Kilmarnock v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 16:00.

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  1. Thursday night, plastic pitch, Steve Clarke’s record against us…



    All reasons to be a bit nervous about today imo

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on 17th February 2019 2:20 pm



    Dafabet customer services “Are you sure about this?”




  3. Today’s confirmed starting line up v Kilmarnock ……



    Bain; Toljan, Ajer, Boyata, Hayes; Brown, McGregor, Forrest, Christie, Sinclair, Edouard


    Subs: Gordon, Lustig, Bitton, Oko-Flex, Bayo, Weah ,Burke


  4. N L & McC 2.31pm



    My thoughts precisely and Embramike has confirmed Scotty Bhoy starts



    Oko-flex on the bench … Brendan giving the kids something to aim for

  5. BHOYLO83 on 17TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:25 PM


    Thursday night, plastic pitch, Steve Clarke’s record against us…



    All reasons to be a bit nervous about today imo




    Bhoylo…you mhan up or I’ll get big Aiden to slap yir ear :O) hh

  6. I’m just sitting here thinking…….


    Following their two consecutive 0-0 draws mibbe the Livi Pitch Invaders had been to the fortune tellers and knew that was going to be their seasons finale.



    Let’s drive another nail into their coffin Celtic!




  7. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    I’m quite direct, quick and I like to think I’m skilful and can score a few goals, I can play out wide through the middle or behind the striker, but I’ve mostly played striker or left wing.


    Armstrong Okoflex

  8. BR states … Jozo not playing on surface, Izzy ankle knock pitch wouldn’t help, Ollie has played a lot of games in short space of time and good time to re-introduce Edouard



    Mon the Cellic

  9. Oko-Flex has been a stand out with the Reserves. His stated objective is to make his first team debut by his 17th birthday. Maybe today Armstrong if we are 3 up with 5 minutes to go. Karamoko will be gutted.

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Repost. Bletherin to masel on the previous thread…





    Having had a few days to mull over Thursday’s game, here are my thoughts.



    A lot of posters cite relative income as a reason for us to be uncompetitive beyond the group stages of the CL and EL. That is to say, that we cannot be expected to beat teams who have more money than us. Whilst there is obviously a connection between income and sporting success within professional sports (As agreed under oath by SDM ?) this premise does not tell the whole story. Spending money on player pools that means that PSG, Bayern, Barca, Madrid and some EPL teams have now moved beyond our competitive sphere. Money is the reason that we cannot challenge these nouveau riche elite teams. However when it comes to challenging teams who spend amounts that are comparable to us, the likes of Valencia, Benfica, Ajax, we are still coming up short..



    Many posters have cited bad tactics from Brendan (and Ronny before him, because we played the same way) as the reason that we are not competitive in Europe. It is true that a more pragmatic and defensive approach may have made us more likely to gain some sort of result against the likes of Valencia last week, or Zenit last year. However I like Brendan’s outlook in attempting to attack in Europe. Building from the back, gaining control through possession and pressing teams when out of possession has not hindered Barcelona amongst others in recent years. The tactic itself is not to blame, it is just that we are not very good at it.



    So money is not the answer (to a point) as other teams around our budget level have had more success than us. Tactics are not the (whole) problem, a lot of teams who play the way Brendan’s teams do, have had more success than us.



    There are two salient points at play it seems to me:



    Firstly, we have a problem attracting top young talent to Scotland. If Ajax, Porto and Celtic were chasing a rising star player who was out of contract with his current club, and the clubs had all offered the same contract terms, I don’t know if the player would choose Ajax or Porto, I do know in that scenario, that Celtic would be third choice. So as Scotland is not a desirable location for talented players looking to build a career in the game and gain exposure for himself, we will have to spend well above the odds to secure any player. The only way we could change that fact, would be to perform much better, and to progress much further, in European competition than we currently do.



    So back to tactics. Quite simply we somehow have to expose our players to a higher level of competition more often. For 15 minutes on Thursday, we were doing ok, but as Valencia closed down space and cut out options for the player in possession we began to crack under the pressure. Valencia brought an intensity to their press, that our players just don’t see in Scotland, and as a result they couldn’t cope with it. However I am sure if our current players had more experience against a higher standard then the likes of Calmac and Jamesie could have the kind of impact they currently have in Scotland, in Europe as well.



    How is that achieved? There are signs that there is to be a revamp of European club competitions, in the near future, and that may provide salvation for us, and clubs like ourselves, by offering more matches against against good teams.



    Is there any unilateral course of action that could help us? It would require some out of the box thinking (See what I did there, aficionados of football puns?). Could we just play first team squad players and development squad players in the Domestic Cup competitions? And use the time it freed up to arrange a few friendlies with higher level European teams (Every season, there are good teams that screw up in the CL and EL, who would be happy to have a game to make some money). We should seek to participate in pre-season season mini tournaments where the standard is higher than the teams we played last pre-season. Maybe it would only take a few extra such games to garner the experience, to enable us to be more competitive.



    Let’s try something different. We as a support may have to quit our junkie like attitude to collecting “Pub League” baubles. Would we swap not seriously competing in the Domestic Cup Competitions for greater success in European Competitions? I would. Who knows our squad players might even win the cups anyway?







  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Great to see Oko-Flex on the bench – he looked very good in midweek for the reserves.

  12. Absolutely not a game to be introducing a 16 year old kid who has never been near this level. One of the hardest and most important games of our season, don’t get it.

  13. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    He’s on the bench and I would think he’ll only be introduced if/when the game is safe.

  14. Breeny 3.19pm



    Oko-flex isn’t playing he is in the bench, I would imagine he has earned this by impressing Brendan & co in the reserves … canny see how anybody would find a negative in rewarding a youngster a chance to get in amongst the first team… surely that’s what we want

  15. Breeney, He is on the bench along with Bayo, Burke & Weah. Highly unlikely to get a run out unless the game is done & dusted,

  16. VP



    Despite usually having a somewhat sunny outlook on life in general, plastic pitches and Celtic give me the fear



    Hope you are well George Clooney




  17. BREENY


    I think he has been included to let him sample the match day experience.


    In Weah and Burke we have two fast forwards so don’t think Oko-Flex will get playing time.


    The experience will be good for him.

  18. Bench spots are vitally important. Give him a home game on bench v Hamilton or somebody, this is a tough game and everyone in the squad should be ready to play if called on. He is a waste of a place in my opinion

  19. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Despite a couple of hoose measures and a 5 point lead wae a game in hand


    my ample stomach is churning.

  20. Hunderbirds are Gone agree 100 per cent, we need our players to be tested among the European clubs ,playing in the spl unfortunately wont test them.hh.

  21. Bhoylo



    Thanks young yin ,and don’t worry the bhoys will run amok today….. hopefully :O)

  22. It is not the game for a kid who has never played a senior game, he has no experience of this regardless how good he is. Play him at home v St Mirren but not this game where we need hardened professionals

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    If BR plays him then you can be sure it’s because he thinks the boy is ready

  24. Breeny



    So as well as dismissing young Oko-Flex, you slag off Hamilton & St Mirren, ah well enjoy the game fellow Celt :-)

  25. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    I doubt if we’ll see him today at all, but I see his inclusion as part of the process of bringing youngsters through, even if he spends 90 minutes on the bench, it’s still experience.



    We’ve been guilty in the past of not bringing promising youngsters through, and I think it’s positive that we’re doing it now.



    That said, I would rather get a look at Bayo today if we go 2 up.

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