Klimala and the Dembele-Edouard road


The January transfer window is set to burst into life today with the arrival of 21-year-old striker Patryk Klimala from Polish club Jagiellonia Bialystock.  Celtic met the €4m release clause.  The player has made 20 starts in top-flight football, among 51 starts in total.  Half of his appearances have been this season, as he made his breakthrough at Jagiellonia.

He is older and more experienced than Moussa Dembele and Odsonne Edouard were when they arrived in Glasgow, so his lack of match time will not be a worry for Celtic.  Both started promisingly and quickly improved.  The challenge now is to replicate the development work achieved with those two with Patryk.

Even fully fit, it is unreasonable to expect Odsonne to carry the load during what is likely to be a three-month spell where we play two games a week.  Patryk should get plenty game time during this period.  He also gives us the option of playing two strikers, a phenomenon we have seldom seen since the departure of Moussa.

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  1. Also some evidence to support the view that we are operating a one out one in policy, as we have seen two depart and now two are arriving.

  2. Great to see ole Tontine Tim posting earlier and I’ll bet he feels better getting it all off his chest.


    Informative as always and what may be described as a gentleman’s rant.



  3. I have never seen a convincing explanation of why we are called the Bhoys.



    I am watching a BBC4 documentary on 20th Century Photojournalism. An informal picture of the Household Division in Wellington Barracks taken before The Great War.



    An informal group photo ( to show every day life ) shows a group of 11 squadies ( in style of a team photograh) in uniform behind a board which states


    “The Bermondsey Bhoys.”



    Anyone got an explanation?



    The Onlooker

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE ONLOOKER on 14TH JANUARY 2020 12:27 AM



    Irish affectionate pronunciation of boys.


    Old song : We`re one of the bo ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hoys .


    We`re two ………… etc etc.



    Similar to Cyar for car.

  5. Macjay I’ve just carried out a search and found a discussion from 2013 about the photograph mentioned.


    I think it’s more generic rather than being particularly Irish in origin. The description below seems to link it to lads /pals with an


    attitude which we would now refer to as ‘gallus’.




    “Bhoys” was interchangeable with “Knuts” as a term used to describe oneself and one’s friends as carefree men about town with a bit of swagger. I think both terms were popular in Edwardian times. Both appear on boards in group photos like the one Maxi’s posted

  6. My next Celtic conundrum is when/why did we change our badge from Shamrock to Clover?



    The Onlooker

  7. DAVID66 @ 23:44



    Yes it certainly looks that the model will not be changed, even with the Ibrox club breathing down our necks.



    If Soro happpens, then perhaps a couple of high-profile loans will be added, much like last year.



    It would appear that 9iar is not the overriding priority, or, the fact that winning the title will breathe new life through Ibrox, is neither here, nor, there.



    To lose this title – our first real challenge since 2010/11, will be gut-wrenching – however there are still eighteen days left.

  8. MCNUT i see you mentioning the unthinkable, ten in a row for our club would be on a similar par on winning the European cup back in the 60’s



    taking into account our massive financial cash reserves at present approx 50M available to invest in football department , if we lose the chance of ten in a row and taking into account hat peter lawwell is a unsually CEo these days( ie very autocratic and does not trust or empower people) and that money is not used to the teams benefit should



    1. Peter lawwel be sacked?


    2. should neil lennon lose his job?


    3. should out assistant manger go back to putting out the cones at training as he done under BR?




    or should we just ignore our unfailing and go on with no change like what happened after CL qualifying shambles ??/

  9. AHHHH read back



    Makes sense only rangers fans will be supporting peter lawells hording cash and refusing to invest in 9 in a row



    so i see McNutt is bring up something that has nothing to do with our club and supporting peter lawwell and his zero investment into ten in a row so indeed a Hun any admins can quiz this guy

  10. Sydney Tim



    It is not good to allow such personal bitterness to occupy your every waking thought.



    Please seek some help. It cannot possibly be good for you. Hour after hour and day after day appearing after any Celtic reversal. Very strange.

  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hot Smoked


    “Their logic seems to go along the lines of: We have lots of money so if we don`t spend lots of money it is because Peter Lawwell is a parsimonious failure.”



