Klimala and the Dembele-Edouard road


The January transfer window is set to burst into life today with the arrival of 21-year-old striker Patryk Klimala from Polish club Jagiellonia Bialystock.  Celtic met the €4m release clause.  The player has made 20 starts in top-flight football, among 51 starts in total.  Half of his appearances have been this season, as he made his breakthrough at Jagiellonia.

He is older and more experienced than Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were when they arrived in Glasgow, so his lack of match time will not be a worry for Celtic.  Both started promisingly and quickly improved.  The challenge now is to replicate the development work achieved with those two with Patryk.

Even fully fit, it is unreasonable to expect Odsonne to carry the load during what is likely to be a three-month spell where we play two games a week.  Patryk should get plenty game time during this period.  He also gives us the option of playing two strikers, a phenomenon we have seldom seen since the departure of Moussa.

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  1. BIGBHOY on 13TH JANUARY 2020 2:56 PM



    & what if the £20M striker turns out linke Joelinton. Who do you blame ?. Let me guess ………..




  2. How big a first team squad do you honestly need to win SPL and the 2 cup comps , all the players in the current squad who NL reconds are not good enough should all shipped out pronto.

  3. Our Development squad, has some squad for Development levels.



    Time to get some of the young team playing 1st team football somewhere. Proper experience in competitive environment.

  4. Think everybody needs to bear in mind that the January window is very different from the summer window. We are halfway through the season and clubs don’t plan on selling their better players. The type of guy who move is generally miles away from the first team.



    Look at who we have moved on: Sinclair, Morgan and soon O’Connell. Guys who were surplus to requirements or needed experience.



    There hasn’t been much movement elsewhere. Yet it is our board who are uniquely unambitious.



    Klimala is a bit different as he had a release clause. His club has no say on when he left

  5. RUGGYGMAN on 13TH JANUARY 2020 4:07 PM


    Our Development squad, has some squad for Development levels.



    Time to get some of the young team playing 1st team football somewhere. Proper experience in competitive environment.



    ____Ideally yes. But there has to be interest from other clubs in the first place.



    We have Henderson, Aitchison and soon O’Connell out on loan. That’s a good sign that the club are willing. They just need some offers.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    I hope we can see more of Bayo in the second half of the season . Based on (admittedly) very little evidence , I think he has the attributes to succeed with us.



    I hope we can see more of Bayo in the second half of the season . Based on (admittedly) very little evidence , I think he has the attributes to succeed with us.






    Bayo should start vs Partick

  8. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    HOT SMOKED on 13TH JANUARY 2020 3:50 PM



    A valiant attempt .



    None so happy as when they are sharing their misery .

  9. Why doesn’t other retired players who played in the SPL never get a gig on Sky Sports News,been with Sky for years and it’s always been bluenoses that get that position,why is that,I’m going to find out who the Sports Editor is and ask them why is that,Is there a Celtic Fan out there who can tell me there name via Facebook ,Twitter etc ,and looks like Jason Clarke off Spurs whom Celtic we’re pursuing is going to QPR,no ambition there I’m afraid.

  10. Very very dissapointed to see celtic continue to sign players of the usual price structure and pedigree.


    Now is the time to use our strength in the transfer market.


    If we do not win this league it is now very easy to see who will be to blame.


    And it is not Neil Lennon.

  11. happy with a pacey striker who is young and has an opportunity to improve his game here. Agree on Bayo, looks like he has something about him and not disappointed when he has played – injuries have stalled his progress but he is good back up. If we bring in another striker he or griff will surely go out on loan.



    Soro looks like a dynamic player but I’d also look to bring in a tall athletic midfielder/defender – if we go 3-5-2!



    hail hail!

  12. 20 m striker 60-70 kpw 4 year contract 32m



    lets give some of the others a chance shved etc who have hardly kicked a ball for one reason or another.



    they cant be considered flops if they haven’t played.

  13. BANKIEBHOY1 on 11TH JANUARY 2020 5:15 PM



    The Celtic Support should however imo Bhoycott that place until the regime is changed, the Fitba’ philosophy brought into the 21st century and a future focused footballing organisation allowed to benefit the whole nation.



    *Fully concur with you widow twanky bhoy, right now we are all jumping up and down about our boards inability tae tackle the scottish freemason association and pointing the finger at them, and yet it was always thus since the day we assisted Renton FC in the formation of the Scottish football League..



    When Andrew Kerrins established our club in 1887 after several failed attempts he chose the sharpest minds and brightest businessmen among the Irish community in the east end of Glasgow, that initial move has led us, even against strong and vitriolic opposition, to where we are today:



    Two years after Renton FC, formed in 1872, were proclaimed the unofficial “Champions of the World” and after losing several players including 2 to us as well as the first Liverpool captain, in what were known as the migration of the “Scotch Professors”, Peter Fairly their secretary wrote to thirteen other clubs inviting them to discuss the organisation of a professional league.



