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  1. Yes, it was a disgraceful performance in the first half and yes it was our star names (hooper, kayal etc.) that let us down today….but there is alot to take away from our determination and drive in the last 20 minutes. Finally, we had players taking the game by the scruff of the neck (forrest, Wanyama, stokes (2nd half)). This MIGHT be the game that changes our season….


    Parkheadcumsalford says:



    15 October, 2011 at 20:12



    I’ve been watching Barca and I’m seriously thinking of turning it off because just watching them pass and move and finding a team mate is making me all the more anxious about Celtic





    When I moved to London in 1989-Streatham-I decided to watch Wimbledon. They were local,and the type of football they played was hardly likely to remind me of Celtic,which would make me homesick.



    My homesickness was somewhat alleviated by the occasional foray back home. We were so bad,I missed London!



    Neither team could be compared to today’s Barca,only in my lifetime have the 1970 Brazil and 1974 Holland teams come close.



    I’d personally put the Dutch first,God,they were an absolute treat to watch

  3. squire danaher says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:20



    Who cares about Stoksie’s Da hating the Queen. Most of us on here are only interested in Celtic and I don’t think Stoksie can be held responsible for who or what his Da hates or does. Regarding Stoksie v Samaras. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that if Stokes had buried his chance at 0-0 we would have gone on to win 4-0. Stokes does however, deserve credit for not hiding after such an embarrasing miss. He went on to score two great goals and single handedly drag the team back into contention. Greater strikers than Anthony Stokes have missed sitters. What about Chelsea’s £50million striker missing an open goal the other week. Regarding Samaras, I’m afraid that if Georgios had missed the same sitter today as AS, he would not have gone on to score two goals. Let’s not forget, Georgios has only scored two goals in the last 18 months. Stkes scored two in the second half today. Let’s not beat up a player for scoring two goals for God’s sake.

  4. squire danaher on

    For anyone who thinks we have tuned a corner today after the Huns dropped 2 shocking points.



    Could anyone point me in the way of anby discernible change or adaptation in a pattern or shape of play we adopted at 0-3?



    To quote the Campbell and Woods ‘The Glory and the Dream’ re: the 1985 SC Final – You could hear the trumpets blaring, i.e CHARGE.



    There was no evident shape to us at 0-0, 0-3 or at any point thereafter.



    A total shambles.

  5. This post mortem won’t take long:



    Kayal – Attitude stank to the high heavens from the first whistle. Moaning at everyone without doing a hand’s turn – Prima Donna.



    Ki – Awful and hid per usual when things ain’t going right. I will not be be as critical on him as Kayal, because the Israeli as at least shown he can do it but didn’t bother today.



    Well done to young Adam Matthews and James Forrest showing the senior players who the real men were today.



    Stokesy – did well after getting a slap when claiming a penalty. If this is what he needs to play like the last 20 minutes I’m sure someone could oblige-:)



    Ledley – disappointed as I expect more from him. at their 1st goal when he didn’t get the throw-in, he just stood there and watched the Kilmarnock player launch a high ball from a yard away.



    i can’t even be bothered to post my thoughts on the others, but to come out and give a performance like that for 70 minutes, after a break and being 10 points behind is unforgivable.



    Ref watch – no real bearing on the outcome of the match but the Kilmarnock right back fouled Joe Ledley twice before taking Stokes out – no yellow?



    There was a leg-breaker at the end on young James also.



    Árd Macha

  6. evening all



    today is just another day.



    I keep coming back to one word that sums it all up for me ARROGANCE



    i don’t use Celtic Quick News to post about politics and Scottish law nor will you read me putting in my penny’s worth about Criminalisatio, tax cases and


    what or whats not sectarianism or racism.



    I know my limit’s and leave that to the others that can express things far better than myself.



    i call myself the tictalker because i feel comfortable talking about the two tic’s Celtic and tactics.



    i am seriously considering stopping posting on here because im like a broken record.



    Peter Lawwell this and that Dermot Desmond this and that. i dont get a flying duck about what they are doing today.



    we have a team the players to compete and win the S.P.L but we don’t play them in a system or balance that can win games.



    look at what we had today on the park and on the bench and tell me there’s not enough to beat st johnstone,hearts and killie.



    it’s not players we need its a reality check of our management teams arrogance



    we could sign Kaka tomorrow and lenny would play him and a system that didn’t suite the team.



    we need to stop the bleeding quick but to do this you have to look at our teams weakness and make sure the teams hard to beat.



    the team needs a holding midfielder if Neil cant see this its because he is arrogant. we are soft and need to toughen up our shape and balance.



    if we do this until the end of the year we can go on a run.



    in Neil i don’t trust until i get evidence. please stop playing 4-4-2



    tictalker talking tic.

  7. squire danaher on

    TheOriginalSadiesBhoy says:


    15 October, 2011 at 21:31



    Point taken



    However the point I was trying to make is that there are certain of our playing staff who are afforded considerably more latitude – for the most bizarre of reasons – than is warranted by their performances in our shirt.



    I stand by the point that we are a confidence team who are so psychologically brittle that we are a fundamentally different team when we score an early goal.



    Allowing for the bobble, any professional footballer professing to be a striker has to score the chance that AS missed today at 0-0.



    I do accept that the likelihood of GS finding himself within 20 yards of the chance would be minimal.

