King, the Pied Piper of Govan


You would be forgiven for thinking Honest Dave King is a bit preoccupied by the C word.  Every time he extrapolates where the club he supports (through an accomplished undermining strategy) is heading, the subject returns to knocking Celtic off their lofted perch.

This task could take £30m-£50, King estimates, a burden he is willing to share with others, although he does not appear to put a figure on his own piece of the action.  Ploughing £50m into newco Rangers over the next five years would certainly help, but it would still leave them short of Celtic’s projected income over the period, and in this town, success is a zero sum game.

Top dog gets a crack at Champions League income, which is a bit of a chicken and egg situation.  For a Scottish club to get into the Champions League in a responsible manner, they need Champions League income more seasons than not.  Alternatively, they can gamble recklessly, build up contractual commitments which stretch out for years into the future, in the hope that they out-perform the other would-be top dog.

We’ve seen this movie before, it is the arms race that David Murray bulldozed Scottish football into.  It was calamitous for his club, which was sold for £1 to an insolvency specialist before being liquidated.

It had consequences for Celtic too.  Fergus McCann build a stadium and left us almost debt free, but in the intervening 20 years Celtic lost far more than they would have, if they had copied the lavish spend (and tax) policies Murray undertook with Rangers.

Things are different now.  We have cash in the bank, a winning team on the field, who have qualified for the Champions League group stages twice in succession, and we’re guaranteed to be seeded to qualify again next season.  We also have a secure long-term borrowing facility, so in the event of a reversal in qualification, the club would not be put in jeopardy.

Starting an arms war with this Celtic team would be an act of remarkable courage.  Observers will also note that the upper limit of King’s expected requirement, £50m, is just a little less than 10 times what the highest bidder for Rangers assets managed to clean up with, when the supporter’s need was greatest.

There is an alternative football development strategy, it’s called sustainability.  Budget to spend no more than what you expect to earn, appoint good coaches and scouts, pay your tax and look the world in the eye.

Engage fans in this sustainability model.  Tell them the road to the top will have twists and turns, and will take a while, but they can be sure their club will never be liquidated.  This is the only way to run a football club, whether your Celtic, Aberdeen or newco Rangers.  It’s not always popular, there will often be calls to speculate a little more, but it will ensure the club survives.

King is a smart guy, so he will know this.  He’s even lived through all the pain and drama once before, so the sustainability question will be intimately familiar to him.  The question, therefore, is why is he attempting to lead strategy into the Clyde, flute in hand, like some latter-day Pied Piper of Govan?

He seems reluctant to underestimate Celtic but I detect a belief that the hedge funds, not to mention the Easdales, can be shoved around.  That is courageous.

Keep up the good work, Dave.

Here we Go for 10 In a Row!

The 10th annual CQN charity golf day is set for Aberdour Golf Club on Friday 4th July. As ever it will be oversubscribed so if you’re interested in attending drop an email to BlantyreKev and Taggsy at cqnopen10IAR@gmx.co.uk as soon as you can.

Cost for the full day’s entertainment including golf is £80. There are a very limited number of non golfer evening places at £45.

Further detail will be released nearer the date and when places confirmed.

Seville – The Celtic Movement:

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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    !!Bada Bing!! 19:04 on 25 March, 2014



    With our manager openly answering questions and inviting job opportunities down south,i don’t think we will be seeing posters being berated when speculating on the manager’s position or replacements.






    It would be more of a worry if he refused to answer these questions.



    That would lead to wild speculation. Especially in the media.

  2. Regards the Catholic Faith, didn’t the Catholic Observer recently urge Scottish Catholic to vote yes, or am I having a senior moment. :-((



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  3. Voguepunter, homage to a bhoy that lived the dream. Not the best but gave everything imo.

  4. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    I very much liked your posting. Like yourself, probably because I received a good Catholic education, I have done rather well and live a relatively prosperous life. Now I don’t want to be unfair to the unionists, as not all are like this, but the thread seems to be we are okay Jack. No foodbanks for us, no unemployment for our children, none of our lot on benefit: therefore let’s keep it the way it is. Trident….That’s fine!

  5. a light insanity on

    Again many thanks for all the messages of condolence. This is a wonderful site with many special people.



    Jungle Jim – try brewdog punk ipa. Or my new favourite Goose Island ipa. Wonderful labelling too Green and White hoops

  6. Billy Bhoy 05 on




    19:10 on 25 March, 2014


    Regards the Catholic Faith, didn’t the Catholic Observer recently urge Scottish Catholic to vote yes, or am I having a senior moment. :-((



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.



