Kyogo and the Japanese market


It continues to amaze when I check the Japan scores that Kyogo does not feature in the starting line-up.  He got the last 30 mins against Oman yesterday, a period of the game that brought Japan the winning goal and not enough to adversely impact his performance at Hampden on Saturday.

What does Japan’s selection tell us?  If our main man cannot command a starting place, Japanese football offers value like nowhere in Europe.  Good job we are scouting there.

AGM kicks off shortly, more on that to follow.

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    ‘Someone should have asked Wilson if he believes that the club currently playing out of Ibrox and the other one called Rangers are one and the same…..’








    What difference would it make what he believes?



    The club’s owner has already made it clear what his opinion is, and it’s him that calls the shots, not Wilson, Bankier, Lawwell or anyone else.

  2. CaddingtonCommon on

    Re the board. To paraphrase JFK



    Ask not what Celtic do for me but what I can do for Celtic


    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe





    Thanks mate and thanks to wee George also.


    I miss the Rocky Bhoy so much, he was my best PAL for just over 15 years.


    Rocky the Cat lasted longer with me than any of my EX Wives and Girlfriends ever did !


    Hope you and the family are well.


    We must have a Bevvy real soon.



  4. Ernie


    I’m not sure why you’re an any way impressed by Wilson’s amendment. Its still wrong!



    They weren’t “demoted”. That implies that they were sent to the naughty step to consider their actions!



    They went into Administration on Valentines Day and subsequently went into Liquidation on Halloween. And that’s exactly what he should have said. Demoted suggests the same club climbing back up the Leagues.


    This is no accident. He’s an intelligent guy. He’s endorsing the Continuity Lie!



    If he wasn’t prepared to write the truth he should have said nothing!




    Absolutely shameful behavior.

  5. Perhaps, after today’s meeting, Brian Wilson and his fellow NED’s will have a wee think about the mood emanating from the people sat in front of them. Wilson was, after all, a politician at one time. Reading the room should be second nature.



    Clearly, the 50 year old main stand will not be redeveloped whilst Dermot Desmond remains in charge. That is disappointing as it remains the final piece in the stadium jigsaw. DD runs the risk of being involved with Celtic for 20 years and will probably leave without any tangible legacy.

  6. BILLYBHOY1967 on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:32 PM







    I’m not sure why you’re an any way impressed by Wilson’s amendment. Its still wrong!







    The significance is that a Board member, at an AGM, has contradicted the dominant narrative that the huns were demoted.




  7. So the shareholders shouted down Bankier when he criticised the club’s treatment over Covid, calling out the board for not taking them on. What short memories and what hypocrisy.



    When Neil Lennon spoke out against the way Celtic were treated over Dubai, the vast majority of supporters told him he was talking rubbish and said he should just keep his mouth shut and get on with it.

  8. Tom McLaughlin


    Bankier was shouted down because he was less than forthcoming – as per usual – on what, if anything (?), the Board had done about the Covid penalties imposed on Celtic, as compared to others.



  9. onenightinlisbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:01 PM



    Celtic don’t have an “owner”.



    If you are referring to Dermot Desmond, his views on “Rangers” are well documented and dovetail nicely with others on the board.



    ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:01 PM







    ‘Celtic don’t have an “owner”.’







    Grow up.

  11. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:01 PM




    “‘Someone should have asked Wilson if he believes that the club currently playing out of Ibrox and the other one called Rangers are one and the same…..’





    What difference would it make what he believes?


    The club’s owner has already made it clear what his opinion is, and it’s him that calls the shots, not Wilson, Bankier, Lawwell or anyone else.”



    Exactly! This is why DD never shows up at AGM’s, these guys are paid handsomely to take the flack, you don’t get a dog and bark yourself. One other thing, being an absentee majority shareholder, he’s out of sight and out of mind, all the other board members and NED’s take the hit for endorsing and instigating his policies for the club both financially and football-wise. The shit never sticks to old DD! Not on your life! por cierto

  12. JIMDOM:



    No legacy is required. The annual dividends are his own personal legacy. Nothing to do with fans. por cierto

  13. Ernie,



    Ignoring the rudeness of your reply to my original question I’ll ask you another.



    Have you ever clapped eyes on the obituary?



