King leaves town before nine-in-a-row


Dave King yesterday announced he would resign from Newco’s board following a share issue, to take place early in the new year, almost five years since his concert party won control of the club in March 2015.

The contrast with Fergus McCann, who also stated a successful hostile takeover bid for a lost-looking football club, in 1994, could not be starker.  Fergus left with the Scottish Premier League trophy in the boardroom.  I looked for a photo of Fergus with the trophy, but there doesn’t seem to be one in circulation.  It was not Fergus’ style to flaunt his achievements.

When a Newco historian looks for the principle achievement of Dave King’s time, the image of Tom Rogic’s penalty kick sailing over the Hampden crossbar in the 2016 Scottish Cup semi-final will be top of the list.  That sent Newco into their only major final to date, they face Celtic in next month’s League Cup final.

Five years ago, King arrived with an irresistible commitment to spend “whatever it takes” to topple Celtic.  When the club’s Nomad resigned ahead of him taking control, he suggested another would be in place within 48 hours (we are still waiting).  Once in control he explained that Newco’s finances were the envy of the football world. Seriously.

There were mad suggestions, like taking Oldco out of liquidation, surely made after a liquid lunch, and the aborted plan to sue David Murray for £20m, which came to nowt.  Where King did achieve legendary status was in Shirebrook, the Derbyshire location of the Sports Direct head office.  King’s years in charge of Newco literally saw no end of legal challenges and defeats at the hands of Mike Ashley.  King will continue to oversee the outstanding legal cases against Sports Direct.

The most pernicious defeat King experienced came last month, when the Takeover Panel ‘cold shouldered’ him, a punishment which forbids any entity of financial advisor can act for King on a transaction governed by the Takeover Panel for four years.  This was punishment for the concert party breaking Takeover Panel rules in gaining control of the club in 2015.

While Fergus slipped away from Celtic Park unnoticed while a game was underway and the Premier League Trophy on display, King announced his departure with nothing to show but tears and a solitary second place finish.  He has committed to meet this season’s shortfall, but yesterday explained his business in South Africa was in need of greater support.

On arrival in 1994, Fergus promised to leave after 5 years and did so, King chose this exit moment due to current events.  You can accept his explanation, that Newco are no longer in need of his unique brand of wisdom, that his South African interests have become irresistible, or I can offer an alternative.

Celtic are about to win nine-in-a-row, King’s available money has dried up and he wants to be thousands of miles and several months away from Govan when it all goes down.

I’ll miss him, he’s been wonderful.

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  1. Big Jimmy


    Hope things are improving for you too, and that you get some help. Take care Big Mhan.



  2. Big Jimmy


    I don’t think that BhoyfromSky mentioned that UEFA said that “Rangers” didn’t exist (in relation to the licence application), nor did PL say that yesterday, so far as I can recall.



  3. So will the corrupt @ScottishFA bend the rules if the new Rangers need money and grant them a UEFA licence if they don’t meet the requirements going forward ?



    Yes they will because the biggest club in Scotland have now gave them the green light to do as they please.



    Turnbull Hutton the only real man to tackle corruption in this country.



    Peter Lawwell you are not fit for purpose and that includes Desmond and Bankier.



    Rangers supporting referees referring their games, corruption since Jim Farry was in office and corruption in 2012.



    Hang your heads in shame everyone of you our game is officially broken and rotten to the core.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I think the reference might have been to the reply we received from UEFA saying that rangers no longer existed and there was no one to prosecute.


    We did remind them the questions related to investigation of the SFAs implementation of licensing procedures, not rangers application.



    This has been the main Plc/SFA joint strategy to cause confusion by conflating the two issues.



    They have persistently focused on their own deliberate misrepresentation of Res12.



    They no longer have that power as they have removed themselves from the position that allowed them to the agenda.



    Things should be much clearer for all going forward.





    How you today BRTH?



