Krasnodar fans on Kouassi Eboue


Our man Zbyszek joined a Krasnodar fan website last night to ask about Celtic signing target, Kouassi Eboue, from Ivory Coast. Here are some of the comments he got back:

“He has good technical skills, is fast and is good in the air. He’s shown to be comfortable in hard, dirty, games. At 19-years-old, he needs a good coach for his next step forward. I think the guy has a wonderful future ahead of him (or I know nothing about the game).”

Zbyszek asked why Krasnodar are selling Eboue:

“Krasnodar have a Financial Fair Play axe hanging over their heads. They have no money to strengthen the team and are in debt. They are also limited in the number of foreigners they have have in the squad.”

Eboue gave a recent interview to a Russian newspaper where he said:

“I’m always ready to play whichever position the coach things best, whether as a defensive midfielder or in the attacking zone. I feel I can grow as a player by becoming more involved in the attacking game, my coaching now concentrates more on this part of play.”

Kouassi grew up in a poor village near Dabou, in Ivory Coast. He first kicked a football at 5 and was invited to a local academy at 10. By 15 he received his first invitation abroad – Armenia, where he moved three years ago.

Krasnodar coach, Oleg Kononov, took an interest in Eboue, who trained with the club for a few weeks before making the move ro Russia formal in May 2014.

The player turned 19 less than a month ago, so his rise to an established first-team player in the Russian Premier League has been rapid. This has been a challenging deal for Celtic, a lot more so than scouting the best breaking through at Tannadice.

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    Glad you’re on. Don’t take umbrage at this as a dig. It’s not. Gimme a minute to find it,very interesting review of a short book about Thatcher/Thatcherism.




    It’s from The Guardian,mind.

  2. So are we getting this guy?



    Good sign that we have adjusted our scouting strategy if so.



    As long a three weeks as it is going to be for those of a Tim persuasion, imagine how long it’s going to be for the also rans……

  3. Bobby:






    Just tonight, not a few hours ago, I was accused of being selfish for spending my money on toilets for orphans outside of this country. Those who accused me have not – to the best of my knowledge – ever given a charitable penny to any charity, or deserving demographic, in their life.




    I’m a wee bit shy of asking help of others for those orphans until I personally go back there.




    Until then, nothing has changed other than my heart gets more calloused and my will sometimes just seeps away and I get angry.





    I hadn’t thought of that!



    And I didnae even when they went one up,ya surrender monkey(!)



    How’s tricks,bud? ACGR still keeping you sane by showing what real madness is like?

  5. Tricks are fine, M but were I to rely on ACGR keeping me sane, I don`t think I could make that claim with any honesty 0:-)


    Cheerio for now,








    You know you only have to look in a mirror,mate.



    Re funds,I genuinely think this will work. I’ll mail you about it on Friday,I’ve got a few agreements required first but it’s not the red tape strangulation,this is strictly ad-hoc so should work.



    I’d hate to rise hopes twice,Kit. Maybe raising funds will serve as some recompense for my disastrous efforts eight months ago.

  7. This has been a challenging deal for Celtic, a lot more so than scouting the best breaking through at Tannadice.



    But will he be as good as the best breaking through at Tannadice?


    SA has become our most consistent, important player along with our captain.

  8. Good afternoon from a brightening north staffs



    Will there be a work permit issue with Kouassi ?

  9. Paul67:



    Would not the bet breaking through at Tannadice not cost a fraction of this purported deal. There are one or two young ‘football’ players, playing in Scotland, not on our books who might be worth a punt. I just can’t see how this particular player enhances our CL ambitions for next season. I personally believe if ever there was a time to bring in a couple of good experienced pro’s (not yet past their sell by dates) it is now, if we have ambitions to progress at a CL level beyond 4th place in the group stages.



    Bringing in a 19 year old does not equate to me immediate ambition as opposed potential future dividend hike.



    Do you Paul67, think, believe, that buying a 19 year old equates to CL ambition next season?

  10. Kouassi Eboue doesn’t have an acute accent (however the Ivorian accent may well be cute for all I know) over the second “e” in his surname.



    Does that mean that his name is pronounced “Eh-boooooo”, instead of like Emmanuel Eboué [Eh-boooo-aayyyy]???



    This is important.