    The reason I’m asking is that the original version that was in the papers mentioned only Administration. When it gained notoriety among us all it was subsequently amended to demoted.



    I’ve just gone in to the attachment above only to find that the whole section on the downfall of RFC has been removed.



    Can you clarify what narrative you’re referring to when you said:



    “That is a significant development.



    As far as I know it is the first time any Celtic official has unequivocally challenged the dominant narrative”.



    I can’t see any such narrative in any of the three versions we’ve now had.

  14. Just re-read the Brian Wilson article, the article has been amended and the paragraph has been removed, however, this comment in the article still looks to me that he’s still not making a distinction between old and new…



    “He retired in 2011 as Rangers’ financial troubles started to manifest themselves, returning as a non-executive director the following year and then, briefly, as chair in 2013.”



    por cierto

  15. Chairbhoy @ 5.15 am




    Both scenarios had BR being found out after the Odsonne transfer was completed.


    So instead of adding to the smoke and mirrors let’s try to get real…



    Nice try at framing this as real vs imaginary but I stand by my account as more real than yours




    1. All indicators seem to suggest after the signing of Odsonne that the Board indeed pulled there support for BR



    All signs were that there was distrust in permitting free reign in the transfer market to a manager intent on leaving as he would have no interest in the success or failure of his signings for Celtic. The motivations and context are important when outlining this “pulled” (nice non-neutral choice of words there) support.






    2. DD confirms in his interview that it was BR that told him about the approach from China, knocking on the head at once the clandestine operation presented and BR being found out by PL



    DD states (not confirms, unless you believe he never lies) so.



    Now you and I both know the rules arounf transfers, whether for contracted players or contracted managers. If there had been an official Chinese approach for Brendan, there would be no need for BR to tell DD as the latter would have known before the former. BR and his people had contact from China that DD and PL never knew about. At some stage, long after this process of illegal tapping had begun, BR appraoched DD and PL to inform them that he was interested in this tapping up offer. There was a clandestine opration, regardless of whether BR fessed up eventually or whether he fessed up quite quickly. There was no need to tell DD anything unless he was interested in taking up the offer.



    Either way, by engaging with the Chinese club, off the record, he broke trust with our club, at a time before the relations had soured and the transfer “failures” were alleged.







    3. Celtic didn’t announce it at the time of his leaving but we later found out that BR had agreed to a huge compensation package when he signed his new contract in April 2017



    Again- not sure what this proves to you but, to me, it looks like Celtic acted wisely to ensure BR got his future transfer with the club being adequately compensated for his broken contract. Who knows whether that would have been the case if he had got his wish to go to China?







    4. Although the Board were no longer backing BR after Odsonne, they kept it secret; neither the fans, manager, staff nor players new about this



    What could they say? – “We’ve had a falling out. The new contract is just a farce and BR will be leaving as soon as a decent sized European team, preferably, English comes in for him. But, hey ho, we’ll get compensation for him.”.



    Would that have enlightened or satisfied any fans?



    Would that have re-assured any players thinking, as always, of their own futures, to feel safe in sticking with Celtic. There are times when it harms you to spread the truth too widely.



    And then, there are Moussa’s comments. Was he telling us that the narrative put out by BR was a false one? Or was he merely taking advantaage of the confusion to engineer his own transfer. I’ve never seen it taken to a vote as to who is the most believable but I can state that Moussa enjoys a continuing social media relationship with Celtic fans that BR does not have. How did Mousa even know about BR’s duplicity unless BR had confided in him? Why would he have confided in him, unless there was some mutual shared interest, such as Moussa getting a big move to China along with him?




    13. The process outlined above is standard practice in Footballing circles and no evidence of anything untoward is revealed



    14. Despite Point 13, a campaign against BR was mounted in the MSM and Social media to spin that BR was duplicitous and had acted in bad faith against Celtic



    I hope I have shown where BR was less than saintly in his observance of “standard practice”, unless you feel the “standard” is usually to cheat and dissemble. And sure, people vented their anger at BR for doing what he did but to attribute it , in all cases, to a Celtic Board led PR campaign, is false. Some may have acted on Board info. I can assure you that I have no Board contacts at all and I got my info from a Celtic fan who overheard the arguments at the time of the China approach and who was shocked at the anger displayed by both DD and PL. He had no dog in the fight and merely reported what he had heard.



