Kyogo and the Japanese market


It continues to amaze when I check the Japan scores that Kyogo does not feature in the starting line-up.  He got the last 30 mins against Oman yesterday, a period of the game that brought Japan the winning goal and not enough to adversely impact his performance at Hampden on Saturday.

What does Japan’s selection tell us?  If our main man cannot command a starting place, Japanese football offers value like nowhere in Europe.  Good job we are scouting there.

AGM kicks off shortly, more on that to follow.

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  1. I wonder if Ernie would spend so much time defending Bankier and TGD if they just came out as labour supporters?



    Easy win for the board. Ignore any wrongdoing as long as they align politically, shameful.

  2. Big Jimmy



    Doing grand and lookin forward to hampden this take care now



    Hail Hail

  3. Heard the newspaper review of the AGM about 6.30 this morning. The BBC announcer gave me the impression that he swallowed the SMSM’s take on it as the truth. From the snippets he gave us, all of it was a real misrepresentation of what actually occurred.

  4. TIMMY7_NOTED on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 8:10 AM



    For a Celtic director to state at an AGM that it was incorrect to describe what happened to the huns as demotion is a positive development.



    Cult supporters can’t acknowledge that because the director in question is a political enemy.

  5. Ernie Lynch,



    Why doesn’t Brian Wilson go the whole hog and write a true version of the obituary and resubmit it, rather than leave the current version, which has already been rewritten and which avoids any mention of that infamous liquidation?

  6. Can anyone confirm or deny that it was announced yesterday that Michael Nicholson is now permanent CEO.

  7. ST TAMS on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:13 AM



    No, he hasn’t. The Stock Exchange will be informed first, por cierto




    Perhaps because it’s an obituary piece and the editor of the Guardian would reject it as an inappropriate platform to make such a point?



    But even if he did the usual suspects would claim that he was only writing as a private individual in his capacity as a journalist and was in no way representing the views of Celtic.



    The cult absolutely detest Wilson because he has the temerity to criticise them, and that just isn’t allowed, that’s the bottom line.

  9. The piece in the Guardian was also an inappropriate platform to mention


    the lie that the huns were demoted



    Cant have it both ways

  10. EL


    Im not a cult supporter, what Wilson did yesterday at the AGM is try to wriggle off a hook, he failed, his apology and the alteration to the obituary has not in any way changed this, the board are very much like the Tories under Johnston’s leadership ignore things and hope they go away, make strategic mistakes hope no one noticies, allow rule breaking and try to change the rule that was broken.


    I read on JF blog that this is not what McCann would have wanted, however selling his shares the way he did to maximise his return , what did he expect ,did he expect smallshareholders to have the funds to spend 40m on his shares, we are where we are and nothing short of buying these guys out if they will even sell will change things, think Ashley at Newcastle nothing different, capitalists with no interest in the club.

  11. And read etims, gives more insights into the operations of the club, where is the vision if no one will tell the support but they keep it to themselves? Do they think people are so gullible?

  12. And to not comment on the removal of Dom McKay is just incredible, the communicator has been removed, they can keep things to themselves until their hearts are content.

  13. The Guardian seems to have previous here, with regard to the liquidation of the team from Govan. Didn’t the likes of Auldheid try and place an advert with them and it was not published? One wonders why…..

  14. The disconnected between support and board is ever growing. Needs to be discussion and consideration from all.


    Re what Brian Wilson said yesterday, I thought this was appropriate and as much as could be expected.


    We’re talking about an error in an obituary piece! An obituary. To take a firmer stand on this would look all wrong. We have plenty scope to discuss further. Let’s leave the obituary for now. The optics are horrendous


    Roll on the next game

  15. “UNCLE JIMMY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:42 AM


    The optics are horrendous.”



    I agree. My only hope is that the MSSM won`t pursue this as it would mean bringing liquidation back into the public eye.

  16. Still the fallout from the AGM continues .Not for me.Yes,a total bunch of incopetents,,but not often has it been any different.I don’t get upset or angry now over things I cannot change.Used to.Life’s too short.There will be another Board along some time.What does surprise me after all this time on here,is the number of people that still come on to vent their rage.Changes nothing.Just enjoy the football,and chill.


    Celtic First,and Celtic Last,and Celtic Over All.

  17. “TURKEYBHOY on 18TH NOVEMBER 2021 10:54 AM


    I don’t get upset or angry now over things I cannot change.”




    I bet you do :-)))

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    I don’t track these things much so am clearly asking from a position of relative ignorance



    In the period between the announcement of Dominic McKay leaving and the AGM yesterday ….



    … Has Michael Nicholson actually said anything to the Celtic support?

  19. We are not a shambles of a club, we are a well run PLC making money most years, and for the benefit of the owners.



    We are mere customers.

  20. SS


    Can’t disagree with that .




    The football side is a shambles. Everything is off the cuff. No succession or forward planning.

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