King circles the wagons as clouds loom


Newco have cut Celtic’s ticket allocation at Ibrox from 7,000 to 800 tickets per game next season.  I understand their thinking.  There have been four games between the clubs at Ibrox, Celtic winning each: the first, coming from behind, the second, free-wheeling by a couple of goals, the third – scoring five, and the fourth – twice coming from behind, then winning with 10 men.

It is a litany of humiliation, played out while 7,000 have a party in a stadium, the rest of which is near-empty well before full time.  Can you imagine having to sit through this, season after season?  Of course they want to reduce our headcount and garner whatever competitive advantage possible.

There are problems.  League rules state a “reasonable number of visiting supporters” must be admitted.  This number should be agreed in advance with the visiting club, or else the SPFL board will adjudicate.

Then there is the small matter of the Ibrox safety certificate, which Dave King previously said depended on Celtic fans being given the Broomloan Stand.  The police insist each set of fans have distinct and separate approaches to stadiums at high-risk games.

Celtic will be happy to reduce the number of Newco fans they have to accommodate – it should shelve talk of having to put prison-grade toilet facilities in areas they visit.  Each away team will suffer a competitive disadvantage, but making visits to Ibrox trickier will do our European preparations no harm.

Whatever the police and SPFL say, Dave King has more to worry about.

He still has to get £11m out of South Africa and into a UK bank account.
He needs to satisfy the Takeover Panel before he can start a share issue.
He needs to satisfy the Court of Session over his failure to comply with Takeover Panel instructions.
He needs to satisfy loans due by 1 July (Oh you thought they were all going to be converted to shares, did you? Wait for this one).
He needs to fund a trading shortfall for next season.
He needs to find enough cash to keep the management team on-side before the transfer window closes.
And he needs to convince Uefa they satisfy Financial Fair Play regulations.  Straightforward if you have lots of cash, don’t need to use it to buy-out other shareholders at 20p/share, repay loans or fund a football team.

There is simply too much to do.  Better to circle the wagons by throwing some crumbs to the easily-deluded.  You know how this story ends.

It’s the 25th May.  It is also the weekend.  You have permission to wallow in nostalgia for 24 hours.  Enjoy it.

You can also participate in Green Day: donate £5 (see below) to the Foundation.  You’ll enjoy this too.

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  1. A very poignant day in our clubs history, Champions of Europe with 11 local Bhoys and no amount of revisionism, hunism or any other kind of ism can take that away.



    Even as a wee Bhoy in Carfin I realised that something major had happened, everybody in my street was over the moon,singing and dancing till the early hours I later realised of course what an incredible achievement it was.



    And the 25th of May continues to be a huge day of celebration in my family,



    Happy Birthday Hana Skye, 8 years old today:))



    Love ye ma wee darling:))




  2. HH Hana Sky……………



    Great name choice Starry Bhoy.



    Lang may yer lum reek!







    Sorry to read about your Mum’s passing.



    Wee prayer said for you and your family.



    May your Mum rest in peace.





    HANA SKYE!!!!!








    Condolences on the loss of your Mum.



    R I P

  6. have to get home from work to put something green on, but my question to myself is”why have i got nothing green on at work, methinks work wardrobe will have to have a rethink

  7. I think we’ll see a round of new old faces………………….


    thurs sumthin’ in the air….



    The Big Jessies in the hun support wull huv loats’n’loats tae complain abooooot.



    Bhoys, just sit back an’ enjoy the show…..






    ‘cos we only know that there’s gonna be a show and The Glasgow Celtic will (still) be there!

  8. weebobbycollins on

    ArtOfWar….5 days after the completion of a double treble we have the CQN equivalent of a treble single or triumvate from Neg/Weebobbycollins/Kevjungle of blaming Celtic for all the world’s ills.










    Sorry, can you point to where I blame Celtic for anything? I think maybe you have me confused with someone else…I’m far too old, mild-mannered and content…I keep all things ‘blame’ for DK, the huns, the sfa and the media…






  9. cathedral view on





    At the barbers, saw the daily rag.




    Front page:


    Gers slash Celts’


    ticket allocation


    from 8000 to 800..


    & Hoops hit back




    Back page:


    Rangers slash Celtic’s


    allocation to just 800…


    and champs hit back




    Is just me or is the use of language and text layout irresponsible and inflammatory?






  10. Celtic should refuse to handle any tickets to the home of The Great Unwashed.There is a disaster just waiting to happen here.Just ask any visiting fans of the assaults,abuse,they are subjected to when occupying this segment.This will be multiplied by any figure you care to imagine when its us visiting.


    If Celtic wash their hands of this,then it’s down solely to Police Scotland ,who have previously stated that Celtic fans having the Free Broomloan,was the only way to safely manage this game.


    Have they consented to this?If they have,why the change of stance?


    Have they even been consulted?Instead of issuing a stupid tilt for tat statement,we should have said,We note this new development,and after consultations with Police Scotland,regarding the safety of our fans attending this fixture,we will issue our own statement.

  11. weebobbycollins on

    51 years ago today…Abbotsinch to Cardiff (to get the booze on board, said hostess) to Lisbon to the Estadio Nacional…..to history…


    19…I was 19.

