Kilmarnock v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.




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  1. YAS!



    Armstrong moves onto a loose ball breaking into the box, right hand side, from an edge of box scuffle and cracks it low into the opposit ecorner.



    Good movement, greta finish.



    1-0 the Pink ladies.



    Huns everywhere, Sick.

  2. Thought Lee Clark was marking wee Jamesie at one point.



    If Forrest goes any wider he’ll be outside.



    So much soccer in the first half nearly cost the lead we richly deserved, and there was no way Killie could keep up with the ‘in your face stuff’, all we needed was a break of the ball.



    Great pressure CSC

  3. Killie have played well, the forwards have chased everything down and they’ve left no space at the back.

  4. The only danger in this game is coming from us.Careless passing around our own half.for no reason.Wee Paddy looks right in the mood.Lovely touches from Dembele.Great goal from a player that was beginning to annoy me tonight.He and Mc Gregor just have to do more going forward.


    Cut out the slackness and we will score more.

  5. I thought the booking was a terrible decision,the goal was well taken and celtic playing loads of good stuff, they pack the middle of the box when we move towards the box, more to come in the way of Celtic goals i am sure.

  6. Some good, intricate football interspersed with the occasional mistake giving Kille the chance to break.


    I think the ref gave the yellow for SS scissoring the opponent AFTER winning the ball.


    A decent performance by us so far ( and I think the ref has been OK). Fewer passing mistakes and Kilmarnock will find it very difficult to score. We, on the other hand, look good for at least one more.




  7. Don’t think we have gotten to grips with the pitch. Hope we are better in the second half. We will tear them apart if we click.


    Welcome back Vmhan. Haven’t seen you on for an age.


    Tell Dinny to get himself back on too. Need somebody to counter all the headers

  8. The people praising Armstrong in the 1st half are watching a different game from me.Great goal,but slack in other aspects tonight.So far.I like the boy,but I wont make out he is playing great when he is not.

  9. Killie don’t seem as pish as they used to be, particularly tonight on their own patch; well organised, playing a goosd pressing game and look sharp up front.



    Sviatchenko has defended really well, Sutty has a downer on Boyata, but he’s improved as the game’s gone on.



    We’re still quite slow to build and too casual at times.



    A bit quicker moving the ball in their half and we’ll carve open more chances. Get Roberts and Sinky more into the game.

  10. JJ


    In case I forget, if you can get your hands on the 2010 for the price you did before, buy it, it’s more than doubled in price here now, 15.95 E a bottle, it’s now a Gran Reserva, the 2011 is not a patch on it.



  11. YEY


    I`ll have a look….see if I can fin where I bought it from!


    I had the 2005 on Saturday. Very different from the 2010.


    Thanks for the suggestions a while back.


    Back to the game so cheerio for now.




    Hail! Hail !




  12. Ahhh, McGregor right through lhs and keepr saves with feet.



    Dink him or cut it across for onrunner open goal.

  13. Turkeyboy


    Your right.I am watching a different game to you.


    Armstrong Lost possession once with slack pass and on another he turned into man and gave ball away in centre.


    He has Won tackles and linked play well


    McGregor has been isolated on left but not done much wrong though he maybe should have scored there.

  14. Amazing how some fans see things, Callum did great, breaks through on the keeper shoots saved and somehow that’s his fault.

  15. mike in toronto on



    Flaming traffic, struggling to get there for kick off now.



    Earlier today Lisa Hague was in the queue at Gregg’s on Buchanan Street. It looked like she had quite an appetite judging by what she was buying.



    She left the bakers and walked up to some homeless guys to deliver them their lunch.



    Quite a Ghirl…



    Just arriving in Kilmarnock now.





    Post of the day. Thank you for posting that.



    I suspect KC’s time with Celtic will end this year …. before that happens, I really hope that Celtic acknowledges the amount of work that Ms. Hague has done ….(if they haven’t done so already… they may have, and I may have missed it).



    She seems to be a remarkable person, and a real credit to the Celtic family.

  16. The pitch is a leveler


    They have more experience with


    Lots of strange bounces and players slipping

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