    Yes, they did

  7. Billy Bhoy 05



    The nats haven’t promised to abolish food banks.



    They have however promised to cut corporation tax by 3%.

  8. weeman 67




    ‘Listen Up….Homeboys..!



    Vote Early…..Vote Often..!




    Yo’ Don Need No Pesky Cracker Voter-ID……



    To Vote Fo’ Da Acorn Community Organizer…..



    Vote For Moo-Chelle,Malia,



    & Lil’ Sasha……!



    Praise Reveren’ Walker..!



    Break Them Chains O’ Whitey Oppression….




    WhaddyaWe Want…?




    Six Votes For Each Bro’ An’ Sis….



    Ten Votes For Each Innocent Bro’ Shamefully Incarcerated In Uncle Sam’s





    Castrate Zimmerman NOW…!! ”



    [ Al Sharpton March ’14….As Told To Leggoland 2]




    Ain’t That The Truth…M♥ggie M♥Gill ?






    No Justice Department Charges Against Ohio Woman Who Voted Six Times for Obama




    by J. Christian Adams



    23 Mar 2014




    Last week Al Sharpton embraced convicted vote fraudster Melowese Richardson at a “voting rights” rally in Cincinnati.  The United States Department of Justice under Eric Holder has done nothing to Melowese Richardson 410 days after she admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies by voting six times for President Obama’s reelection.



    Federal law makes it a felony to vote more than once for President.  In fact, 42 U.S.C. Section 1973i(e) subjects Richardson to twenty-five years in federal prison for her six votes for Obama.



    The lack of DOJ action against an unrepentant federal vote fraudster combined with Richardson’s lionization by Sharpton and the organization that sponsored the rally demonstrates how the Justice Department is facilitating a culture of brazen criminality on the eve of the 2014 midterm elections.  The failure to indict Richardson is the latest example of Holder’s department excusing lawlessness in federal elections and abandoning law abiding Americans.



    Melowese Richardson was charged with state voter fraud crimes in Ohio.  She was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison on July 7, 2013. Unfortunately, instead of serving five years, Richardson was set free after only eight months.



    A state court judge dismissed her May 2013 conviction and five-year prison sentence and allowed her to plead no contest to four counts of illegal voting, the same charges for which she was convicted.



    Richardson was represented by the George Soros-funded Ohio Justice and Policy Center, which claimed she suffered from bi-polar disorder.  No claim was made that she was insane when she committed her election crimes.  Nor was any effort made to establish her insanity.



    Her mental state was healthy enough to appear at a rally this week with Al Sharpton where she received warm applause and a hearty embrace by Sharpton.



    Federal criminal charges, even after a state court conviction, do not implicate double jeopardy. The Justice Department routinely charges criminals who were previously subject to state charges.  The Justice Department’s US Attorney’s Manual spells out the three tests for a federal prosecution of Richardson, standards which are easily satisfied.



    First, the matter must involve a substantial federal interest; second, the prior prosecution must have left that interest demonstrably unvindicated; and third, applying the same test that is applicable to all federal prosecutions, the government must believe that the defendant’s conduct constitutes a federal offense, and that the admissible evidence probably will be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction by an unbiased trier of fact.



    Federal charges against Richardson easily satisfy DOJ guidelines.  There is a unique federal interest in ensuring voter fraud does not taint the election of the President and Congress.  Second, the federal interest in having valid elections for President and Congress remains unvindicated; Richardson walks free and is now being cheered at rallies. Last, Richardson admitted on camera that she committed multiple federal felonies and her handwriting matched the ballot applications that were sent to her house.  Game, set, match.



    DOJ doesn’t hesitate to bring federal charges against local police officers.  For example, when a policeman receives a light sentence in state court after allegedly employing excessive force against a citizen, the DOJ Civil Rights Division is keen to initiate federal prosecution to exact its own federal pound of flesh against that officer.  But the failure to prosecute Richardson demonstrates that criminal behavior which aids the reelection of President Obama receives very different treatment.



    Federal charges against Richardson for voting for Obama six times can be initiated by Assistant United States Attorney Anthony Springer, who serves as the District Election Officer (DEO) in Cincinnati.  U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart could also initiate charges, as could the Public Integrity Section in Washington D.C., or even Eric Holder himself.



    DEO Anthony Springer donated $750 to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign according to FEC records.



