Kris Boyd comments best thing to happen to Celtic


The thought was put to me this morning that Kris Boyd’s ill-considered comments on the Celtic squad – that they are divided – could be the best thing that happened to the team this season.  Football clubs and footballers perform best with a ‘them’ to work against.  We had this briefly under Ronny, when Aberdeen kept in touch for five months of the season, but since then we have pretty much had the run of the place.

Boyd is a professional footballer playing in the same league as Celtic.  When an opponent comments on you or your team, the words carry greater resonance than they otherwise would.  I doubt newspaper clippings are pinned to dressing room doors, but everyone at Lennoxtown will have reacted to what a Kilmarnock player has said about them.

Then we had the “Aston Villa make their move” for Brendan Rodgers tat.  Brendan will leave Celtic eventually, but the entire planet knows it will not be for a team 15th placed in the Championship.  It is no indication of his or Celtic’s worth and insulting to suggest otherwise.

Footballers and managers are best with a point to prove.  Celtic are capable of winning every domestic game between now and the winter break.  Whatever has gone on at Lennoxtown this season, recent comments have given the squad plenty of motivation.

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  5. Nothing will ever diminish my spirit


    A spirit I found.


    In Celtic


    You’ll never walk alone


    Thank you


    Hail Hail





    We can’t all complain about the tough times we’ve been through,but when I read your stuff,I think most of us got off lightly.



    I hope you and The Divine Miss M can work it out,that little package is too much dynamite for me to even consider!

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  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Hope this is where the “naps” are



    Al Quwha 3.15 York for me



    Best of luck to all



    Cheers GFTB

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    Good luck to all.