Klimala and the Dembele-Edouard road


The January transfer window is set to burst into life today with the arrival of 21-year-old striker Patryk Klimala from Polish club Jagiellonia Bialystock.  Celtic met the €4m release clause.  The player has made 20 starts in top-flight football, among 51 starts in total.  Half of his appearances have been this season, as he made his breakthrough at Jagiellonia.

He is older and more experienced than Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were when they arrived in Glasgow, so his lack of match time will not be a worry for Celtic.  Both started promisingly and quickly improved.  The challenge now is to replicate the development work achieved with those two with Patryk.

Even fully fit, it is unreasonable to expect Odsonne to carry the load during what is likely to be a three-month spell where we play two games a week.  Patryk should get plenty game time during this period.  He also gives us the option of playing two strikers, a phenomenon we have seldom seen since the departure of Moussa.

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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Leigh was brought on against the huns.


    Leigh went to Dubai.



    Surely indications that he still features in Lenny`s plans .

  2. Mackay



    Lenny played a Lewis Morgan ahead of Leigh and Sinky in last months LC final.



    He has just got rid of Morgan and Sinky.



    Christ knows how he decides who he wants to keep .




  3. Surely with Elyanoussi’s foot in a cast and Mikey breaking down while making the transition to men’s football ( tho I’m sure he’ll be fine long term) then James McLean should be an absolute no-brainer?



    The bhoy Patrick looks like having a wee bit of arrogance about him…. which is good as long as he knows he’ll have to work like fek every day to get a game.



    Anyway day 13 and still nae club interested in Alfredo…. Park, King and obese Traynor must be brickin it….. Good

  4. MCNUT



    That he was able to keep things under wraps until the £1m/year was signed & sealed is what niggles me.






    You think Leigh is a liar and a cheat ?



    You ever suffer from depression?



    Or is your life happy and carefree?



    You should ask PAUL67 to delete that post.

  5. Best laugh for a while, Ian Maxwell said they interviewed guys from different countries for Head of Referees job…….oh my aching sides….

  6. His ” apparent ” problems.. Boerittger-Comper


    .. Bla bla



    Last 8 titles were easy



    Watchin derby defeats 3 times



    Liverpool n Sevco love-in



    We’ve not invested in the dug-out



    McNut….. You’re easily the worst plant I’ve seen.



    Remember you’re team will have to win every game in the run-in, my man…. Celtic will come flying out the traps and I cany see Jack Ryan n Tav n Arfield being up to it.



    Yo ho ho n off we go CSC



    RIP Gerard Weisfield



    Get well soon Matt McGlone



    Good luck tomorrow bid Jimmy

  7. NALLY81



    You forgot this one posted by MCNUT about 3:30am yesterday –



    I think the historical Boys Club scenario has to be played out – who knows what the insurance arrangements were at the time the events took place. If we are legally tied to the perpetrators and victims, it will be costly.





    Only a hun plant would post this pish.

  8. Correcto…….the McNut has been rumbled


    Had my suspicions after the referenced CBC post!


    Guilty send him down………to govan.

  9. You can tell a hun poster.



    Their posts start off nice and friendly, then they lob in a wee grenade.



    They are soooooo obvious.



    Good night all good Tims and rest in peace Gerald.

  10. Big Jimmy



    Best of luck tomorrow……i’m sure you will soon be on the dance floor ( lino in pub) ,acting like a big eejit, hh :O)

  11. Big Jimmy



    With you tomorrow,I do hope all goes well.i spoke to a mutual acquaintance tonight,wee Eddie.we are both hoping all goes well.Take it well easy.hope your back on soon :-))





    Hi there,shout down radio.just keep clicking thro to today’s shouting at today’s date






    Hope it works




  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TINYTIM on 13TH JANUARY 2020 8:59 PM



    I assume that Lenny et. al. know what they are doing.


    Served me in good stead in the past .

  13. Thought Big Jimmy was having procedure on Wednesday. Regardless tomorrow or Wednesday best of luck comrade, You have had a bad run recently hope once this is over things will change for the better.

  14. Macjay @ 10:26 said:



    `I assume that Lenny et. al. know what they are doing.`


    …and if someone asked you why you assume that, then I am confident you could give them a reasoned reply.



    I am much less confident that the many who do much more than ASSUME they know the way forward for our club could give anything like a REASONED response to support their arguments.


    Their logic seems to go along the lines of: We have lots of money so if we don`t spend lots of money it is because Peter Lawwell is a parsimonious failure. There can be no othere reasons.

  15. Does the head of refereeing decide which officials do the games and the semis and finals of cup comps.? por cierto

  16. glendalystonsils on

    setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 13th January 2020 10:31 pm


    I’m hoping Storm Brendan does not sweep Odsonne, Kristofer or Callum away with him



    With 9 iar in the balance , tell stormy Brendan to GTF , our key players are not for sale ( at least not yet).



    You listening Peter?

  17. So far in this window, evidence that Peter is sticking to his plan and Nicky Hammond is being asked to identify young talent for the future. Not surprise there as Peter has always said he will stick to his plan. Both of these players will require work to bring them up to speed, to acclimatise and to develop any talents that they have. I would be hugely surprised if either made a significant contribution this season. As it stands we are recruiting for the future, not for 9 in a row.

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