  12. Congrats to big Starkie…………………



    The huns wull be bitin’ carpets………………It’s a coup / coooooooooo




  13. Hrvatski Jim on

    Prestonpans – condolences on your loss. In time, the memories will comfort you.



    To our Lisbon Lions and the staff who were in the background 51 years ago, we remember you all:


    Those who are deceased.


    Those who are sick.


    Those whose company we still enjoy.



    It is normal for football fans to have a favourite player but last week, the thought came to me – was there any of the Lions who ranked just that little bit lower than the others in my affections?



    Having met most of them and knowing about their personal qualities as well as their sporting achievements, I genuinely could not say that I had any less respect for any one of them. It would be like choosing between son and daughter.



    This week, the press reported that 1 man in 3 in Scotland has a current or previous criminal conviction. Our Lions have lived in the spotlight in Scotland for >50 years and yet I cannot remember any of them being involved in any activities which tarnished their reputations. Indeed, it was always the opposite as we have so many stories of how humble they all are and how they go out of their way to mix with their communities to this day.



    They are all fine citizens of Scotland (and Australia).

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Turkeybhoy…I think Celtic should maybe have waited 24 hours before responding…not sure Ming will get away with it. Can anyone recall the huns ever being so antagonistic towards all and sundry?


    Orange tops next?

  15. South Of Tunis on




    A mighty fine read . Big thanks for that .



    My nearest neighbor is a mad mental Inter old codger … A man who walked a long way to watch his team being thrashed ( his word ) on a wee black and white tele in an Inter bar in Siracusa . That done he did the return journey in the same fashion . He has no problem stating that the better team won .



    Saw him yesterday -couldn’t resist giving him a reminder . . Got the same response as usual -better team won — but Hey .No Suarez , meant no outball , cattenacio needed an out ball .. Had Suarez been playing -maybe , just maybe.

  16. If our allocation is cut to 800, then it’s simple, we don’t take any. No more ‘old firm’ games.



    I remember being at a game there (late 70s or early 80s) and there was some reason why Celtic supporters weren’t meant to be there. I don’t mean the game where John Collins scored. I think we were getting beat 2-0 but scored twice late on. We were standing in the area where the teams come out and zombie hordes were throwing stuff at us from the stand/area above it. My memory ain’t what it used to be :)

  17. mike in toronto on




    How did you end up getting sniped at? Rather unfair if you ask me.



    Frankly, as one of the original mineshafters, I’m afraid your posts are simply not up … err… down … to our standards. But not to worry… there is (no)hope for you still …. As they used to say on my report card… room for improvement. has potential. But must work harder. ?



    And Norrie was posting similar at the same last night, and didn’t even get a mention… and I’ve been doing it for years, and can’t get arrested … hell, I can’t even get a post deleted! Seems Norrie and I are not deemed clique-worthy.?



    Norrie, want to start our own ‘apparently don’t make the cut in any other clique’ clique?

  18. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW @ 12.28 .



    Thanks for that article .- A interesting read . ..



    I’ve been surprised by the number of fitba fans in my wee part of the world who have stated -“- I don’t usually care who wins the the Champions League but this time I ‘ll be supporting Liverpool –#### UEFA / #### Uefadrid “

  19. Starry Plough @12.05.



    Starry I had great connections in Carfin /Newarthill i the late 50s and 60s,



    I married a Carfin girl and stayed 1966 and stayed in Newarthill till 1970 then moved to Holytown.



    my wife’s family name was McAlavey and other relations were Devlin.



    my father in law ran the middle shop pub in the Newstevenston Road




  20. MARTIN42



    We had family in Newarthill Martin, Boyles and Ryans, my family in Carfin would have been Cullens and McLaughlins, my father came from Buncrana in the early 50’s to stay with his uncle in Carfin, he loved it and even though we moved to Hamilton he was never happier than when sitting in the Grotto:))



    I am pretty sure there was Devlins in our street, Leven Terrace, the old prefabs???



    He used to go to mass in Holytown when the Canon Cahill was there, I think he worked down that Metravics factory or something like that.



    Some place Carfin, it never left me and I always felt like a foreigner in Hamilton:))




  21. Tobago Street on

    What happens to King if he doesn’t get the 11 million out of Africa and he doesn’t offer to buy the shares! What is the punishment? Cold shouldering? More?




  22. weebobbycollins on

    MIT…I’m not used to being sniped at…most upsetting! Might even flounce now…



  23. A year ago we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Lisbon.



    Today I’ll be toasting the loss of a friend , a good family man , a good tim and a firm believer in his faith.


    He started the Norwich csc and the Dubia csc.



    He had a lot of patience and time for me and for that I’m eternally grateful…..I miss him so much



    “And the music takes me back to Pennilee” ….a cyber Jamesons raised to my old pal .






    KEVIN if your looking in can you pass on my best wishes to V and the kids and the rest of Frannys extended family …. HH.

  24. I think we have seen before that the normal rules don’t apply to the Huns.



    “Self confessed” Celtic fans clearly shouldn’t be allowed to hold any prominent positions.



    Celtic’s usual silence is an abdication of leadership and simple cowardice.



    And as for art of war. Are you ever going to grow up?

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