Klimala and data-driven analysis


Zbyszek, our man in Poland, was surprised when Celtic signed Patryk Klimala from Jagiellonia Bialystok.  It is fair to say the subsequent lack of impact and opportunities bore out what he told me at the time.

Patryk arrived the month after we played a League Cup Final without a striker fit enough to start the game.  Lewis Morgan, a lighter-than-air winger, played the striker role until Odsonne Edouard’s arrival in the second half.  With the league title in the balance in January 2020, there would have been an over-eagerness to get a deal, any deal, over the line.  Which is why Patryk, hitherto plying his trade 33 miles from the Belarus border, came to work in Glasgow.

You and I have not seen enough about Patryk to proffer an informed opinion, his appearances have been fleeting, although there were signs of encouragement, in particular against Lille.  The most relevant fact is that he was unable to acquire a place in an underachieving Celtic team.  Getting our £3.5m investment back feels like an unlikely win.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of his transfer, due to complete shortly, is the buying club.  New York Red Bulls, the North American outpost of one of European football’s most data-driven club owners.  You can be sure Patryk featured heavily in key metric reports during his development years.  If Red Bull are buying, the data will suggest there is a player there; the same data almost certainly took him to Glasgow in the first place.

Separating data from noise is an analytical problem that cuts across disciplines.  It will be interesting to watch what happens to Patryk over the next few years, is he a data find or background noise?

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  1. Hansi Flick available at end of season. Scooshing the Bundesliga but unhappy at lack of signings.


    Good for him! Resignation on a point of principle.

  2. An Tearmann



    I knew Helen McCrory had a Glasgow connection and a broader ‘Celtic’ one, did not know about the ACGR one. No reason it should surprise me though. She was on Desert Island Discs awhile back, one of her tracks was the Corries version of ‘Will Ye Go Lassie Go/Wild Mountain Thyme’ a bona fide traditional song but with both Scottish and Irish interpretations. Chose a Bob Dylan song too.


    Not ‘You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go’ though that’s the one to play now.


    Sad to see her go

  3. What a lovely day spent in the garden and enjoying numerous beers with my mate next door from these parts (Fergus slayed the blues).



    What we noticed was a lot of fireworks going off down Bridgeton way (spelling, never bothered with Ratville) or Glasgow green. I sincerely hope as a council Glasgow City never spent cash on that auld tadger phillip.



    I hope that our players are up for tomorrow’s game as much as I am, Get Intae Them Celtic.






    D :)

  4. IniquitousIV on 17th April 2021 7:18 pm



    Hansi Flick available at end of season. Scooshing the Bundesliga but unhappy at lack of signings.


    Good for him! Resignation on a point of principle.




    Flick will be the new German national coach.



    Seems it be off to be using lack of signings as the reason, when all clubs are struggling financially due to Covid.




    Heid no bad…………..noo!



    No so good this morning!



    Thanks for asking!



    Hope you are well!

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    highlights of the funeral are on bbc2 at 8



    it lasts an hour



    who decides what bits of it to leave out the highlights?



    im sure all 4 hours of it live were top notch earlier



    i was watching the racing at the time so missed it

  7. Norriem. Thanks to you for the beautiful tribute to Colin and to all on here who have reached out to all of us by your prayers and words. I did not put anything on the blog before now as I have been tied up with Val, Ross, Orlaigh and the family. Thanks again to all of you. Colin RIP.

  8. Tweet








    “I got terrible abuse from Rangers supporters – but no other fans – whether we were playing them at Parkhead, Ibrox or Hampden. But Big Jock had a soft spot for me because I did the right thing and kept an even temperament.”


    Paul Wilson






    lets see how well the anti-racism stance is adhered to tomorrow when the Celtic busses arrive.

  9. CelticQuote






    Mar 20



    “Here’s how bigotry has affected me, when I signed for Celtic, I never heard from certain people again.”


    Steven Pressley

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    lets see how well the anti-racism stance is adhered to tomorrow when the Celtic busses arrive.




    we currently are a club of shite bags on and off the pitch



    as ive been saying for a couple of years



    weak on the park as soon as any team puts it up against us



    but equally as important, we have said and done nothing about the off-field stuff that we get shafted with



    so i fully expect the hun Klan to be there tomorrow when the bus arrives, and the abuse that follows



    and i fully expect our club to say fk all about it as they never do

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    is there a better sportsman to watch in full flow than ronnie o’sullivan?



    dont think there is



    some of his stuff tonight has been incredible

  12. Having a wee nightcap.



    Glenfiddich, 15 yo Solera finish, 40% abv.




  13. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just read back – been working in big sister’s garden most of the day.



    Awful events for Norrie’s family – don’t know any of the family personally but you all have our thoughts and prayers.



    BGFC & family

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    LETS ALL…………….



    You never saw Jinky or Bobby Murdoch then?








    present tense my man, present tense!!



    but not quite old enough to have seen either of them live in the hoops



    though did see Jinky at a good few ‘Celtic’ nights around the west of scotland over the years!!

  15. LETS ALL………………..



    I will forgive your youth!



    But you missed out on two wonderful footballers, and in the Hoops.



    Great memories.

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    Mar 28



    Celtic fans troll Rangers fans at Parkhead on the day Celtic beat Rangers 3-0 at Parkhead in 2012. Regardless of what the media tell you, this was the last ever ‘Old Firm’ game between those two clubs.




    when we played ‘when will i see you again’ over the tannoy at the end of the game




  17. lets all do the huddle on

    I will forgive your youth!





    youth? 😄



    if only



    but just a few years short of seeing either of them in the hoops