    Coughing and Spluttering with the cold – but sufficiently in command of my senses to come to the conclusion that those running Celtic Football Club are in need of long term medical care.



    After six years they seem not to understand an issue which has been with them and the SFA for all that time and they same incapable or disinterested in being straight with their fans and shareholders.



    AS big Jimmy has pointed out — why on earth did PL decide to call UEFA yesterday?



    What did he call them about?



    Did he mention the judicial panel ruling of June 2018 which said that the SFA could not conduct hearings into alleged UEFA rule breaches in Scotland and that any such alleged rule breaches would have to be determined by a completely separate body to the one appointed by UEFA to oversee licence grants and licence compliance?



    Why didn’t the Company Secretary tell me they were thinking of calling UEFA when I was with him for two and a half hours on Monday?



    Not that they have to tell us anything really but it is just as odd as a box of frogs.



    As for suggesting that we all move on and concentrate on our continued success on the park – does that mean that if the team lost a few games or the odd cup competition we should take other matters more seriously?



    That is a somewhat mind thyself attitude and shows a shocking disregard for proper sports administration and a lack of sporting integrity.



    Also should Celtic sit back and allow a situation whereby the SFA convenes a disciplinary tribunal, which then makes a ruling only for the SFA to say “We don’t like that ruling, so we will just ignore it!”?



    What kind of precedent does that set?



    If Neil Lennon gets sent to the stand and exactly the same kind of tribunal says he is banned from the touchline for two games, will Celtic be allowed to say “We don’t like that ruling, so we will just ignore it!”?



    If the current RFC goes bust again or breaks financial rules and a tribunal docks them points, imposes a transfer ban, or whatever — will they be allowed to say “We don’t like that ruling, so will just ignore it!”?



    We are on pretty sticky ground here are we not?



    Also, given that the whole SFA situation is still live — was there any suggestion yesterday that Celtic will encourage the SFA to refer matters to CAS just as the Tribunal suggested? That at least would put the charges to an independent body and the other ancillary issues may well be explored – at least.



    But there seems to be no suggestion of that.



    Nor any notion of a renewed call for an independent inquiry as was previously made by the SPFL and Celtic.



    We have just to move on and forget about it.



    I genuinely don’t think I can, in all conscience, support a football club that attitude.



    Purely a personal choice but you have to look yourself in the mirror each day and ask if you are comfortable in your own skin.



    Right now Scottish Football makes me itchy.



    I will be at Celtic Park tonight and have commitments re games up to the end of the year but in 2020 I think I will spend my time and money elsewhere to be honest.



    I am not angry about it just totally disinterested and have other things to do.

  6. Canamalar


    Thanks for that. I didn’t take from the proceedings yesterday that it was specifically mentioned in that context, although I may have misheard.



    Looking forward to the next stage.




  7. In some ways, I am relieved by yesterday’s decision. For years, I have agonised over whether to hang on in there, in the feint hope that my club and the people running it, would pick up the gauntlet and at least challenge the cheating and corruption that is endemic in the professional game in Scotland. Through that period, my own personal candle of hope flickered off and on as I allowed the heart to rule my head because supporting Celtic was one of the biggest things in my life, outside my immediate family and close friends.



    I was on the point of giving up for good in the run up to the 2013 AGM when it looked as though the original Res 12 was going down the pan. Now that it has, I will no longer allow my heart to rule my head. To me, Celtic FC is dead as is my support for the pale imitation that now plays on the once hallowed turf at Celtic Park.



    I used to stand in the Jungle and bellow out, “we don’t care if we win lose or draw…” Now, I just don’t care.



    So it’s good-bye from me and good luck with whatever the rest of you decide to do now

  8. BRTH


    PL was asked how long can we wait for the SFA to decide if it will refer the matter to UEFA/CAS – answer: it is a matter for the SFA..!


    He was also asked what Celtic will do if the SFA does not refer it on – answer: a glib (sic) response saying to the questioner ” how will you vote in the GE on 12th Dec”. Take what you will from that.



