Kyogo and the Japanese market


It continues to amaze when I check the Japan scores that Kyogo does not feature in the starting line-up.  He got the last 30 mins against Oman yesterday, a period of the game that brought Japan the winning goal and not enough to adversely impact his performance at Hampden on Saturday.

What does Japan’s selection tell us?  If our main man cannot command a starting place, Japanese football offers value like nowhere in Europe.  Good job we are scouting there.

AGM kicks off shortly, more on that to follow.

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  1. Read back,expected worse.


    Ernie Lynch,not supporting a Labour MP?.You have not been paying attention.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:47 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:40 PM









    Would you agree that a Celtic director stating at the AGM that it was incorrect to use the word demoted to describe what happened to the huns represents a step in the right direction?






    nope, tiny tiny baby step of self preservation, meant he haw.



    almost parliamentery like, blah blah

  3. We are all equal on here, none more equal than others. We all have the right to post our opinions. We all have the right to disagree passionately but with civility. There is no place for hatred, or, detestation, in our club, “a club open to all” – it should be no different on CQN, still the best Celtic blog, bar none.



    All on here,bar you post their view honestly


    They have done so from long before you came on .


    @radiofanjohn had a lot of hun unionist vermin slapping him on the back.You came on and announced ‘here for the politics’ your football input is fantasy.

  4. Brian Wilson is digging a huge hole for himself here.



    The newspaper obituary stated Administration when it was printed.



    This caused a huge fuss and when we checked the on line story weeks later it had quietly been changed to demoted.



    Now, he appears to be apologising for saying demoted as it was written in haste. 🤔



    As Karen Dunbar was fond of saying “I smell shite!”



    And now we find that the entire section has been removed!



    Just as well he’s a very experienced obituary writer eh?



    Isn’t it reassuring that we’ve got this type of quality on our PLC Board?



    Poor old Sevco!



    Maybe a move to writing Hallmark Greetings Cards would suit you better Brian.

  5. ERNIE LYNCH on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:47 PM



    SAINT STIVS on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:40 PM



    Would you agree that a Celtic director stating at the AGM that it was incorrect to use the word demoted to describe what happened to the huns represents a step in the right direction?




    Nope Ernie.


    was that not covered by the rorybremners comment😁



    Seriously tho its not in any way linked to Celtic,could be construed as an individual writing for a newspaper,


    It was on a 3rd party platform,the herald,ultimately the decision of editing/retraction/reprint etc was out of Brians hand.for obituaries ever wonder why Hugh Adams had for a pint if I ever meet you.



    The demoteeed story will be barely a note in an informal floor session.The formal stuff you know what they are like with the 98/9% majority won’t restate




  6. AN TEARMANN on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:26 PM
















































  7. The actual principle of Celtic Board members, being questioned on Sevco FC for 11 years ,says it all.

  8. So .


























    It altered what?

  9. !!BADA BING!! on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:37 PM


    The actual principle of Celtic Board members, being questioned on Sevco FC for 11 years ,says it all.



    True Bada



    Dermots legacy.


    Silence over corruption and cheating and nothing said.


    Thats why the panama papered capitalist will never get to define Celtic,the polar opposite to our origins.



    They won’t comment,ever,it is a lingering hope after 94 they would at least comment to our own ‘princes’those who bought in and rebuilt under Fergus.alas brand realignment takes place.15 years non attending.sad.betrayed and a board so remote they’d be better in Falklands.



    Today was poor.noddin donkeys




  10. I’ve no time for Bankier. He shows up though. Takes his hammerings. That’s more than can be said for Dermot Desmond. Our major shareholder not attending an AGM for 15 years is both disgraceful and very telling.



    Desmond is our problem and will remain so forever more without a major fan effort to get him out.




    I assume you both missed my comment earlier this afternoon about Bankier at the AGM.

  12. – Ange and his old media mate Gerard Whateley (a doyen of Aussie sports reporting…)



    In Ange’s interview, he says “The more people who were painting me as this unknown who shouldn’t be there, the more they (sic the Celtic fans) took offence to it and said No; he’s one of ours”



    Taking a pointed pop at some of the more unkind Celtic bloggers and posters there, Ange; nice one.



