King demotivates ahead of semi


I suppose we should thank Dave King for starting the week of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Newco with a statement discussing the Newco manager’s position, “on the managerial front I emphasise that the board fully recognises the need for sustained stability in this area of the club.


“Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers [sic.] and ensuring immediate success.”

The last thing a manager wants ahead of a big game is discussions about his position from his chairman.  Poor Graeme is a lame duck and no one in his squad will be under any doubt about this after today.

Celtic got past 10-man Hamilton in a pedestrian manner yesterday, but must now up their pace ahead of the semi-final.  Last month we talked about the Morton Scottish Cup quarter-final being more important than the trip to Ibrox a week later.  By any measure, Sunday’s semi is one of the biggest games of the season.

A lack of concentration (as we saw yesterday) or a few mistakes and all the good work put into winning a consecutive treble will be undone.  We struggled against this lot at Celtic Park in December and needed heroics to beat them at Ibrox last month.  We have been unable to boss them the way we did last season, or in our visit to Ibrox in September.

In short, if you think we have a God given right to reach the final, you are wrong.  We should be grateful for any demotivational Dave King mutterins going.

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  1. Good evening fellow Tims I hope you are well.


    Plastic pitches a definite no no. They should not be allowed.


    Grass for professional football.



    D. :)

  2. An American Football player was once asked if he preferred grass over Astroturf. He said he didn`t know as he had never smoked Astroturf.



  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    I much prefer natural grass to man made artificial.


    A much better smoke. :)

  4. WITS


    and while we are at it who invaded and annexed Crimea



    (A) nobody,it didn’t happen,it’s Brit Tory propaga


    (B) Israel


    (C) Britain/America


    (D) Russia



    who to believe



    conspiracy quick news

  5. DD, I spoke to a Kilmarnock fan a year or two ago. The ground is used 7 days a week. Morning noon and night for all team levels. I don’t even know if Killie have a training ground anymore. This guy reckoned it saves the club a fortune and earns them money too. It’s still not right. The other 10 teams could go down that path. Thank goodness they don’t.

  6. leftclicktic on

    Celtic FC Academy


    ‏Verified account @CelticFCAcademy


    3m3 minutes ago



    McInroy takes advantage of a looping ball to control superbly, advance on keeper and drill home with ease (0-3)

  7. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    According to the Red crescent it didn’t happen,


    Assad has been winning so why would he create bad publicity


    The Ruskies offered the world evidence three weeks ago the Al Nusra were planning a Chemical attack.


    So using Ernie Lynches logic it was the Russians :)

  8. DAVID66, david read back please am i scottish or irish ,my country of birth wants me to go home ffs ,born in bellshill maternity hospital 1953 i thought i was scottish, now 65 years later im irish and told to go home seriously ghuys im confused .com.

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    I understand that Killie and Hamilton pitches are both used as community facilites. Not good enough for top flight pro fitba though.

  10. leftclicktic on

    Celtic FC Academy


    ‏Verified account @CelticFCAcademy


    2m2 minutes ago



    Full-time: Partick Thistle 0-3 Celtic

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Catherine the great annexed the Crimea and the Ruskies have occupied it ever since, roughly around the time the British, French, Spanish, Germans were occupying the Americas, I expect when the Americas are returned to the natives the Ruskies might think about repatriating the Crimea.

  12. Canamalar


    There are no winners in Syria especially the civilians, on all sides, bombed into submission (chemical weapons or not) – man’s inhumanity to man

  13. http://celticbynumberscom.ipage.com/stats-not-entertainment/



    Celtic have scored 23 LESS goals than after 32 matches last SPFL season. Yet they are creating chances of equal quality. xG may get a mention!



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  14. Canamalar


    you win – can’t argue with the old 17th / 18th century examples (who would think anyone still lives as if it’s 1690)

  15. Why not ,as fare as I can see it,The Celtic Supporter’s, are the one’s who have put plenty of cash into Celtic,same as the Stadium, Lennox town,and I suppose The Hotel,etc will be funded by the same supporters, not Dermot Desmond, Peter Lawell,Rod Stewart, who will take all the freebies that’s going,without puting a penny of there own money, into the club,that’s how there is no ordinary fans being on the Board,these greedy rich so and so’s, want all for themselves, and that’s my take on it,why we don’t have quality players, at Celtic.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I disagree, the winners are those who care least for the civilian population, now who couldn’t give a monkeys about Syrians ? But cares deeply about their resources

  17. Big Packy be all you can be. Be who you want to be.


    You are a handsome Scottish Tim from an Irish bloodline, and in a few years us Tims will have bred the Protestants out of existence… Only IMO.


    Think about it their weans will want to follow a winning team, we keep on winning they disappear, think of the long game.


    In the meantime relax and enjoy the famous Glasgow Celtic



    D. :)

  18. My friends in Celtic.



    Soooooo Glasgow tops the list as Britain’s rainest city. Wow what a surprise.



    Another reason why we deserve better transport facilities to our ground. Nobody likes sitting for 90 minutes soaking wet which statistically is more probable in Glasgow than any other football venues.



    We deserve better and our financial boost to the economy merits it.




  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I just don’t get the stupidity of America babbling shite about the Russians annexing territory they have occupied and settled longer than America has existed as a state.

  20. Since when can yellow cards be appealed ?


    Read that the hun are appealing the yellow for a Morelos dive against Dundee, I also saw that hartz were appealing laferty’s yellow, when did this happen ?….or is it only for huns….

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just read Lying King’s statement.


    Does anyone on here believe a word of it, or anything that snake says?

  22. Celtic BY Numbers



    Great blog. Great analysis as always. Vote cast,



    The quality of our shooting from distance and our dead ball delivery has been absolutely cack recently. Hope it clicks again on Sunday….

  23. DAVID66, my best mate on here ,sorry if ive disappointed you fellow tims but david loves frankie and benny, some posters look at them with disdain sorry if ive put you all in the same brackett, i love cheeko i love angel i love seamus i love exiled tims dogs i love cowiebhoys dogs sorry norrie and also mahe and weefra the tims animals if ive forgotten anyone i apologise in all honesty i love cqn if i lost this site that would be the end for me.hh.

  24. Delaneys Dunky on

    Saint Stivs



    Mine will be. My daughter is putting me to shame and learning Polish language. My grandson likes Polish swear words. :)

  25. Paul67



    Well said, sir.



    The curse of Sevco speak spawned from the last unsuccessful Rainjurz


    hangs over them like a gigantic much bigger than Ibrokes, pall.



    Demanding ‘immediate success’ should have died when Rainjurz did, and it will preserve and maintain the gap between them and the good guys, for ever more regardless of any pyrrhic victory ill gotten in any Scottish Cup.



    Celtic have created a chasm that will take more Jean-Marc Bosmans and Loan Raninjurz to fill, but anything can happen when they bring their own referees and tribe of assistants into their second home, Hampden.



    We are clearly suffering second season syndrome, and Brendan Rodgers side and system will change dramatically in season three, but in the meantime we’ll always be better than the new zombie club on the block.



    Normal service expected CSC

  26. Gents. ( and ladies )



    Does history repeat itself?



    As Germany approves a second Russian pipeline which will potentially divide Europe between the two countries, the other western powers panic and go into overdrive to demonise Russia.



    Far fetched? Well no, self explanatory really. A second Gas pipeline from the country with the most proven Gas reserves will nullify any possibe sanctions and make european dependency on Russia pivotal to every negotiation.


    For Germany with no real resources of it’s own, it will make it the energy hub with untold power .



    Germany and Russia carving up Europe. Sound familiar. Expect the demonisation of Russia to continue by any means available.