Kris Boyd comments best thing to happen to Celtic


The thought was put to me this morning that Kris Boyd’s ill-considered comments on the Celtic squad – that they are divided – could be the best thing that happened to the team this season.  Football clubs and footballers perform best with a ‘them’ to work against.  We had this briefly under Ronny, when Aberdeen kept in touch for five months of the season, but since then we have pretty much had the run of the place.

Boyd is a professional footballer playing in the same league as Celtic.  When an opponent comments on you or your team, the words carry greater resonance than they otherwise would.  I doubt newspaper clippings are pinned to dressing room doors, but everyone at Lennoxtown will have reacted to what a Kilmarnock player has said about them.

Then we had the “Aston Villa make their move” for Brendan Rodgers tat.  Brendan will leave Celtic eventually, but the entire planet knows it will not be for a team 15th placed in the Championship.  It is no indication of his or Celtic’s worth and insulting to suggest otherwise.

Footballers and managers are best with a point to prove.  Celtic are capable of winning every domestic game between now and the winter break.  Whatever has gone on at Lennoxtown this season, recent comments have given the squad plenty of motivation.

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  1. sixtaeseven - 70 trophies in my lifetime on

    Always loved big Sammi…


    Lots of memories, but one I love is from a Celts Vs Hearts game (2011?).



    Celts one up (Wanyama goal), very tight game, then concede penalty late on.



    Hearts player full of confidence about to take the kick, the whole stadium holds its breath.



    Sammi wanders slowly into penalty area (wtf is he doing …?)


    He points out to the officials that the ball is not exactly on the spot. No theatrics but a touch of the Greek dramatics all the same.



    Ref orders the ball to be placed on the spot (his job in the first place, btw).



    Sammi wanders slowly off outside the box.



    Hearts player, obviously perturbed, shoots and big FF palms away.



    Love big Sammi… wish him well in his new venture.

  2. f.a.o Petec and a couple of other people on here ,


    Noticed today on eBay there is the sign for the Metro nightclub (for charity ) it currently stands at £1860 so don’t know how many people could afford that ?


    Listed under, retro sign nightclub.

  3. Summa of Sammi will never be the same.



    Funny thta such a lovely, cooperative and sociable man could not form a partnership with amy of our other forwards. His best performances were always as a “one up front” guy, running the chammels and trying to reach hois own flick-ons.



    Yet Antony Stokes, who was criticised as a selfish non-team player, easily formed partnerships with a variety of others and was a great provider of assists.

  4. Good evening troops from a wet Garngad



    Ffs Mark soupy Wilson on radio Snyde “Mcdonald in beside McGinn provides the Steele in midfield ”



    Good grief, wtf is NcDonald he was pish the last game out.



    Come on the Israel



    Ps 4 day week over, and NYC on Monday


    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  5. Ps going to a wedding reception tonight at the pond hotel



    Not been in there for about 30 years



    D. :)

  6. Silver City 1888 on

    Efe Ambrose could have just won me a few thousand pounds. I’m old enough to remember Zaire as well. #PointlessCSC


    While I’m here, having just checked out Phil’s latest, I find myself wondering if we really want Mike Ashley to win with Sevco. It’s greatly amusing to see them take a kicking but if Ashley’s end game is to take over what will it mean for us?

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bsr @5:51



    Thanks for the notice, actually only took less than 10 minutes and that included finding a seat. Perhaps the have upgraded their servers ?

  8. TAL


    Des was a Glasgow bhoy



    Just been told my flight from Dublin to Manchester has been cancelled because of Callum – but it’s ok for my Toronto flight to land mmmmmm


    Now a 13hour wait in Dublin

  9. Wife-beating, booze-bag, bigot-stooge in dramatic health related turn of events…………




  10. 2 Celtic players start for Scotland – CalMac and Tierney who, looking at the team, might be playing further forward on the left, in front of Robertson?


    Gordon, Hendry and Forrest on the bench.

  11. prestonpans bhoys on



    The ‘pick your own seats’ was very limited and if you left it for the computer to choose it can’t find two seats together?

  12. mike in toronto on

    Wee BGFC



    They not let you have your own blog name yet?



    That is shocking!



    Want me to sue them for you?



    But before we go ahead and issue a claim against your dad, you might want to make sure you get your allowance for the week first! (do kids still get allowances, or am I showing my age?)




  13. McLeish deserves to lose this game. His treatment of Griff and Jamesie is shocking.



    I know Naismith scored in the last game but he was also shocking, missing a sitter and playing very poorly till he scored. It was not a performance that deserved to keep Griff out.



    With Ryan Fraser’s departure, there should be no competiton for James on the right, but he too is dropped again whilst in red hot form.



    You can get over 2 to 1 for Israel to win

  14. Paul67 et al



    Quite pleased that our support will buy every ticket for Murrayfield that is available to us. First we need to show that Edinburgh, with three stadiums available, is more than capable of handling cup semi-finals, and two it gives us a another chance to show what we can do in a great venue. Forget about Brendan and our Boards reaction to the decision, I believe both got it wrong after the fact. The fact being that the SPFL buckled under pressure, to change from the two match decision. Tell both the SFA and the SPFL that the Glasgow monopoly is over, that the venue should suitable for the draw, and not the other way round.

  15. SFTB,



    If McLeish really thinks Naismith is better than Griffiths, he should never be the Scottish manager.



    I am a fan of James Forrest but one game shouldn’t guarantee you a game for Scotland. Having said that, there doesn’t seem to be a better outside right in the squad.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I see Billy ‘ex-EBT recipient and someone who appears to have a guaranteed job with BBC Sportsound every time he’s fired from a coaching role’ Dodds say he ‘also’ found Leigh Griffiths difficult.



    Like the Scotland manager, maybe Leigh Griffiths just doesn’t like cheating huns?

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shortbread taking hypocrisy to a new level. A few weeks ago they were hammering Brendan for picking Edouard ahead of Griffiths because you had to pick your best goalscorer and that was Griffiths.


    But apparently serial failure McLeish is right to go with Naismith!

  18. Would rather no Celts played for the best wee countries eleven tonight


    When the expected defeat comes the mssm will inevitably have either or both our players to blame.


    That line up would struggle in a pub league though thats the level of our tactics.

  19. Scotch pies (2) devoured, Irn Bru poured, adorned in my Scotland Diadora top (just about this century, I think!) and tartan slippers. All that’s missing is a Palestine flag to lie on the floor alongside my Saltire.


    Apologies for not being in the majority but looking forward to an entertaining evening.


    And don’t worry – no live updates from me ;-)



  20. Hi Bada, thanks for the reply today, Matt Stewart got back to me, said there was no problem with a download, gave me a link, I downloaded the link, now I’m back in business,


    Thank you both.


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Win or lose Leigh Griffiths will get negative press tomorrow



    If they win it will be ‘We don’t need you Leigh’.



    If they lose he will be castigated for ‘turning his back on his country’ and depriving Big Feck the chance of choosing from a better squad.

  22. setting free the bears



    If I remember rightly McLeish is on an EBT of some £1.7m, a “loan” he is likely to have spent and which he needs to repay in cash by 05 April 2019 or face the “loan charge”. And pay any outstanding tax and national insurance liabilities from the use of the scheme. He and Scotland will need to do well if he is ever going to manage that so to speak.