  8. Bhoys are we saying that this squad collectively are not the best squad in Scotland? The results would suggest there not but I cant accept that!! There is enough in there its up to the manager and the 3 amigos to get it out of them and so far this season its not happened? Why, last season everyone was all set for the “only beginning” and so far its been utter pash! Something is going on and its time we were told not going to happen I know!


    It looks like certain players are causing trouble? The captain thing is very confusing how many have we had this season?? Looks like someone has lost the plot and decided what did I do and now Charlie, who everyone wanted shot of up till his new years game, is now captain! Nothing we can do till January but several players need to be shown the door as they think there better than they are or just dont have the bottle for Celtic Football Club and what it entails.


    Right now NL has to start getting it right with what he has and hopefully he can. Maybe todays turn around and a result on Thursday night can kick start us.


    This post honestly deserves to go down in history…………………………….






    rileyskeepingthefaith says:



    15 October, 2011 at 20:22



    Evening bhoys, couldnt make the game today due to mrs rileys being a week overdue and a was doing a homer which had to be started at 4 in the morning, so went upto see my dad and watch it with him we were pissed off with how things went but happy that we had rescued a point if that makes sense, my brother came back from the game and we were watching the scores come in and the racing and put the last 15 minutes of the orcs game on and bang st mirren score so me n my brother are jumping for joy when my dads telling us to shut up, a said st mirren have scored he said i no but im trying to hear if they have disallowed it, me and my brother were in knots am stil laughing just now thinkin about it



    Keep The Faith And Stay With Lenny








    Well,beat that!



    15 October, 2011 at 21:57



    How can he not get to the game cos the partner is overdue yet he can do a homer at 4 am???



    LOL :D





    I can well believe it.



    How did you identify yourselves in a dense crowd?



    Handshakes,or a PABLO badge?


    Referring to my previous post,so does this!






    McNair is the greatest says:



    15 October, 2011 at 20:30



    Mort says:


    15 October, 2011 at 20:25


    McNair is the greatest at 20:20



    Playing for Celtic is an honour – ask Roy Keane or Henrik.



    So much of an honour that he left it until he was released by Man U before coming and playing for 6 months. Not good enough to be put in the same sentence as the King of Kings.






    Celtic never had £30m to buy him in his prime. My analogy was actually pointing out out that if two of best players in world football in the last 20 years felt it was an honour who the hell do Kayal, Commons and Hooper think they are!!!!!






    Powerful stuff…….

  13. Evening lhads. Now the dust has settled on a topsy turvy saturday the positives are after being 3 down at half time away from home we got a point. The orcs after being 1up at home get a point. Who’s the happier tonight? Not them.


    Doesnt disguise the fact that we have problems though. If lenny’s going to sort it he needs to wise up and grow a pair. Some players whose egos are bigger than their feet should be told in no uncertain circumstances that they are out the door come january and should be replaced now with hungrier youngsters from fringe and youth teams. They cant be any worse than the non triers who are obviously working their ticket.


    I have seen some celtic sides that were not the most gifted or skilled but fought for the shirt. Today i couldnt stomach some players attitudes. If you dont want to give your all then go to the bolton’s or the wigans of this world and clear the space for players who will at least try.



  14. If big Dan gets dropped who can lennon put on to replace him.Wilson he is out injured,but like rogne ,and loovens the 3 of them are uesless. as for big sammi would any 1 of us want to play under lennon ,after insulting him at the A G M.He lennon made somea reamarks against rasmusson and commons he has totaly lost the dressing room. make no mistake he got out of jail to day, but for how long?


    BJMAC 2101



    Nae bother,it was well worth highlighting.



    Bet you did read back,though!





    Thar was a cracking post until the last few sentences about Martin O’Neil.




  17. Long day today. Low at 1.30 better by 2.30.


    Pleased at 4.50. Nothing was won or lost today.


    In fact drawing at home is a worse result for them.



    Sitting now quiet punt before home and just seen ad for ESPN next few games.


    These are Hearts v Huns and Aberdeen v Huns.



    Let’s hope Lenny sorts things out. I reckon we will only be 5 points behind them with game in hand in next month.



    Hail hail

  18. Victor Wanyama will be a huge star in years to come IMO.



    This guy has a football brain, watch him progress.



    How long before we are singing “let’s all do the Vicky” \ / \ / \ /

  19. When the board eventually hangs our manager out to dry, they will have achieved what no-one else in our great wee country has been able to do.


    It will be a great day for a bigoted society to see the last of Neil Lennon…….our Neil Lennon.



  20. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I understand the feelings on the board after going 3-0 down to Killie then the feelings swung the other way we thought” go on Bhoys we can win this 3-4 ” then Killie nearly won it I think this could be called an emotional roller coaster.We play in Europe in mid- week and surely even the most optomistic fans expect us to win so our poor run of form is likely to continue.However, we must look at our injuries Izzy.Broonie,K.Wilson, Commons and Hooper alhough he has played is not 100% and that in my opinion has not helped our team one bit this coupled with a loss of confidence by Ki and Kayal and our big money Striker Bangura still as yet to score has not helped our performances.Now is not the time for panic now is the time the team need us to stand together and support them if we are looking for a scapegoat Mjalby is our defensive coach an area of our team that allways looks vunerable so we could ask the question is Mjalby up to his job? I have consistantly posted on CQN that we should not panic this early in the season but judge the team and the management at the end of the seasonTo.the Bhoys who want to get rid of Peter Lawwell if at the end of the season the team and the managemnt have failed he should also fall on his sword.H.H.