King demotivates ahead of semi


I suppose we should thank Dave King for starting the week of the Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Newco with a statement discussing the Newco manager’s position, “on the managerial front I emphasise that the board fully recognises the need for sustained stability in this area of the club.


“Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers [sic.] and ensuring immediate success.”

The last thing a manager wants ahead of a big game is discussions about his position from his chairman.  Poor Graeme is a lame duck and no one in his squad will be under any doubt about this after today.

Celtic got past 10-man Hamilton in a pedestrian manner yesterday, but must now up their pace ahead of the semi-final.  Last month we talked about the Morton Scottish Cup quarter-final being more important than the trip to Ibrox a week later.  By any measure, Sunday’s semi is one of the biggest games of the season.

A lack of concentration (as we saw yesterday) or a few mistakes and all the good work put into winning a consecutive treble will be undone.  We struggled against this lot at Celtic Park in December and needed heroics to beat them at Ibrox last month.  We have been unable to boss them the way we did last season, or in our visit to Ibrox in September.

In short, if you think we have a God given right to reach the final, you are wrong.  We should be grateful for any demotivational Dave King mutterins going.

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  1. BP you asked on Saturday about the Jim Kennedy, unfortunately I was too engrossed with the Masters and who was going tae be wearing the Celtic jaiket after it, and hoping it wisnae wee brillo pad , tae gi’e it a good bit of thought, so here goes now.



    Jim Kennedy aka the President was a great Celt, I challenge any true Celtic supporter of my age who says they didnae like him; he was one of those players who truly played for the jersey.



    He reluctantly turned out for his local junior side Johnstone Burgh as they were a man short for a cup replay, he was more interested in following the bhoys at the time and only played that day, a Monday, as we didnae have a game.



    He must have done ok as after the game both Burgh and Renfrew Juniors wanted tae sign him but he wisnae interested in playing the game for a living, that is until the following Sunday Bob Kelly’s brother-in-law, who was one of our scouts, chapped the door with signing on papers, he didnae say naw tae him.



    He was initially farmed out tae that well kent Celtic nursery side Duntocher Hibs, however within a year and after a few reserve games he made his debut for the 1st team against the Firhill Flyer and after that loss it was back tae the reserves which he captained for a while.



    This was a poor time to be at Parkheid, it was what we oulder supporters call the years in the wilderness and great Celt that he was James Edward was just too nice for the job and was bullied by the board, we as a support suffered through those years, Jim as a Celtic supporter like Johnny Divers and Dunky MacKay and others suffered also along with us.



    He finally made the break through and formed a formidable pairing at full back with Dunky, in fact our defense then Haffey Mackay and Kennedy Crerand McNeil and Peacock were all or soon tae be internationalists, scandalous that we won nothing with that defense.



    Unfortunately for Dunky and Jim, Ian Young and Tommy Gemmell, both signed as centre halfs, arrived on the scene and made the full back positions their own. Dunky within a year of losing not just his place but also the captaincy moved tae the Hi Hi while Jim stayed and fought for his place only this time at left half and is now part of folklore in song ‘Clark McNeill and Kennedy the best you’ve ever seen” and in the usual bizarre sfa way he was capped six times for the national team at left back while playing left half for us starring in a 1-0 victory over the outlanders and a 2-2 tie with the Fatherland.



    Again we were truly a poor side who blew hot and cold although we did reach the Cup Final against the Pars, and was he was one of our stand outs, when Celtic supporter Eddie Connachan put the shutters up especially when their centre half went off injured and they went down to 10 men. I recall my da saying we would win the replay as Celtic didnae lose them, felt like saying what happened 6 year ago after Johnny Bonnar threw an Archie Robertson corner intae the net against the Bully Wee tae earn them an unjustified second chance which they took 1-0.