    All of the clubs accepted the invitation, except Queen’s Park and Clyde, the latter would join the following season but the spiders held out until the dawning of the new millennium.



    The Scottish Football League was inaugurated on 30 April 1890 and Celtic founder member and future president John Glass, the Peter Lawwell of his day, was head hunted by all the clubs, including a non sectarian at the time deidco, to spear head this new organisation.



    However, since the SFA sat on the International Football Association Board, founded in 1886, it retained responsibility for the laws of the game, as such they were allowed to continue to oversee the development of the game in the country and the administration of disciplinary matters, and although they are not involved in the day-to-day operation of the SPFL or other League competitions, they do appoint referees to officiate the games in these leagues, as well as dealing with player registrations and disciplinary issues, HUGE MISTAKE.



    Renton, who initiated the SFL, was expelled by the SFA after 5 games for breaching the regulations against professionalism, by playing against St Bernard’s, who had been found guilty of concealed professionalism, although they appealed and were allowed back in the following year the damage had been done resulting in the loss of several more players to the big clubs down south and leaving them in such financial distress that they resigned in 1897.



    Celtic had done the same thing but by that time we were not a wee village side on the banks of the River Leven and were already too powerful to expel, however, the SFA have never liked us since then for taking away their power over the national game.



    With the demise of early power houses and near neighbours Dumbarton, Renton and Vale of Leven, our main rivals now became Third Lanark who were also founding members of the Scottish League; their success was fleeting winning 1 title, 2 Scottish Cups and 3 Glasgow Cups in the late 19th early 20th centuries.



    Their one and only title win was followed by our six-in-a-row, as such somewhere a rival had to be found for the upstart Irish side from the east end of the city.



    The rising team fae Rhu who to give them their due had followed up their initial title win with another 3 were the chosen people by the grudges at Lodge Park Garden.



    Now let’s be perfectly clear here Scottish football was in a good shape so this wasn’t just about promoting the Kinning Parkers but actually stopping the tottie howkers, this was about operation ABC, Anyone But Celtic.



    Every trick in the book was tried including venomous attacks by the SMSM, three notable events come to mind:



    The Jimmy Quinn incident, George Paterson Victory Cup semi and the Charles Patrick Tully/cox occurrence which I have also previously intensively covered.



    The Jimmy Quinn incident occurred in 1905 prior to the pledging of the Kinning Park side by the demagogue ure-primrose to the craft so it was all down to the SFA’s hostility toward our club.



    Then in 1912, at conveniently the same time due primarily to increasing political instability in Ireland Harland and Wolff acquired another shipyard at Govan bringing with them an acerbic anti-Catholic workforce who adopted the local side as their own, chairman ure-primrose replaced 1st chairman james henderson who was a fairly decent man.



    He was renowned for his work among the poor children of Govan and the club had a notable record of helping charitable causes including Catholic charities. Matches were played for the benefit of the unemployed in 1886 and donations made to help the Unemployed Relief Fund in the Kinning Park area. He also, and the club, had good relations with the fledgling club from the east end and sent a team over there for their inaugural game.



    The new chairman however pledged the huns to the craft, this effectively allowed deidco alongside the lonesome boatman struth tae recruit among the ranks of the 3rd knuckle rubbers and the newly strengthened lol, they did not recruit players only but fans, business associates, tradesmen, clerks, accountants’, policemen, judicial officers of the court and most importantly the smsm who would champion the cause of the loyal and true club quietly in some places and vocally fae the terracing and modern stands.



    Although numerous teams won the Cup in a span of 25 years between the end of WWI and the start of WWII deidco would claim 16 Championships, coincidence? Govan Shipbuilders sporting division also won the 1st post war title.



    Jimmy aka the Croy Express was a shy and unassuming son of a hard-working mining family and in Wullie Maley’s words “the keystone in the greatest team the Celts ever had.”



    Big George was a well mannered, modest and easy-going gentleman. He carried an air of assured authority but possessed a calming rather than daunting presence. An officer in the Boys Brigade, George was regarded as the very personification of fair-play and honesty.



    And finally cheeky chappie Charles Patrick, although not the first tae don that mantle, the great Tommy McInally a bane in Wullie Maley’s side owns that title, he was quoted as saying “At an early age, I discovered that my face and tongue were due to get me into a lot of trouble.”



    What do these 3 gentlemen have in common, it’s not religion as George was an elder in the CoS, it’s not culture either and it’s not nationality so we can discount the racism and sectarian cards, no all 3 wore the hoops and wore them with distinction and pride.