    Ohio Votes sponsored the rally where Richardson appeared with Sharpton.  According to their website, it is a “year-round, statewide, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) voter mobilization initiative. It galvanizes nonprofits based in low income Ohio communities to increase voter participation and join efforts for fair elections.” The umbrella organization received $1,886,723 in government grants in 2012.  The organization’s tax returns state the group exists to change “onerous voting laws” and that it focuses on “educating voters on the mechanics of how, when and where to participate in early voting for the Presidential election.” 



    The IRS continues to provide the group 501(c)(3) tax exempt status despite its active role in the reelection of the President, and its embrace of election criminals.





  9. billy bhoy 05



    Thanks for that, put off dementia for another wee while. :-)))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  10. eddieinkirkmichael on

    So Sevco have renegotiated their loan to Laxey and transferred it to a fan who has stated he will take shares for the use of his money.


    The interesting thing about this is that it appears that this loan hasn’t been drawn down yet and that raises some interesting questions for those that were predicting the imminent demise of Sevco.



    Most of us don’t have inside information on the goings on at Sevco but it appears to me that the recent disclosures were intended to cause a reaction from the board and generate supporters support. For what purpose one can only speculate but it appears only one objective was succesful and the other may be harder than to achive than the person behind these disclosures first anticipated.



    When the rumours first started to fly about Sevco being in terrible financial health I offered the opinion that these rumours of admin were groundless as administration served no purpose and wouldn’t address the longer term problems re the contracts that were signed by Green with the likes of Sports Direct. I also said that IMO exsisting shareholders were likely to come forward and offer loans to cover any shortfal in Sevco’s finances. I have since been made aware that the reason for the extra finances were to cover the expected ring fencing, and court costs, by Imran Ahmad of up to £600,000 at the court of session.



    It’s not long till the 120 day review period that G Wallace said he needed to assess the company’s financial position and review exsisting contracts with suppliers etc. I expect that when we do hear his summary of their position it wont be good reading for the bears but I still don’t see them giving us a second Jelly and Ice Cream fest as that doesn’t fit in with how Laxey operate long term.



    For me it’s more likely that at some stage that the board will seek to pass a special resolution at an EGM to “renew the directors’ authority for the disapplication of pre-emption rights”. This was attempted at the last AGM but failed to get the required support from share holders. Pre-emption rights protect shareholders from the dilution of their stakes and passing the motion would have given the board the ability to sell shares to selected investors for as little as a penny a time. At the time the Sevco board stated that they may renew attempts to secure this privilege in future after 32.1 per cent of votes went against them. To pass this they would need 75% of the votes.


    Now if these 2 most recent loans, Letham and Easedale’s, are converted into shares then the board would have the necesary shares to pass this resolution at an EGM.



    What’s the betting that once passed, new shares were issued and at that stage we would then IMO see the return of King?



    King has been desperate to get his hands on Dead club for many years, his relationship with Murray was so bad that Murray was prepared to sell to anyone other than King. King has always been in the background and I believe if he wasn’t so caught up with his problems with the South African Revenue service then he would have stepped in and bought the assets that were ultimately bought by Green’s consortium. King has a history of using his contacts in the press to try and achive his goals, it was King who got the EBT story planted in the Evening Times in April 2010.



    King’s problem though is that he doesn’t really know how to use the press to his advantage and he isn’t a good strategist. He lacks a long term plan, or any plan actually and stumbles from one disclosure to the next with no semblance of a cohesive stategy and unless he bites the bullet and puts his hands in his pockets his team will wonder in the wilderness of Scottish football for the forseeable furture, all the while a percentage of their income being hived off in fees by Laxey and their associates which will hinder any attempt by whoever is that clubs manager to put a competitive team on the park.

  11. Folks



    After the Supporters Forum in February a list of action points were drawn up. With my apologies for delay in posting here whilst I checked something out, here is what has been sent to attendees to publish. There will no doubt be follow ups at the next meeting.



    Actions arising from the meeting, February 19:



    Celtic to confirm its position publicly relative to the OBTC Act: This has now been completed with the Club’s statement issued on March 4.



    Celtic to discuss Policing at matches with Police Scotland and update supporters: A meeting has taken place with FoCUS, there was once again a commitment that the number of officers deployed would be reduced commensurate with behaviour, it has been agreed that dialogue between the Club and Police Scotland will continue.



    Celtic to consult with fans on Coach Park for 2014/15 and update supporters: A number of options remain under consideration and we will advise once the external works near completion.



    Celtic to consider options with regard to increasing disabled spaces at Celtic Park: A meeting has taken place with CDSA and discussions on various options will continue.