    As you know, neither he nor I commented on it on any Celtic media forum at the time we were informed. It would only have served to undermine the interests of Celtic football team if he or I had chosen to make this widespread or if we had adopted a “guess what I know” approach to letting other people see how informed we were. The disclosures we got were accidental and I did not comment on them until nearer the time when BR was angling for the EPL with Arsenal and Leicester. All this info gave me was a protection against swallowing the BR narrative line that all was well until they stopped backing me in the transfer market.



    I remain unconnected with the Celtic Board and DD, thankfully, and I have a right to resent any asertion that my narrative or motivation is being directed by anyone other than a fellow Celtic fan who informed me and knew I would keep my mouth shut, as he did too, throughout this whole period..






    5. A year after BR’s new contract had been signed DD is on record as stating that he would give Arsenal permission to speak to BR if they wanted him to…



    Of course he did. The contract agreement now meant it was in both parties’ interests to do a deal in the near future to allow Brendan to go.



    Brendan gets his wish fulfilled to use his Celtic rehabilitation to better himself in management. And Celtic got from Leicester what they would have tried to get from Arsenal, a decent level of compensation for having your management team ripped out at a crucial stage in your campaign.



    The contract re-negotiation was never meant to keep an unhappy manager at the club; it was meant to recognise the inevitability that BR would acheive his wish to leave….. and he did, but at much less cost to the club than if he got his original wish.



    This is one of the few situations where the suits got something right.

  16. Por Cierto



    Well spotted!



    I await his THIRD amendment in due course.



    It’s a very poor show from a guy who was once our official historian! 🙄

  17. Who would want to buy shares in a bottomless OF swamp?




    all seating


    season tickets


    PLC board


    same price OF tickets


    all of these are establishment instruments.


    unaccountable executives financially endorsed every year.


    fans who protest for 6 months in the car park then collapse like a cheap deckchair at season ticket renewal time then release a Sevco-esque statement saying that,


    “We back Ange, not the PLC”


    after giving plc tormentors £666+ ×53k


    then expect to be taken seriously?


    The Green Brigade are a magnificent Celtic arm of support, but they need a socialist leader with whom to marry their own socialist beliefs, a socialist Celtic club leader who’ll complete the Green Brigade, a socialist club leader who’ll burst with pride for the socialist dynamics of the Green Brigade, not a rich Tory executive who’ll collectively seeth and spit their venom at the Green Brigade, not an anti-socialist executive who’ll sell out the magnificent Green Brigade under the table.


    But the thing is, Celtic don’t have a socialist in any department above the magnificent Green Brigade.


    The Green Brigade must learn from the Irish heroes in their amazing musical song book.


    These gallant Irish heroes became heroes, not by supporting the status quo, but by rebelling against the status quo.


    Celtic fans don’t need to take up arms against their Tory plc tormentors, all you do is simply stop playing by the PLC’s rule book which is written to keep Celtic supporters socialist ideals “OUT” of power at the club which you, and only you, financially keep viable.


    The heroes in the songs made up their own rules to enable them to militate against the status quo.


    Celtic fans don’t need to take up arms to militate against the Parkhead status quo, you just simply stop financing a status quo, which is rigged to keep Celtic supporters, like the magnificent Green Brigade and their socialist ideals “OUT” of any powerful positions at Parkhead.


    How long do you think the heroes in the songs would’ve kept financing such a gerrymandered PLC status quo?


    hh ✌



    100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified of the socialist George Galloway CSC 👊

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Genuine question …



    Was Ross Desmond there as a formally appointed delegate of a shareholder …



    … Or does he personally have a significant shareholding (separate from his father) ?

  19. The Celtic players will all wear No 10 on their shorts on Saturday, as a tribute to Bertie Auld

  20. Every year at this time we have the usual, Bankier is a wa***r, DD is another as he never shows up, he does have interest and investments in around 30 or so different companies and at 71 is possibly taking a back seat now, he did send is son Ross though who is reported tae have completed our major signings this summer.