  9. FRIESDORFER on 28TH NOVEMBER 2019 8:23 AM




    Cheers and thank you for your good wishes.






    Im so glad that you can make it to the match tonight. Wrap up well ! LOL




    Re RES 12….Maybe its time to get ALL the Millionaire Celtic supporters…Rod Stewart Jim Kerr ( remember him ? ), John Higgins, Billy Connolly etc etc…to get their hands in their pockets and FUND any legal action ?



    I would phone them but I dont have their numbers……………..all Ive got is Klyie Minogues number.



  10. Friesdorfer


    And we call DK glib and shameless – if PL made that reply he’s right up there with him





    I go to Celtic Park these days mostly to see my many friends who are Celtic fans.



    To be honest, I often find myself rushing in and rushing out, kind of enjoying the game, but not really managing to spend time with the kind of people I want to be with and share in their company.



    Earlier this year, you, me, Pog, Celticrollercoaster, The One Malloy (and his gadgy bag), and Andy (can’t remember his CQN name) spent time in Munich together having a few beers.



    That was more important, and more enjoyable to me, than any football match – even Lazio.



    In Rome, I spent time with Blantyre Tim and his daughter, Marspapa and his daughter and various others – and again that was more important than the actual match.



    That is partially because I get kinda scunnered with the corporate politics and stage managed bilge that surrounds the club.



    Next Friday there will be the annual meeting of the grey brigade in the Blane Valley for Christmas Lunch and nine million drinks — again far more important than actually congregating for a football match.



    Celtic want to actually think about the meaning of the word “club”.



    It doesn’t mean a board of directors, the management, the players, the staff – it means everyone who comes together as a club.



    I get that the rest of Scottish Football craps it from making a referral to anywhere else.



    I get the fact that there are loads of self interest blazers all over Scotland who don’t want to do this or that.



    But dear God almighty, don’t patronise and insult the intelligence of your fellow fans by saying after six years you suddenly decided to make a phone call and found out that no one is interested in what you think we were talking about.



    Maybe it was Peter’s job to get them interested, or even to turn to fans and say here is the full letter I sent setting out the issues, and here is the full and frank reply which says “Hey Peter, with respect, get lost for these reasons.”



    We would all have respected that, lived with it and moved on maybe depending on the detail of the reply.



    But he seems to have gone on about old co and new co and not about the SFA and proper governance which the bloody resolution was about.



    Anyway, I have work to do.



    I have bankers to hang, draw and quarter – and then kick them in the nuts just for good measure.







  12. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Sorry to see you appear to be throwing in the towel.


    I understand with all the effort and time you have spent on Res12 your disappointment with the Plc’s final word on the matter but I have been warning everyone about their duplicitous nature regarding Res12 so you can’t really say it’s a surprise.


    We have plans for this eventuality I hope you are not walking away from this.

  13. Pretty sure Paul will have to write about Res12 today. There’s no skirting around the issue now.



    The club leadership and the Res12ters are pulling in different directions. I’m gonna be out and about so expect some madness to kick off.

  14. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    what has been exposed is that Tony Donnelly was right back in 2013 when he said the board were going to do us over, so what has been demonstrated is that the club leadership have been pulling in the opposite direction for the duration of their engagement. They believe the matter is closed and are now no longer pulling in any direction.





    God No! Are you kidding?



    Too many years of Pavlov’s Dog training and practice to be walking away from a right good business and legal argument.



    As you know, I have view on what can be done in terms of counsel’s opinion and so on.



    No guarantee that we will end up in the right of course but there can be some fun and satisfaction in at least asking the right questions, and posing others to the SFA.



    I think Celtic are now an irrelevance in this other than that we are shareholders in Celtic PLC which is looked upon by the SFA as a “MEMBER” club and so we are, in part, at least owners of that club.



    In turn that means that shareholders own part of a legal entity which the SFA accepts they are accountable to and so, by definition, they are accountable to the owners of that member club.



