Kyogo is not a cheap diamond


They all move on eventually but suggestions that Kyogo (29) will head to Urawa Red Diamonds in Japan this summer are fanciful. The player is at the peak of his powers and has just finished a season when he scored crucial goals against Newco that swung the most important games of the term, as well as scoring in the Champions League.

Every player has his price but Urawa Red Diamonds have only spent more than £2.5m once in their history, six years ago, and that was only €5m.  They don’t pay the wages and they don’t pay the transfer fees to compete for Kyogo.

We are as well reporting that Ayr United would like to sign him.  This is undoubtedly true, I even heard their manager on the radio on Saturday saying he hoped to sign some Celtic players.  It’s going to be a long summer.

I’ve only just read that red diamonds are the most expensive diamonds you can buy.  Who knew?

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  1. Sadly there are some on here who are of the opinion that Kyogo should be shipped out east.


    The Far East

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    We need to play to Kyogo’s strengths, his runs off the ball into space,are as good as I’ve seen at CP, not for sale.

  3. I can see the sell/keep Kyogo arguments from both sides.



    Kyogo is too good and on too much money to play 2nd fiddle to a BR type CF




    He also looked off it for large parts of the season.



    I get the whole “no-one is finding him when he makes runs” argument – I usually sit in the upper north so have a great view of most of his runs BUT is this more to do with BR’s philosophy than the willingness or ability of Callum/Reo/MOR to play that ball to him?



    It would be a “risky” ball and BR constantly berates Reo for not “taking care of the ball” – I think he’d rather we go back and forward side to side in U shapes for 3 minutes trying to get one good overload on a wing with short incisive passing then used to create a chance rather than risk this type of ball?



    I’d like to think we can mix it up as playing any one way is too one dimensional, no matter how good your plan A is but if I am Reo and being told to “take care of the ball” then I’m less inclined to try the early ball behind for Kyogo… just a thought.



    FWIW If BR does sign a BR type CF, I’d still keep and play Kyogo on the RW / backup striker as required. He is such a goal threat I’d always like him on the pitch and some of the balls he plays in from there are top notch, his movement would suit late runs in (as per Abada) and his defensive work rate would likely better than of JF or (until recently) Palma. If the Japan manager sees Maeda as CF this might even enhance his chances with the national team.




  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    So if Hatate, McGregor and O’Rielly (who are all exceptional midfield players) can’t make the passes to capitalise on Kyogo’s off-the-ball running, who can?

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Quad – just read your post. Some very valid points in there.



    I’d be intrigued to see Kyogo wide left, Daizen on the right with Idah through the middle.

  6. i was comparing Kyogo stats this morning,



    I will post them here if anyone is interested.



    Bottom line, he is scoring less goals, but from less chances, which on video at least look like harder chances. . He misses Jota.



    It is not so much a style of play Ange v Bren. But you could argue Matt takes shots now he didnt the season before, and get into positions the old fashioned inside right space and scroes from there often.



    Only fair comparison is league stats.



    2022/23 Kyogo


    scored 27 and had 2 assists. He started 31 games, with 2,304 minutes (equivalent of 25 x 90 minutes)



    He had from 365 of his chances – 98 shots.



    For level setting Anges Celtic scored 114 times last season, the 3th position in our whole history.



    Other big contributors that season – Jota 11g and 11 assists, Abada 10 goals and 5 assists.

  7. Quadbhoy



    Spot on Re Kyogo under Ange vs Kyogo under Brendan.



    Likewise Re Hatate etc.



    Brendan’s one dimensional style is hugely limiting for these type of players.

  8. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Celtic shop Argyll Street. Decisions Decisions…🤔

  9. Kyogo is a very good player. I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere soon. Also a very likeable and infectious character. Pity was don’t have a song for him. Hun media going full pelt to win the close season cup.

  10. Majestic Hartson on




    Whether or not we agree with you about selling Kyogo it was good you started a decent bit of Celtic chat this morning. 👍

  11. kyogo 2023/24



    14 goals, 5 assists, shots 69, goal conversion 20% (v 36% season before).



    20 less chances created for him,



    he goes from scorin 1 in 3 chances to 1 in 5.



    the other significant team performer changes, jota and abada away but the rise of matt, from a 3 goals but a best of 12 assists in 2023 to now a 18 goals and 13 assists player.



