Lack of consistency haunts Celtic again


Celtic have been completely dominant in Scottish football on many occasions but only once did this result in a domestic treble (the treble was won another two occasions when Celtic were only marginally ahead of the competition but were ruthlessly focussed).

At all other times we have had a morning like this, tossed out of one of the cup competitions by a vastly over-performing team.  Little more than a handful of games against weaker opponents stood between us and a treble in each of the last two years, but as we have noted for many years now, Celtic are not consistent enough to win the treble.  The evidence is substantial.

There are parallel ways we should react to this.  In the middle of a Champions League campaign we should be focused on little else, players should be rested for the challenge ahead, even if there are resultant risks, but there will be disappointment that we didn’t see a recognisable performance from those drafted into the team.  It wasn’t until Matthews, Commons and Stokes arrived last night that we looked anything like the Celtic we know.  On no occasions should we lose at home to a Championship team looking for their first away win since April.

That domestic treble from a dominant position was achieved by Martin O’Neill in season 2000-01, a time when Martin scarcely made a substitution before 85 minutes, never mind rested players.  This drew criticism, of course, as his ‘feeder’ players were denied opportunities to grow.  Despite last night’s reversal I would still rather use these games to develop the wider squad.

I also don’t subscribe to the belief that ‘every game is a cup final’.  Motivational strategies lose effectiveness if you roll them out too often.

Credit to Allan Moore and his “boys with desire and work-rate”.
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  1. weeminger



    12:46 on 25 September, 2013




    I think that you might be on to something there m8.



    Afterall, we’re talking about the same folk who gambled with CL qualification


    before they came out waving the ‘balance-sheet’ telling awe the dafties who are


    daft enough to be sucked in by them – what wonderful visionaries they are ?!?!



  2. Occasionally I forget that not everybody (most people I hope) reads everything I write, and therefore can’t tell when I’m joking..

  3. The Honest Cover-up on

    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)


    The profit including all the failures was in the annual accounts released this week, just under £10m.



    Good to see some sensible words from Paul67 today. It was only a couple of weeks ago we played exhibition stuff at Tynecastle and just a week ago we played like a seasoned Champions League team at the San Siro.


    This Celtic team isn’t crap. The new signings aren’t useless. Neil Lennon isn’t “not up to the job” as some panic merchants were screaming last night.


    We are, however, as Paul says, inconsitent.


    That’s something we must always strive to improve on.


    Onwards and upwards.

  4. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ 12:31 on 25 September, 2013



    Did latchtford come back last night??



    Thocht Zaluska wiz between the sticks? 8-)



    To further gloom up the blog, this was a team that could only draw wi the michty Turra United in last season’s Scottish Cup up here . . . . . . . .




  5. LiviBhoy – God bless wee Oscar



    12:54 on 25 September, 2013



    KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “



    I have heard of constructive criticism but that is just mental.


    Brown ledley Mulgrew and Commons are all good players!




    I’ll say it again – if they were any goog they’d be sold !!!



    Naebdy wants them.



  6. the honest cover-up



    12:59 on 25 September, 2013



    Correct mate a sensible head in a sea of madness HH

  7. SydneyTim


    12:46 on


    25 September, 2013



    We’ve been more successful since MON left you know. Domestically we’ve done more or less the same but in Europe we’ve been more successful.



    And we’ve done it without making the massive cumulative losses that we made under MON.



    Given that I thought the last season and a half of MONs time the football wasn’t that exciting, he only wins the excitement factor by a small amount too.



    Not that I swap those times for anything. I just felt it was worth noting.

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    What rubbish the management team a Celtic dont care about the league cup ? the management team are there to put a winning team on the park and entertain the supporters who paid good money to watch the game. If your competitive if you are a winner you want to win every game as the old saying goes show me a good loser and I will show you a loser.To many in our squad are being well paid to just go through the motions.H.H.

  9. BlantyreKev-thoughts and prayers with Wee Oscar and family



    From last thread:



    Oops yes I am mistaken, a free kick in the penalty area – procedure is as follows



    Free kick inside the penalty area


    Direct or indirect free kick to the defending team:


    • all opponents must be at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the ball


    • all opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play


    • the ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area


    • a free kick awarded in the goal area may be taken from any point inside that area




    I must go back to school one that one! Still though, the referee should have made that clearer the first time then we wouldn’t have had the farce that followed.






    Honestly on first viewing of the penalty Gollum gave use I didn’t think it was but after watching it a few times I can see why Gollum gave it, and again if he felt it was deliberate -which it would have to be to be a penalty – and given the ball appeared to be goal bound he should have issued a red card as the laws clearly cover this.

  10. There was some talk on the blog last night about bringing in Billy McKay fro ICT.


    I would say that – if we’re going up to that neck of the woods it should be to bring


    in the best manager in the country – Terry Butcher. imo



    Terry Butcher would be to Celtic what – Jack Charlton was to the ROI. imo



  11. kevjungle – “c’mon the cellic – fairytale fc “



    13:10 on 25 September, 2013



    Do one ya zombie c**t.