    Also, the SFA are a trade association, a governing body, a licensing authority and an administrative body.



    For Celtic PLC to trade in the football industry they are forced, by law, to become a member of that body and to abide by its rules.



    Conversely, that trade body is obliged to apply its rules equally, fairly, consistently and judiciously in so far as they relate to all members and they should not be allowed to pick and choose which rules to apply and when under any situation.



    So there are legal obligations between any trading entity and the governing or trade body to which it must belong.



    If there are breaches of those obligations then those are reviewable by law and in a court of law.



    The party with the most obvious title to review would be the member club, but where that club or company fails to either fulfill its obligations to seek a review, or decides not to exercise its option to seek a review, then under certain limited circumstances shareholders can act on their own rights.



    That is something worth exploring.



    It would also be interesting to look at the legal contract surrounding ticket sales because I am pretty sure that there will be something in there about trading. If you sell a ticket to a professionally organised football match which allows the spectator the right to watch a competitive match governed by the rules of football (which of course means more than just the rules of play) – would you be in breach of contract if the rules of football themselves have been breached by a governing body who have openly admitted to a member club that they are “not interested” in applying the rules?



    Surely not?



    No when I talked about having better things to do I was referring to doing something other than attending a football stadium on a Saturday afternoon or whatever and paying for seats which, to be honest, someone else can sit in and pay for.



    They can feed the corporate beast – I have better things to do with my time.



    Having said that, who knows who will actually own the club this time next year as there are all sorts of stories doing the rounds that there will be a significant share movement soon and who knows what that will bring?




  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    of course there was that was the whole point of banning them to create a distraction.

  17. Today’s leader…



    Rennes will field a second string team ,as they have bigger games to come . Celtic should sit at the top of the table tonight and look forward to a run of games up to the Christmas break . The team are in fine fettle and all is well at the club .



    Or some such waffle…



  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    And then there are the rest of us simply looking forward to the game tonight.



    Hail Hail



    Imo, at the AGM, there much more angst about the Green Brigade and their hangers-on than on Res 12.




    That was the point I was alluding to earlier on. To younger fans the GB will probably be the number 1 issue.



    To many families who attend games, safety, amenities and transport infrastructure will be the number 1 issue.


    What has happened to our hotel and museum ?



    To many of the older generation who have seen the discrimination first hand, Res 12 will be paramount.



    It is a generational issue. Unfortunately.




  20. I have NO Legal training whatsoever, however since 2009 I have sought legal advice from so called solicitors etc in relation to being sacked from my full time Job in January 2009. I took my former employer ( My local council), to Employment tribunal in March 2010, and 3 days were set aside for the Hearing. For those that dont know…an Employment Tribunal is a Court of Law.


    I WON my Case in the first 10 minutes on the very first morning, and expected to be Reinstated to my former Job…I wasnt…thanks to my so called solicitor being a Crook, Thief and a Liar.


    I didnt discover that he was a Crook etc, and piece things together until a month AFTER the Tribunal ( When he STOLE half of my Compensation from the Council), and from that moment on my mission was to have this Lying Thief brought to book…..likewise the other so called solicitor that my so called Trade Union ( UNITE), had previously appointed to ” represent” me, with a view of heading to the Tribunal ….BEFORE I was ever aware of the Crooked solicitor who eventually “represented” me.



    I was also forced to represent myself in Court and other Appeal Hearings…when I took Legal action against The Law Society of Scotland and The Scottish legal Aid Board…from 2013 onwards, for their deliberate FAILURES, and CORRUPT so called “Investigations”…in relation to one solicitor in particular…guess which one ?


    Yes, the one who not only STOLE my Money, but who also cost me any chance of being reinstated to my former Job, and prevented me from getting my life back. HIS “Actions”, also cost me my marriage, my home, and my health at that time !


