Kris, Nielson on opinions, careless cautions


Player who has been out since April in shock Uefa squad omission. The only surprise about Kris Commons and Uefa lists is that he was included for the earlier rounds, despite not pulling on a Celtic shirt since April through injury. He was there because there was space on the A list. He’s now been omitted because we signed Scott Sinclair and Brendan Rodgers needed to remove one name to keep his options open for a wildcard.

Kris’ chances of being fit enough to play are less than Patrick Roberts’ so his name came off the list.

I don’t habitually dig up managers at other clubs, but Robbie Nielson is testing the limits of incredulity. When asked about Scott Brown calling Jamie Walker a cheat, he said “If you have got an opinion on anything you are better just keeping it to yourself.”

This is the guy who can’t shut his mouth about referees, including an incident last season when he thought action should have been taken against……. Scott Brown.

Robbie, if you can dish it out but you can’t take it, maybe you are better just keeping your stray opinions to yourself.

We collected four yellow cards at Tynecastle: Gordon, Brown, Dembele and Sinclair. None of them incurred incurred when the ball was in play. Craig Gordon’s was for not going to his line at the Hearts penalty, Moussa Dembele’s was for knocking the ball away, Scott Sinclair’s was for running into the crowd after scoring a debut goal (he’s knew, he should learn, but it’s a clear yellow card) and Scott Brown’s for dissent.

If we’re going to tot up cautions, we should at least do it during play when there is some advantage to be won. Four conceded carelessly off the ball is unusual and could cost us later in the season.

Scott Brown in particular should take note, that was his second caution of the season for dissent, the first coming in Astana. Scott’s a hugely important player to Celtic, previous absences from Europe due to off-the-ball indiscretions should be acting as an inhibitor at this stage of his career.

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    I did indeed,Dad. Dead proud of her.



    Big decisions in front of her now.



    But it’s her choice,not Hobson’s

  2. CGs yellow was for pointing out to ref the ball wasn’t on its spot. He rarely gets booked, but the knives are out for him, especially on cqn, at the moment.

  3. weebobbycollins on

    Back in with the dugs…



    Bognorbhoy…”Hymns…” one of my all time favourites…piano and acoustic guitar solos are off the planet…another favourite is “Poetic Champions Compose”…



    A lot of happy dads and uncles this morning…didn’t the girls do well? I think they will eventually take over the running of the planet…but we men will be there to do the dishes…

  4. RobertTressell, agree absolutely that competition is good, Scott Sinclair signs and James Forrest has his best game in ages, coincidence? I think not.




    Craig has also had an ever changing defence in front of him, perhaps a little disconcerting for him.



    Form is temporary, class permanent, or so the saying goes.




    An addition of another top class keeper will do the team good.

  5. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Neilson gives his opinion about not giving opinions. Errr. You really haven’t thought this through Jobbie.





    As captain,Scott is allowed to approach the ref for clarification. To be booked for doing so is not clever.

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ANTIPODEAN RED on 9TH AUGUST 2016 11:45 AM






    Unfortunately I got it wrong more often than I got right, hence I will be working for another ten years God willing. I loved playing the game, as much in my forties as I did in my teens and twenties. Done a little coaching out here too, love watching the game and trying to analyse.






    Similar story myself.


    Right wing ( Shh ) converted to left back until a cruel cruciate injury in my 40s robbed me of a promising future.


    Bit of coaching and like you , thinking about the game and the new and different techniques.


    eg. I would always prefer a basically settled team .


    A traditional concept , I know , but not necessarily a bad one.



    Nice talking , pal.

  8. Gents – interested to see how BR is building his squad. (Natural) Midfielders of paramount importance to me but everything else coming along nicely. Within a few months he will hopefully having us playing the way he likes with the personnel he needs.



    I have a ( very mild) “complaint” about the Celtic support (mainly the GB) regarding the omission of the Celtic song.



    It is a very uplifting song and is definitely the one to sing when we need to push the team forward. I dont expect to sing it all the time – remember when the old team from across the way used to sing the “billy boys” ten times a game?



    However, we appear to have replaced Celtic songs with chants and orchestrated clapping etc. This is a bit of a cliche and shows a lack of our own identity for me.



