King’s very worrying trait, Gordon too late to the Celtic party


I like Gordon Strachan. I took to him when he was picked upon at Celtic, pretty much in the same way Fergus McCann was earlier. What he achieve in the Champions League put his more celebrated predecessor in the shade, but by then expectations, although not comparative resources, had increased beyond what was achievable.

He leaves Scotland in vastly better shape than it was when he took the job, there will certainly be more applicants to replace him than there was when he was appointed five years ago.

Still, the notion persists that Scotland’s resurgence over the last year has as much to do with Celtic’s correspondingly elevated performances than anything else. Gordon is now selecting Leigh Griffiths, universally acknowledged as our Most Valuable Player, as well as Stuart Armstrong, Kieran Tierney, Craig Gordon and James Forrest, players who struggled to get on the team sheet in earlier times.

He is not alone is missing the talent inherent in Armstrong, Forrest or Gordon. The latter was even dropped by Celtic last autumn. But it is the manager’s job to find and select the best talent, not yours or mine.

Do not get too animated about court representations yesterday that Dave King was Impecunious (def: penniless, in penury, indigent, destitute). I am sure he could buy and sell most of us. King’s QC informed Lord Bannatyne that he did not have the wherewithal to offer the £11m or so to buy the remaining shares in Newco, as instructed by the Takeover Board.

Before unseating the previous board, King also said he would invest tens of millions into the club, if necessary. I have no idea if King has the money to comply with the Takeover Board instruction, or to make funds available to the club, but what is clear is that he will say either, if it suits his purpose.

That’s a very worrying trait.capture-20171009-120341

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  1. Paul67


    If I were a betting man I would lay odds that he slithers his way out of this, the scottish judiciary has been good to the huns over the past few years, I see no reason they will change now.



  2. Over the past decade there have been countless times when I’ve thought well, the Huns’ll never recover from that…………..Only to be gobsmacked at the lengths the Media, judiciary and politicians will go to to protect their club/company.


    We’ll see.

  3. Thyom


    Your young fella writes good stuff.








    The sfa took expert legal advice from both scotland and Sth Africa and came to the conclusion that he was fit and proper, canny argue with that can you :-)



  4. Any mechanics or car experts on, I would like a bit of info on what car to buy, second or more hand of course.


    Not sure if I want another BMW 530D or a Mercedes E320, I like the BM but have never had a Merc and have heard the E320 is a good reliable car etc, decisions.

  5. TET



    I found the 530d engine a masterpiece especially with the auto box, and the BMW a slightly more engaging drive. Despite the engine being so good, it had some fragilities though, many small repairs, never cheap



    However, I found the E320 a more comfortable drive in which to do big miles. Bulletproof engine, and would cruise all day at 125mph (where legal, your Honour) and decent fuel consumption. I had the estate version.



    One issue with the Merc was the paintwork, there’s plenty of comment about this on multiple forums. Mine started very slightly bubbling, mainly on the roof and bonnet, obviously incipient rust. It took quite a fight with Merc to have them accept it was a warranty issue (the car was four months out of warranty, my argument was that the problem had started within the warranty period). They eventually backed down and it got a full body respray.



    Plus, there are too many BMW’s on the road. I found the Merc more comfortable, better presence, some great options like a near side mirror that turns down when you engage reverse, as I say a bulletproof engine, just make sure the paintwork is 100% right – take a magnifying glass!



    Merc for me.




  6. Exiled Tim



    Maybe time to go electric. The newer models a fast enough. Don’t impact on the environment ,silent , less can go wrong with them so cheap to run. Some of the top of the range models can even drive themselves.



    Thanks for that.


    It is a 530D estate I have just now and know all about the price of repairs, in saying that the bloke I use here only charges a tenner an hour, a tad cheaper than a BMW garage, it’s in just now to get the gearbox oil changed along with the filter, 140 euros all in so not too bad.


    My mate in Ireland has just bought a E320 and never stops raving about it, reckons it’s the best car he has ever had.


    As for the paint, wouldn’t matter to me, the sun here has burnt the laquer off the bonnet of my car, hence me wanting to change it, I haven’t gotten around to building a shelter for it as yet.


    I was looking in auto-trader and both are for little money for what you get, just have the hassle of flying over and driving back, but for what they charge here for second hand cars it’s well worth it and can save me 70% at least of the price.



  8. Exiled tim.



    Had both, beemer all day long.



    Nae comparison drive wise, get the auto..



    Rather have VW CC than the merc.



    Gid luck wi yer choice.

  9. As we speak the court in Edinburgh will be looking



    at the Scottish Not Proven verdict.