    The Law Society let this Lying Thief “OFF The Hook”…despite another legal organisation ( The SLCC )…earlier supporting my complaints against him, and apparently hoping that the Law Society would at least suspend and fine him….they didnt ….DESPITE ALL the documented evidence that I had against that solicitor.



    What I faced, was in fact that I was asking The Law Society of Scotland to firstly INVESTIGATE and take action against “One of their own Members”…and after THREE long years…they allowed him OFF the Hook.


    I realised then that it was like asking “The Police to investigate The Police”…it was never going to happen !



    I should add, that this VERY SAME Solicitor who The Law Society let Off the Hook, was found GUILTY in 2014 of attempting to STEAL £91,000 from a Glasgow couple in their 70’s….and although he ADMITTED his offence to his peers..he was ONLY ordered to Compensate the couple £1,000. The story of this Corrupt solicitor and the ANGER felt by this Couples family, in relation to The Law Society’s Corrupt “Investigation” was all over the newspapers at the time.



    My “Point” is this…..in relation to RES 12….and the Celtic’s Boards FAILURE to Act….I would love to ask each and every one of them this simple question……



    ” IF ANY of The Board had engaged a solicitor to represent THEM as individuals in Legal Advice and possible Legal Action..in lets say…a Building Company etc, who had taken THEIR Monies for a Job that wasnt completed etc…..and it turned out that that so called “Legal Advice” was wrong/incorrect….and and as a result the “Building firm” were found NOT LIABLE after a Court Hearing etc….would those VERY SAME Celtic Board members who had DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE to show that, the solicitor whom THEY had engaged/hired, had in fact offered incorrect/wrong Legal Advice prior to and during any Court Case…would THEY NOT make Official complaints in relation to the Solicitors ” Poor Advice and Representation”, to the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission based in Edinburgh ( which is the first step that has to be taken)…in order that the Solicitor be brought to book, for that “Poor Advice and Representation”….which directly led to them losing any Court case against said ” building firm”….and therefore losing out on possible compensation/damages etc ?



    Without me knowing any of the Celtic Board personally, I would suspect that IF THEY as individuals and/or any company that they were were involved with, were to lose money and/or a Court Case due to the ” Poor Advice and Representation” of any solicitor that THEY had hired…THEY would purse that solicitor thru the SLCC firstly and perhaps the Law Society at a later date…IF The SLCC ALSO uncovered any “MISCONDUCT ISSUES”, while investigating the “Service Issues” ( Poor advice etc ) ?



    In other words, the Celtic Board have FAILED to “Represent” Celtic Shareholders and/or Supporters in relation to RES 12, and IF I assume that this FAILURE was directly/indirectly due to ANY incorrect Legal Advice also that Celtic may have taken, then perhaps the Celtic Board should also be taken to task over that possibility ?


    In simple terms, I can NOT imagine if Mr Lawwell and his mates were ever the “Victims” of losing Money as individuals etc, to any Company etc…they would just say..” No matter…lets move on” ?



    Sorry for the long post Bhoys and Ghirls.



  21. So just catching up on a quick(ish) read back………….



    The AGM, passed as expected ( as they all do).



    The Bhoys who put all the time in on Res 12…..did they all get their say? Hope so! Did that plan come together?This was prepared for, right? Hope so!



    Re The SFA – is the focus now on them or are the guns still massed on The Heated Driveway?


    Are the factions still split?


    Who’s the enemy we can all unite behind?


    How can divided opinions be united?


    We all want a fair game, yeah?


    Do we know where we want to start ( again?)


    Can we organise opposition around a clear and concise mission?



    Hope so!




  22. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Good morning CQN from another dreich, (Jeez, learn another word to describe the weather- Ed) grey, wet morning, in the Central Highlands, where the mercury is only stretching to a lowly 1.5c.


    The weather matches my mood this morning. Some excellent contributions since yesterday’s disappointing AGM. I said yesterday that until the this year’s AGM, I had retained a small flicker of hope that the PLC would eventually do the right thing and fully support Res 12, and actively help hound the corruption in Scottish Football out of town. After yesterday I have to accept that they are at best, part of that corruption, and perhaps even the main protagonists.