    Great performance by Ange – who clearly loves his time w us – and very interesting questions from a proper Sports journalist. HH



    PS Ange – you say 3x trebles – you might wanna fact-check on that one, sir :)

  13. An Dun



    You need a ready ,willing and able buyer ,for his shares.



    That buyer then needs to garner support .



    Then Dermot needs to become a ready ,willing and able vendor.



    It’s not as easy as pitchforks at the gates.




  14. An Dun, I’m not a fan of DD however the only way to get him out is to buy his shares, the PLC model makes it this way, this isn’t 94 when we as as fans could remove the board



    Anyone that wanted to would need deep pockets as they would have to make an offer for all shareholders



    The only alternative is to destroy the club by taking away revenue, only one set of winners there

  15. A less than Statesman-like performance by Mr B re these quotes:


    “So, do you take them on?


    ANSWER 1: Yes, you can take a government to task for prejudicial, punitive decisions – it’s not like you’re taking on a dictatorial state where dissent is punishable by death – you ‘take them on’ by railing against the corruption and bias in their actions, Ian.



    “We made our views really clear to the Scottish FA, which is our conduit for communication.


    ANSWER 2: If you think you can rely on the SFA to fairly represent a Celtic grips, you haven’t been paying attention Ian – and this alone is another governance issue!



    “If you go toe-to-toe with an organisation with the scale, breadth and power of a government, you will almost certainly make things a lot worse, therefore we chose not to do that.


    ANSWER 3: See ANSWER 1



    “We had to get back to playing our games.”


    ANSWER: What; had to get back to playing our games fielding 2nd stringers and development kids in matches officiated by bent refs with palpable allegiances to another team? The modern game is won/lost off the park as well as on it – as anyone can see – Mr Bankier.



    Why a Celtic Chairman would adopt such a kow-tow attitude to a wannabe Banana Republican government which has shown its bias borders on job dereliction!

  16. Tom McLaughlin 10.15pm


    You may have missed my response earlier to your comments this afternoon.



  17. Bada Bing,



    Theres a Mason on Every Board in scoddish fitba. Be have no doubt there.



    Scum that control people.



    Dermots Sandy Jetskis say so much.



    I’m not going on Saturday, Aidan will go with his friend. Sick of this.



    I’ll pay but the Young Ones Deserve to experience Celtic Winning and Winning Well.

  18. QUADROPHENIAN on 17TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:25 PM



    Sound post.


    Which Banana Republic? 🤣


    Boli broke both UK and Scottish Law.😊



    Quad,strip away all our emotional biases, views bout what should have been done etc.companies done what they were telt during a pandemic.pick your fight at this moment in time I wouldn’t mess with any form of govt,covid is still being adapted to





  19. AN TEARMANN – cheers bud.



    Hear what you say about Boli. But the Rangers 5 also contravened rules and their club was positively feted for its response, while NFL said our measures were ‘best-in-class’ (even if Exec and coaching decisions weren’t).



    Hard not to get emo-triggered by decisions that seem to be more punitive for us, compared to others. Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you ;) HH

  20. Good morning Timland from a pitch black Garngad.



    Our board are not fit for purpose simple as that. Last year should have seen some of them sacked or resign, indeed the whole Res 11, 12, 5 way agreement, The Rangers fiasco should have seen them sacked years ago.



    A DISGUSTING set of greedy, glory hunting individuals.



    Right we have a game on Saturday.



    So is young Welsh out?



    I hope not as it would mean Bitton back to centre back and he has been doing ok in midfield.



    Rogic and Starfelt anyone got an update?



    Everyone else is fine apart from sick note Julienne no?






    D :)

  21. DAVID66….


    I am going to a Hospital appointment in Stobhill tomorrow morning for some kind of ” Test”, that is described as ” NUCLEAR”….and involves Radiation being given to me ???


    I hope that ALL my hair disnae fall oot !


    On Saturday afternoon, Ive to go to the Central Mosque to get my FLU JAB and my BOOSTER.



    I better make sure that I do NOT have any holes in my socks, in case Ive got to take my shoes AFF ?




    I hope that you and the family are all well ?


    HH Mate.

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