    We could add Pat Crerand, the wee mhan, ten thirty and now teuchter Ryan tae that list, all talented players BTW. The hatred of Celtic by the authorities since 1890 is still fairly evident even to this day and not just for cultural reasons either.



    The huns have had many many thugs in their side including wullie woodbine who as club and country captain was sine died, this by the same authorities that tried tae take our flag down and de-Irish the Hibbees, and were responsible for many of the outrageous corrupt decisions against us.



    Also the wee fife ned, sent off allegedly 22 times, who was serving a 63 day ban when they flogged him tae WBA. In fact it’s suspected the scottish freemason association advised successive national side managers not to pick the wee ned since he received a 42-day ban in 1970.



    Now I have seen many more brutes playing for them, ones that cost good Celtic players, like John Higgins and Frank Brogan, their careers but none is as undisciplined and untouchable as the latest wee twisted faced moron.



    In the above mentioned cases Celtic were defended by strong Mhen including Wullie Maley and Bob Kelly. In fact the latter threatened to remove us from football and play Gaelic games at Celtic Park.



    Big Jock was a great defender of our club, it has been said that when he returned Sir Bob mentioned certain situations that were beyond our control so we just moved on, allegedly the Big Mhan said out of earshot, “aye that’ll be right” and us that were at the LC Final of ’65 will forever remember the late Ian Young dumping the aforementioned fife ned on the running track, that set the seal for our first cup win over that mob in 8 years and 4 days, which to this day IMHO was the catalyst for the Big Cup and the honest NIAR.



    The last of that ilk were the Bunnet and John Reid, unfortunately it looks like we are going to the back of the bus again unless our board shows a bit of spine similar to that shown after they won their penalty shoot out when their board acted like the trailer trash they are/were.



    However, the huns did not cheat us out of treble’s pre-fraudgers it was the tenants’ of hunden, they are the real enemy, the residents of 150 Edmiston Dr, Glasgow G51 2XD are only a vehicle for this animosity, it could have been any of a number of clubs at the time but the choice of them plus the pledge and the acquisition and amalgamation of 3 shipyards on the Clyde became the perfect storm.



    We have no representation there anymore and that’s our choice, especially when we requested a meeting to discuss the disgraceful game of last December 29 and were told to eff off, that’s what we are facing, we are indeed “Ourselves Alone”.



    There have been nine chief executives since 1882 and the only one who showed a wee bit of fairness toward us was the late David Taylor who after his tenure was over was appointed General Secretary of UEFA, a role that sleekit face Ogilvie coveted.



    A Loon fan growing up as his da was a director he followed the Hibbees while attending Uni through in Edinburgh and then the Maryhill Magyars when he moved tae Glasgow, hmmm 2 teams playing in green and white.



    He has been quoted in saying that the worse aspect of his job with UEFA was constantly apologizing for deidco/sevco.



    Right now we have another fake Hibbee going after us aided and abetted by a CEO with no noted academic credentials other than the alleged 3rd knuckle rub and his 5 year spell as a player with the spiders hmmmm.



    We love tae sing “if you know yer history”, well some on this fine forum evidently don’t or choose not to. Now some are hunterlopers but there are others who seem tae revel in our misfortune, FFS at the 73rd minute on Sunday October 6 after Livi’s 2nd goal went in they couldnae wait tae get on here shouting and screaming about heated driveways and bonus thieves, effin pathetic.



    It’s pathetic how when we are winning you never hear from them but when we hit a poor spell you cannae keep them off, unfortunately for them big gas meter reports to Ian Bankier, Tom Allison and the Kaiser.



    He leaves and another one of his ilk will replace him although it might satisfy them if it isn’t a former Mining Scotland or Clydeport authority employee or a fellow traveler in the Glasgow Uni CSC bus.



    Although no matter whom he/she is they will have big shoes to fill:



    12 Titles, 8 SC, 7 LC, 3 Trebles Scottish Cup, League Cup and League Titles, 4 Scottish Cup and League Title Doubles, 3 League Cup and League Title Doubles.



    Its time our support stood up for the club and not against it looking for internal suspects, we are the real victims here and as I said earlier, Bro Walfrid in his wisdom chose the right people to lead our club, sometimes it didn’t always work out but by God we have done tremendously well through the years, 50 Titles, 39 SC, 19 LC, 1 Big Cup, 2 Empire Exhibition Trophies and 1 Coronation Cup as well as a host of minor, but no less important, trophies.



    Oh and don’t forget along with our old comrades Renton joint highest score in a Scottish Cup Final, 6-1 “Dixie Deans superstar how many goals have you scored so far” and highest score in any final in the uk, “oh hunden in the sun”.



    As big Billy said “this club was founded for all the right reasons”.

