Klimala and data-driven analysis


Zbyszek, our man in Poland, was surprised when Celtic signed Patryk Klimala from Jagiellonia Bialystok.  It is fair to say the subsequent lack of impact and opportunities bore out what he told me at the time.

Patryk arrived the month after we played a League Cup Final without a striker fit enough to start the game.  Lewis Morgan, a lighter-than-air winger, played the striker role until Odsonne Edouard’s arrival in the second half.  With the league title in the balance in January 2020, there would have been an over-eagerness to get a deal, any deal, over the line.  Which is why Patryk, hitherto plying his trade 33 miles from the Belarus border, came to work in Glasgow.

You and I have not seen enough about Patryk to proffer an informed opinion, his appearances have been fleeting, although there were signs of encouragement, in particular against Lille.  The most relevant fact is that he was unable to acquire a place in an underachieving Celtic team.  Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of his transfer, due to complete shortly, is the buying club.  New York Red Bulls, the North American outpost of one of European football’s most data-driven club owners.  You can be sure Patryk featured heavily in key metric reports during his development years.  If Red Bull are buying, the data will suggest there is a player there; the same data almost certainly took him to Glasgow in the first place.

Separating data from noise is an analytical problem that cuts across disciplines.  It will be interesting to watch what happens to Patryk over the next few years, is he a data find or background noise?

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  1. Good morning Bhoys and Ghirls from The Garden of God.



    Please, please, please Celtic show some heart and pride in the jersey today be up for it and go get them from the start.



    I’m with Bada do not get off the bus and film the vile hordes and put there songs of hate and bile toward us out there and see how Wee Bonnie Scotlands main stream media act.






    D :)

  2. John Kennedy has been naive saying that we are better than Sevco.


    They will pin that on the dressing room walk and use it as motivation to stick it into us.




  3. TinyTim


    I don`t think he actually said that as such. He DID say `Rangers` fully deserved to win the Title but, in a one off tie, Celtic could win ie be better thab Sevco on the day.

  4. Talking of JK,if we win today ,win all our remaining League games and go on to lift the Cup should we:



    a) Give the job to JK;



    b) Let JK manage elsewhere ,appoint someone of the calibre of Eddie Howe and, when he leaves for an EPL club, re-appoint JK if he has shown he has what it takes?




    Good point.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED / TinyTim



    Irrespective of what he said or didn’t say, we simply need to be better than them to win. If they raise their game, we need to raise ours further. We have the skill – we need the application.



    Really don’t like these games against Sevco – the constant over-emphasis on ‘…Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm, Old Firm…55th title, 55th title, 55th title, 55th title, 55th title, 55th title, ” – the lies being forced out are really sickening.



    The repeated, unchalleneged dishonesty leaves a really bitter taste in the mouth. Might see if I can find a Taiwaneese commentary.






  7. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 18TH APRIL 2021 8:53 AM



    Ta – made me smile :-))

  8. Every player in a new team needs a decent run of games … any analysis should be given after that, not before

  9. Lions Roar 67 at 8.23am


    Agree entirely, sadly that boat has passed I think. But we definitely need a sea change.



  10. I have been confident all week that we will succeed today. I remain so this morning.



    Larrybhoy at 8:57 am


    I agree.

  11. Paul The Spark on

    I’m quietly confident but I have a bad feeling that all the talk after the game will be about Madden. I hope I’m wrong.

  12. The paucity of posts would suggest that people were being honest when they said they weren`t really bothered about today`s game.


    Whilst I am on the alliteration, let me say that if we keep Kent quiet, we will be on our way.


    Slow bike ride calls so,


    Cheerio for now.

  13. Larrybhoy,


    Been saying that for months.No good trying to judge players,who have not been playing,over a one,or two game period.


    Problem is,many do.

  14. Turkey Bhoy


    Stay safe over there. Hopefully a good result today will improve the mood. COYBIG



  15. Must dash.I need to read Maccas,latest info on Eddie Howe,.From what I am hearing,( see what I did there ),The Frankie Boy is right in the loop.Would not be surprised if Howe’ is not on the blower to him daily.


    Somebody please tell,”Werz ra Birds”,to stop making an eejit of himslf

  16. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “Only a fool would predict the result of a Celtic v Rangers match” (Jock Stein)



    3~0 Celtic today



    HH fellow Celts



  17. On lockdown today,so will tune in to the Celtic Darlin’s at 1.55 today.Nice wee run up to the game.BBC Scotland.

  18. Bain























    Rumoured team