    Celtic to update supporters on UCL qualifying match venue and transport: Murrayfield now confirmed. Have held discussions with SPT, First Bus and Scotrail. Discussions ongoing at present, this does look like an ideal opportunity to promote the Supporters Club network.



    Celtic to consider the possibility of Celtic Phone In and update on decision: Ongoing at present.



    Celtic to review ticket allocation process and incorporate any changes in time for 2014/15: This has been discussed and it appears unlikely that any changes will be introduced.



    Celtic to continue with Safe Standing application and update supporters on progress: Application currently with Glasgow City Council awaiting update.



    Celtic to consider Student prices for 2014/15 Season: Currently being reviewed as part of the renewal campaign for season 2014/15.



    Celtic to consider loyalty rewards for long standing Season Ticket holders from 2014/15: Currently being reviewed as part of the renewal campaign for season 2014/15.



    Celtic to make decision on Stadium Catering for 2014/15 and update supporters: Ongoing at present.

  12. Oscar positive thoughts unionbearBhind on

    will sfa go back to plan A with another deadline, or say its to late in the day to offer other alternatives, have they already shot themselves in the foot, thinking untd wouldn’t make initial deadline, either way it should be interesting watching them wriggle?

  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    That SSB has got to be the best comedy show on the planet……bless them

  14. Hurts to say this…..



    But will say it only once and only for tonight…,,



    Closes eyes……



    Come on Man United!!




  15. Neustadt-Braw on

    “abolishing the need for food banks” …now that sounds like a credible goal ….braw

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    A man called Dave who is obsessed with 10-in-a-row and will spend whatever it takes. Have I not seen this movie before somewhere?



    I predict the same ending but a substantially shorter movie……



    Oh, and will Richard Wilson or Alasdair Lamont take the role of Jim “succulent lamb” Traynor???

  17. Weefra



    Lambing Live. BBC2 @ 8.


    Should we be looking out for you on the telly?!?






    HH jamesgang

  18. Sorry Weeman, but I think you have got it wrong about the “Obama voting scandal”. If you look at the following site http://www.factcheck.org/2013/01/voting-conspiracies/ you will see that it is pretty well laid to rest.



    It summarises the position as follows:


    Q: Is it true that there were more votes than voters in Wood County, Ohio, and St. Lucie County, Fla., and that Obama lost every state with photo ID laws?



    A: No. A viral email that makes those claims is bogus. It fabricates Ohio and Florida results. Also, Obama won four of the 11 states with photo ID laws.



    It then goes on to pick apart each claim. In fact, your entire viral email is reproduced on its site, and each claim is taken apart by going to the original election results. You can’t believe everything you read on the internet (except on Follow Follow, of course).



    Factcheck describes itself as “We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics”.

  19. Armageddon scenario:



    If les moutons win tonight and we contrive to lose at Firhill tomorrow




    if les moutons beat DUnt on Saturday, there can be no title party on Saturday.



    We’re doomed ah tell ye, doomed !!!

  20. Evening Ernie. Maybe so. I don’t know the man personally. How about my other points?

  21. oscar positive thoughts unionbearbhind



    18:25 on 25 March, 2014



    According to the Huns it’s US who’s buying them just to prove a point and do Huns that go to games out of a ticket hahaha


    You couldn’t make this madness up HH

  22. Ernie Lynch….



    Corporation tax in Scotland is too high if it wants to attract the inward investment needed for Eck’s reckless spending strategy.



    Less corporation tax…..more investment….more jobs….more PAYE taxes……



    One thing Fatboy Salmond has learned.

  23. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Utterly rank defending by Utd



    Breathtakingly inept



    Ball watching , poor positioning , failing to track runners ….

  24. jamesgang



    Brilliant, though not tonight. Too busy wi the Man derby. One ewe not far away, so maybe called out later tonight. Cheers kiddo. :-)))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  25. Didn’t Robbin’ of Laxley mince around Sherwood in green tights? I think this is a follow up to the good old Sevco White and Green connection.

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Steinreignedsupreme- That is another way of looking at it,but IMO disrespectful to talk openly about other jobs in other leagues,so any discussion on his position,abilities or replacements are fair game as far as i’m concerned.HH

  27. Apricale/The Honest Mistake loves being first



    It came from what i thought was a reliable source, will check snopes next time..



    However as I live in Florida I know there was a lot of fraud voting in the state, I hope someone is being vigilant over by you.?? Don’t want another Sevco incident..??

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