  12. Lets get real here – it wasn’t good enough. However, accusing players and management of not trying is nonsense.



    Had the team been pinned back and shipping goal chances then yes, that would have been the case.



    We hit the woodwork and spurned chances. If the ball is half a foot the other side of the woodwork, if players take their chances then the game is won.



    You can’t seriously suggest that a player with a chance to shoot on goal misses on purpose. (Unless he’s bet against this own team….ahem)



    Rank rotten finishing may be the problem. A disjointed and unfamiliar team also. But I would suspect the calories burned, the KM’s run, the sweat expended was enough to win most games. If some players technique wasn’t good enough, some partnerships not developed, tactical nous not up to speed – whatever, they didn’t set out to lose, not to try, not to score.



    We move on.



    Typical Celtic – should have beaten Milan in the San Siro a week ago to losing to Morton.



    It’s never dull

  13. KevJungle



    Excellent………and why don’t we get Leggo as PR man too.


    You’re trying to hard at the wind-ups. What’s up, did no one bite earlier ?

  14. KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “


    13:10 on 25 September, 2013






    do you do stand up? where do you play, I want to come see your full act!!

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    KevJungle. Have a look at Butchers record down south as a manager it was terrible he does ok with Inverness where the pressure is not anything like it is with a big club. H.H.

  16. Kev…………I was just comparing rogic with him ………..cos last night is the sort of game McCourt would probably have thrived on…………not saying he was good enough , or fit enough……..just better than rogic……



    As for your comment earlier about Brown,Mulgrew commons etc………………that will be the same players who qualified for last 16 of champ league…….strange that…

  17. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    The winning of domestic trophies has to be considered against the level of opposition



    We have no significant opposition …ICT are the next best team at present …Scott Brown`s salary probably equates to their entire footballing budget



    It is simply unacceptable that we continue to be embarrassd in domestic cup competitions



    Our squad despite wonderful financial results is deficient in the forward area …we are 4 attackers down from last season ….we brought in 2



    Our current forwards do not inspire …we are hoping Stokes applies himself , Balde miraculously finds some footballing talent and the Pukki`s scoring record undergoes a substantial transformation



    simply not good enough when we make such huge profit



    don`t get me started on the failure to adequately replace VW

  18. Sir Paul,



    jist in fae the jiggin’…



    Celtic Lost.



    and.. Ah wiz Tortured as well as Fractured!



    Fur.. Ma Inner Man.. Kept oan aboot..



    Ah told ye so!



    And Ah defended Me, Maself…. by Answerin..



    And Ah told Neil.. !



    last Night.. before the game.. On this Very BloG!



    But, Furgetting aboot Ma Inner Conflicts,fur the Moment..



    the Fact Remains..



    Ah DID tell Neil .. When Ah first Saw his Team Selection of Last Nignt..





    If Ah Wur King..



    Ah wid hiv Pit oot oan The Park..



    Ma very best.. “Go -Tae- Sunday- Meeting” Eleven… agin the Morton..



    and , Ah went oan tae Explain..






    We should Go oot a Score a Barrowload..as Scoring Goals fur Fun..


    agin Poor Opposition..is the Wey tae Instil Confidence.. and also..



    Tae Keep our Team Work up tae Par..



    Fur , Wance a Manager Pits a Team Together.. who kin turn in Such a Devastating and Skilfull First Half ,agin stuffy Opponents, like St. Johnstone..


    as Celtic Did oan Saturday last..



    Then,it is a Lead Pipe Cinch that That Manager, should Hiv Kept the Peerie Spinning..and Kept that Same Team Selection.. Until, He wiz FORCED tae Change it..


    Owing tae Injury, Fur instance..



    Fur.. Celtic Played as a Team Agin the St. Johnnies.. A Team that wiz only a Pinky Span away frum .. GREATNESS!



    In the First Half , Celtic ,in Ma Opinion , reached the Heights of Combination Play.. that Ah hivna witnessed , from them.. Fur .. Donkeys.



    Neil, Made a Gigantic Boner.



    He Did.. Don’t Argue..



    by deciding tae Mess with PERFECTION..and



    Surely ,Even He mjust Know..



    Pal, Ye jist Canny IMPROVE on Perfection.. and The Team Selection that Neil Had Assembled agin the St. Johnnies.. with the closest thing tae Perfection..


    that He had ever assembled ,since the Season Started..



    That Selection Clicked . It Jist Did..






    Ah Dunno. Why.. But,Nevertheless . It Jist Did!



    Ah canny get intae Neil’s Heid.. Ah wish Ah could..



    but. Seriously, Folks ..



    Neil needs tae sit doon and Seriously Think Aboot.. this..



    Why Did He Mess Wi a Perfectly Perfect team Selection?



    This Stupidity of Breaking up a Selection that wiz Harmonizing like the Mills Bros.