    Can you provide an alternative logic as to why they are hoarding so much cash?



    My own thoughts are to increase value for a sale so if not a sale what is the point of being cash rich if not to invest in the organisation.


    There is plenty of equity the organisation can borrow against if it runs into financial problems in the future.


    Seriously I see no advantage of being cash rich if it is not being invested to either improve the organisations primary business implementation and strategy, or increase the asking rice value of the organisation. There maybe others and I’d be very happy for anyone to point them out.



    The logic behind the cash hoarding is damning if not for investment and he lack of investment is damning if not for sale value

  12. Burnley78


    With respect, ole Sydney is merely expressing his opinion – as we all do.


    His constant reference to wee Jamesie is very close to the opinion that I held until I stopped complaining about him, mainly because my mother absolutely loved him.


    I had a similar experience with our Greek superstar, who I felt didn’t try a leg but was outstanding in the big, important games, and like wee Jamesie, could be relied upon to get that all important big goal when it mattered.


    Big Pete however, is a puzzle. An individual who displays somewhat narcissistic behaviour with the way he persues his business but is very off-putting to some with his incessant type of interference.


    I find myself agreeing with ole Sydney more times than not on our CEO and would just like to tell him to keep telling it like he sees it. I really welcome his insight and it is to his credit that he has not wavered one bit since I have been reading him on here.


    I believe he is, like you and me, a right Tim, who is so passionate about our club that could be construed as “constantly moaning” by some.


    It’s going to take unity to overcome the challenge this season so again, with respect, the only help that Sydney Tim will need, will be that of me, you(Pete & Jamesie too 😉) and every single one of us – getting nine over the line.


    Ourselves alone.



  13. Good morning CQN from a very cold but calm at the moment Garngad


    That was some night what with wind and rain lashing off of our bedroom windows, worst in a long time.



    Anyway Welcome Polish Paddy and Ismail.



    I would still like Wanyama in, but I know it won’t happen😢






    D. :)

  14. Oops seems I was a bit premature with welcoming Ismail Soro as he has not signed yet.



    Big Jimmy I thought it was Wednesday your Op was, whenever it is all the best big man.



    D. :)

  15. AS TEARMAN….


    Yes I spoke to Eddie on the phone on Monday at tea time.




    I am going to a different hospital this morning ( Tuesday) for some tests.



    Tomorrow ( Wednesday) is the day for the Heart Procedure….in Clydebank.



    “OH MY DAYS” !




    Thanks again to all who have wished me well.




  16. prestonpans bhoys on

    THE SFA today announced that Crawford Allan has been appointed as their new head of referee operations.


    Crawford, who spent nearly 30 years, including a decade in the top flight, as a match official, has been selected to succeed John Fleming after what the governing body stated was a “rigorous recruitment process involving a high calibre of candidates with experience from across the UK and beyond”



    How blessed we are in this country that we have the required qualities on our door step…aye right………..

  17. At the moment I just don’t get it It was great being home with two virtual full houses before jumping on a plane and arriving in cheers bar just before kick off to see a team put out by NL that gave them the edge in midfield



    I just don’t get it Why are we hoarding on to cash. Is our plc run as a business with no regard to the football club and the fans. What is peter doing ?? A signing who looks a good prospect and sell on value a few years down the line



    Indeed the while Team needs to run 150% and compete for 92 mins in every game


    Watched JF in 2 games at home and could not understand why the lack of work rate. Even without ball. Not getting away from markets etc


    Indeed the Greek gif was great away in Europe and JF seems that way now Hiding then popping up with vital goal


    Put in the SPFL Between now and may we need 150% ( pictures in Dubai he seem to have a bit of a belly !!)



    As a fan who went home and away during the dire early 90’s and a board with zero money it was Painfull to watch


    PEter is not a investing CEO. Never has been and never will

  18. Canamalar:


    `Can you provide an alternative logic as to why they are hoarding so much cash?`



    I don`t know about `hoarding` but I agree with you that keeping cash for the sake of keeping cash seems pointless.


    The only `logic` I can offer is to say that it might not be as easy as many think to bring in players who would make a worthwhile difference.