    Anyway as Monty Python once said “and now for something completely different”



    Woke up Monday morning to a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow © Paul Simon, the first this season. Not enough tae lie on the driveway, sidewalks or streets but enough tae cover the grass, trees and cars.



    After I cleaned the car off Mrs TT and I went tae the pictures, aye on a Monday morning, this is the Covid way now. A normal 20 minute drive took a wee bit longer as there are more vehicles on the road at this time.



    After we had shown our Covid passport we then had tae pick out seats from a schematic map which is their way of segregation. Once inside there was a smattering of oul punters like us and some mothers whose weans were at school.



    The movie incidentally was Belfast, an amazing movie that is a biography of Kenneth Brannagh who left the Tigers Bay area of Belfast at the age of 9 for Reading where his joiner da had relocated tae.



    A bit dour at times as it’s in black and white and rains a lot, but it should be noted this is only 25 years after WWII, they are all living in Coronation Street houses going from paycheck or broo money week tae week. In fact it could be any inner city in the British Isles.



    That photie posted yesterday of London Road in 1980 is an indication of how run down the place was.



    It’s basically the story of a Protestant family content to live beside their Catholic neighbours before the lid blew off the 6 counties, well Belfast and Derry initially.



    As probably what happened in real life Brannaghs da is over in England trying to earn enough money tae pay back the taxman for money he had failed tae pay, EBTs before their time.



    His mother, Dublin born but Monaghan raised Caitríona Balfe, is left tae bring up her boys although he does visit as often as he can.



    The film starts at August 15, 1969, I was over here at that time and landed back in Prestwick exactly a month later where I stayed for another 6 years, so I recall all that happened, including “Bloody Sunday” in the early days of the conflict.



    It spans that period until 3 months after Christmas 1970. What I really really liked about it was no mention of paramilitary groups or finger pointing at the prominent religions in the city.



    Not wanting to give too much away but the da wants tae move tae England while the mother is reluctant.



    His da Ciarán Hinds, who I always thought was Anglo Irish, actually grew up about a mile away from Brannagh, had worked in England when younger but always came back tae his family including the mother Judi Dench, born tae a Dublin mother and English da who grew up in Dublin.



    Eventually after the Catholics’ have been chased from their street with looting occurring even in the neighbourhood mini mart led by loyalist, Billy Clanton played by Armagh born RC Colin Morgan, she softens a bit.



    In a club one night after a funeral he sings Everlasting Love to her complete with the line “I went away just when you needed me so”.



    That’s the catalyst for them bailing out. Great movie and I still cannae get that bloody song out of ma heid, it was number 1 when my ouldest was born and I was working in Kirkton Avenue.



    By the way, Marmalade were offered it first but turned it down, Tam McAleese would have been great at it.



    Incidentally Knighstwood used tae be in Dumbartonshire before Glasgow annexed it to build a garden suburb including semis and cottage flats, an idea mirrored in Silverton and Brucehill Dumbarton, Tontine Renton, Bonhill and Levenvale Vale of Leven. A long long way fae the likes of Belfast.

  21. Ernie



    I’ve no idea. I haven’t read any comments from him yet.



    Is this what you’re referring to when we’re all talking about the obituary he wrote?

  22. BILLYBHOY1967 on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 4:57 PM








































  23. Ernie Lynch @ 1.40



    Obfuscation by Brian Wilson, he didn’t clarify or correct anything and it will remain a black mark against him


    as far as any reasonable Celtic supporter is concerned IMO.



    At least Walter Smith had the decency to refer to them as ‘ the new Rangers club ‘. Celtic have dodged it, for nearly ten years and the seeds sown in the 2012 silence, rankle a very substantial percentage of the Celtic support.





    Did he not say at the AGM that using the word ‘demotion’ to describe what happened was an error?




    And Celtic haven’t dodged it.



    TGD has endorsed and promoted it.



    That makes Wilson’s comment all the more significant.



    For those who have eyes to see.

  26. was George Galloway at the AGM today ?


    does he have any shares in the plc ?


    how do we get behind him to get him on the board ?

  27. Ernie Lynch
























  28. Listening to a radio sports channel in Toronto the commentator called the ref in last nights Canada v Mexico game “corrupt”. Can’t see SSB or BBC calling the refs. “corrupt”.

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