Lack of consistency haunts Celtic again


Celtic have been completely dominant in Scottish football on many occasions but only once did this result in a domestic treble (the treble was won another two occasions when Celtic were only marginally ahead of the competition but were ruthlessly focussed).

At all other times we have had a morning like this, tossed out of one of the cup competitions by a vastly over-performing team.  Little more than a handful of games against weaker opponents stood between us and a treble in each of the last two years, but as we have noted for many years now, Celtic are not consistent enough to win the treble.  The evidence is substantial.

There are parallel ways we should react to this.  In the middle of a Champions League campaign we should be focused on little else, players should be rested for the challenge ahead, even if there are resultant risks, but there will be disappointment that we didn’t see a recognisable performance from those drafted into the team.  It wasn’t until Matthews, Commons and Stokes arrived last night that we looked anything like the Celtic we know.  On no occasions should we lose at home to a Championship team looking for their first away win since April.

That domestic treble from a dominant position was achieved by Martin O’Neill in season 2000-01, a time when Martin scarcely made a substitution before 85 minutes, never mind rested players.  This drew criticism, of course, as his ‘feeder’ players were denied opportunities to grow.  Despite last night’s reversal I would still rather use these games to develop the wider squad.

I also don’t subscribe to the belief that ‘every game is a cup final’.  Motivational strategies lose effectiveness if you roll them out too often.

Credit to Allan Moore and his “boys with desire and work-rate”.
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  1. From previous article….





    bognorbhoyle oscar in my thoughts



    12:22 on 25 September, 2013




    Looking on the brightside – it looks like the ‘bored’ will be


    pursuing(spelling) the path of – safe standing areas.



    Bring back the Jungle – CSC

  2. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on




    We need a convincing win on Saturday. Barca terrify me at the moment.




  3. Surely our undet 21 side could live with Morton, why not use this cup – from the outset to see if our kids ‘have it’.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    Every deid club fan and hertz fan wants to talk today.



    They knew I was going to the game but when they learn that I had to miss it, smiles all round, lucky you bah bah bah

  5. LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar


    12:29 on


    25 September, 2013






    That’s a stand alone fixture mate. I’m always convinced we will take a pasting in Europe, it took Juve cheating to fullfil that dread.


    We lack teeth, of that there is no doubt but we lacked them last time they came visiting too.

  6. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Hope this acts as a kick up the backside. The fringe players need to do better. They are playing for a first team place.


    On the bright side another season where the Armageddon soothsayers were wrong. Non Glasgow team for silverware yet again.


    Why would anybody bring them back?

  7. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on

    And another thing



    2 million quid for a striker and he is not trusted to play against Morton.



    That’s me



    Lunch time

  8. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on




    Yes agree a ruthless approach breeds consistency …we lack that now and struggle to bring focus and drive to the attacking positions






    Well done Morton for sticking it out; for getting the result they can only have dreamt about.



    Other teams will be taking note!



    Onwards to League business




  9. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    I wonder how amny of our feeder players benefited positively from last nights opportunity



    The reason MON played the same players was beceause he spent his budget on the first team and not on loads of gonnay bes, mibbee gonnae bes and hope to bes



    me personally i would spend my budget on first team players


    since the days of WGS we have been buying too many hopefuls


    its great when we get a vic with a high sell on


    but i wonder what the profit is when we we include all the failures too



    BTW everybody and their dug knows that we needed a CF and pretty much everybody knows we didnt get one

  10. One thing for sure last night is Dylan and Tom rogic will never make it at Celtic


    Pukki and boerigter should have had a field day against a weaker team but both failed to shine.


    Stokes and commons should play every game as they are the only players who can make things happen in the squad.

  11. The Moon Bhoys



    Yeah, another defeat against such opposition is a big concern. Many posts highlight problems which we seem to have had for a long time: fitness, motivation and tactics on the field of play, and a lack of preparedness for this season in particular, eg we all knew Hooper and Vic were off.



    Some posts have a lack of perspective, such as writing off Balde. That grates with me as the lad is clearly taking time to settle and hasn’t done too badly in the games I’ve witnessed.



    Celtic have always lost these types of games: WGS at Clyde; MON at Inverness (days after the Liverpool high !); even Mr Stein had his moments in the League cup.



