Klimala and data-driven analysis


Zbyszek, our man in Poland, was surprised when Celtic signed Patryk Klimala from Jagiellonia Bialystok.  It is fair to say the subsequent lack of impact and opportunities bore out what he told me at the time.

Patryk arrived the month after we played a League Cup Final without a striker fit enough to start the game.  Lewis Morgan, a lighter-than-air winger, played the striker role until Odsonne Edouard’s arrival in the second half.  With the league title in the balance in January 2020, there would have been an over-eagerness to get a deal, any deal, over the line.  Which is why Patryk, hitherto plying his trade 33 miles from the Belarus border, came to work in Glasgow.

You and I have not seen enough about Patryk to proffer an informed opinion, his appearances have been fleeting, although there were signs of encouragement, in particular against Lille.  The most relevant fact is that he was unable to acquire a place in an underachieving Celtic team.  Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of his transfer, due to complete shortly, is the buying club.  New York Red Bulls, the North American outpost of one of European football’s most data-driven club owners.  You can be sure Patryk featured heavily in key metric reports during his development years.  If Red Bull are buying, the data will suggest there is a player there; the same data almost certainly took him to Glasgow in the first place.

Separating data from noise is an analytical problem that cuts across disciplines.  It will be interesting to watch what happens to Patryk over the next few years, is he a data find or background noise?

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  1. Go tell the Spartim on

    Can I extend birthday wishes and a quick relief from his injury to Philbhoy



    Birthday fry up was it good

  2. ROCK TREE BHOY on 16TH APRIL 2021 6:02 PM


    ‘If Eddie Howe had any intention of taking the managers job surely he would have turned up by now given the amount of rebuilding / CL preparation work to be done.’







    You’d think it would be in his own interests to start as soon as possible The delay is just make a difficult job even more difficult for him.

  3. So Patryck will get the chance to take a bite out of the Big Apple?


    That’s not what I would class as failure

  4. I would like to see the griff staying at the club , if he can toe the line and get into condition we are all aware of his goal scoring ability . If he can’t or won’t get fit then it’s maybe better we part company , but I hope he wouldn’t be with a rival club as this guy could hurt us . Has broonie


    Going to Aberdeen been another blunder by the club , he is up in Aberdeen and we’re trying to get him to change his mind ,a guy who has Celtic running through him , dear god get a manager in before whoever is doing the clearout gets us in more trouble .

  5. Very H888py Birthday to both


    Phil Bhoy & Colin



    Hail Hail



    St Stivs – did you know Colin McKay from Greenock ?

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    JHB@11-16pm yesterday.


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  7. Sunday’s game seems a strange one Normally would be buzzing for it regardless of our form but i suppose these are not normal times


    Last game I believe if given penalty we go on and win


    This season so far could not have been any worse so on Sunday an opportunity to retrieve a bit of pride


    All i ask is that a bit of fight and loads of unseen ability [this season] is finally put on show





  8. Happy birthday Colin



    Happy birthday Philboy



    Melbourne Mick – slainte



    Off to watch The Spy on Netflix starring the super talented Sasha Baron Cohen. After Ep1 I’m thinking this is going to be a corker. He’s also excellent in the Trial of the Chicago 7.



    HH jg

  9. FAIRHILL BHOY @ 8:35



    Never been a victim – never will



    If I picked you up wrong, you have my apologies.

  10. AN Dun why are you keen to have Nitcham and Bayo on,See it’s supporters like you that some players won’t make at Celtic ,under Lennon these were good players but unfortunately they weren’t coached right ,also I’m sure Lennon used them as Scapegoats,and that’s why he is a bad coach,remember him throwing certain players under the bus ,no wonder things went sour for us this season,especially with him in charge,and as far as John Kennedy goes he will be seen as part of Lennons legacy ,as will the fans when it comes to renewing, so even if we beat Sevco on Sunday he needs to leave at the end of the season.

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    Season tickets.


    Big money signings.


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    You must be the most objectionable bigot ever to appear in this dear green place.


    Ce truc vert


    Anyone who speaks of ‘our kind’ or ‘your kind’


    Is not of my kind


    And never will be

  14. Celtic Mac on 16th April 2021 10:16 pm



    R.I.P. Helen McCrory





    So sad. My two daughters are very sorry to hear this.



    Off to bed – really wish the Derby was tomorrow as I would have had a drink you numb the pain of having to be involved with such trash. Anyway, please give us two Derby victories. Every match is a must win for Celtic – even a friendly. My daughter always mocks me – win lose or draw – truth is – for a Celtic supporter WIN.

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    i dont know the answer – but i reckon its the ‘lost the plot’ option, but the ‘computer virus’ option cant be discounted

  16. JHB on 16TH APRIL 2021 9:56 PM




    What is der unionist offering? Let Unionists riot when they want to break International law!


    When Scotland joined in a Union with England she did so on the premise of gaining access to the biggest marketplace in the world, tariff free.


    What do we have now with our Union with England? An extraction from the biggest marketplace in the world.


    Go figure.

  17. Celtic Mac- very sad I saw her and husband Damien Lewis on tv a few weeks ago, only 52 RIP

  18. scullybhoy



    It is such shocking news. And such a loss.


    Could have played the game early this evening, but I guess they still want to exploit the TV coverage despite having to postpone the original timeslot for the Duke’s funeral tomorrow afternoon.


    Last time we missed out on 10 in a row, (which of course was then and now about breaking our own record) we still managed to win both Cups that season. And send Big Billy off on a high in his last game for the Bhoys.


    Of course we can win the game on Sunday, if the players remember that they are playing for us…


    For Celtic….when they get there