Kyogo and the Japanese market


It continues to amaze when I check the Japan scores that Kyogo does not feature in the starting line-up.  He got the last 30 mins against Oman yesterday, a period of the game that brought Japan the winning goal and not enough to adversely impact his performance at Hampden on Saturday.

What does Japan’s selection tell us?  If our main man cannot command a starting place, Japanese football offers value like nowhere in Europe.  Good job we are scouting there.

AGM kicks off shortly, more on that to follow.

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  1. EL



    He sure did, but you don’t correct an error just because you remove it after you’ve said or written it.



    It was an error alright, more so because gave us an insight of BW and the crews public stanch on the irremovable stench of liquidation, and fact.



    ‘We don’t run the game,’ there’s nothing Celtic can do about the Rainjurz stolen licence, same club myth, Res 12, financial fair play, blah blah blah. Not good enough in 2012 and not good enough ten years after, in the season which maybe Brian thinks some club did the 55.




    A Celtic director stating at an AGM that it was an error to use the word demotion to describe what happened to the huns is a significant development from Celtic.



    That’s the bottom line.



    However much you might hate Wilson for other reasons.

  3. BSR



    Ten Years After – Great rock band. Cricklewood Green – Terrific album. Love like a man – Wonderful guitar playing. Alvin Lee – The best.



    Memories of the early 70s at Greens Playhouse.




    FWIW I don’t hate anybody and certainly not Brian Wilson the Celtic historian.



    If his error was as you say it was, then I look forward to his thoughts, though I won’t be holding my breath.




    Jack Bruce after Cream, Hamilton Town Hall



    Rory Gallagher Electric Gardens



    Derek is Eric Greens Playhouse



    John Mayall Greens Playhouse ( ticket 10/- )



    The Incredible String Band – City Halls



    Wishbone Ash – City Halls



    Mon the Oldies CSC

  6. Reading have been deducted six points by the English Football League for breaching financial rules.



    The EFL determined the Royals lost £57.8m between 2017 and 2021 – the EFL’s limit for that period is £39m.



    A further six-point deduction is suspended until the end of next season, provided they comply with a business plan which includes player spending.



    Reading drop from 16th to 19th in the Championship, on 16 points, four clear of the relegation places.



    The Berkshire club have been under a transfer embargo since the summer as a result of their breach of profitability and sustainability rules.



    Reading are the second Championship side in as many days to have a points deduction imposed on them after Derby were docked a further nine points for breaches of EFL accounting rules, taking their overall deductions this season to 21 points.



    “The EFL’s profitability and sustainability rules are in place to discourage short-term overspending and it is appropriate that the league takes the necessary action on behalf of its membership when a transgression occurs,” said EFL chief executive Trevor Birch.



    “The league is satisfied that the sanction for the breach, being imposed by way of an Agreed Decision, is proportionate having considered all the relevant factors and will continue to work closely with the club as it seeks to meet its obligations moving forward.”


    Chinese brother and sister Dai Yongge and Dai Xiu Li took over the club in May 2017 and have financed the spending.



    Reading have spent more than double their income on wages since their ownership began, but finished 20th in their first two seasons before a 14th-placed finish and then seventh last season.



    According to figures at Companies House Reading posted losses of £42m in the year to 30 June, 2020, £30.1m in the previous year and £21m in the 12 months to 30 June, 2018 – a total of £93.1m



    The EFL has averaged the club’s losses for 2019-20 and 2020-21 and allowed for Covid-19 costs to give the lower figure of £57.8m, but that still triggered a sanction.



    “While there are undeniably extenuating and unforeseeable circumstances that have contributed to this breach, we accept this to be a fair and reasonable punishment and will learn the lessons from our recent past which have resulted in this deduction,” a club statement said.



    “Our owner, Mr Dai Yongge, remains wholeheartedly committed to the club.



    “His commitment to our club remains unequivocal; having supported the club throughout a period of unprecedented disruption when key revenue streams for all clubs were suddenly severed.



    “His investment has been overtly evident to all who visit our new multi-million pound Bearwood Park training complex – an environment tailored to attracting the best players to our club, helping our existing players flourish and ensuring our developing young players can reach their maximum potential.”