  11. I’m looking for a 1st team starter to enhance what we already have going forward , In saying that in Brendan I trust.


    ohhhhh and good afternoon all





    Howdy,pal. Hope yeezuraw smashing!



    Wee fella back at school and giving you a rest?




    It’s pronounced Ebway so ive been informed from a english speaking ruski doon the road.

  14. South Of Tunis on




    David Cannadine .



    For what it’s worth , I really liked his biography of the extraordinary – Andrew Mellon – 1920’s / 30s US of A banker , booze manufacturer , businessman , politician , philanthropist and putative tax evader . Impeached for allegedly funding communist subversion , he made the charges go away by becoming the US Ambassador to The UK .. Son of Scots -Irish migrants.



    David Cannadine –Mellon -An American Life

  15. BMCUW


    aff school for a while yet, but his Da is off (hernia recovery) so not got him as .


    \over at my mams and took the liberty of saying ye were asking after her, she says ” thank you and he will be saying is she still here yet,imagine living to this age”,if ye didnae laugh ye would greet ;))))))).


    she is in good form.

  16. Kouassi looks like a good bit of business for Celtic. He seems to be a defensive midfield player, which we need, with the ability to score and assist in front of goal. 2 assists and 1 goal in the Europa League last year.



    Is he what we need to get us into the latter stages of the CL? Maybe not.


    Can he help us get into the CL proper? Probably.



    Celtic need to recruit on a number of levels, those who are capable of delivering immediate return, Scott Sinclair, and those with an eye for the future.



    My first instinct is that Kouassi is more of a 1 to 2 year return rather than a Scott Sinclair, but only time will tell.

  17. Kitalba



    I also do not see the purchase of Kouassi as anyone who will greatly enhance our champions league ambition. Given the Moussa deal and his subsequent rise I do think Brendan has an eye for a a player he thinks he can work with and work into his team. But at 19 (just turned) this lad has a few years to go to prove himself a regular IMO.



    I to would like to see a couple of players sign who instantly invoke feelings of CL ambition in me.



    2.5 million on a 19 year old (just turned) is a punt and a half and has the hope of Moussa written all over it. quick impact with high sell on value ASAP.



    Ambition for me though is strengthening the team with players who instantly oust their competitor for their position because they are so much better than the current player for the position within the team thus also offering a challenge to that player to compete to a higher standard to regain their position.



    I don’t know where Kouassi will play instantly or who he will oust or challenge for a position with.



    I will however welcome him to the Hoops and long may he have a successful career with us until such time as profit deems him surplus to requirement.




  18. Delaneys Dunky on

    Paul67 & Zbyszek



    Thank you for the good work in establishing a bit more information about Kouassi Eboue.





    Yer Mum is the recipient of most shooting stars down here.



    My Dad does candles,me,shooting stars.



    Lot of shooting stars,bud. Just like wee Sean.

  20. The fact that there is a need to establish information for Kouassi highlights the puntiness*of this player purchase.






    *Puntiness – how much of a punt

  21. The team has been crying out for a central midfielder



    Bad news for Biton. Have to question the lads attitude considering how much his performances have fell off.

  22. My opinion is that the value of transfer fees paid by Celtic is always overstated. I think his puntiness is tempered by the fact that the transfer is unlikely to be £2.5m – £3m.

  23. ‘good technical skills’





    Brendan’s team is developing nicely and this is what he said he add to the team. Good news also if Stuart Armstrong is given a new deal-well done that Bhoy.






    The family home is part of the Ulster American Folk Park outside Omagh if you ever find yourself in that part of the world. My aunt used to be a guide there so if you want in for free/some freshly baked soda bread just say the word

  25. BIGbones8867 supports MO'N and Ireland on

    Dia daoibh uilig


    Alasdair MacLean on 4th January 2017 3:28 am



    Aighe bha boys







    Tha me doll donn leppè,







    I really wish I could spell and speak Gaelic.







    By the way, I read that Vangard Bears pish article tonight …about cùltural bla bla.







    It listed destroyed cultures ….but forgot to mention the one closest to where they are. The Gaelic lànguage of their own country. Where the belting of children for speaking their owm language had been hapening since the late 1700s and right up to the 1950s. Both protestant and catholic kids suffered this in the remaining strongholds of this language.










    Thought this might be of interest to you,I didn’t realize English torture of school children for speaking their own language was also a common occurrence in Scotland.


    Any information,books ect,would be much appreciated.




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