    Last night the players and support were not motivated, then desperate against a team full of passion and fight.



    Anyone there last night could see it was a possibility.

  12. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    jude2005 is neil lennon \o/



    Yes Johnny Russell but he was significantly behind Griffiths and McGinn with 14 goals – due to injury.



    But yes why not risk £700k rather £1.5m on a semi known quantity?

  13. kevjungle – “c’mon the cellic – fairytale fc “



    12:40 on 25 September, 2013



    No mate it’s because there shite, a manager can’t make you a bad player you’ve either got it or you’ve not and sadly they don’t IMO

  14. Paul. Should the headline say “lack of goal scorers”. ?



    Tamrabam. Exactly mate you spend money on 1st 11 players and you bring through the youths


    Do not waste money on players from abroad who might make the 1st team



    Mon bought players in his 1st 2 years for the 1st team Players that were 1st eleven picks for 3 to 5 years



    What’s the betting after spending 4.8m on forwards this transfer window we will be in again next transfer window and one after it for more squad forwards

  15. It probably costs us money to be in the League Cup. Given that the prize money for winning it is just over £100k, I think the most you can make from it, if you’re telvised in every round is about £500k.



    We’d probably lose that in win bonuses alone.



    That’s the real reason PL wants us out of it. He doesn’t care about winning if it affects his bonus.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I wouldnt argue that Balde deserved a run out last night after all Neil and his back room staff see him at training every day so know if he should turn out for the first team or not.However,I would argue with whoever signed him that he was not Celtic class and was a poor signing along with Bangura, Murphy,Miku etc,etc.the total spend on risky strikers added together would have bought us a decent striker questions need to be asked and people held to account as we should not be loseing to lower league teams that hadnt won away from home since April something in Paradise aint right. H.H.

  17. sipsini



    12:43 on 25 September, 2013



    I was surprised by the lack of comments from huns in the work last night regarding the score.


    The reality of the position newco are in is making them bite their tongues.



    I read through most posts last night and find myself caught in the middle.



    It’s all been said and time will tell what opinions will be right.



    One thing has to be addressed by Neil…crab like movement going forward doesn’t work.

  18. weeminger



    12:46 on 25 September, 2013



    My god if you really believe that mate go and see a doctor you are clearly deluded. Think before you tap the keys on your computer HH

  19. hun skelper



    12:45 on 25 September, 2013




    A wee bit crass ?



    Afterall – he tries to make – Mulgrew / Ledley / Brown / Commons into good players ?


    And he canny dae it cause their sh#te. imo


    If any of the above were any good – they’d have been sold but, thing is


    naebudy wants them. imo


    Only saying – HH

  20. Paul



    Agree that in the bigger picture we should be using these games to develop players and I agree that making every game ‘a cup final’ diminishes the effect..



    Last night was not about developing players as most of the team were potential first team players as subs or replacements in case of a longer term injuries. Whilst we have to accept the fact that in football their is the potential to lose any game. We really should not be losing games like that at home. Strikes me that the management team are not really fussed about this competition and that is reflected in the recent results we have had in it.


    If that is the case them put out development teams.



    For me what was more worrying about the result last night was despite the total dominance was our inability to score. 25+ corners and numerous set pieces against a team without height and we failed to find the net. We are just too pedestrian. Worrying!

  21. kevjungle – “c’mon the cellic – fairytale fc “



    12:50 on 25 September, 2013



    Aye no bother

  22. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “



    I have heard of constructive criticism but that is just mental.


    Brown ledley Mulgrew and Commons are all good players!




  23. My concerns after last night are the same after last week……………although we did play well last week.



    The concern is ..SCORING GOALS……..I can never see where the goals are going to come from……………looking at the team last night just before kick off………I worried as to where the goals would come from……..pukki poss ……but still to be convinced……although I do think he looks a decent player……..rogic nope…….give me paddy McCourt every time……..



    I also worry about Boerenger (sorry spelling) ……..plenty of ability…….just not got a heart…..big worry that….(yes I worry a lot).




    Overall maybe better for game in scotia that the mickey mouse cup will go to some other team ……let them have their moment …….

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