 17TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:35 PM


    Big Georges Fan Club – Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on 17th February 2019 9:29 pm





    Coin hit









    Eye witnesses are rubbish :-)))



    Thanks for the correction bhoys – point re: the guy that threw it still stands though – a tube.






  10. The rags and Level 5 cannot alter the facts.


    8 points clear of their overhyped heroes, who have failed to score in their last 2 games.


    They are trying to divert the attention of the unwashed masses away from their spiraling finances, their failing team and their floundering manager.


    League title 8INAROW is firmly in our own grasp.

  11. This just popped up on my Youtube recommendations.



    Looks Good.



    And Paddy Roberts is out of contract in the Summer. Paddy is still there under the North Stand – penny pinching Celtic with Billboards?



    Anyone that throws a missile deserves to be banned. No excuse.

  12. It’s simple really…



    Rodgers has tried Weah from the start but he’s more effective coming off the bench when the game is stretched, and there are more spaces to run into and use his pace to exploit



    Burke was rested after playing a lot of games including Thursday



    Bayo made his first appearance of the season



    Edouard needed game time

  13. Howevaaaaaah – If it is paperweight and roughly the size of a Monetary note – So many behind me would be banned just after HT – especially making Airplane notes that get direct hits a lot.

  14. THELURKINTIM on 17TH FEBRUARY 2019 11:13 PM




    my question is connected to the Octoberfest fotie linked to yer name…are you the kilt wearer…ouch, the hands lifting it…double ouch…or the fotie taker ;-))







    I am the subject matter of that “still life” 😉


    The colour of the kilt should give it away 😂😂

  15. Bhoylo83,



    Timo has now done Identical Sublime bits of control on opposite feet – similar situations.



    WOW was my thinking.



    Brendan has to nurture this Talent – especially in Scotland.



    Belfast was Awesome Young Man.



    Seeing the Youngster getting all het up – Yep. Magical.

  16. Timo threw his hands up in the Air during the game on Thursday, After doing all he could in a period.



    He was wanting more from his Team m8s, Easy to say when you are just on and a Son of a President. :))



    Mega Loan Signing



    He is 18.



    I hope his auld Man advises him to stay @ Celtic for 12 more months.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Matthew Lindsay – The Herald – Hurting Hun :-))



    “…STEVE Clarke, the Kilmarnock manager, last night revealed he was concerned for his players’ safety when Celtic supporters invaded the pitch at the end of the Ladbrokes Premiership game at Rugby Park yesterday.



    Several fans of the Parkhead club ran onto the playing surface to celebrate a last-minute winner by Scott Brown that sent them eight points clear of their Glasgow rivals Rangers at the top of the table.



    Stephen O’Donnell, the Scotland right back, was confronted by one of them and his manager Clarke later confessed he had been worried about the wellbeing of his charges. “I think you are always concerned when fans come on the pitch like that,” he said.



    Smoke cannisters and flares were set off by Celtic supporters during the game, Kilmarnock substitute Kris Boyd was hit by missile as he warmed up and seats in both the Chadwick and Moffat Stands were vandalised…”



    I’m sure he’s tortured by nightmares about Broonie scoring – which is nice :-))))






  18. It is Good that Motherwell are doing so well – I hope they are a wee bit more adventurous than most that come to Celtic Park – 6 Wins in a row you got to have a wee go? Young Scots players doing well is Good.



    The SFA need to go.



    Scotland will Flourish when the Anti Catholic brigade are removed / most are in Secret Societies. Running the game Domestically.

  19. Celtic is all about helping the Scottish game get better.



    I Believe that Big Time.



    Celtic is FUNDAMENTALLY Good.



    Hated but not for long. Time is Eternal?

  20. SPFL Fixtures before the split.


    Motherwell (h), Hearts (a), Aberdeen (h), Dundee (a), Sevco (h), St Mirren (a), Livingston (h).


    With a game at Easter Road in the cup after the Tynecastle game, we have an eminent chance of going into the split competing for the treble treble.


    Can anyone bridge the gap before the first week of April?


    Who can mortally wound our aspirations?


    Hibs have the best chance in a once off game, but are they on the wane after Neil?


    None of these league games involves a plastic pitch, Unless St Mirren no longer play on grass.


    So I am confident that after skelping Slippy G’s bus fodder, we will go into the split as Champions Elect.

  21. ‘GG,



    My Heart sunk a wee bit when the Awesome TT, he said whit he said aboot Brendan Rodgers in Europe.



    Disnae mean to say anything but its a very very hard job being a Leader of more than wan person, nevermind so many in a heavily stacked game.



    I Believe.EP.CSC

  22. Games are being played – The Celtic Support are still Massive, evidently growing. Not Only because of things Today but because of Everything Yesterday as well.



    Magical Celtic.



    Time is Incredible.



    Timothy Weah Welcome and please stay for another 12 months Young Man – This is indeedi the place for You Young Man to get even Better.

  23. Twice This Young Superstar has trapped a ball @ Speed on the side – Left and Right.



    I remember the cracking link Kitalba posted that a plane needs a Left Wing and a Right Wing to Fly. Ben Carson I think wiz his name who was jibber jabbering at a Prayer meeting with really profound stuff to Unite people.



    At Least wee Jamesie is in a song now to this Jam & Spoon Now.




    Waterfall. Celtic Thankfully.

  24. Good morning CQN from a beautiful and happy Garngad


    I have not got a clue what the weather is like right enough.😂



    Coin thrower should get hammered, no place in football for that shoite. I hope Kilmarnock look at their security in place and don’t get hammered too much. It’s their stadium isn’t it???



    What games if any does Broony miss?


    Or is just added to points total.


    I don’t know the new rules that came in to place for Sevco😂






    D. :)