King circles the wagons as clouds loom


Newco have cut Celtic’s ticket allocation at Ibrox from 7,000 to 800 tickets per game next season.  I understand their thinking.  There have been four games between the clubs at Ibrox, Celtic winning each: the first, coming from behind, the second, free-wheeling by a couple of goals, the third – scoring five, and the fourth – twice coming from behind, then winning with 10 men.

It is a litany of humiliation, played out while 7,000 have a party in a stadium, the rest of which is near-empty well before full time.  Can you imagine having to sit through this, season after season?  Of course they want to reduce our headcount and garner whatever competitive advantage possible.

There are problems.  League rules state a “reasonable number of visiting supporters” must be admitted.  This number should be agreed in advance with the visiting club, or else the SPFL board will adjudicate.

Then there is the small matter of the Ibrox safety certificate, which Dave King previously said depended on Celtic fans being given the Broomloan Stand.  The police insist each set of fans have distinct and separate approaches to stadiums at high-risk games.

Celtic will be happy to reduce the number of Newco fans they have to accommodate – it should shelve talk of having to put prison-grade toilet facilities in areas they visit.  Each away team will suffer a competitive disadvantage, but making visits to Ibrox trickier will do our European preparations no harm.

Whatever the police and SPFL say, Dave King has more to worry about.

He still has to get £11m out of South Africa and into a UK bank account.
He needs to satisfy the Takeover Panel before he can start a share issue.
He needs to satisfy the Court of Session over his failure to comply with Takeover Panel instructions.
He needs to satisfy loans due by 1 July (Oh you thought they were all going to be converted to shares, did you? Wait for this one).
He needs to fund a trading shortfall for next season.
He needs to find enough cash to keep the management team on-side before the transfer window closes.
And he needs to convince Uefa they satisfy Financial Fair Play regulations.  Straightforward if you have lots of cash, don’t need to use it to buy-out other shareholders at 20p/share, repay loans or fund a football team.

There is simply too much to do.  Better to circle the wagons by throwing some crumbs to the easily-deluded.  You know how this story ends.

It’s the 25th May.  It is also the weekend.  You have permission to wallow in nostalgia for 24 hours.  Enjoy it.

You can also participate in Green Day: donate £5 (see below) to the Foundation.  You’ll enjoy this too.

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  1. weebawbabitty on

    VOGUEPUNTER, do you you know a friend of mine MICK C , aged about 57 ? Originals from Hamilton

  2. So Eck McLeish thinks FIFA should change the rules and `force’ clubs to release players for absolutely pointless exercises at the other side of the world. Cannon fodder for teams who have actually qualified.



    This coming after a season whereby Celtic International players have completed more than 50+ games this season and will be expected back early from summer holidays to contest Euro qualifiers with the club that pays their wages.



    He then goes on to state that he wants good relationships with clubs…lol



    Joke of a man from a joke of an organisation.



    I’ve not been on this site too long. Not from the beginning certainly. The site had a dynamism that made it attractive to me. The lead articles were well written and researched. Amortisation, cognitive dissonance, chatting with Lisbon Lions etc… great stuff. I went into arguments equipped with the tools to demolish your average bear. Paul even commented on your posts – imagine that?



    But CQN is in a cycle of change and Paul has taken his eye off the ball. There are intrusive adverts. I am goddam sick to the teeth of turning my phone to landscape to reach the next page. That last one in particular demonstrates Paul’s own disconnect with his viewing public. It should have been sorted months ago. Same with the adverts.



    I have met some good people thru CQN and thank Paul for that.



    Apologies to Weeboobycollins as I got mixed up and you were caught in the crossfire – no offence meant.



    As for the articles I can understand the difficulty in banging out blog after blog and we appear to have ghost writers putting forward their opinion to keep the narrative going. But the accusation that Paul has PL’s ear and has become his mouthpiece has not been answered. He has to be independent from outside influence, as witnessed by earlier blogs, and this includes the Celtic hierarchy. I don’t believe for a minute that he has sold out but he does not appear to have his hand on the tiller of late.