    Anyway on the eve of the replay Jim was rushed to hospital with appendicitis and replaced by the unknown Wullie O’Neil while club captain Bertie Peacock who had been out injured was allowed tae play for the black north on the same evening, we lost 0-2 tae the former Burnbank miner’s managed team, a side he had saved fae relegation the year before. That night Bob is alleged tae have said “it’s no loss what a friend gains” as I was leaving hampden greetin, typical of Mr Corinthian. Although he always had the good of Celtic at heart, big Jock and history have been kind tae Bob.



    Jim’s first game in his new role of left half was against Dunfermline he was actually the captain that day with Big Billy out with ‘flu. Jim took the new role for himself well, stating: “I will always want to be with Celtic just as long as they need me.” However when Jock came back and revamped the side with Bobby Murdoch moving back tae right half (a position which ould Jimmy originally tried him in, Bob must not have liked it) Jock then moved Luggy tae the sweeper position and his preference for marauding full backs meant that was that for Jim.



    He was in hampden when we got revenge on the Pars in the SC and at last beat the huns in the LC Final but 3 weeks later signed for Morton and played for them in the game that relegated the Greenock side but gave us the two points that virtually sealed our first championship in 12 years.



    He also played in the LC semi 18 months later in a game which I have often felt was one of the wee mhan’s finest against Scottish opposition, we won 7-1 and Jimmy was allowed tae turn it on without fear of retribution by the opposing full back, a rare sight indeed, although the highlight of that night was big Cairney scoring 2 goals lol.



    5 months earlier he was seen running around the track after jumping the moat at the Estadio Nacional waving a tricolour. Ould colleague and another of the Wilderness Year Lhads Stevie Chalmers spotted him and invited him back tae the dressing room where Jock told him to stay with the team and come back on the club flight.



    Being the consummate professional he was he declined the offer as he had training at Cappielow the next morning, he was however up at Parkheid the next night with all us other jubilant Tims welcoming the Big Cup home to rest in paradise.



    After retiring fae Morton the following year, he would be 34 by then, which was considered old for a fitba player in those days, he was appointed Liaison Officer between the club and the various Supporters Club, in fact he even re-registered as a player so that he could play in our Reserve games (allegedly so he could play in the Reserve game against Morton in August).



    After finally retiring 27 years later he still remained at Parkheid helping out wherever he could. One of his duties was being in charge of the distribution of away match tickets for the various CSA and Celtic Supporters’ Clubs before a proper Ticket Office was established at Celtic Park.



    Jim sadly passed away in December 2003 he will always be remembered as a Celtic player, supporter and mhan through and through.



    One wee final anecdote, as a young lhad I was standing in Queen Street Station at the Dundas Street end waiting for family members from the other side of the toon, I had my scarf on. I noticed this older man staring at me and smiling, wisnae too concerned as I didnae know what a predator was then, I kept thinking that he looked like the President and was hoping my cousins would soon show so they could see him.



    Just then a couple of other “men” appeared, Pat Crerand, Mike Jackson and big Billy, it was him, before he left he gave me a wee wave as they made for the waiting taxi. Several bhoys ran over tae me, ‘did you see the players there”, “oh aye” I replied beaming.

  2. RUBICON, yes dessie mcpake and tommy cowie, were a year older than me, peter mcpake, dessies younger brother, was in the same class as me. please keep in touch.hh.

  3. mike in toronto on

    GEAROID1998 on 9TH APRIL 2018 9:38 PM





    Glad you can see beyond people’s blog names O great one. We do it to them now why wouldn’t they do it to us????





    I agree tthat some of us post on their blogs …. I signed up and lurked on on e ofthem a long time ago … (and, I will point out that I still get a birthday email from follow follow …. dont think I have ever got one from P67 …what’s that about?! ….. but I digress) …



    Probably more of us lurk on their sites than the other way round …. why do I think this?



    1. Schaudenfraude … I enjoy their suffereing when we win … why would they come on here?



    2. Not sure too many of them knuckle draggers can read and write …. unless they have a bear equivalent of Seamus/Hrvatski, who would post for them?

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Anybody hear that the huns want the supporters to pay the season ticket in one payment?

