King circles the wagons as clouds loom


Newco have cut Celtic’s ticket allocation at Ibrox from 7,000 to 800 tickets per game next season.  I understand their thinking.  There have been four games between the clubs at Ibrox, Celtic winning each: the first, coming from behind, the second, free-wheeling by a couple of goals, the third – scoring five, and the fourth – twice coming from behind, then winning with 10 men.

It is a litany of humiliation, played out while 7,000 have a party in a stadium, the rest of which is near-empty well before full time.  Can you imagine having to sit through this, season after season?  Of course they want to reduce our headcount and garner whatever competitive advantage possible.

There are problems.  League rules state a “reasonable number of visiting supporters” must be admitted.  This number should be agreed in advance with the visiting club, or else the SPFL board will adjudicate.

Then there is the small matter of the Ibrox safety certificate, which Dave King previously said depended on Celtic fans being given the Broomloan Stand.  The police insist each set of fans have distinct and separate approaches to stadiums at high-risk games.

Celtic will be happy to reduce the number of Newco fans they have to accommodate – it should shelve talk of having to put prison-grade toilet facilities in areas they visit.  Each away team will suffer a competitive disadvantage, but making visits to Ibrox trickier will do our European preparations no harm.

Whatever the police and SPFL say, Dave King has more to worry about.

He still has to get £11m out of South Africa and into a UK bank account.
He needs to satisfy the Takeover Panel before he can start a share issue.
He needs to satisfy the Court of Session over his failure to comply with Takeover Panel instructions.
He needs to satisfy loans due by 1 July (Oh you thought they were all going to be converted to shares, did you? Wait for this one).
He needs to fund a trading shortfall for next season.
He needs to find enough cash to keep the management team on-side before the transfer window closes.
And he needs to convince Uefa they satisfy Financial Fair Play regulations.  Straightforward if you have lots of cash, don’t need to use it to buy-out other shareholders at 20p/share, repay loans or fund a football team.

There is simply too much to do.  Better to circle the wagons by throwing some crumbs to the easily-deluded.  You know how this story ends.

It’s the 25th May.  It is also the weekend.  You have permission to wallow in nostalgia for 24 hours.  Enjoy it.

You can also participate in Green Day: donate £5 (see below) to the Foundation.  You’ll enjoy this too.

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  1. 50 shades of green on

    Fav Games , dont know were to start….



    The treble winning cup final game with the Aussie wizard….



    MON’S first game v the departed fae Govan.



    Beating mank U with naka’s free kick…



    All belters but if you will allow me to pick a group of games,,,, thank you…



    I will choose every time I paid £ 49 for me @£49 for my son to see us pump the Zombies at the bigotdome ??????????..




  2. Jimmynotpaul on



    My first home game 1970, I was 6 nearly 7.


    We beat Hearts 4.2 in the League Cup. Apart from the score the I remember the most is my dad arguing with the Police for standing in front of us. We were at the front of The East terracing.


    First away game, Shawfield 1974, I was 10 by then, I remember being really excited for this, my mates dad was driving us, there weren’t too many cars in Priesthill at that time. Anyway again we won 4.2. Now I can’t be certain but I’m fairly sure we were 2 down, so it was a brilliant feeling to comeback and win. I also remember being surprised as how loud the cheers,were when Clyde scored, that didn’t happen at the home games.


    My true fav games have already been mentioned, 4.2 again!!!! No wonder it’s my fav score and Love St. They were both unbelievable days and personally not just about the football either, but that’s for another time.


    Hal Hail

  3. GORDON64 on 25TH MAY 2018 8:20 PM


    Happy birthday Paul Weller 60 on this special day. Hh





    Aye very good Gordon…ye remember the modfaither and forget aboot yir big mucker :O( up yours!

  4. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The ole black lab needs her walk before beddy bawws, wiil have a


    look in laters.

  5. VP Was just saying to my good lady that your 49th birthday was due again. A belated Happy birthday amigo. Hh

  6. mike in toronto on




    I am always surprised at his age …. for some reason, when the Jam hit, he seemed so much older than me (although, in hindsight, he was only 7 or 8 years older … but he seemed so much more worldly) …



    I saw him not that long ago … he looks better at 60 than he did at 50…. think he gave up booze and smokes …

  7. fairhill bhoy on

    PRESTONPANSBHOY-my condolences mate.


