Lack of consistency haunts Celtic again


Celtic have been completely dominant in Scottish football on many occasions but only once did this result in a domestic treble (the treble was won another two occasions when Celtic were only marginally ahead of the competition but were ruthlessly focussed).

At all other times we have had a morning like this, tossed out of one of the cup competitions by a vastly over-performing team.  Little more than a handful of games against weaker opponents stood between us and a treble in each of the last two years, but as we have noted for many years now, Celtic are not consistent enough to win the treble.  The evidence is substantial.

There are parallel ways we should react to this.  In the middle of a Champions League campaign we should be focused on little else, players should be rested for the challenge ahead, even if there are resultant risks, but there will be disappointment that we didn’t see a recognisable performance from those drafted into the team.  It wasn’t until Matthews, Commons and Stokes arrived last night that we looked anything like the Celtic we know.  On no occasions should we lose at home to a Championship team looking for their first away win since April.

That domestic treble from a dominant position was achieved by Martin O’Neill in season 2000-01, a time when Martin scarcely made a substitution before 85 minutes, never mind rested players.  This drew criticism, of course, as his ‘feeder’ players were denied opportunities to grow.  Despite last night’s reversal I would still rather use these games to develop the wider squad.

I also don’t subscribe to the belief that ‘every game is a cup final’.  Motivational strategies lose effectiveness if you roll them out too often.

Credit to Allan Moore and his “boys with desire and work-rate”.
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  1. After 90 mins Charlie Mulgrew started to applaud the fans,and went to shake hands with the Morton players? Do these guys not know the rules of the competition ? A sure sign of lack of application for me.

  2. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Unable to see the “highlights” on Celtic T V cos they didnt plan for extra time.




  3. The Honest Cover up




    Why dae Ye always Agitate Tae Ignore Posters?




    Whit is wrang with You?



    Are Ye so jealous that Kev is recevin the Attention..



    That ye.. Secretly, Wish fur Yersel..






    Ye must face it..



    Yer postings are oan the Dull Side..



    You Should Concentrate of Spicing up Yer Ain Postings..’


    Instead of making Disparaging Comment of Ithers.



    Like all the ither Guys oan Here



    Who Agitate tae Ignore Fellow Posters







  4. tamrabam



    Back of a fag packet stats based on figures from Transfermarkt. Some look a bit strange but most close enough so I’d say this is a good ball park figure:



    Transfer Fees paid (since June 2000) – £133.2m;


    Transfer Fees received (since June 200) – £105.8m



    Since Neil Lennon took over he has spent £26.1m and brought in £46.7m.




  5. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    The honest cover up


    in a one horse race, where our budget dwarves the rest of the teams in the league added together, it should not really be that difficult to win a treble.



    come one now, thank ghod that sevco were already out on their behookies or we would have given them a tremendous motivation

  6. gallowgate mad squad on

    KevJungle – “C’mon the Cellic – fairytale FC “


    13:41 on


    25 September, 2013


    gallowgate mad squad



    13:17 on 25 September, 2013




    Why don’t I do something useful ?


    Like what – telling the truth ?


    Aye – after you.




    You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!!

  7. Summa of Sammi….


    13:47 on 25 September, 2013



    Did Sammi not play v Ross County, Hearts, Killie (sub), St Mirren????



    13:49 on


    25 September, 2013





    Sometimes ignorance is bliss. It worries me that there could be people like that working with me, staying near me etc etc.




    And all “beneath the glare of our monarch”.



    Shouldn’t worry BCW – surely they’re all in some kind of secure facility?

  9. Edward Burns






    You Are Anither..



    Dull as Diswattaer Poster..




    Who comes oan Here .and His the Brass tae Advocate


    that We should Ignore Certain Posters.



    Grow up,son



    Everybuddy is entitkled tae Hiv an opinion



    If it is a different wan frum Yours..






    that’s life in the Big city,kid..



    Live wi It..



    But. Stoap trying tae banish any poster ,whose Opinions Differ fae yer ain.






  10. gallowgate mad squad on

    The Honest Cover Up



    I’ve no idea why Kojo is saying this, but don’t listen to him. We appreciate your contribution. Kojo, you’re not exactly Joseph Heller yourself!

  11. Afternoon, that was a painful one last night , one of those games where the team start slowly and are unable to up a gear. Congrats to Morton it was their night.



    We had enough possession but to much was slow and side to side with neither wide player willing/able to get to the byline and put in a decent cross. Together with no one willing to drive forward and link through the middle with the forward(s) until Stokes arrival. We never created enough for the forwards this is a common theme over the last year. Lots of possession minimal clear cut chances.



    As for corners we created a lot of half chances and scrambles in the box on another night we would have had 2/3 goal, gutted but that’s football.



    This games gone , Neil will review and hopefully learn although as Paul notes we have a history of loosing these sort of games.

  12. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    thanks mort


    a true statto and i bow to you!




    for the first time in over a decade the transfer figures are in our favour, (massively)


    it makes it strange that we couldnt get a striker (i know its early and maybe one of the prospects might yet come good, who knows)



    But am i alone in thinking that we are replacing season ticket income by selling our best players, and in doing so we are losing even more season ticket income.

  13. Liar Cheat Conman



    Now who said that


    and who were they talking about.


    Why does anyone still converse with a diruptive green troll.


    A troll who tries to gain importance and standing in the Celtic comminity by insulting and denigrating a true Celtic great.


    A man despite all the bombs bullets and assaults would not bend to the bully.


    Troll, you are not man enough to kiss that mans boots.

  14. Galatasaray have sacked Fatih Terim .



    Italian media have Roberto Mancini getting the Manager’s gig at Galatasaray.

