King adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual


“Time has now been provided to allow Mr King to take the steps that will be required for him to arrange for Laird Investments (Pty) Limited to make a code compliant offer for shareholders’ shares”.

Translated: It’s a fair cop.

The former statement was made on Newco’s website by court order yesterday to confirm Dave King would comply with the Takeover Panel’s Code and earlier court findings.

This offer to shareholders will see some of the club’s founding fathers cash in their chips and ponder the wisdom of their six-year investment.  Allegations of their involvement in organised crime may, or may not, be valid, but the club will soon be more concentrated in the hands of Dave “penniless” King than ever.

Getting the money out of South Africa will involve a tax consideration.  The entire exercise will cost money that would otherwise be available for investment in the club, not to enrich early-investor shareholders and the South African Revenue Service, but the court has had its say.

As ever, this finding in favour of the Takeover Panel was delivered in language consistent with “favourable settlement” phraseology.  “Time has now been provided”, suggesting what happened at court last week was the spontaneous creation of time, not a clear instruction to perform against deadlines.

The ref flags are all there, we are clearly in Trump/Brexit bombast territory, where the adherents reaffirm their faith despite every counterfactual and the rest of us roll our eyes and wait on the inevitable consequences. It is a successful leadership strategy, if lacking in a long term survival plan.

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  1. Why boast you can name 20 but then can’t just rhyme them off in a jot.



    It’s a blog.



    I do have a very low opinion if you. You got something right.



    So if your going to post your stuff I am going to challenge it.



    It might be me being sanctimonious.



    Now name that tune in 20 countries please

  2. Lol.



    The guy who gave me a long winded rant the other day when he gets bested does it again.



    Suppose you want me to concentrate on the football now.



    If you need time for your answers you said it will take you to the middle of next week let’s go for 2 a day for the next 10 days.



    Cmon rise to the challenge.



    You must know some.

  3. Don’t respond now Mackay. I won’t read it till 9am my time tomorrow.



    Stay up till then. Then give me one of your quick fire responses.

  4. Saint Sivs



    Scroll brother. There’s enough reactionary bassas out there in the real world.



    Focus on our Club’s true principles. Charity, welcoming all regardless of nationality or borders, and taking care of more than just your own.



    Ignore the Churchill, Trump, Farage wannabes.


    Their true home is ibrox and FF.



    HH jg

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on








    Not used to agreement .



  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Climate change is a theory.



    Climate change is a theory which , in the OPINION of some people who support said theory , is a theory which has been proved.



    It has not.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    The Theory of Climate Change has gaps and unexplained data to account for yet. It may even prove to be wrong in many facets.








    That is really the only point I was trying to make.


    Retain a healthy scepticism.



    In Oz , the cost of the Paris acc ( dis ) ord is a dramatic increase in the price of electricity causing real hardship to many households.


    While we are closing coal fired power stations , we are earning a bonanza from exporting coal to India in particular.


    Hypocrisy abounds.



    In the mean

  8. Interesting reading tonight.


    Global warming, climate change, ice age.


    Economic boom, depression.


    Each will have an opinion based on personal experiences.


    However, I’m saddened that anyone will take joy a large 800 point drop (3%) in the Dow.


    A high percentage (50?) of people are invested in the stock market and dependent on market stability for financial independence in their retirement pensions etc.


    Whether you think they’re capitalist lackeys or not is no reason to wish them to be impoverished where they will need charity.

  9. Almore 10:25(?)


    Sadly the War in Yemen is part of a conflict going back 1400 years.


    Saudi and Iran are using it to try to impose their version of Islam on the locals.


    The locals themselves are split by tribe and have been engaged in civil war for at least 5 years following the fall of Saleh. (No not the gardener)


    The humanitarian crisis is not a recent one, but is the culmination of a number of events.


    One thing that is slipping under the radar though is that other Gulf States are involved and are not being highlighted. Deep pockets for lobbying?

  10. Well the bad news is that I could be on the team sheet for live updates tomorrow.


    It will be dependent on the better half’s good judgement.

  11. Looks like we will have a central pairing of Benkovic and tomorrow.


    I’m confident both will not be intimidated by agricultural attentions.


    Brendan has plenty of choices in midfield with the availability of Brown, Morgan, Ntcham to relieve the pressure Forrest, Christie and Calmac.


    Upfront Leigh or Eddy? I’d start Leigh and bring on the young pretender after an hour.

  12. Sorry about this ghuys a wee football related question, what is the address of the Cheers bar that shows the Celtic games here in Sydney Thanks H H Hebcelt

  13. Good morning CQN from a freezing Garngad



    Bring on Murderwell, keep the momentum going.






    D. :)

  14. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    What’s happening CQN?




    Morning bhoys n ghirls ☘️☘️



    CORKCELT on 4TH DECEMBER 2018 3:59 PM




    Idealistic pish.



    How so?



  16. Blantyre Tim



    Morning my friend,wee quiet night sort in pot the planet? Hope your good




  17. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Hanging in there, Celtic keeping me happy as this ole world keeps turning around

  18. I see on reading back I had a post deleted.


    The post in question was to the Sevco loving Kev (£49er) and his hating of all things Celtic .



    All I did was point out a few truths.






    D. :)

  19. Goodbye and good ridden George W Bush. I really hope the theory of climate change is on the side of Macjay, otherwise hell will freeze over and bassa’s Like Bush and Maggie will no longer burn in hell.



    C’mon the hoops.



    A wee victory tonight to keep pressure on the Chumpions elect!



    Hopefully we can stop 2 in a row and win the second ‘SPFL Champions in December’ trophy tonight.




  20. David66



    ‘re kev.


    It’s just his view.harmless chaotic,strikes a chord somewhere as soon as his next point zooms by our heads.ii like it.impprtant to the blog as it gives a tangent we might not have thought of or one we have thought to death.


    The blogs own bed mc ginn lol.


    Long may he type and support Celtic


    Long may we have Celtic in common.


    God bless ye both lol





  21. Morning all.


    I hope you are all well.


    A few good posts last night, thank you.


    Mother Earth to save herself must wipe out Humans.


    As a species we are destroying her and because of population growth, the clock is ticking. It’s all about the money, soon enough the vast majority of animals will only be in national parks, as we steal the majority of land to cope with population growth.


    The last 40 years has seen Earth lose half its wildlife, according to WWF.


    Quite simply, that’s not sustainable.


    Hail Hail

  22. Good morning CQN


    A wee message I got from MURDOCHAULDANDHAY this morning:


    Hi Lennybhoy Off to the Beatson today for follow up to clinical trials, not sure what to expect but will keep you updated when I get more news, KTF.


    Please remember Stephen as always but especially today and tomorrow.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  23. Good morning friends from a cold and frosty East Kilbride. Just 11 hours until the Hoops (and I do hope it is the hoops!) are coming out of the tunnel. Having had a look at this months fixtures I don’t expect us to regain top spot until December 23rd. But of course it will be the hope that kills THEM ;-)

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