  5. BIG WAVY on 9TH APRIL 2018 8:43 PM









    To be fair to Moussa, being a centre forward behind a wall of 10 opposition players, our tippy tappy ponderous build up play and our failure to stick the ball in the box…oh and our crap corners…and free kicks…..



    I think Henke would have looked AWOL with that around him..



    Just saying…





    Must agree with you BW, we should be playing two up front and getting the ball forward into the opposition danger zones quicker.



    I’m not slating Brendan as a tactician but my opinion is that we are too crab like against


    defensive teams in our league.



    As for Europe, yep, use the build up play and caution.


    I haven’t enjoyed our style of play this season as I did last season.HH

  6. Jimmynotpaul on

    Hibs away first.


    Then the Huns


    Tynecastle midweek.


    According to Paul The Tim.


    If so that’s a serious joke, an away game to try and win the league.

  7. Wits


    You behave yourself -))))). Thought you had got the Latin police onto me


    as mea somehow became meo.


    Brother Dwyer would be incandescent with rage.



  8. What is the Stars on



    How reliable are those dates


    And can anyone get me a ticket for Easter Road

  9. Jimmynotpaul on



    If we win it against Hibs, if info correct, then surely Huns have to give us a guard of honour. :-))


    Hail Hail

  10. TONTINE TIM cheers pal, thoroughly enjoyed that, happy memories did not know he had passed away, jim kennedy of the famous glasgow celtic, may you rest in peace.amen.hh.

  11. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 9TH APRIL 2018 9:58 PM



    If we win it against Hibs, if info correct, then surely Huns have to give us a guard of honour. :-))



    *Did it in 1967 before the Jinky/Lightning storm game as we had qualified for the Big Cup Final 2 weeks before

  12. Just seen your post my good mate MIT.


    You posting on hun sites….have they not suffered enough-)).




    That would be some guard of honour Murray Davidsonesque….no doubt.



  13. Tontine Tim.


    Thanks for that, love the information you supply on a regular basis.


    Right bed time.




    Hail Hail

  14. Delaneys Dunky on




    I am repeating myself here.


    Wish you would write a book of your Celtic memoirs. Would be a best seller.

  15. Last post (see what I did there))


    TT. Your knowledge of our team is phenomenal. Love your posts…..keep them coming.

  16. JNP


    If that’s true that it’s Hibs away first that is scandalous.


    I don’t ever want Celtic to get beat, imagine Hibs beat us.


    Back to the scenario that has tied the SFA in naughts, us playing deidco at paradise to clinch the title. Mmmmmmmmm what to do..



    D )

  17. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 9TH APRIL 2018 9:54 PM


    Hibs away first.





    Play the weans.

  18. Delaneys Dunky on




    Totally agree. A wee Hibs win against us would serve a good dual purpose. :)



  19. Delaneys Dunky on




    Email Neil Lennon. Tell him Dena fae Lurgan is your pal. Don’t ask you don’t get.

  20. DELANEYS DUNKY on 9TH APRIL 2018 10:16 PM







    I’ve got the feeling the Huns will play Aberdeen first, an SPFL insurance policy you could call it.

  21. mike in toronto on

    Gearoid …



    You want to see them suffer …. Wait til I send them a bill for my time! that I wasted reading their pish!

  22. So if we are away first game after split, then Huns are at home. So yet again another advantage over Aberdeen and Hibs… SFA feckin cheating bassas



    D. :)

  23. Have to say i would much rather not win the league against Sevco,


    there would be carnage if we did,beat Hibs


    and face them as 7 in a row champions

  24. Delaneys Dunky on




    2 defeats in a season is enough I suppose.


    Aye ok, a draw. :)



  25. Those fixtures.






    Barcelona away.



    Boca away.



    Beijing away.



    Rangers at home.



    Russia away.

  26. JNP


    I posted earlier today that a ‘TV attractive’ away game would be first for us as contractually there can only be two more home televised games, given that one will be v the deed team and the other will be trophy day then away to one of the Edinburgh teams is your prime TV option.