    STARRY PLOUGH-Big birthday wishes to Hana Skye???.



  8. Jimmynotpaul on

    Starry Plough.


    Sorry, remiss of me.


    A big happy birthday to Hana Skye.


    I hope she and all her family had a brilliant day.


    Hail Hail

  9. Paul Weller dropped this tune today as a free download for his fans to celebrate his birthday:))






    Reading back you see why CQN is still the best Celtic Place on the Internet, good times or hard times there’s always support, humour and craic to be found here.



    My little ‘un is getting off to bed now, another day of smiles , songs and Celtic celebration:))



    Right mancave cleared tunes on!



    God Bless The Lisbon Lions and the support, every one of them:))



    TB CSC

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    NYE BEVENS’REBELBSOLDIER-my fav game is centenary cup final,(the semi v Hearts is second)?.My fav player lambert,just think he brought a different class to us.(the maestro second).To be fair it’s a bloody hard question ?

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Favorite game ?



    Mmm -like choosing my favorite choon.Spoilt for choice -but -tonight’s bubbler from the bonce is Celtic 7-Dundee Utd 2.December 69.Home for the holidays from Yoonie and about to start a Christmas Posties ‘gig with the Post Office.Possibly Jinkys finest performance.Wonderful !

  12. My favourite games for ‘atmosphere’ –



    Euro semi at Hampden against Leeds



    Game at East End park against Dunfermline when people were on roof of stands and up the floodlight pylons



    Game against Vojvodina when we scored in last minute to get through to semi final of EC.

  13. South Of Tunis on

    Vojvodina was a joy of a game.They were a great team.-IMO -they were a better team than Inter.

  14. Tell you what ..it must have been a good days entertainment at old ipox in the ‘who’s the biggest liar’


    competition between Glibby and Murray.

  15. fairhill bhoy on

    Quiet on here so bed for me,working in the morning then Coias for early dinner then hopefully watching Liverpool do it?

  16. Happy Birthday the Voguemeister.




    May perpetual light shine upon your Mother’s soul.


    Breithla Shona Ms Starry

  17. TheLurkinTim on

    Been a long week….



    Heroes are Forever…..Am glad you and Helen had the pleasure of knowing each other…..thoughts and prayers with you and your family at this most difficult of times….YNWA



    What’s the Winklepicker daein Tom, what’s he doing?….glad to see that’s been sorted ?



    Sparkleghirl….was an unexpected delight to meet you in a room full of strangers…..hope u and yours are keeping well….less sed about the flute the better ?



    Prestonpans….sad, sad news…..YNWA



    Huv we bought anyone yet….to improve the first team?







  18. McPhail Bhoy on

    PS , it looks like it’s yes on the 8th in Ireland!



    I hope not, if it is NOTHING to celebrate.

  19. Exit polls project Ireland has voted by a landslide margin to repeal eighth amendment. Well done Ireland. Hh

  20. TheLurkinTim on

    Oh aye…some good news and some bad news from me….I’ve just become a tax paying drone again….?



    Celtic?….guid luk in yer new job ?







  21. TheLurkinTim on

    VP….now wouldn’t it be an especial Happy Birthday if yae hadnae already passed yer 51st….?







  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Just thought I would have a quick look at the crack on here after a enjoyable day with my girls. Was taken aback at the responses from you guys about the loss of my mum. My girls have read them too and brought many a tear. Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers.

  23. Father Patrick Hennessy of St Columbkilles Church was threatened and robbed of more than £100 worth of collection cash given by the congregation. Father Pat said ‘I feel sorry for the man . He is messing up his life’. A 41 yr old man appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with robbery. Hh

  24. weebawbabitty on

    BIG PACKY, get back posting my friend, you me Kevj neganon etc etc ! Have as much right as anyone to post, regardless of what anyone says or thinks , in my humble opinion we are all equals on here , as GREENPINTA says it would be a crap blog if we all agreed

  25. weebawbabitty on

    GFTB, haven’t noticed you posting my friend, hope all is good with yourself wife and the wee barra HH

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