  14. Totally insignificant post, either to get the post count up, or some other pointless reason.


    Mildly irritating to say the least.

  15. Don’t watch much tv [haven’t for years]and don’t know anything about the Royals really.


    However I have just watched a clip of Prince Charles attending a dinner on Sky news


    That Diana seems to have let herself go a bit…………..

  16. There are some here who will never be happy no matter who we sign.



    I understand posters saying give Bayo/Kouassi etc an extended run before bringing in guys. I have often thought the same myself . However the backroom team are watching these lads in training & bounce games almost every single day, so if they are not picking them it’s because they don’t trust them.


    An added pressure is that Celtic can’t afford any more slip ups this year, every game is a Cup Final so we don’t have the luxury of starting untried players. Best we can do is spring them from the bench if we have the points in the bag.


    We could possibly experiment in the League Cup but even then there would be hell to pay if it resulted in us getting knocked out.


    The other issue is clearing out the squad fillers who are not going to make it with us. That is easier said than done. These ghuys are on contract if they are not good enough for Celtic , there will be a big drop in wages if they moved on. Unless we buy out there contract, why would they move.

  17. I understand and echo those saying you cannot write off Shved or Bayo when they have barely had a chance to play. On the other hand, we do not know how these guys are performing day after day at training. If either of them was ripping our own defence to shreds and scorring for fun at Lennoxtown, would the coaches not notice? Would Lenny not be told by his staff that so-and-so is ready to step up?


    Or do they not actually practice football these days? Wouldn’t surprise me.



    I had hoped to see Okoflex and Dembele getting more game time this season, but the tightness of the league has probably killed that idea.

  18. CorkCelt – have you got spyware installed on my laptop? We must have writing that stuff simultaneously :)

  19. Bateen Bhoy. I have a strange sense of humour , must say for some reason, your post made me laugh out loud and I don’t even know what post you were referring to. Anyway between us we got the post count up by 2.

  20. Just in case there’s any doubt, the subject of my post at 5.01pm was my post at 5.01pm.


    Good to see the return of Tontine Tim.


    Worth making the pointless post at 5.01 pm 😂




    Good to see Tontine Tim posting on CQN.







    Talking as ever a great deal of sense.



    I agree now could you name all the people he is talking about.



    wee ned frae fife.

  22. The expression “Great Minds Think Alike” is the exact opposite of what we value great minds for :)


    Just watched boris and his pal going up stairs in norn IRELAND and his pal chooses to give arlene a kiss on BAITHE cheeks.ignores our lovely blond .



    IMPARTIALITY at its finest.

  24. Hot Smoked



    If your compiling your list can i request a 3rd category which I’d like to be placed. The category of zero arrogance/ influence and self importance that thinks no one gives a rat’s testicle, what posters post, whether positive or negative.

  25. Don’t see the point scouting players pay them good money only to decide at training they are rid rotten and not play them ,

  26. sid


    had a white pet rat called Armageddon in an Edinburgh student flat, smart wee fecker

  27. glendalystonsils on

    Bateen Bhoy



    I did wonder for a second if you were referring to Tontine Tim……probably the least pointless and most pertinent post I’ve read in a long time.



    Your post is top notch too….for entirely different reasons!-))

  28. !!BADA BING!! on 13TH JANUARY 2020 12:13 PM



    Gerald Weisfeld RIP



    He played his part.rest in peace Gerald.









    Good to see Tontine Tim posting quality




  29. RON67 – it is a strange affair, but when you consider some of the dross we have signed over the years then the scouting system has a lot to answer for.



    I think it was clear at the time that BR did not want Shved, Probably not that rare an occurence in our history?


    And Shved actually looked like a good prospect.



    At least when we buy SPL players we have a good idea of what they are capable of – not just a few minute of You Tube video.

  30. tontine tim



    great to see you posting and as usual right on the money.






    surely there must have been some great players who never turned up at training.

  31. TIMHORTON – the ones that were blessed with too much talent perhaps? I think the days of the best players being able to just show up and turn it on for matches has gone.

  32. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS @ 12:12 (last article)



    I should have thought it obvious.



    When you are employed you justify your salary by carrying out your job description to the best of your ability.



    If you allow your lifestyle to preclude this, you are not justifying your salary.



    Leigh has had the benefit of the doubt from the fans, who never see him, for fifteen months – those who see him day in, &, day out, have made their judgement – sign Patryk.



    He has been given every chance but his absence has left us with one striker for over a year – patience has run out.

  33. Whitedoghunch



    Made me laugh out loud, was their the same Armageddon when the wee fella died, like their was with the Huns?

  34. Tontine Tim…………..






    Brilliant! “Knuckle Rubbers”






    Lovely to see and hear your wisdom gracing This Dear Green Place.




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