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  1. Lenny is right to blame the pitch but should never have done it before the game.



    Basic rule of management in any walk of life.



    Don’t give the employees / players excuses to underperform.

  2. HT…all to play for…we’ve been poor…no denying it…very few chances created…but so hav kilmasonoc

  3. Jullien himself must be dropped from matches on plastic pitches. He has proven time and time again he cant handle it.

  4. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    Poor stuff. Still got 45 mins. Frimmo and GT cutting in makes it very difficult for us to go through 21 players

  5. Too slow in moving the ball . Need to get it into the box earlier.


    Julien continues to try and play the man , rather than the ball

  6. Nothing to do with the Ref ,whom up till now is having a decent game,The Whole Celtic Team at the minute are not coping to well ,and if you buy players and you think that it’s not happening make changes, not when your struggling.

  7. We are far too fragile, particularly at the back. Why is Kabamba, with zero support, causing so much consternation? One runner with him, just before half time, and we would be down 2-1.


    Like watching paint dry.

  8. Rolling_Stone on

    Jullien really doesn’t do well on plastic against a big target man.



    Can’t understand going with 1 striker, particularly when that striker likes to drop deep and run at people; we’ve had glimpses of that with the yellow card for the Killie player.



    Totally left side dominant again as Broony is unable to provide any attacking balance on right.



    Get Klimala, Mitcham and another CB on for 2nd half and go 3-5-2.

  9. “PHILBHOY on 9TH AUGUST 2020 5:15 PM


    Lenny will blame the pitch.”



    …and you think that is not a factor?





    1 striker is terrible formation, doesn’t work and keep using it.”



    There isn`t enough space for even one striker so I am not sure how two would help.



    Finally, is it just my Celtic bias that makes me think opposing teams offer the Huns much more room than we are afforded?

  10. dearie dearie , don’t be going and criticising julien or you will get a reputation , it took us a week to into last season to realise his signing partner boil boil was a dud and I said he was one too but to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him settle in , he is never a centre back can he play centre mid because all he can do is hit long diagonal passes , £10 m for the that pair , who scouts this ***h .

  11. Watching game on sky go on Tramore beach Waterford. Better skills on show on the beach so far!



    Same old movie at Rugby Park. Next goal is key

  12. Horrendous performance.Tip tapping the ball about,in front of the whole Killie team,because it takes us so long to get the ball forward.Jullien,deary me.Eddy getting no chance because we are so slow and laborious..


    Big talk needed from Lenny at half time.

  13. Absolutely bloody awful …Forrest and Moi creating nothing …..their goal came from wee Frimpong being out jumped then the two clowns effing about for the penalty….Clear your bloody lines…agh….


    We score early and since do nothing but pass square square square…no penetration…


    Get Elhamed on and move Frimpong to the right wing and get him to attack …not hold and pass back or square…..

  14. If Julien does even the basics right in getting goalside then he doesn’t give away the pen. He’s a bombscare in this type of game.



    Lenny has to sit him down and tell him to stand off his man. He’s far too tight and has been turned 3 times to allow them through. Shambolic stuff.



    We also need to change our attacking set up. We’re getting nothing from the wide areas – this ain’t Celtic Park. We need to offer Eddie more support and get him into the game.



    This has all the hallmarks of dropped points today so we’ve a big 45 mins coming up.

  15. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Ajer has been pretty quiet. His main activity has been to watch his central defensive partner being bullied and embarrassed by a one-dimensional slow striker.



    Greg Taylor look good initially but has not seen the ball for the last 15 minutes.



    Frimpong has not been his usual dangerous self but that seems to be because the the Killie defence is so deep



    Brown has been anonymous and CalMac has been only slightly more visible.



    Christie looks or main threat.



    The whole forward line of Forrest Edouard and Moi have been completely and utterly toothless.



    The pitch has played its part- but only a part. We haven’t coped with simple crosses and have lacked tempo.

  16. Jamesy having a Jamesy.Elyounoussi doing nothing.Broony,never good on the plastic.Midfield getting bullied about,taking too long on the ball.A real poor 1st half.

  17. Through the rain on

    Funny thing is, although we’re too passive I have suffered no palpitations when Lillie got forward. No real attempts on target and headers won about 12 yards out are rarely going to beat a decent goalie.



    Just some shoddy stuff from the the captain and Big J has spoiled the thing. Had we gone in 1-0 and play was much as we have seen would have been mildly satisfied.



    Now of course we need to up the dynamics and just put it to bed!

  18. Need more players to take them on.


    They are on 3 yellow cards so run at them but do it quickly Celts as the patient approach is not working yet.


    Legs will tire on this surface and may wee Dembele could come into the equation after an hour or so to do just that.


    Basis defending has cost us but we have time to make up for it.


    Quicker from back to front is the key.


    Mon The Hoops.

  19. Basic rule of management



    If you find a winning formation Don’t change it



    Before Xmas. Two wide players and one up front



    Is a failure



    Neil cut it out now



    Choose one wide player and two strikers



    This is Kilmarnock



    Play 442 not 451 and two wide



    All that does is reduce your central midfield and have our striker surrounded



    Stop this now



    We learned after Xmas , play two strikers

  20. Always tough to watch on this pitch. Worse to play on. We need to get more width from Taylor and Frimpong. Kilmarnock packing the center of the goal with 9 or 10 men at all times we have the ball.



    This is going to be a scrap. Need the Bhoys to dig in here and grind it out.

  21. That second half team against Hibs in the friendly was a much better team ….and could deal with this Kilmarnock team… This lot need a bloody good talking too….they are far too casual in their attitude…. Every member of our squad need to be up for it 100% In EVERY Game…

  22. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Think need to bring Elhamed on for Forrest with Frimpong moving forward.



    Ntcham for Brown.



    What’s the situation with some of the players who seemed to do well pre season? I’m thinking of Connell in particular. I wasn’t actually impressed by Soro who is on bench

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