King demotivates ahead of semi


I suppose we should thank Dave King for starting the week of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Newco with a statement discussing the Newco manager’s position, “on the managerial front I emphasise that the board fully recognises the need for sustained stability in this area of the club.


“Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers [sic.] and ensuring immediate success.”

The last thing a manager wants ahead of a big game is discussions about his position from his chairman.  Poor Graeme is a lame duck and no one in his squad will be under any doubt about this after today.

Celtic got past 10-man Hamilton in a pedestrian manner yesterday, but must now up their pace ahead of the semi-final.  Last month we talked about the Morton Scottish Cup quarter-final being more important than the trip to Ibrox a week later.  By any measure, Sunday’s semi is one of the biggest games of the season.

A lack of concentration (as we saw yesterday) or a few mistakes and all the good work put into winning a consecutive treble will be undone.  We struggled against this lot at Celtic Park in December and needed heroics to beat them at Ibrox last month.  We have been unable to boss them the way we did last season, or in our visit to Ibrox in September.

In short, if you think we have a God given right to reach the final, you are wrong.  We should be grateful for any demotivational Dave King mutterins going.

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on 9th April 2018 1:04 pm



    Next week will be a lot harder than it should have needed to be.




    Historically, there haven’t been all that many easy games against either sevco or oldco. This one on Sunday is their very last chance to salvage something from a disappointing season.


    They’ll throw the kitchen sink at it. And expect something special from the officials.

  2. POG



    I was at Celtic Park on Wednesday.



    Sticking to the facts, do you seriously beleive we would have had an attendance of around 30,000 if we were playing Sevco ?



    Easter Week, weather, re-arranged game, public transport or any other flimsy reason some people quote for missing games would not have mattered.



    Celtic Park would have had 60,000 last week if we had been playing Sevco.




    More than likely but the facts are it was Easter week and we were playing Dundee not sevco. The previous game against Ross County on Easter Saturday was a sell out, I bought a ticket for that as well. There were large swathes of the ground that were also empty, due to ST holders being away I would wager.

  4. There was around 40,000 at the Ross County game, maybe slightly more.



    Again, it it was Sevco we played on Easter Weekend there would have been 60,000 at the game.



    Sadly, too many Celtic supporters have become ‘Old Firm’ fans.

  5. Noticed that the Herald are reporting that the Blues Brothers had a bit of set-too at the Doubletree last weekend, have the Record reported yet????? Also the World Irish Dancing Championships were in Glasgow that weekend and quite a few events were on in the Doubletree, bonkers that the Hotel would let that

  6. Jimmynotpaul on

    From BBC website.


    West Brom have had a proposal to introduce safe standing at The Hawthorns rejected by the government.



    The pilot scheme would have meant 3,600 seats in the Smethwick End were converted to ‘rail seats’, which can be locked in an upright position.



    West Brom – who are bottom of the Premier League – hoped to install them in time for next season.



    Sports minister Tracey Crouch says there are no plans to change the all-seater policy at football stadiums.



    That law was introduced followed recommendations made in the Taylor Report into the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans.



    But West Brom say their proposal was based on safety concerns, because of persistent standing.

  7. bigoted bunch in. After all they are not renowned for their like of the old one, two, threes or Riverdance!!!!!




    If you are a season ticket holder and you can’t make the game it is more than common to offer it to someone else who can possibly make use of it. Over the Easter period I know of people who couldn’t get takers for their season ticket. There is also, I believe, some question about transferability so some individuals may not offer their tickets because of this.


    Going back to the original statement, in my post, I said that the low crowd on Wednesday had nothing to do with there being no challenge from sevco it was due to other factors such as weather and Easter vacationing.


    As regards too many Celtic fans becoming OF fans, sadly, you may be right about that.

  9. PHILBHOY on 9TH APRIL 2018 11:58 AM



    BMCUWP He did play for Aberdeen. Pretty sure he got an outing for us.



    *He came tae us too late as did Frank Munro, The west of Scotland sheep scout that signed him also took Tommy Craig and Arthur Graham up tae the pen.

  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    News Sport Politics Business HQ Opinion Arts & Ents Life & Style Comedy Festival Announcements Puzzles





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    15 hrs ago


    Rangers supporters slammed over alleged ‘sectarian’ singing and assault at black tie dinner


    Peter Swindon @PeterSwindon


    Senior reporter, Sunday Herald


    The Rangers players and staff celebrate winning nine-in-a-row..


    The Rangers players and staff celebrate winning nine-in-a-row..