  7. What’s the story with Premier Sports? Their programme listings on Virgin show that they are showing Hibs v Huns on Sunday but there is nothing listed for Celtic v St. Johnstone on Saturday but when I look up their listings online they are showing our game on Saturday at 4:45pm.




    Saw that Reading stuff on the BBC website earlier.


    Perhaps the SFA and SPFL will put in place something similar to the EFL ? Or, is it better just to adopt the nothing to see here move along policy. Answers on the back of a blue pound please.

  9. Is it the case that “many despise”….that’s right despise – “to feel a deep repugnance”, for certain fellow Celtic supporters on this forum because they hold & express different views?



    If that were indeed the situation, which I don’t believe for a minute it is, I would be shocked, shaken & saddened beyond belief.



    We are all equal on here, none more equal than others. We all have the right to post our opinions. We all have the right to disagree passionately but with civility. There is no place for hatred, or, detestation, in our club, “a club open to all” – it should be no different on CQN, still the best Celtic blog, bar none.

  10. See Parks now has his sponsorship of football here confirmed with Parks sponsoring the Womans League, I wonder who suggested that as a get out with the Cinch issue?

  11. Scots gov media puppets STV news BBC Scot news are….






    •Purple clad pretenders






    with the amount of mugged tax hikes that are used to feed these squirrels to keep David Murray off of the hook…and take the attention away from ‘other’ pantomime’s.


    Paula Docherty💜🤍💚 (@PaulaDocherty5) Tweeted:


    @conor_matchett It’s only tax payers money she is wasting. 🤬🤬

  12. JHB



    If that comment is aimed at me……


    Look at my post to EL at 2.32. It was a polite request simply looking for an explanation. Then look at the tone of his reply. There was absolutely no need for that.I suspect as he’s generally on the defensive he just automatically goes for an aggressive stance.


    Then look at his further response to what I thought was a polite request. Insulting.



    In between times he told somebody who said that DD isn’t the “Celtic owner” to grow up.



    I won’t be engaging with the clown again.

  13. I am sure the sash singing Donald Findlay told us all we need to know about the old and new Rangers/Sevco/The Rangers back in 2012.



    D :)

  14. AN TEARMANN @ 7:52 AM,



    Thanks, as you know I appreciate clarification



    But I think you may be surprised by the date of the Telegraph article and the date the LSE were informed.



    Let me know please.



    Aff Oot Again



    Hail Hail





    1.Resigned 26 feb



    2.Announced to lse. 29/2




    4.Chairbhoy there was also a dated letter outlining the £9m i can’t access at mo



    3.Your telegraph article 13/3





    Hi Chairbhoy.had a wee check there.


    I broke it in 4.



    1.BR resigned 26/2


    2.announced to lse.29/2


    3.telegraph article 13/3


    4.letter informing of capital injection(9m BR compo)


    I can’t access my celtic investor at mo for exact date


    Your article(3) will be right,I don’t see any big delay on the BR process(it consists of two parts 1 and 4) ie-Celtic informed markets when things occurred ie points 2 on BR leaving and 3 when compo agreed.



    From memory the amount was unsurprising in the city tho meeeja here gawped unsurprisingly.


    9m as against 2m+ shows it was a sound professional deal and handled in that manner by the club



    If I may comment the China story.


    It was a fact.


    Celtic and particularly Dermot stepped out and got BR.


    All done professionally.



    I agree with SFTB in that BR intimating to Dermot about advances from China is a denoter/indicative


    that he was not happy.i would suggest from that moment and from a DD perspective his relationship for all intents was ended in a business context and when the leicester job came it fitted(move in the night scenario),the personal one and the respect carries on from both DD and was a wrong move in the Celtic chess game.:-)



    It is interesting chat in the ‘opportunity’ economics behind it.what if? What if? My take is it is a while ago now,as I said at time BR is part of Celtic history.not the other way around.It showed a lot of what the club is and where we can step forward to .





    Keep well and keep Celtic close :-)



    Hail Hail

  15. 09:55MARK HENDRY


    Hello and welcome


    Celtic’s AGM begins around 11.30am this morning with a number of items on the agenda.



    Stick with us and we’ll bring you up to date information from everything on the itinerary from the Kerrydale Suite inside Parkhead.