    Kyogo must stay, just give him the ball faster, and either over the top or the quick wing play, doesnt need a cut back just fast.



    a wee football for the maligned not first team readiers, who imho will be better this year,



    palma scored 7 and assisted 9.

  12. the various tranfer markey sites have kyogo valued between 10-14 million euros, why would be letting him go for less,

  13. from last blog – Was it not implied on here that the McCarthy contract was the error that saw Dom McKay binned? We still don’t have the full story there

  14. The returnof weeron on

    SAINT STIVS on 30TH MAY 2024 1:22 PM….



    SPOT ON…!



    Kyogo misses Jota, Abada…and Ange. One or two touch football at the sharp end of the park is what makes Kyogo tick.






  15. Every Kyogo run does not require the ball to be passed to him



    – he can run early and be offside


    – he can deliberately run offside ready for the next move


    – he can drag defenders away from a better ball


    – most obvious passes from the luxury of the stands are not possible in a busy midfield



    The wee fella pushes the opposition back and sets the game up for us , we’d be nuts to sell




  16. this is going to be about attendnaces, dont read if you are not interested, it is an OCD favourite of mines.






    Thursday 30th May 2024








    The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) has praised supporters across the country after setting a new SPFL yearly attendance record for the second year running.



    A total of 5,151,522 supporters turned out to watch their teams across all SPFL competitions in season 2023/24 – the highest figure in the SPFL era – with 25 SPFL member clubs reporting


    season-on-season attendance rises for league matches.






    extrapilate this – looking after your own fans home interests, getting on ticket exchange programmes, having fair pricing and whisper it, keep out the glasgow derby away fans, and you may well increase your oown fanbase.



  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    CONEYBHOY- I was told McCarthy was a DD production, he thought EPL player, Irish international….seems their families are friends..

  18. glendalystonsils on

    Selling Kyogo would be madness ,regardless of his drop off in goals this past season . Posters mentioning the importance of Jota to the wee fella are spot on. He thrives on cut backs from the byline (like the most recent one v Killie) and these have been in short supply . Put him inthe mix with big defenders and they will simply bounce him around .


    Apart from anything else , I can’t see us paying the kind of money needed for an adequate replacement .

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A lot of players who try and get criticised as maybe not good enough, contribute more than McCarthy,who has made enough impact on 2 very good managers, so much that you actually forget he’s still there,nowhere near a squad. The definition of a wage thief.

  20. Majestic Hartson on




    Aye the Dom McKay doesn’t ring true to me. Even if he had only paid as much attention to football as I do to rugby he’d have thought this was a risky strategy – especially if it was one of his first moves.



    The DD seems more likely – I think if there’s ever a time when the fiscal/signing policies go out the window there’s often an Irish connection.



    (I’m thinking Keane X2, Duffy, Ajeti)

  21. Majestic Hartson on

    No news of Melbourne Mick? Hope all is well.



    Not read Big Wavy for a while either

  22. Majestic Hartson on




    Saw you posting the Celtic Exchange interview with Brian Dempsey.



    A boy in work was telling me about the series and I wanted to listen to it in order.



    I’ve just finished the David Low one and it’s amazing – so interesting and I think it would be interesting enough to hear about a random company never mind our club. I highly recommend it to all.



  23. No way are letting Kyogo go. We have been very light at no9 for a few years, Edouard then Kyogo. Having Idah or AN Other to help is a good thing over a long season. I remember watching Shamrock Rovers v Celtic in summer 2018 where Rodgers tried out Dembele and Edouard up front together in a 4-4-2. It looked epic. We all know how long that lasted.



    Overall squad thoughts:-





    Johnston, Bernabei, Shaw, Haksabanovic, Kenny can all go


    Lawal, Oluwayemi, Montgomery – crossroads, need to get some game time now


    The rest to be loaned again, inc Kwon



    Main squad



    Bain/Siegriest – no idea what we will do. Keep one? Bring back Oluwayemi?



    Kobayashi, McCarthy to go



    I’d keep Nawrocki and Lagerbielke (not had a chance) , the latter may be loaned



    Loan out Oh, loan Yang but only is we get another wide player in.



    In summary ; I don’t see a massive clear out. Probably 4 in and hopefully Rodgers sees them as quality. Opportunities for returning loanees and B team guys to step up.

  24. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Ah, the evils of social media.



    An account which is demonstrably untrustworthy tweets about Urawa’s interest in Kyogo.



    Then, to paraphrase a silly song, we rush to discuss like the women in a harem.

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