    CANAMALAR, my sincere apologies to you. I felt at times over the last few years that you were not allowing the PLC the benefit of the doubt, that I was willing to give them, whilst other matters were sorted out. Events yesterday have highlighted that you were totally correct all along, and everything our Board has done in regard to Res 12, was always about shutting it down, with the minimum of publicity.


    How Lawwell could even stand up yesterday and say that he had spoken to UEFA that morning. I mean what kind of preparation for an AGM is that? I don’t actually believe he made any call yesterday. But if he had, and UEFA wanted documentation, or testimony, what was he going to say at the AGM? If I had responsibility for an agenda item at an AGM of the company I worked for, and said at the meeting, that all I had done was phoned a relevant party this morning… I would expect to be ridiculed in the meeting minutes, be removed from the project, and maybe even given a verbal warning, that my efforts were not good enough.


    His comments are emblematic of the utter disdain in which he now holds the Celtic support. My step children (All adults, not into football) got together and bought me a Hoops top for my sixtieth Birthday last week, because they know how important Celtic is to me. Well, that will be the last bit of money, that the PLC will receive from me or my family, whilst the current imposters occupy the Boardroom.


    I am going to take some time, to allow emotions to settle, to decide if I will continue to have any interest or input into Scottish Football. My eldest daughter is 25 now. She had a season ticket for three years until she was eighteen. She used to religiously make the 300 mile round trip for every home game. I was so proud of her, and the fact that she was a fourth generation Celtic Supporter. She never knew my Grandfather, but I felt the connection. Celtic gave me that.


    An open question to the Celtic Board… Do you even know what it is that you are killing?



  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big Jimmy,


    The legal advice sought by Celtic was most likely their legal position for not protecting shareholders interests.


    They likely discussed only the immediate financial interests with little or no consideration on long term interests, which if BRTHs hint at looming corporate takeover comes to pass then the incumbents have no interest in the long term as their booty will be banked and they will be long gone.



    Look out for a Glazier like takeover, borrow the costs of takeover, charge the cost to the club, milk the club for remuneration, consultation fees and dividends ad infinitum and ensure it is never again debt free.


    All imposed by the current guardians of the club, to think I was panned on here only a few years ago for suggesting such an outcome. The calf is fattened, time for the slaughter.

  24. Its been “reported” that Huns fans are fighting in Rotterdam with Rival fans .


    Its also been “reported”…that Mr Gerrard has now stated that ” rangers would NOT accept £50 MILLION for Morelos”…


    I kid you not !





  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I suggest the slaughter must be coming soon and Res12 needed to be shut down to ensure as little dissension in the ranks as possible can be reported to prospective buyers. Maybe we use this to our advantage.

  26. Scotland’s football needs a process akin to the sith efrikan Truth and Reconciliation process to address and begin healing “Scotland’s Shame”…………..



    Until it admits to and submits itself to something like that. It’ll never heal itself and we’ll always be left feeling the hurt of our fathers and grandfathers.



    Imo, the challenge is beyond us but getting Scotland behind change could yield real change.


    The hunned-up masonic bowling klub needs transformational change, but that will only happen when all constituents demand it.



    How does that get a chance to happen?




  27. For those suggesting or considering legal action, what’s the prescriptive period (time bar) for any proposed action, and when did it start to run?

  28. BANKIEBHOY1 on 28TH NOVEMBER 2019 10:26 AM


    ‘Fix Fitba: Empty Hampden.’










    Though comforting to assume that the problem is confined to ‘the other’.



    It isn’t.



    Nothing will be done.



    A few fans will turn their back on the game, the vast majority will carry on as before.



    It was always going to pan out like this.

  29. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Read BRTHs post of 10:05, QC opinion can open a bigger can of worms than anything they ever envisaged.

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