    When you disagree with someone on the blog you are reminded to `play the ball and not the man`. For the most part this is true. However, there are those who never have a good word to say about the club. I’m not talking about one or two comments. I’m talking about the same repetitive crap, day on day without number, for years. But somehow I am supposed to respect that opinion and not call it out. Sorry, not for me.



    I would maybe respect that opinion more if they still supported the club in some way. You know, buy tickets to a game, buy strips, Celtic TV etc…. But no, they do none of that. If all supporters adopted the same `protest’ model, there would be no club, no Foundation, no Mary’s Meals etc…



    So forgive me for taking them to task.



    They appear to get no joy from Celtic so I question their presence here. Nothing appeases them, be it success (double treble) or charitable efforts. The club are well run IMO and are getting better at their dealings with supporters. There will always be gripes. The stadium has some issues but we appear to be addressing these – however slowly – but this has been achieved thru pressure from fan groups and dialogue with the SLO. It has not been achieved thru moaning on a blog.



    I see the `statements’ issued on a nearly daily basis by a club that is not so well run. It does them no credit. Why on earth would our club engage in the same manner? To what effect? To expect them to do so is crass in the extreme. We are professional.



    I’ll bore you no more. I will check out of CQN until the football starts again. But in the meantime I will look at other means of getting my Celtic fix.



    There are other worlds than this…







    ‘You can check out any time you like,



    But you can never leave!’





    Tried often,waste of time. It’ll suck you back in,and you’ll be glad of it. Believe me!



    Btw,great post.

  4. weebawbabitty on

    ART OF WAR , brilliant post mate , however and not being snide here , but surely everyone one is entitled to an opinion!! So here’s mine too many on.here now Throwing rattles out the pram !! As the excellent LIONSROAR says why announce a flounce !! Kind of reminds of years ago with the old HAUD ME BACK !! anyway let’s all be happy Way the dble treble ????????

  5. weebobbycollins on

    AoW….not even calling me weebooby offends me…my skin’s as thick as the average hun…super thick! :-)


    …and a fair post too…all the best…

  6. Early retirement from tonight’s festivities due to having a few things to do this weekend. A big thank you to BRTH for organising tonight in his own inimitable way. In the last 3 weeks I have been to the POTY awards, the CSA annual bash and One Night in Lisbon. Tonight was the best food, entertainment and company of the lot and I left early!


    Also a big thank you to Friesdorfer for his hard work in producing all the name badges and my apologies for not saying goodbye.


    I met a fair few well kent faces and met some new ones who managed to put a face/moniker to a shirt ?


    So in no particular order it was good to see:










    Murdoch Auld and Hay




    DD and his Bhoy


    Sipsini and the lovely Myfanwy






    An Tearmann


    FourGreen Fields






















    Tam from Jersey (forgot his Moniker) sat next to me.


    Fred Colon





    If I missed anybody I do apologise.

  7. TheLurkinTim on




    Please feel free to bore us all with any and all rants ?







  8. Gordon64 on 25th May 2018 11:16 pm



    Father Patrick Hennessy of St Columbkilles Church was threatened and robbed of more than £100 worth of collection cash given by the congregation. Father Pat said ‘I feel sorry for the man . He is messing up his life’. A 41 yr old man appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court charged with robbery. Hh






    Lazy, inaccurate reporting.



    Dave King is 62, not 41.

  9. Just back from One Night in Lisbon and it was great night. First off, doffed cap to BRTH for organising such a phenomenal event: good food, good wine and good friends. What more can you ask for? (ACGR says good whisky, but that”s another story I’ll need to explain tae Mrs VFR).



    Anyway, so many great CQNers met to=night. Unlike POG, I’m not going to do a namecheck because I’ll miss somebody!



