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  1. There is No Doubt – Celtic is Magical.






    Eddy is the Key in Spain.



    That Lad can make things happen – especially if space is given.



    Shut up Pedro – The ties over.



    Kieran has been ruled out, so definitely no chance.



    Never ever give up.

  2. I see fat boy Boyd is bumping his fat chops about broken seats etc. him and his mucked Matthew Lyndsay, can you feel their pain. Feckin love it.



    Of course I am not condoning pitch invasions of any sorts, but it’s allowed isn’t it????


    There is a team that’s been doing it all season?



    Here we go 8 IAR, here we go…



    As usual any hurting, ugly as feck, thick as feck zombies lurking…….





    D. :)

  3. In ither news…………



    Dropped points by “rangers” doesn’t seem to be BIG news, especially when the Tims deliver a last minute sore wan to huns an’ sleekits everywhere…….




  4. morning bhoys from a cold but dry Cheshire,, them bassas would have been rubbing their hands with glee up to the 89th minute,,, well lurkin huns girfuy.hh.

  5. THELURKINTIM on 17TH FEBRUARY 2019 11:23 PM


    Apart from wanting our players to have the majority of game time…what tf is stopping BR starting with our finishing eleven






    I have posted on this before. No matter who starts, it’s always the subs who come on and make the difference; well especially in tight games.



    The poor guys who start up front hardly get a touch of the ball, but do the job of wearing down the opposition. The fresh legs come on an exploit the tiredness and the bit of extra space.



    It’s a squad game.

  6. Correct its a squad game.



    As long as we can keep players happy, I would not be adverse having players known for their impact.



    Our very own David Fairclough if you like ?




  7. Oh and while I am on.



    Hunderbirds are Go @ 15.14hrs yesterday.



    Excellent post.



    HH to you.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    A look st the BBC Scotland sport website this morning: Sssssshhhhhh…………don’t mention the 8 point gap.

  9. In January, when we were only top of the table on goal difference, the impartial BBC decided it was worthy of ana article on how close the League was. Can we now expect that same impartial body to do another article?





    PS I know there was more justification for an article on a close SPL but is that the real reason it was written?

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Gratifying to see that Brendan took my advice and has practiced putting a high ball into the box for Billy Mc Phail ( Boyata ) to nod the ball down to Sammy Wilson ( Broony ) .

  11. Richie #TeamOscarForever on

    Boyata played a blinder. As usual. So many times he looks like a one-man defence, getting to almost every ball that comes into the area. Really hope he stays.

  12. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Good result yesterday even if the performance was turgid. Reminded me of games under Strachan where we routinely scored a last minute winner- McManus at Hearts comes to mind.



    Particularly happy for Hayes who had a very good game (save a few errant crosses), even though he was being targeted as a weakness by Kilmarnock and Broony for getting a goal; when it rains it pours.



    Still think we would benefit from mixing up our play a little- a few more long balls in between full backs or even up to Edouard to compete for. We are very predicable and Kilmarnock did a pretty good job at stiffing us for the majority of the game.

  13. Greetings from an overcast / occasionally sunny -Valencia . Temperature @ 15 .



    Mestalla yesterday for Valencia 0-Espanyol 0



    9th in the table v 13th in the table . A game of chess in which Valencia attacked and Espanyol defended . . Valencia keeper made 1 save , the Espanyol keeper made 1 save . .. Valencia alternated between trying to walk the ball into the net and hitting Hollywood shots which were well off target .Crowd grumbled ! Lots of skill , lots of effort , lots of cynicism and some seriously meaty challenges when required.. Espanyol defender red carded in the 95th minute Quiet crowd – chess matches are rarely exhuberant..

  14. Arguably, Motherwell on Sunday is a more important game than Valencia on Thursday ( though I have not completely given up hope ). In that situation, what do we do selection – wise on Thursday? I am pretty sure Brendan will pick his perceived, strongest team. Moi ? I cannot think of many changes that would keep us in with a chance but still ready for `well.


    Mikey instead of Scotty? Is Ntcham fit? If so, a midfield spot for him.Gordon for Bain?


    Over to you, Mr Rodgers.



  15. Off to Costa Del Sol for a few days. Anyone in the area on Thursday am happy to meet up in Timmy’s or The John Lemon.

  16. Not long back from the routine walk, gym, swim and walk.


    This morning’s activities greatly enhanced by my hearing the auditory contributions of two aged huns discussing Broonie’s last minute, devastatingly brilliant, denouement to the weekend’s footballing events.


    It is the hope that kills them.


    They do hate us.


    I do love being a Tim.




  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Brilliant to win the points yesterday and demonstrate our appetite for 8IAR!



    I have two thoughts about Armstrong Okoflex being on the bench. Firstly, six of our 19s were with Scotland in Spain (2-0 win v Azerbajian yesterday) so there was free space for a kid. Secondly, to jump him ahead of the media hype to “release the Karamoko” when young Dembele celebrates his birthday this week.



    On the Scotland 19s, Billy Stark seems to have used his entire squad across the two friendlies. The only Celt who played both 90 minutes was Daniel Church at left back.

  18. E67


    Walk, gym and swim all good for you but nothing is as much a generator of good health as is the happiness engendered by that late winner :-))






    PS I am just back from the gym as well. Cycle there, a wee bit of exercise and cycle back but the same applies to me re health and happiness. Broonie`s goal !

  19. Hot Smoked,



    Ridiculous I know but not withstanding all the physical exercises, walking, swimming, cycling, golfing, gym work etc, nothing, but nothing positively affects my health and well-being more than a set of football results favouring the Champions.




  20. I don’t wish to dampen the spirits of what was, a brilliant result yesterday,BUT


    when are the flare morons going to learn that their actions reflect on Celtic very badly. Don’t they realise that all that crap is jumped on by all the hun loving media etc and will cost the club money in fines etc. And who pays these fines, us, the fans.


    When willl they ever learn as the song goes




  21. FB @ 12.14



    “Ultra” display — corporate / herd instinct PR nonsense.


    What next — are they planning on doing the Edinburgh Festival fireworks?



    File under ego-tripping.

  22. MADMITCH on 18TH FEBRUARY 2019 12:41 PM


    The thing that springs to mind for me is that its obviously sanctioned and organised by the club. UEFA fine us ofr pyro’s etc especially in Europe so why the double standards?

  23. FB @ 12.49



    Uefa competition so they set the rules.


    PL fixture — “PFA” administer the fixture with their rules.


    However as you note there is an issue with perceived double standards.



    My main gripe is the staged nature of the spectacle.


    Game within a game — Ultras looking for Ultra brownie points / bragging rights.



    Things do not need to be bigger — they just need to be better.


    Humour and originality will win you more friends than spectacle and volume.



    Something the GB should learn — too often they resort to cliche.