Lack of consistency haunts Celtic again


Celtic have been completely dominant in Scottish football on many occasions but only once did this result in a domestic treble (the treble was won another two occasions when Celtic were only marginally ahead of the competition but were ruthlessly focussed).

At all other times we have had a morning like this, tossed out of one of the cup competitions by a vastly over-performing team.  Little more than a handful of games against weaker opponents stood between us and a treble in each of the last two years, but as we have noted for many years now, Celtic are not consistent enough to win the treble.  The evidence is substantial.

There are parallel ways we should react to this.  In the middle of a Champions League campaign we should be focused on little else, players should be rested for the challenge ahead, even if there are resultant risks, but there will be disappointment that we didn’t see a recognisable performance from those drafted into the team.  It wasn’t until Matthews, Commons and Stokes arrived last night that we looked anything like the Celtic we know.  On no occasions should we lose at home to a Championship team looking for their first away win since April.

That domestic treble from a dominant position was achieved by Martin O’Neill in season 2000-01, a time when Martin scarcely made a substitution before 85 minutes, never mind rested players.  This drew criticism, of course, as his ‘feeder’ players were denied opportunities to grow.  Despite last night’s reversal I would still rather use these games to develop the wider squad.

I also don’t subscribe to the belief that ‘every game is a cup final’.  Motivational strategies lose effectiveness if you roll them out too often.

Credit to Allan Moore and his “boys with desire and work-rate”.
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  1. An Tearmann



    13:44 on 25 September, 2013



    I did not like that loss.not one bit.defeats do happen in football,it is a sport remember?



    congratulations to Morton fc.



    Use this defeat to spur us on,we need to be both mentally and physically strong in the coming season.



    My love for you Celtic is as good today as its always been,if not more,because we learn.




    Good man.


    That post is far too philosophical for this site.



    A wee visit to Doon Well might calm a few of our more tortured souls.



  2. livibhoy – god bless wee oscar



    14:36 on 25 September, 2013




    I think the League Cup comes to early for us. CL Qualifiers and Group and new players bedding in.


    Too many games for the fans leads to smaller crowds and lack of atmosphere.



    I am always mindful of a slip up at home in these games. We would have been better playing away with a full ground in Greenock.

  3. Just 24 hours ago the financial results were a cause for mild euphoria and optimism.



    What a difference a day makes.

  4. timaloy29


    14:40 on 25 September, 2013


    But for fooks sake!!! Why does Pochettinno not let big Vic go up for set pieces!? Crazy




    Probably for the same reason that NL used Nir Biton as a defensive midfield player, last night, when we didn’t need one – who knows what goes through the mind of football coaches.

  5. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    Scottish Premiership sides should have to field so many under 21’s in the League Cup to promote the Youth element of the game.


    This would help the tournament provide a platform for youngsters to get a chance and ensure they play all the way to the final and pick up a medal.


    A 19 or 20 year old winning a medal would help their development. Not just as a sub but actually starting and playing a huge part of the match. The league cup has been labeled the diddy cup for years by most fans but maybe it could be used positively to attract people back to watching it. Reduced rates for tickets would help too.


    Celtic did play Youths in the cup when MON was manager but will always revert to the first team for finals or matches against bigger sides. Maybe forcing teams to play X amount of younger players will help give the tournament a shot in the arm. It’s clear from our performance last night and from the crowd who turned out to watch it that our fans are less than interested and the players less so.


    Over to the SFA/SPFL




  6. The Battered Bunnet






    Ye are talking aboot Fitba Fans..here.



    Fitba Fans..the Kinda that Ah Know…



    Widnae even Know whit “Afformation of their Sense of Self ” Wiz…



    or ..How tae Go Aboot Getting a Doze of that!



    Never Mind.. Seeking It!



    Fitba Fans..



    Bitch.. that is whit they dae..



    They Bitch and Gripe..and Complain and Moan.


    aboot thur Team






    They Luv every Minute of Daeing THAT!



