King demotivates ahead of semi


I suppose we should thank Dave King for starting the week of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Newco with a statement discussing the Newco manager’s position, “on the managerial front I emphasise that the board fully recognises the need for sustained stability in this area of the club.


“Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers [sic.] and ensuring immediate success.”

The last thing a manager wants ahead of a big game is discussions about his position from his chairman.  Poor Graeme is a lame duck and no one in his squad will be under any doubt about this after today.

Celtic got past 10-man Hamilton in a pedestrian manner yesterday, but must now up their pace ahead of the semi-final.  Last month we talked about the Morton Scottish Cup quarter-final being more important than the trip to Ibrox a week later.  By any measure, Sunday’s semi is one of the biggest games of the season.

A lack of concentration (as we saw yesterday) or a few mistakes and all the good work put into winning a consecutive treble will be undone.  We struggled against this lot at Celtic Park in December and needed heroics to beat them at Ibrox last month.  We have been unable to boss them the way we did last season, or in our visit to Ibrox in September.

In short, if you think we have a God given right to reach the final, you are wrong.  We should be grateful for any demotivational Dave King mutterins going.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big pack,


    Rielly, Brennan and Coia must still be teaching and have taught in every Timmy school in Scotland, pound to a penny there’s at least two of those three names in every Timmy school right now :)



    In reference to the blog title, I am of the opinion that a picture of Dave King would be a demotivating factor in anyone’s semi.







  3. GREENPINATA i was only joking mate know you are one of the good ghuys hope cupcake and licorice are okay.hh.

  4. CANAMALAR IT LOOKS LIKE OCD OBSESSION, yes probably right the old irish catholic thing,hh.

  5. Anybody who wants a finger on the pulse of what is happening in the Middle East should watch the House of Saud (may be on iPlayer or similar). The U.K. and US governments are up to their necks in it.


    Another interesting fact about the British Government is there are no depths they won’t go to in order to achieve their own ends.


    Did you realise they rearmed the Japanese at the end of WW2 to make sure the Vichy French regained control of Vietnam? Many innocent women and children killed then.



  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Bit a tally in there too,


    Did you hear about the mad Italian?



    He was icecreaming

  7. Big Packy,


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, remember almost all those teachers. Have to say I hated almost every day at that school. I was in 3B1 till Dec ‘67. Don’t recognise your name, so either we missed each other or the old memory is fading! Does the name Faulds ring a bell?

  8. Greenpinata



    No surprise that Glasgow is wettest and coldest UK city. 170 days of rain per year on average, going back to 1981. We used to sit 3rd, but the past decade in particular has seen more rain per annum than previos decades.



    It’s a lovely place, but by God it’s grim at times too.

  9. Harry Flashheart on

    Anyone with an Irish ☘️ grandparent born anywhere on the island is entitled to a passport with a Harp on it

  10. What is the Stars on



    As an insight into the middle East and its many traumas ,Robert Fisk book The Great War for Civilisation is well worth a read.

  11. DD



    One in a series I think……..



    But who really knows?



    A good laff tho’…………….




  12. Sorry Greenpinata if I offended your sensibilities. I was thinking of a post by Oldbhoy abt page 2. Hope that’s specific enough. Given the rancoyr on the blog I had no wish to add to it obv you’re not of the same disposition.



  13. Delaneys Dunky on




    I loved Kojo’s intelligent and crazy humour posts.


    His political posts less so.


    I like anyone who can make me laugh at life.


    Kojo did that.

  14. Wits


    Super book. Anything by Fisk always well researched.


    Anyway I’m oot. Too many knobheads.


    Just do them on Sunday.




    You keep well and keep er lit. Anything before Belfast give me a shout.






    Reading back that was like a flounce. Unfortunately for some…not a chance

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    A touch of PMT methinks.


    All good in Bankieland tonight thanks.

  16. As a matter of interest is the intention to get an Irish passport and move to the Republic or just to maintain EU citizenship but stay in Brexit Britain –

  17. GEAROID1998 on 9TH APRIL 2018 9:29 PM



    No probs, possibly I could have been more diplomatic in my post.



    I hate to think that we are chasing anybody away. In my opinion we need to encourage as many as possible to post. In all the years I have been on here I can only think of less than a handful of bona fide trolls.




  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    How do you know that no huns have posted here today?


    Impossible to disprove, or prove.

  19. Canamolar……….



    No. Although I do remember quite a number of aul hauns tiring of the lengthy canine panto.


    After the first coupla years I never read any of the



  20. Greenpinata


    Glad you can see beyond people’s blog names O great one. We do it to them now why wouldn’t they do it to us???? Phrase beggars belief comes to mind. Now go back and have a wee juke at the post mentioned. If not a hun then hunlike

  21. RUBICON,no, but does big wullie charnley ring a bell, john cassidy, wee brian sullivan.hh.

  22. Delaneys Dunky on




    When I get my Polish passport, I will be staying in Scotland, but with a view to travelling Europe wide more. Same for my children.

  23. DD @ 21.37 hrs.



    That’s easy, not seen any posts signed off with 666.



    Ps : in China 666 means something totally different. Just in case Morrelas is lurking.

  24. Big Packy,


    No, looks like I was a year ahead. Dessie McPake, Jamie O’Hara, Tommy Cowie were my Glenboig contemporaries. Thanks for the memories! HH

  25. 16 roads - Protect the 8th. on

    WHAT IS THE STARS on 9TH APRIL 2018 7:36 PM


    Who used chemical weapons against Syrian women and children?





    (A) nobody,it didn’t happen,it’s Brit Tory propaganda





    (B) Israel





    (C) Britain/America





    (D) Syrian leader Assad and his Russian allies.





    Just asking






    I would say E, the most obvious.




  26. glendalystonsils on

    EXCATHEDRA44 on 9TH APRIL 2018 8:35 PM



    Completely agree. The Hamilton CF( Bingham?) did what Dembele failed to do, as did the Motherwell CF Main.



    Neither of them are supposedly in Dembele’s league.

  27. What is the Stars on



    I saw that post on page 2 earlier and thought it was a bit odd to say the least. Thankfully it seemed to have been ignored and most of the chat this was good humoured nonsense.


    Even Putin’s pal Grumpy was playing nice))


    I reckon he will come looking for me now though