    I’m a happy Bhoy tonight!




  10. Alasdair MacLean on




    Was going to mail/text but since you’re up again….been meaning to ask…



    Last time I was on here half-relaxed…..You recommended a book to me….any chance of sending me the details?

  11. Alasdair MacLean on

    LONG story but…



    Just saw that “Outlander” thing for the first time.



    Pish beyond words.



    The depressing thing for me…my Norwegian colleagues think it’s real history.

  12. Delaneys Dunky on




    My Ryan met the beard he aspires to tonight. Yours. What a great night among great folk. Thanks to Jim McG



  13. Prestonpans Bhoy,



    Sincere condolences on the loss of your Mum.





    Rest well Celtic Heroes.



    As work life gets sh!tt!er…. Celtic Life gets better.



    Dr Who

  14. Alasdair MacLean on




    Cheers, “saved to bookmarks”, as they say now.



    For your info..all my efforts now are directed to my daughter’s 21st birthday. Sat 2nd June. Garden party.



    Dear, dear, does anyone remember the day I took her to Celtic Park?



    I got all the advice here.



    To date mark it – it was the day that the “Flats, Flats…” banner was unveiled …….against Hearts …obviously!

  15. Delaneys Dunky on



    Thanks for your gift to me tonight. I will treasure those two items forever. What a coincidental moment it created with Kikinthenakas, another huge Clash fan on here. Tonight was full of coincidences. Very spiritual gathering in Kerrydale Suite tonight. That haggis and braised steak wis braw.


    Great to see you looking so well S.


    Mental that I now sit on Burghbhoys auld seat and beside wee massive. Serendipity



  16. DD it was great to meet yer Bhoy and seeing you again as well. Thew beard will grow on him!



    He will never be Dusty Hill; that gig is taken!





  17. Delaneys Dunky on




    When his lady Kirsty picked us up tonight. First thing he showed her was the photo of you and him. Kirsty wants Ryan’s beard to look like yours in length. A year fae now maybe???

  18. Sevco AGM ahem……






    ‘Why not put Celtic fans in the corner?’



    The Celtic issue won’t go away – one fan demands they be put in the corner at Ibrox, as other supporters are, such as Aberdeen last night.



    He claims Celtic fans at Ibrox treat their Rangers rivals, and Light Blues players, with “contempt”.








    Nope, it is just having a well earned Parteeee.

  19. TheLurkinTim on

    VFR….claiming a beard upper hand/knowledge/soup catching superiority ;-))



    Looks good in the Wind SVC







  20. TLT I am superior in terms of food catching through experience. Disnae make me a bad man!





  21. TheLurkinTim on

    VFR…No, never accuse you of being a bad mhan….just robust ;-))







  22. TheLurkinTim on

    Sounds like u all had a grand time without me…no jealous at all… ;-))….I was bevvying with some of my fellow new workmates ?







  23. TheLurkinTim on

    Threesies….copyrite BSR….Just watched You Were Never Really Here….great movie….future classic….nearly ;-))







  24. TheLurkinTim on

    Awe for Pete’s Sake….how you doing Christian Firefighter…..many converts?







  25. Converts – This is a blog Dawg.



    Just be yerself and Believe in what you say – You won’t go wrong.

  26. TheLurkinTim on

    Curious Pete….are you Firefighting Christianity….or are u a Christian….in emergency services Firefighting…..;-))










  27. TLT



    I encourage you to listen to any of those audios and btw the least listenable looking ones definitely Produce



    It seems nuts I know.

  28. TheLurkinTim on

    Petec…I promise I will…if you link Tiestos Adagio ;’))









    Jesus Petec…that’s Die Witness on steroids….yes and no

  29. TLT



    No m8ty, played it to death this week in work.



    DW were a lot faster from what I remember, I’m no that young anymore btw.



    As the mix is going on – you may have a point?



    You are still listening to it yeah?

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