Klimala and data-driven analysis


Zbyszek, our man in Poland, was surprised when Celtic signed Patryk Klimala from Jagiellonia Bialystok.  It is fair to say the subsequent lack of impact and opportunities bore out what he told me at the time.

Patryk arrived the month after we played a League Cup Final without a striker fit enough to start the game.  Lewis Morgan, a lighter-than-air winger, played the striker role until Odsonne Edouard’s arrival in the second half.  With the league title in the balance in January 2020, there would have been an over-eagerness to get a deal, any deal, over the line.  Which is why Patryk, hitherto plying his trade 33 miles from the Belarus border, came to work in Glasgow.

You and I have not seen enough about Patryk to proffer an informed opinion, his appearances have been fleeting, although there were signs of encouragement, in particular against Lille.  The most relevant fact is that he was unable to acquire a place in an underachieving Celtic team.  Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of his transfer, due to complete shortly, is the buying club.  New York Red Bulls, the North American outpost of one of European football’s most data-driven club owners.  You can be sure Patryk featured heavily in key metric reports during his development years.  If Red Bull are buying, the data will suggest there is a player there; the same data almost certainly took him to Glasgow in the first place.

Separating data from noise is an analytical problem that cuts across disciplines.  It will be interesting to watch what happens to Patryk over the next few years, is he a data find or background noise?

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Thought Patryk looked good enough to deserve a better chance. The chaos that has engulfed Celtic’s team selections this year makes any judgement unreliable.









    I knew we wold make ti to Friday yesterday as I was on a call with a colleague from NZ and he had already made it to Friday. Was nice knowing the world lasted another day.

  3. I had a chest x-ray a couple of weeks ago, as a follow up to a chest infection.



    Lungs got the all clear, thankfully.



    However, I was informed I have Calcific Tendonitis. Calcification of the tendons around the rotator cuff (the right shoulder) (New terms to me too)



    I have no pain or movement restriction on that side and as a result no treatment has been recommended.



    Has anyone experienced this?

  4. Paul67



    You didn’t even need data to see Klimala was unsuitable as a Celtic striker. His Youtube “highlights” showed this. Here was a player whose best moments were against a broke-upon defence with acres to run into. SOmething that happens rarely at Celtic.



    Perhaps NYRB are a counter attacking team?

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    An honest trier. Wish the lad all the best. His style of play suits a breaking team better than one always dealing with packed defences.



    Our recruitment over the few years has been reactive and haphazard – as you’ve just described.



    I’d rather we invested £3.5M in developing another couple of Stephen Welsh types than continually returning to average leagues trying to spin gold out of tin.

  6. An Tearmann



    Just back cracking day, I have done it both ways never seen any ostriches :-)



    I generally go the other was because there are virtually no hills on the way back. Get the worst hills over with.


    You can pretty much coast all the way from the A77 back into Shawlands.

  7. Paddy’s style was not suited to Celtic,especially at home.Packed defences,11 men behind the ball,negated his pace.Was not an out and out poacher either,but good luck to him in the States.Seems dedicated,as we saw when he came back last season,bulked up.


    A lesson that featherweight Mikey Johnstone could take on board.

  8. At this point in time I think it makes sense to recoup the money and give it to the new manager. Klimala to me is incredibly similar to both Pukki and Kenny Miller. Not a natural finisher but has fantastic speed and a great work ethic. I’m pretty confident he will go on to have a good career (like both Miller and Pukki) but has quite a bit of work to do on improving his technical footballing abilities.



    On a separate point, I would take Klimala all day long over Ajeti who is a technically very good footballer but is slow and unfit. He may get fitter, he won’t get faster!! Another Stokes…..capable of scoring in SPFL but doesn’t have the physical ability to play at a higher level (Rangers games, Europe, International games).