    Remember never heard of in Football before compliance officer


    looked at Kris Boydchenko headbutt on a Hibs player in his sevco days.

  10. So it appears that the SFA’s view of what is required for the future is a new manager. Have we not been here before? Is there no strategic plan to take our game forward? Wait, the SFA does have a strategic plan. If you look hard enough on their website, you will find it under “Documents”!! All credit to Mr Regan…it was one of the first things that he did when he took office. He led the creation and implementation of a strategic plan on the heels of the McLeish Report on Scottish football. Let us look at Strachan’s removal from his position in the context of the “plan”.


    One of the targets set in the plan is….” qualification for UEFA Euro 2012 and the UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 campaigns. By 2015, both squads should be qualifying for the World Cup finals.”


    Were any of these achieved? The answer is a resounding “NO”.


    The strategic plan has four broad objectives. One of these is “Performing and Winning” A second level objective under this heading is a ” Developed and defined Scottish style of play.” After looking at the recent play in the group stages of qualification, can we reasonably claim that the national team had a particular style of play? Again the answer is “NO”. We tried various systems. It was only after grafting in the core of a successful club side that performance improved. Continuing with this is the pathway to achieving a consistent style of play, but will it happen? Who knows!


    The SFA had two choices after the most recent failure to qualify for a major tournament. Firstly, it could throw the “Performance” objective back at the manager and let him carry the can for the failure(s). Secondly, it could acknowledge that their plan is not achieving its objectives on the performance front, and perhaps on others. In other words, it is time to either devise a fresh plan or to radically revise the existing one. One item that the SFA should consider is the appropriateness of a “performance objective”. Surely, player development is a more important input that would lead to higher levels of performance, i.e. Emphasise the cause not the effect.


    The SFA has taken the first option by letting Strachan go. Let’s hope that it acts on the second one as well, otherwise we all know what happens when you ignore history.




  11. ExiledTim, re your choice of car.



    Long story, but I’ll make it short. Being car mad, and I really am, I was a fanatical BMW man and had loads of them and then , like Smirnoff vodka, I discovered Mercedes. When I retired I got a part time job with Mercedes in Birmingham and got to drive every model available, including my favourite, a C63 AMG.


    Anyway, since then I have had a C320D and my current car is a C350CDi Sport. 265 bhp, over 40mpg very comfortable and ultra reliabel. Brilliant car really.


    Your choice my friend but I don’t think they are done in green and white hoops sadly.



    Hail Hail




  12. !!Bada Bing!!



    Alistair Lamont tweeted that he is not there today. No reason given. Beeb probably don’t want ToView report the outcome. The trial was yesterday and today. Haven’t heard any news yet. Don’t know if James Doleman I see in attendance.

  13. ST-KL


    So there you have it, decisions, decisions :-)


    As I said I have a 530D auto BMW just now, it’s no really let me down, wear and tear just, never had a Merc and was curious to see what they are like, if I win the lotto tonight I will buy both :-)


    Thanks for your info



  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    TET, Tully57,



    Thanks lads.


    I thought it was good, myself, hence the gratuitous link post.





    I suppose the Toyota Yaris 1ltr. is out of your range!

  15. bada.


    got mine also. panicked as i’ll be away from tonight to next sat morning (jassuming no delays with flights) so wouldn’t have been able to sign for them or pick them up in time for the game. panic over!!





    TULLY57 and THEEXILEDTIM are spot on. Excellent article.



    It doesn’t open right away though,so if you don’t mind






    !!Bada Bing!!




    Alistair Lamont tweeted that he is not there today. No reason given.






    His tweet did say he was afraid. Not sure if he meant regret or actual fear. Maybe he was being subtle.



    It’s curious that they covered only the first day. The hearing was scheduled to run over two days so it’s not like they can claim it over ran.



    I can’t see King getting away with this. If he has no money to submit an offer he should have engaged with the original panel and explained himself. To let him off now, based on nothing but his own unvouched claim of impecuniosity, would be ridiculous and would make a mockery of the takeover panel.



    It’s a big boys game, and big boys rules should apply.


    Strange,nor does mine! Works when I copy it into a tab.



    Anyway,copy and paste it into a tab,folks. Well worth it!!!






    I’m 51, my auld man is 72. Both have used the expression the “The Leather Belts” and plenty of my mates.



    *my da who will be 24 years deid next month used it often when I was a bhoy, and that wisnae yesterday, The reason I use rhyming slang and nicknames as that’s what comes tae mind when describing people or events, nothing secretive or one eyed widow’s son.