    It does seem to me that a mixture of our almost deperate desire for the ten and our perception of Scotland`s desire to prevent that ten is an admixture that leads to many of the calls to bring in new players.


    I would like to see posters say: Here is what I believe is our strongest eleven currently and here are the available players whom I believe could make that eleven stronger,


    That would be interesting.


    Cheerio for now.


    PS I intend looking at that American Democracy thing you posted earlier. I think we probably share the same views on that topic !

  19. One reason that we are not splashing our cash


    Is we just are not set up On the football department


    Neil is the most experienced of all our coaches


    Our assistant manger is the fitness coach who used to put out the cones for training under BR



    Next thing we have is Davie hay who is employed as an ambassador



    Who in our club can go and sell our club to a top player A team of yes men to Peter lawell is the number one criteria :((

  20. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    SYDNEYTIM on 14TH JANUARY 2020 8:48 AM


    One reason that we are not splashing our cash



    Is we just are not set up On the football department



    Neil is the most experienced of all our coaches





    Don’t really buy that as a reason, we hardly handed Rodgers a war chest. We’re getting players in but don’t think many of us expected to break our transfer record this month.



    I think its more a combination of the fact its more difficult in January and the fact we probably don’t want to, which supersedes all other reasons when you think about it!




  21. The majority of players who move in the winter window are unwanted squad players. Either that or players who have release clauses like Haaland.



    I’m talking in very general terms here but if we sign 3 first team players in this window that’s good going.

  22. Elyounoussi coming back will be a huge benefit to us over the next few months.



    Simunovic & el hamed will bolster our defensive options.



    A few additions will put us in a good position for second half of the season. I’d like to see Neil use his squad more as I believe we tired quite a bit in December.



    Rogic and Taylor should be getting more game time.

  23. Timaloy29. Very true about the jan window



    Usually a emergency window



    Shows up more the shambles last summer



    Neil wanted a striker. We had 50M. We didn’t get



    Of course peter lawell gave excuse that congerton left at a moment notice. But it turns out he downed tools when the the Snake left, but PL knew that. So PL responsible for the failings. So the club give him 3.5m to reward failure

  24. I think there has to be a specific reason for building up the cash reserve. Saying it’s to prop up Pedro’s bonus etc is only childish nonsense.


    I know some are saying it is to make us more marketable to be taken over but I’m not too sure on that,


    A would be Purchaser would just have to pay 40 million more to buy a Club with 40 million in the Bank.



    Leaving out the emotion & the football, few Companies stock pile cash without a reason. Cash sitting in the Bank is not working for you. Rich guys make their money work.


    Building the Hotel? A hedge against possible litigation? Gearing up for potential changes such as a European League. Like everyone else I’m only guessing but I have little doubt, there is a strategic purpose behind it.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I’m told it’s been pissing down in Dubai the last couple of weeks, the weather has not been great or too warm which is good as the players won’t have to reacclimatise when they get back 😃



    Hot Smoked,


    Hoarding the money is a big problem especially when there is no obvious or communicated plan.


    We could submit a freedom of information request demanding to know the major shareholders intentions in the direction they are taking the club, I have investigated this and the Plc are required by law to respond however, it would be nice if they just kept us in the loop rather than treating us like mushrooms who have no right to be growing in the dark and wondering what real food tastes like.



    Looking forward to hearing a rousing rendition at Celtic Park of the latest top forty hit, come out you black n tans.


    Also looking forward to anyone trying to tell us Celtic Park is not the place for a top forty ditty 😁

  26. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    The ” ten in a row ” is a curse.



    The only one that matters is the current one and subsequently the following one.



    The ” ten in a row ” is all about Rangers , not Celtic .


    Underlines the importance we attach to beating Rangers , not to winning the SPL .



    I thought they were dead ? Why should we wish to defeat the record of an ex- team ?



    Jock gave us nine and continually emphasised that the next game was the one that mattered , not subsequent ones.


    His lesson has been forgotten .

  27. weebobbycollins on

    Has anyone ever seen alfredo morelos shake hands with an opposition player at the end of the game?

  28. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    10 in a row will go into the record books, is that about rangers?

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