King adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual


“Time has now been provided to allow Mr King to take the steps that will be required for him to arrange for Laird Investments (Pty) Limited to make a code compliant offer for shareholders’ shares”.

Translated: It’s a fair cop.

The former statement was made on Newco’s website by court order yesterday to confirm Dave King would comply with the Takeover Panel’s Code and earlier court findings.

This offer to shareholders will see some of the club’s founding fathers cash in their chips and ponder the wisdom of their six-year investment.  Allegations of their involvement in organised crime may, or may not, be valid, but the club will soon be more concentrated in the hands of Dave “penniless” King than ever.

Getting the money out of South Africa will involve a tax consideration.  The entire exercise will cost money that would otherwise be available for investment in the club, not to enrich early-investor shareholders and the South African Revenue Service, but the court has had its say.

As ever, this finding in favour of the Takeover Panel was delivered in language consistent with “favourable settlement” phraseology.  “Time has now been provided”, suggesting what happened at court last week was the spontaneous creation of time, not a clear instruction to perform against deadlines.

The ref flags are all there, we are clearly in Trump/Brexit bombast territory, where the adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual and the rest of us roll our eyes and wait on the inevitable consequences. It is a successful leadership strategy, if lacking in a long term survival plan.

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  1. WITS from last thread,



    I think Corkcelt may just be applauding a kind , humane act on behalf of McClean.


    Also McClean did grow up in a city occupied by a foreign force, the British.




  2. Eurochamps. Don’t worry that ol’ stickie was just being ironic and acting himself. He knows that I know what he is going on about. WE are now both on more or less the same page when it comes to Irish Politics so there is no problem at all between us.


    Hope you continue to be in good Health and have a great Christmas & New Year.

  3. Hi Paul67,



    Yes, the exacting timetable and the refusal of the Judge to stop proceedings in DCK’s contempt hearing means compliance or else.



    The claim of organised crime and criminality being involved in RIFC PLC was simply bizarre.



    My understanding that the American shares he was talkin’aboot are controlled by the Firm headed by Price, Waterhouse and Cooper…



    Does not role off the tounge like the Kray Twins or the Richardson Brothers but they do sound a rum lot…



    My information was that Cooper used to hang about with Lybrand who was known, back in the day, to get the infomus Cork Gully in for this type of operation, or was it the peeky blinders.!? still worrying times…



    Hail Hail

  4. Corkcelt,



    Yes I realised that as soon as I pressed post.


    Things are good health wise, thanks for asking.


    Hopefully get to meet in the new year.







  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Dave has said he will make an offer for the shares. Who could possibly doubt the man?

  6. What is the Stars on






    You know me



    Rule Brittania …what what


    Now where is that dam Butler of Mine !!!!

  7. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    You are a bad boy. Not a naughty boy. A bad boy.



    You will not be welcome on the streets of Londonderry, I can tell you!!

  8. Paul 67



    Refs have whistles , linesman have flags …oh wait they are called assistant refs now…




    “The ref flags are all there, ”



    Was it a dig at the officials at the hearts v sevco game ,


    Or did you mean red flags ?



    We await kings next blustering excuse…

  9. Paul67 et al



    Following on from your post of a week or so ago Paul, re PoliceScotland blaming Celtic supporters celebrating a victory over RIFC 2012-? the facts of the release of said report should merit further consideration. I must admit that I would never have thought to use an FOI request to obtain details of which, (re September match at Celtic Park) and thanks hen1Rik of this parish for forwarding work carried out by, I believe, by Celtic Research. Surprised it was released in that fashion, but not surprised to learn that it was heavily quoted at the recent RIFC AGM. Doubt that it would have been had it been more critical of that club. Fact is, it showed just how duplicitous PoliceScotland really are in their relations with Celtic FC, and further proof positive of my view that PoliceScotland simply cannot be trusted where we are concerned. Not now, not ever. No word from Celtic to the best of my knowledge, perhaps understandable given that the Board has commissioned its’ own review. My own views are clear, Celtic should never have played hostage to fortune, giving priority to hosting 800 supporters at the expense of due care towards 58000 of our own fans at our own ground. I would like to think that “lessons have been learned”, but I suspect they have not, and will continue to do so until our Board announce that they will not accept any tickets for the match at Ayebrokes in a few weeks time, regardless of any “spectacle” or “attractiveness” this match will produce (for Sky Sports). But that is just me.


    My main point however is not that, in fact it is more a question, does the release of the PoliceScotland report, mean that anyone of us can request a copy of PoliceScotland reports for any match in Scotland in which PoliceScotland are involved, because if so reports of every match played at Ayebrokes this season should make very interesting reading given the levels of violence at that ground. They may also provide even our Board with enough evidence to refuse to accept any tickets for entry there on safety grounds.


    Or then again, maybe not.

  10. Long awaited fixture in the French league tonight Nice v Angers.


    This may clear up the Nice biscuit debate(if there ever was one)


    Following the coconut biscuit’s birth in around 1890, Queen Victoria soon became a real fan. It’s believed she then took a stash with her to the French city of Nice, which resulted in them actually being given a name – Nice(Neece)



    Trying for the first Christmas song on CQN



  11. Paul 67


    Nice article


    I await a similar critique on our board’s performance on the Res 12 debacle.



    notholdingmybreath CSC

  12. Celtic Mac- 3 of PL’s inner circle, are ex high ranking cops,and they are not Celtic supporters..

  13. bournesouprecipe



    Any more o’ that funny stuff and you will find yourself sitting on the ol’ naughty step……..


    Along wi yer pal WITS!

  14. Apparently the player who BR went to meet the other day was Tomas Kalas. 25yr old Czech CB who’s at Bristol on loan from Chelsea. Can also play RB and is 6’0″. Chelsea signed him in 2010 for 5m and have had him out on loan ever since inc at Vitesse Arnhem, Middlesborough, Fulham and now Bristol….

  15. Paul 67,



    I don’t disagree with what you have posted, in fact I concur.



    However as a point of observation: ” The ref flags are all there, we are clearly in Trump/Brexit ”



    Whether we like it or not ,Trump who is directly Scottish decent was elected by the democratic process, as was Brexit.



    Incidentally, France riots and the fuel tax rises are reversed.



    HH to all and especially to those in Christmas markets.

  16. Greenpinata



    If the US elections and Brexit were free and fair, then Putin and the other purveyors of multi millions of ‘dark funds’ must be really pissed off at having needlessly spent so much.



    Or ? they bought the elections.



    HH jg

  17. FAIRHILL BHOY on 3RD DECEMBER 2018 9:16 PM


    Going to Prague on Friday,wife’s birthday day present,anywhere to maybe watch game on Saturday,thanks.?





    God willing I get home from work tomorrow. The wife and I ( and youngest daughter ) are going to Prague on Saturday for the Christmas markets @ 06.00hrs via Amsterdam. We are staying in the Besada hotel . Prague 1. Feel free to pop in.



    Incidentally, we are only about 800mtrs away from a Celtic minded boozer. ( Accordingly to a Mchuills regulst who frequency goes to Prague) . Pity i was elephants and cannot remember the pub.




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