King, the Pied Piper of Govan


You would be forgiven for thinking Honest Dave King is a bit preoccupied by the C word.  Every time he extrapolates where the club he supports (through an accomplished undermining strategy) is heading, the subject returns to knocking Celtic off their lofted perch.

This task could take £30m-£50, King estimates, a burden he is willing to share with others, although he does not appear to put a figure on his own piece of the action.  Ploughing £50m into newco Rangers over the next five years would certainly help, but it would still leave them short of Celtic’s projected income over the period, and in this town, success is a zero sum game.

Top dog gets a crack at Champions League income, which is a bit of a chicken and egg situation.  For a Scottish club to get into the Champions League in a responsible manner, they need Champions League income more seasons than not.  Alternatively, they can gamble recklessly, build up contractual commitments which stretch out for years into the future, in the hope that they out-perform the other would-be top dog.

We’ve seen this movie before, it is the arms race that David Murray bulldozed Scottish football into.  It was calamitous for his club, which was sold for £1 to an insolvency specialist before being liquidated.

It had consequences for Celtic too.  Fergus McCann build a stadium and left us almost debt free, but in the intervening 20 years Celtic lost far more than they would have, if they had copied the lavish spend (and tax) policies Murray undertook with Rangers.

Things are different now.  We have cash in the bank, a winning team on the field, who have qualified for the Champions League group stages twice in succession, and we’re guaranteed to be seeded to qualify again next season.  We also have a secure long-term borrowing facility, so in the event of a reversal in qualification, the club would not be put in jeopardy.

Starting an arms war with this Celtic team would be an act of remarkable courage.  Observers will also note that the upper limit of King’s expected requirement, £50m, is just a little less than 10 times what the highest bidder for Rangers assets managed to clean up with, when the supporter’s need was greatest.

There is an alternative football development strategy, it’s called sustainability.  Budget to spend no more than what you expect to earn, appoint good coaches and scouts, pay your tax and look the world in the eye.

Engage fans in this sustainability model.  Tell them the road to the top will have twists and turns, and will take a while, but they can be sure their club will never be liquidated.  This is the only way to run a football club, whether your Celtic, Aberdeen or newco Rangers.  It’s not always popular, there will often be calls to speculate a little more, but it will ensure the club survives.

King is a smart guy, so he will know this.  He’s even lived through all the pain and drama once before, so the sustainability question will be intimately familiar to him.  The question, therefore, is why is he attempting to lead strategy into the Clyde, flute in hand, like some latter-day Pied Piper of Govan?

He seems reluctant to underestimate Celtic but I detect a belief that the hedge funds, not to mention the Easdales, can be shoved around.  That is courageous.

Keep up the good work, Dave.

Here we Go for 10 In a Row!

The 10th annual CQN charity golf day is set for Aberdour Golf Club on Friday 4th July. As ever it will be oversubscribed so if you’re interested in attending drop an email to BlantyreKev and Taggsy at cqnopen10IAR@gmx.co.uk as soon as you can.

Cost for the full day’s entertainment including golf is £80. There are a very limited number of non golfer evening places at £45.

Further detail will be released nearer the date and when places confirmed.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

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  1. a light insanity



    Sorry to hear your very sad news.



    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today.

  2. Good afternoon all



    GCT and a light insanity, sincere condolences on your recent losses. I lost my dad 21 years ago and still think of him daily.



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  3. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    re: Dave King, he pled guilty to 41 criminal counts of contravening the South Africa Income Tax Act and agreed to pay a fine of 80,000 Rand per criminal conviction or 3.28 million Rand in total. King also agreed, as part of the deal to drop the other 281 criminal charges he faced, to pay the Criminal Assets Recovery Account of the South African Authorities 8.75 million Rand in compensation.



    Surely these convictions rule him out of ANYboard-level involvement in ANY football in ANY country. Look at the English FA’s position against the Leeds takeover by the Italian, Celino, for guidance. Surely even the SFA cannot sweep this under the carpet!!

  4. Mr. King , could nevah pass the Kojo ..



    “Where IS… The Wherewithal???”… Test.



    It’s as Simple.. as, well.. Dolly Dimple( Ah Remember, Her..N. She WUZ, sure.. Simple!…ed)( You, Wid!)



    ” Before, we go any further… Show Me the Money… n… Let’s Hear.. the Ring..o’ ..The Cha-Ching.. Mr. King.”



    Nevah fails.



    “No Money.. No Soup.. Fur .. YOU!”





    Still, Laughin’

  5. paddybhoy1888


    14:48 on 25 March, 2014


    …. my Da ex Celt Charlie McGinley




    is that the same Charlie McGinley who ran the St Stephens boys guild under 13 team ?

  6. Went to Gym this morn..STOAP LAFFIN!


    Found out I could get CQN on cycle,cross trainer etc..Yipee!


    Read one of kitalba’s long posts…..fekn spent 5 minutes too long on treadmill,


    now feeling wabbit,thanks mate.

  7. kikinthenakas on




    Cheaper than a night oot wae Acgr and bmcws hootenanny…


    Be grateful :-)




  8. After reading about BBB and Livibhoy….and all the care for GCT and ALI……



    The Lords moves in mysterious ways, apart from on CQN where he plays a pure blinder!



    Gordybhoy – enjoy your carlsberg weekend of a lifetime!