  15. Jude2005



    Hiya, Palomine..



    Nice tae greet ye.



    Mebbe, ye hiv goat something there..



    Heck.. Ah am willing tae try Anything..and if It taks a good feed tae get Pukkin , Going..



    why.. Ah am Awe for it!



    Serioulsly, Pal..



    Ah like the Kid.. Ah think he wull Turn oot tae be a Sound Replacement fur Hoops.



    LIke Ah said in ma Posting..



    The Kid Wiz Drooned oot , last Night ..in a Sea of Morton Jerseys.



    He wiz a Prisoner.. Well guarded..and None of oor Men could Break doon that Cordon of Grim Warders.



    Morton , did a Number oan us..



    by Oot Numbering oor Attackers..



    Every time a Celtic Man goat the ba’



    He wiz.. Hounded and Surrounded ,by a Covey of Morton Vultures.



    He did stand a Chance in Hell ..of .. Threatening thur Goalie.



    Morton , Set thur Table tae Thwart and Flummox, Stymie and Stifle .. Block and Bar.. us at Every Damn Turn..


    And they Succeeded..






    We wuznae Robbed..





    It is safe tae say






    Nice Chatting.






  16. South of Tunis.



    You’ve done well to read that book released yesterday/today.




    Bada, I think most, if not all are bothered.



    And certainly everyone of us wanted to win.



    But if you need to rant, rave, cry, argue and smash pc to be classed a true fan well I’m not One.

  17. googybhoy ♥ Celtic @ 14:06



    Shhhhhhhh or kev Jungle will moot him for Celtic manager too.

  18. Tamrabam,



    When the league WASN’T a One horse race it wasn’t always them who stopped us winning the treble.



    And not just since 2001



    I mention 2001 as that’s when some fans think we were formed ;)

  19. Fans blaming the board because not enough fans turn up. Hilarious.



    I think we should accept that a lot of people would rather go to the pub and watch English football than good auld scottish fitba in the cold.

  20. Monaghan1900



    Shouldn’t worry BCW – surely they’re all in some kind of secure facility?Shouldn’t worry BCW – surely they’re all in some kind of secure facility?



    Only but only once a fortnight and for as little as 90 minutes.

  21. bada bing



    I am bothered but you have to be careful what you say.



    my question is “who recommends the players we scout and then who rubber stamps it”


    I know park is the head scout but does nfl ok the signing.


    lovely weather in Toronto , off to take my anger oot on a wee white ball.


    I know who is going to win this game!!!!!!!!!!

  22. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I get the occasional review books and CDs from “upstairs”,asking for my opinions.



    These are rarely printed as they are a bit radical for a local,family-oriented paper.



    Never offered the good stuff deliberately,but found some gems that way. I would never have heard of The Shins otherwise,for instance.

  23. Geordie Munro-Maybe I and some others ,care a bit more than some. Will make no apologies for that .HH

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Those for whom football serves as a weekly reaffirmation of their sense of self will continue to be wounded following an adverse result.



    Moreover, these poor people miss out on the wonderful story that is playing out before them, a story stretching back in time to 1888, and forward to the new adventures which await.



    Football is a life choice, not a form of self-gratification.

  25. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Just checked out our stats for the League Cup v the Scottish Cup.


    Only looking at finals because I don’t have all day to do it properly.



    We have been in 27 League Cup finals and won 14 of them. We have lost 13.


    We have been in 51 Scottish Cup finals and won 35. We have lost 16.



    Our Scottish cup record is decent. Our League Cup record is absymal. When we do reach a final there is a 50/50 chance that we will win it.


    The League Cup is seeded and due to our European particpation we enter at the last 16 stage. This cup should be a shoe in to reach the final every other year.


    The Scottish Cup has more teams and we enter at an earlier stage. Our record in the Scottish cup is much better than the League Cup.



    There is no sense in any of that? It confuses me completely. I don’t believe in hoodoo’s, bogey teams or tournaments but there is no explanation for these contrasting records in very similar knock out cup competitions.



    Can anyone shed any light on this?




  26. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Well said.


    I wonder how many people would watch if every game was pre-scripted?


    If Celtic won every game they played in?

  27. Just to be absolutely clear on my previous ‘funny’ I don’t think PL makes decisions that are detrimental to the team purely on the basis that his bonus will be enhanced, whether that’s instructing NL to set up the team to try less than hard in a cup game, or vetoing a transfer.



    However I do think that depending on the draw the League Cup could actually be loss making for us, so I certainly don’t think there’s any pressure on to do well in it, and it’s probably seen as a good opportunity to experiment in a competitive fixture. For me I wish the experiment was more youngsters rather than formations etc.

  28. By the way, we will never get good fees for our players if Hooper and Wanyama flop down there.



    Hooper got a double in his first start against a good championship side. It’s a good start.



    Wanyama is getting a lot of criticism because his passing isn’t up to same level as the boy Cork who he got dropped. Still Southampton will need to understand he is a terrific shield for the defence.



    But for fooks sake!!! Why does Pochettinno not let big Vic go up for set pieces!? Crazy.

  29. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Woohoo that’s tickets for The Pogues purchased.



    The whole album ‘Rum, Sodomy and the Lash’ will be played in its entirety.

  30. I see Kev has been on enjoying a Celtic defeat again.



    Celtic fan ma a**e.



    If you don’t go to games and don’t like Celtic how can you possibly be a fan?



    Terry Butcher……………….Nurse!!!!!

  31. Kojo…I agree with you. I get fed up with people telling me what not to read, what not to listen to and what to scroll past…good on the controversialists! Keeps the blog interesting…

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