  16. Director Brian Wilson apologised at Celtic’s AGM for writing that Rangers were “punished with demotion” in an obituary to Walter Smith.



    The Parkhead board member made the comments in a newspaper tribute to the former Rangers, Everton and Scotland manager who died last month aged 73.



    Rangers emerged in the bottom tier of Scottish football in 2012 after financial meltdown but it is a contentious issue among a significant section of the Celtic support who claim it is another incarnation of their rivals who play out of Ibrox these days.



    Asked about his obituary comments from the floor of the Celtic Park AGM, the former Labour minister said: “It was an error on my part. I apologised for it and corrected it immediately it was bought to my attention.



    “In mitigation, I can only say it was an obituary I was writing.



    “I have been writing obituaries for a long time in The Guardian and it has absolutely nothing to do with my Celtic role.



    “I was asked at short notice to write one about Walter Smith and no matter who I am writing about, my focus is on a fair and respectful obituary of the man or the woman I am writing about and the audience I am particularly concerned about is those who are most closely bereaved by the loss.



    “I try to put it in context, you summarise context in a very limited number of words and on this occasion I simply did something wrong.



    “I don’t know why I did it but I did, I corrected it and I apologise and all I can say in mitigation it was an obituary I was writing, it wasn’t any sort of statement.



    “I am very well aware of the reality of the issue you refer to, I apologise and I can say no more than that.”



    The Celtic board were asked why the Old Firm trademark had been renewed and acting chief executive Michael Nicholson replied: “The cost of the deal was low and the purpose was not to hitch ourselves to a brand but to control and prevent its misuse.”





  17. “We were astonishingly treated by the Scottish government. We were the only employer in Scotland to be given sanctions for an employee breaching rules.”



    Astonishing that there has been no reference on here to the above statement…..or, maybe not.



    In a most important(10iar) and extraordinary(Covid) season, we were ‘knobbled’ and handicapped at the first opportunity, post Kilmarnock.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 3:22 PM






    ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 2:01 PM



    ‘Celtic don’t have an “owner”.’




    Grow up.



    Ah the Ernie submission call.:-) well done ONIL lol




  19. I apologise and I can say no more than that.”



    why can he say no more than that ? why cant he just state the truth ? cant do it as bounded by some board rules ? or plc rules as a non-exec ?



    utter pish.



    he is no goerge galloway (hahahhahaha)



    or even a jaisket murphy.



    they didnt “emerge” in the lowest division.



    a new club applied for membership to the detriment of others.




  20. respectful to the relatives by not saying a new club, how does that work when walter called them a new rangers himself.



    they should all resign and give us a board fit for purpose.



    moving the owners on is a different matter.










    Yes, it’s not been mentioned and even more ironic was that when Bankier suggested that the Club couldn’t take on the Scottish Government, he was roundly booed.






    why cant they take on the scottish government ?



    see what he said today, why cant he say that at the time it was going on ?






    nose in trough



    Ian Bankier Net Worth






    Ian Bankier biography


    Ian Patrick Bankier is Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Celtic plc. He was appointed to the Board as an independent non-executive director on 3 June 2011 and became Chairman on 14 October 2011. Mr Bankier is Executive Chairman of Glenkeir Whiskies Limited, a company he substantially owns. Glenkeir operates The Whisky Shop chain, which is the UK’s largest specialist retailer of whiskies. He has been involved in the Scotch whisky industry for over 20 years having been Managing Director of Burn Stewart Distillers PLC and Chief Executive of CL World Brands Limited. Mr Bankier’s formative career was as a solicitor and he was a partner of McGrigors for 15 years, where he specialised in corporate law. Mr Bankier is a member of the Remuneration Committee and chairs the Nomination Committee.



    What is the salary of Ian Bankier?


    As the Independent Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Celtic plc, the total compensation of Ian Bankier at Celtic plc is GBX50,000.

  22. Oh yawn jhb weaponizing covid.



    Unastounded and no brain used.



    Your a troll.a very boring one Tam.

  23. SAINT STIVS on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:40 PM




    Would you agree that a Celtic director stating at the AGM that it was incorrect to use the word demoted to describe what happened to the huns represents a step in the right direction?

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