  9. celtic by numbers on 16th April 2021 12:08 pm



    Totally agree, back in the day lots of Tims on the Tommy Gemmell wanted us to sign Kevin Gallagher he would have had the same issues. A Celtic striker has to be able to play with back to goal and link the play, if he also has pace and can run the channels thats a bonus.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I would have kept Morgan. Thought there was a decent player there who could have been developed under a good coach. Would have given us options on both wings, which we have badly lacked.

  11. bluegrass celt on

    Philbhoy. I had rotary cuff problems on the opposite shoulder. Physio recommended was to stretch the bad arm over to the good shoulder, as far as possible and for at least 30 seconds . Hope this helps.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.”




    Guess that tells you all you need to know about how badly run we have become!




    Thanks for your reply!



    I don’t have any pain or discomfort….yet!



    Regularly do a weights session and various stretches every day.



    It doesn’t impact on my golf either, I’ve always been shite at that!



    Doc said once pain starts to get in touch and she’ll get physio on it.

  14. Garngad to Croy on

    Klimala reminds me of Pukki , looks a player but never really got a chance.



    This Aljazeera report on Celtic supporters was on the link to the Taliban Celtic Supporters story that was doing the rounds yesterday. (From Belfast media)






    Hats off to the filmmaker Jamie Doran for reminding me that being a Celtic fan is not about entitlement and winning every match , its much more special than that.

  15. I did read that the alleged price of 5 million we paid for Ajeti,was nonsense.Stated it was nearer 3 million but with the add on,bringing it to 5.I have a feeling the Paddy one might be similar.Very similar to the Ivan Toney deal,that was being touted as 10 million.I know for a fact it was 6 million,with add ons,and a sell on clause.,which I have since heard some commentators mention.


    And before you ask Ernie,no I don’t have a link,just a good memory.

  16. From the little I’ve seen of both, I would rather have kept him and punted Ajeti.



    He always looked industrious with a good first touch and a good turn of pace.



    i have seen nothing in Ajeti to suggest he has any outstanding qualities, not to mention his demeanour suggesting he is doing us a favour.

  17. TIMMY7_NOTED on 16TH APRIL 2021 12:14 PM



    Just back cracking day






    Thought you had been to the the chiropractor.

  18. Turkeybhoy from previous thread



    Many thanks for the response. I wasnt aware that Celtic had confirmed an offer to Eddie Howe. I was equally ignorant of the definitive numbers on Toney.



    I need to become better informed.



    Best wishes in what sounds like unpleasant circumstances out there!

  19. Good luck to young Klimala.



    Garngad to Croy has likened him to Pukki – can’t disagree, the pattern is similar. Perhaps the expectation was too much for him. Teemu Pukki admitted as much – said he never gave of his best, and consequently didn’t really feel part of the set-up. Teemu hasn’t fared too badly & next season will be his second in the EPL.



    Let’s hope we can offload Eduard as easily – very disappointed in his input & output this season. The transfer market will be Covid- depressed – if we get £15m plus add ons, we’ll be doing well.



    We are all wondering if he will put his best foot forward for the rest of the season – let’s hope he proves me wrong and scores a hat-trick on Sunday.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I have mixed feelings on this one.



    Good shout by BGFC @ 12:03 BTW.



    I hope Patryk does well but now he has gone what good will it do to monitor how he turns out?



    As an asset to the club he is no more



    And as for



    “The one that got away – Ah told ye !”



    player subjects being constantly regurgited on here?



    We have enough already.



    More importantly IMHO – I am actually VERY keen to understand who is currently making these big decisions at CP ?



    And on what basis?



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith



    We’re Not Half of Anything

  21. kikinthenakas on

    Is there a reason all our strikers are lazy and look unfit? Ajeti Griff Eddy…🍀

  22. JHB on 16th April 2021 1:26 pm



    Do you mean Odsonne Edouard ?



    Celtic fan ma bahooki.

  23. DeniaBhoy on 16th April 2021 1:19 pm



    :-) Definitely not my back is about the only area of my aching old body that still seems to work.