    The GB back the team VERY VERY well vocally but we have some cracking Celtic songs in general and especially the Celtic song.



    It’s a great song and it’s ours.



    Lisbon Lion Ronnie Simpson was 5’10”.



    Just saying.




    A fantastic keeper who knew something about positional sense and how to deal with a through ball; watch this about 5:50 in – and he did this in the European Cup Final!




  10. Cant see Kris being a fixture under Rodgers, if he’s done his research he’ll be joe the toff.

  11. Paul67, Scott is Captain, therefore allowed to question the ref.? Harsh yellow.


    Gordon didn’t take an inordinate amount of time to retreat to his line, I think he indicated he was clearing a divot away. Harsh yellow.


    Sinclair, well that’s just a selective use of a rule, given to some, and you can’t argue, but not given in other circumstances. Fair, but consistency of award is questionable.


    Dembele, no argument, daft.

  12. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    That Flo wouldn’t be Tore Andre by any chance?



    Oh dear. His EBT money must have run out.

  13. weebobbycollins on

    TonyD…I hope your mammy is well…I’m off to check up on mine, 98 in three weeks time…they don’t make them like that anymore…

  14. B67


    With efe out the squad and Forrest playing the way we know he can Craig Gordon seems to be the next in line for some who feel the need to have a scapegoat

  15. tangbhoy on 9th August 2016 12:16 pm




    There were a couple of rousing renditions of the Celtic Song from the standing section against Astana last week.

  16. Congratulations to all those shining stars who did well in their exams. I can’t remember who highlighted CG’s major problem but it was all to do with communication. There is no doubting his goalkeeping ability but apparently he doesn’t communicate enough with his defenders. It may even have been BR who highlighted that issue. Having said that he will do for me.

  17. vfr800a8



    Good news. Looks like Morton are willing to play the players they get on loan. Lindsay was thrown in to the starting line up for the Renfrewshire derby at the weekend. Will be good experience for them in a really competitive league.

  18. vfr800a8 on 9th August 2016 12:22 pm


    Aiden Nesbitt on loan to Greenock Morton.



    Lindsay, Thompson and now Nesbitt. I don’t think we’re taking this Irn Bru Cup seriously!!

  19. CG is getting it in the neck right now for being (allegedly) at fault for conceding goals in games which we have either drawn or won. God help him when we lose a game.




    She is thank you, and we are all taking her out for dinner tonight as she is 90 tomorrow, I agree they don’t make them like they used to, hh






    The only way that you change people’s behaviour is by applying market principles – unnecessary bookings should attract a fine, to be donated to the Celtic Foundation – the number will soon decrease.



    Of course it will be up to the club to decide on the correct nature of any caution – we know how ‘fickle’ referees can be.



    Be interested in tomorrow night’s line-up. With Griff being out, will Cifti get a chance alongside Dembele?



    August is shaping up to be a season-defining month for both players and fans – how many more departures and arrivals will we see…and is it CL,or EL – hang on to your hats HH.

  22. Fines really work don’t they, wonder why they don’t tell the judges about them, the courts will soon be empty, market forces an all that.

  23. glendalystonsils on

    I don’t think Aiden Nesbitt got much game time at Thistle, which didn’t do much good for Thistle, Celtic or the boy himself.


    I think we should only loan to clubs who are prepared to give our youngsters proper development and experience opportunity. Hopefully he’ll get that at Morton.

  24. glendalystonsils on 9th August 2016 12:46 pm



    I don’t think Aiden Nesbitt got much game time at Thistle, which didn’t do much good for Thistle, Celtic or the boy himself.





    I think we should only loan to clubs who are prepared to give our youngsters proper development and experience opportunity. Hopefully he’ll get that at Morton.




    You’ve got to fight, for your right, to PARTY.(or get in the team)

  25. BARNEY67@12:44



    Shoot who?, the refs?



    Players are paid thousands of pounds per week, why should they not be subject to the same discipline that is extant in the workplace of lesser mortals, earning a fraction of their wages?



    If you jeopardise your ability to do your job through petulance and/or stupidity, then you should expect to see it reflected in you pay-cheque.

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