    Wiz.. well…. Jist Plain .. Whacko!



    If he wanted tae gie Some of His Fringe Players a run Oot.. and Ah don’t see why He Should,by the Way..fur .



    They are FRINGE PLAYERS ,fur a Bloody Good Reason.



    A Fringe Player is a guy who is Jist not quite Ready fur Prime Time.



    Is that Agreed?



    Fur That is why He is considered tae be a Fringer,in the First,Second and Thoid Place.



    So.. If A Manager. Inserts.. Three or Four Fringe Players into his Team..in a ONE GO..


    Then,It stands tae reason. That he has Jist



    Weakened his Team.. by a Factor of Three or Four Elevenths..


    which translates into..



    He has weakened it , by upwards tae a THIRD!



    Noo,That is .. A Hellava Big Percentage..



    Ah approve of Gien a Fringer a Run oot..



    Why Not?






    There should be only ONE Fringer , allowed .. at a time.



    One is Plenty.. Three or Four.. is NUTS.



    Asking fur trouble..



    A Numbe of Fringers such a That..



    Upsets the Team’s cohesion.. by Far TOO MUCH..



    it is jist asking fur Trouble..



    Especially,in a One Off. CUP TIE.



    Cup Ties agin Lowly Opposition , are well Known , for Throwing up an Occasional Upset..



    Neil,Should Have known better..



    fur , Ah knew bettah…and Ah said So. Right Oan Here.



    Has Neil, Learned anything frum this?



    Ah wid venture tae guess..



    Na.. He Hisnae!



    He wull Continue tae Use His Cockamamie Reasoning..



    That ..He Must gie His Fringe Players a Work oot..



    And the Next time we play agin a Lowly , Unfashionable Ootfit..’



    Neil, wull, Merrily.. Mak the same Mistake..



    fur… He has Done this Type Mistake.. before..


    and we hiv Suffered fur It..



    So.. Last Night’s Fate. which oor Team Did Suffer…



    Is Fated tae Happen Again.. and Again..









    JIst Disnae GET it~





    Still Laughin..



    But still .. Mad a Hell.























    « Prev




























  19. KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “



    Terry Butcher…….God luv ya……..how you doing


    any way pal?

  20. RobertTressell



    Thing is last night we didn’t create a lot of chances, the few clear cut ones came late on.


    It was like The AC Milan game in the respect we had possession but little to show in terms of good crosses and shots on goal. I appreciate it’s a ridiculous comparison in some ways.

  21. gallowgate mad squad on

    KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “


    12:56 on


    25 September, 2013





    12:46 on 25 September, 2013




    I think that you might be on to something there m8.



    Afterall, we’re talking about the same folk who gambled with CL qualification


    before they came out waving the ‘balance-sheet’ telling awe the dafties who are


    daft enough to be sucked in by them – what wonderful visionaries they are ?!?!






    You know, it’s interesting to see a guy / girl believe that he can wage a wee private war on behalf of deranged rangers fans, by posting negative comments continually, in the hope it undermines our unity as a support and a club.


    Does this MO work nowadays? I don’t think so on this forum.



    There are companies that are indistinguishable from the lobbyists who fund them. They create false grass roots campaigns for generally right wing corporate interests. It is called astro-turfing, and will eventually undermine truth and debate on the internet.


    Now kev, I’m sure you enjoy posting here, and in between yawns, we tolerate you. But be aware we all know you are a teddy bear and we are wise to the divisive tactics used firstly by the MSM, and by the likes of your good self.


    Why not try something more constructive with your life? You are never too old to learn something new. Why not write for Follow Follow or start up a blog?



    Losing to Morton is a bit of a shambles, but in the grand scheme of things, under Lennon it’s scarcely been better in the last 40 years (last night permitting)!!!!!


    HH. YGMS

  22. If I was a young player 19/20/21 years of age at Celtic and not given a first team opportunity,I would be knocking on Lennys door to be sent out on loan,or be freed.


    If they are not going to be considered for a game against Morton it is time to go.IMO.

  23. kev……………cant imagine that’s your real name………….anyway…..Terry Butcher!!!


    hahahahaha now I know you are a fruit cake……suspected for a while…..now confirmed!!!!!!!

  24. Richie #TeamOscar on

    Sorry Kev, your heart may be in the right place, and you may indeed be a Celtic supporter, but that’s not a logical conclusion you are making. Having Neil Lennon as a manager will not result in half/empty stadiums. Not at all.

  25. ….pfayr supports weeoscar



    13:17 on 25 September, 2013



    Think a might mate to many Huns on here for me at the minute HH

  26. Joe Filippis Haircut



    Christ all this talk of Butcher is giving me horrible flash backs from his spell at Roker Park in the early ’90’s.



    Granted not one of Sunderland worst managers but pretty high on the list! I was reading a Sunderland forum yesterday when his name came up as a possible replacement for PDC and some of the comments are not repeatable on a family friendly blog!

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