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    RANGERS supporters have been criticised over claims they sang sectarian songs at a black tie dinner in a Glasgow hotel attended by former players.



    There is no suggestion that former players sang sectarian songs but sources at the event on March 31 confirmed that “anti-Catholic” songs were sung. Police were later called over an alleged assault.



    The event named Rangers 9 In a Row 20th Anniversary Dinner saw hundreds of supporters pay £70 each to rub shoulders with former players at the Hilton Doubletree in Cambridge Street.

  11. DELANEYS DUNKY on 8TH APRIL 2018 10:09 PM



    BP Saint Ambrose and Saint Pat’s Dumbarton were the only two teams better than our Saint Tams team in late 70s early 80s.



    *I believe that Petec’s buddy Macca played in a very good St Pats side then, also former Celt and St Pat’s teacher Peter Goldie had a family member in the side tae who I’m sure played for the Bankies and the Sons.

  12. !!BADA BING!! on 9TH APRIL 2018 3:13 PM



    *Their lying cheating NIAR side had Catholics in it including the QC’s sidekick when he was singing “dundee hamilton eff the pope and the vatican” so I’m assuming they were at this night out, its also been suggested that current players were there tae, o’halloran etc ???



    Stay at the Doubletree quite a bit, very central and the kids have use of the pool which they love. Due to stay again at the end of the month and no doubt the missus will be bringing to their attention the sorts they are attracting. The Bigot Pound seems their priority sadly. Had a great conversation with Willie Wallace in the Doubletree last season when we picked up the League Trophy against Hearts, gentleman






    Do you think for one minute that,were the boot on the other foot,we wouldn’t be playing the huns at Ibrox or Celtic Park when they could win the league against us?



    *was thinking just the same, also if it was their home game and we were still on route tae win the title it would be played tae give them more money and also the satisfaction of stopping us on the day.

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The fixture farce, is another SFA /SPFL episode of Protect The Huns, they couldn’t take any more humiliation in the shape of a title win….

  16. Rumour that Police Scotland will only allow the Sevco game to be the second after the split. First ruled out due to potential league decider, third due it being a bank holiday weekend, fourth because it’s a midweek game and the last game because we will be presented with league trophy.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67- not an exact science, what if we don’t win the first game after the split? Will they change the date of the Sevco game? It’s farcical the way they are trying to protect the huns mate.

  18. Saint Stivs that’s not a serious question is it? This is Scotland they can do what they want. H H Hebcelt

  19. Why are they even in the league this shitey little team, that everybody has to dance roon their sensitive wee feelings…



    Is it too much to ask for the people who run the game just to do their effing jobs, if they were in with a shout there wouldn’t be any hesitation around this..



    For Sale : One used and soiled Title Race…

  20. The bin bag says he may have to leave sevco this summer after revealing he plans to continue playing next season.



    *looks like he’s getting the sugar lump.

  21. ST STIVS,


    Apparently they don’t have the final say. That’s down to SPFL, but no way would they go against wishes of Plod.


    They need to remember that they’re here to serve us, not the other way roiund.


    Not going to happen though, is it.

  22. hey ghuys some advice needed, left scotland 40 years ago when i was 25, it was sectarian then sounds like it still is, used to love watching scotland play, now i would’nt watch them if playing in my front garden ,im told because im a catholic i should go back to ireland, cause the famine is over ,bhoys im in two minds to apply for irish citizenship, because im not wanted in the country i was born in, so feckin sad i could cry please help.hh.

  23. Kilmarnock Hamilton, away ,our support were extremely quite,I Think one of reasons why that is,the team are awful playing at the back,so boring,and if it was another manager playing that way,and not for the first time,he would have been getting it Tight on here, Brendan Rodgers is a good manager,but at times the way the team plays,it’s a average side,also the players at the back haven’t that pace or Quality to play the System he wants them to play,and as for the crowds being low,it could be that the league in the bag, could be another factor,and lastly I hope Celtic add at least 3 or 4 Quality Signings next season,no excuses,for it not to happen,so MR Billionaire Desmond release those funds,and if not please move on,

  24. Just bumped into Morelos in Nike store Glasgow. He was looking at basketball shoes, I asked if he’s wearing them at weekend? He looked bemused, his wee cartel mate translated. I then said 5-0 Celtic and KT gonnae get you. I was very polite.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    King has thrown Graeme Numpty under the bus, in other words, this diddy won’t be in charge next season so geez yer season ticket money pronto….

  26. Tobago Street on

    Is it possible that the ‘split’ fixtures will be released after the semi finals have been played?