King adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual


“Time has now been provided to allow Mr King to take the steps that will be required for him to arrange for Laird Investments (Pty) Limited to make a code compliant offer for shareholders’ shares”.

Translated: It’s a fair cop.

The former statement was made on Newco’s website by court order yesterday to confirm Dave King would comply with the Takeover Panel’s Code and earlier court findings.

This offer to shareholders will see some of the club’s founding fathers cash in their chips and ponder the wisdom of their six-year investment.  Allegations of their involvement in organised crime may, or may not, be valid, but the club will soon be more concentrated in the hands of Dave “penniless” King than ever.

Getting the money out of South Africa will involve a tax consideration.  The entire exercise will cost money that would otherwise be available for investment in the club, not to enrich early-investor shareholders and the South African Revenue Service, but the court has had its say.

As ever, this finding in favour of the Takeover Panel was delivered in language consistent with “favourable settlement” phraseology.  “Time has now been provided”, suggesting what happened at court last week was the spontaneous creation of time, not a clear instruction to perform against deadlines.

The ref flags are all there, we are clearly in Trump/Brexit bombast territory, where the adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual and the rest of us roll our eyes and wait on the inevitable consequences. It is a successful leadership strategy, if lacking in a long term survival plan.

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    Spend about 6 weeks a year in Prague.


    The Dubliner has loads of screens and if you ask they will usually put the Celtic game on in one.

  2. Jamesgang


    There’s no such thing as true democracy – unless of course you are on the winning side :)

  3. Jamesgang,



    Me no likely too.



    I fundamentally don’t like division and hatred, from whatever source it comes from.



    Cheers and HH




    I fundamentally don’t like division and hatred, from whatever source it comes from





    Are you sure you’re on the right blog :)

  5. Seethen Gerrard says ” it will take top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top top money to prize Morelos away from the Methadome ”



    said in a thick scouse accent



    Sound CSC

  6. Try to stay away from Politics on the blog, I detest the Trump’s of this World who are motivated by greed and just use their undoubted clout to steamroller over all opposition.


    However one area that particularly concerns me is that of Climate Change, there is little doubt now that this is the biggest potential disaster likely to fall on mankind. Trump is acting the total boll***ks in this regard, Walking away from Paris Accord increasing usage of Fossil Fuels all playing to his own red neck diaspora,


    Now there are signs of other Countries following suit so as not to be at a Competitive disadvantage,


    Everyone can start pointing the finger and saying others are not cutting emissions so why should we.


    The World needs noble Leaders with vision now like they never needed them before, those who put National Interest & Greed before the overall good of humanity will create more misery & havoc then a thousand Hitlers, Stalins & Pol Pots.


    This is everybody’s fight for our grandchildren & their grandchildren, when we need a Noble Leader with courage & vision in the World’s greatest Democracy we are given Trump, God Help our Grandchildren.

  7. Go tell the Spartim on




    Sadly Politicians become politicians for one reason only, themselves, with very few exceptions. The world is controlled by arms dealers and fossil fuel feckers



    Tomas Kalas was only a number of potential players mentioned yesterday, others being Arjen Robben (cant see it myself)

  8. Masonic Influences



    I also believe that there are masonic influences at Celtic. I have heard this from other employees and specifically, Facilities Management and Security were the sections mentioned.



    Fergus appointed an ex Police superintendant George?? who reputedly had a photo of the Queen on his desk and who proudly boasted of not hiring Celtic fans as they would be watching the game rather than the crowd.


    The current Security Chief Ronnie Hawthorn who is another ex-Policeman. I know the Green Brigade and others are far from happy with the treatment they get from Celtic Security.



    To quote a saying from a more serious area, “Collusion is not an illusion”



    I suppose if we are a “Club open to all” then its inclusive to employ non Celtic fans and Freemasons



    Police Scotland are not friends of Celtic

  9. Police Scotland are the political concept of an ego trip of a few failed individuals.



    No criticism of the rank and file , but the management are totally disjointed..



    They are No friends of Celtic, who provide such economic benefits to the Scottish economy.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Go Tell The Spartim 4:13


    Tomas Kalas was only a number of potential players mentioned yesterday, others being Arjen Robben (cant see it myself)




    I’d settle for Arjen Roberts :-)

  11. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    the spontaneous creation of time






    Well, that’s me staring out the window at the night sky over Oslo for the next 6 hours, pondering, like a big baldy Winnie the Pooh looking at a wasp’s nest.

  12. KEV on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 5:03 PM




    ‘who’ll be sent out to respond to the question ?











    With his megaphone.

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    He sounds like a guy who used to support Celtic a long time ago, doesn’t support them any more, and is trying to persuade the rest of us to join up with him. Good luck with that one.

  14. I’ve seen masons at Celtic park putting the letters in the bricks



    But seriously. Do we still use parks busses ?



    Who does the FM at Celtic park ?

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Gerrardiola saying Hearts played against 14 players on Sunday. Fair play to him for his honesty!

  16. Mwd that gave me a wee chuckle.



    Just watched Stevie smirky faced smarty arsed wideboy wisecracks in his interview today. I see the behaviour of someone who thinks he has the league won. Maybe the fix is in an he knows it.



    Responding to a question on levein s playing against 13 men he said no it was 14 the magnificent rangers supporters.



    Did the zombies not get a man sent off.




  17. GENE on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 5:28 PM





    Your name calling of one of Celtic’s greatest managers does you no credit.




    Don’t know what your talking aboot.


    Please direct me to the offending post.


    Fanxs. √




  18. I’ll try again!!!!


    Corkcelt says he thinks politics should be kept off this site/blog. I agree, but, the amount of trillions of pounds being spent on defence and space exploration would be better off being spent on stopping global warming and feeding the worlds millions who are currently starving to death. Surely this transcends politics, surely.


    It’s all very well with the ” stuff you Jack, my parachute is open” attitude but when oh when are politicians going to do something to avoid , what could well be, the end of the world.




  19. So Stevie g gets sacked and Dave king says we need to get a professional recruitment agency to draw up a list of top candidates for the job.




    They come back with the list .



    First is an older highly experienced manager who has won trophies both side of the border and an international team. We give you Martin o.neill.



    King agitated and swivelly eyed says guys I know I wanted an experienced manager but the fans will never accept O’Neill he it too irishy.



    Ok. Sorry boss maybe the next candidate . This guy has won leagues and cups and taken a club from promotion out of the championship to a place in Europe. Neil Lennon.



    King fires a golf ball across the board room smashing the loving cup it bounces out the door into the marble floor and hits old struth in the hand he steered the rowing boat with. King screams I said I wanted a combative manager I didn’t say get me a Fenian upstart.



    Right last chance. Who have you got as the wildcard. Who is upcoming rough diamond



    Ok boss we quite like the look of Nuno espirito santo

  20. just watched the game again, okay jamsie stood on his foot, but he pushed james forrest right in front of mr dallas, james gets a yellow and the on loan player from derby county gets off with it, and of course mr orange to the core craigen agrees, and people wonder why we have problems with referees.hh.

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