    HH Timdom




  9. Gordybhoy64






    I should have said good luck and best wishes to you both!

  10. Moonbeams WD. Voting ‘YES’ ‘YES’ ‘YES’ on the 18th of September. No to Westminster Etomian Rule. Illegal Wars – No More. Trident – No More. Foodbanks – No more. Bedroom Tax – No More. Blue/Red Tory Values Rule – No More. independent Social Justice –





    That’s all very well …….my major point… to get rid of that union flag fae Ruglen toon hall.

  11. King “took a conscious decision not to cooperate with the authorities” similar to shoplifters decision not 2 cooperate with the store teller!



    Richard Wilson saying on BBC that fraud charges were dropped against King. This is a fact but only if he paid a fine totalling R3.208m (R80 000 per count x 41 counts) or 24 months imprisonment for each of the 41 in number Section 75 tax crimes he was found guilty of!



    BBC guilty of reviving Jackanory. But Jackanory for junior & adult Sevconians.



    Wilson’s a well-known purveyor of pap for the Ibrox masses, pishforrapeepilrsc

  12. CQN Emergency



    Hutchybhoy is in Galway and wants to know where’s best to watch the game tomorrow.



    Poor wee soul cannae get his mobi to work so daddy jamesgang here has to come to his rescue!!!



    HH in anticipation!




  13. praecepta


    14:25 on


    25 March, 2014





    500 Million fans worldwide raised 5 million pounds!! (you do the maths)





    500M x 1p = £5M – is that why Penny Arcade is so popular with them?



    Note: tuppence would have raised £10M! :-)



    nice one Praecepta made me laugh



    on another note re your chat earlier about the bladder did you ever get the noggin right on the knot? sore yin i believe especially on a wet day :-)))



    The ‘baw’ in my day was either the mouldmeister or the mitre5.both had the ability to pick up slivers of black or red gravel which when whammed at ye(esp on a frosty morn) had you pickin the slivers out your leg which would be bright red for days



    manys a sun spot on the legs after being skelped by one



    sorethinkingboutitCsC :-))

  14. maestro-number8 on

    parkheadcumsalford…….point acknowledged.



    Like I said, he splits the support.



    But any time I saw him playing ( which was many games ) he always gave 100 percent.




  15. An tearmann



    I’m sure I still have a mitre 5 print on my leg!



    And there used to be a bridge over the motorway at the racecourse at Glasgow airport. The wind was so cold it used to create blue and purple blotches on my scrawny wee chicken legs!!!






    HH jamesgang

  16. A light insanity


    I had a pint or two of Williams beer at a pub in Carnoustie a while back. For me, the best Scottish beer I have tasted.




  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar 15:49 on 25 March, 2014



    I haven’t got round to reading any of the King stuff, but according to James Forrest of this parish, the ‘glib and shameless liar’ was giving contradictory answers to different alleged journalists.



    I have no idea why he has been described as ‘a glib and shameless liar’ right enough.

  18. paddybhoy1888 on

    Ron bacardi,



    Sure is. I was born in 1958 in Faifley, we moved to Albert rd on the 26th May 1967. Watched the Lisbon final with only the telly and cardboard boxes in the living room. Well when I say watched me and my big bro had to leave after 25 mins to 6 o’clock mass ( alter boys) no chance of a dispensation from ma Mum. We didn’t know the score till after mass and if I remember the chapel wasn’t as busy as usual.


    The family home stayed in Albert rd for 40 years happy happy days.


    Remember getting booted all over the pitch by Fr McDonald.


    HH PB1888

  19. Bada



    If it was a chopper,I’d still be on it……doing well ,that’s 4 visits in 3 months,good job


    I’m naturally slim :O) hh

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Slab bhoy-will be the same Sevco mantra,when they break the rules,it is the rules that are wrong,so let’s re-write the rules cause we don’t like that rule……..and we can do what we want….HH

  21. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Moonbeams wishing to uphold anti Catholicism in Scotland



    Nice one pmsl

  22. BMCUW hopefully see you at your hootenenny hingmi.i believe the game is on the Sunday,will that mean said chaos will be moved to Sunday?



    Quonno ta for getting back re Campbell ogilvies influence on the start of CL,I seem to recall that Real v Napoli being drawn together in 1st about 86/7 or year later seemed to be the final straw for the so called ‘big clubs’ getting knocked out early.but ta for info CO personifies what is wrong in the scottish game.




  23. Steinreignedsupreme


    That would have been more accurate had you omitted the ` -rated` part.




  24. bournesouprecipe on




    GALWAY – MUNROES TAVERN, UPPER DOMINICK ST, (Tel: 091 583 397) (Claddagh CSC)




  25. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Jungle Jim 16:43 on 25 March, 2014



    “That would have been more accurate had you omitted the ` -rated` part.”




    Ha Ha



    In his case I don’t think exercise ever began.

  26. paddybhoy1888 ,


    My dad was Pat McGinley – no relation to your branch of the many McGinleys in Clydebank – ran the St.Eunan’s boys guild under 13 team in the 1960’s. I remember him telling me with pride about your dad playing for Celtic against Rangers.

  27. What is the general consensus on here? Aberdeen to drop points tonight and we win the title at Firhill or the situation whereby we win the title at Celtic park on Saturday???




  28. In case that is not clear, I meant what is the general preference; winning the title as soon as possible or winning it at Celtic Park?

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