    Willie Shakespeare… In Ma Opinion ..



    Coulda Bin .. Identifying a Fitba fan…



    rather than a Lover..



    When He said..



    It wiz not He or she…Did not Love..it wiz . that He or She,,



    Luvved ..TOO WELL!



    And Fitba Fans wull Continue tae Bitch and Gripe..



    Till the end of Time..



    fur that is Whit .. A Fitba’ Fan.. luvs tae Dae!



    Fur they ur.. whatchamacallit..



    INSATIABLE ..they canny get enuff glory fur Thur Beloved Team.






  7. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    googybhoy ♥ Celtic



    Should we adopt a haud on we’re no ready strategy?




  8. BMCUW .



    I have a pal who works for people who earn money from reviewing books .



    Currently reading an absolute gem ——-.



    The Blunders Of Our Governments —–Anthony King / Ivor Crewe



    It’s a belter ! .



    Can’t review it better than The Guardian ,which said —–



    ” This book will make you gasp in disbelief and stamp your feet in rage and quite frequently reduce you to helpless laughter. It will also make you tremble in terror at the realization that the people in charge of our destinies are in many respects , idiots “.



    I have heard The Shins on the radio . Didn’t float my boat . Sounded very Sub Pop but Hey -each to their own !

  9. Paul67 et al



    From a treble yell, to, well a rebel yell I suppose.



    One thing I will say in Neil Lennon’s favour is that he is making it easier for Celtic supporters to know their history. Up until Neil took over how many on here could personally remember the last time Kilmarnock beat Celtic at Parkhead (1955), answer, not many. How many could remember the last time Morton beat Celtic at the Park (1971), answer, more than a few. And yet now, thanks to Neil both of these facts are current knowledge, known by all. That is how it should be, history should not belong to the dim and distant past, shrouded by 1950’s smog, it belongs in the now, as it happens. Neil has brought it up to date, made it easier for those of fading memories, to be right bang up to date, just like the youngsters!

  10. Bada,



    If some need to rant and get a bit hysterical well that’s their choice.



    I was pist at the result last night but to sit back and carelessly criticise without responsibility is not for me.

  11. ..








    Tweet: See you in the Cup final. Oh wait !!!!





    @OfficialNeil..> @AlistairRFC..


    Tweet: See you in Europe.. Can’t wait..




  12. “Probably for the same reason that NL used Nir Biton as a defensive midfield player, last night, when we didn’t need one – who knows what goes through the mind of football coaches.”



    I don’t think it was anything tactical. I think it was the case of giving a player a game who needed it. Same for Rogic.



    My main gripe about players like Biton is, if we are signing young players who are not ready for the first team, why do we not give chances to Fisher, Irvine or Twardzik?



    Are they never going to be good enough? What’s the point in Celtic having a youth system at all? We never attempt to develop players once they outgrow the youth team.



    23 professional coaches plus all those young players on professional contracts. Wasting everybody’s time and money.

  13. WeeBobbyCollins


    at 14.42



    Thanks fur the Nod,Pal






    The Real Reason why those Folk who come oan here and Demand that ithers should Ignore , Scroll By..and Banish Certain Posters..






    Pure Damn.. Green Eyed.. JEALOUSY, oan the Part of the Folk who are Agitating fur


    Ithers tae be Ignored and Scrollied by…




    and That, Pal..



    Is the Damned Unvarnished Trewth..



    Jealousy… Plain . Awful.. Childish.. Jealousy of Anither’s..






    Kev is Controversial… Ah Masel..am a wee Bit Controversial. The Singing Detective ,is Tae..



    but..that is whit Maks a Blog..



    Difference of Opinion.



    It should Be ENCOURAGED..






    Dis Couraged..




    Heck.. Dae ye thing that Ah .. Kojo..



    Agree with All the Opinions that Ah read Oan Here?



    No sirree. Ah sointenly Do Not..






    It widnae Enter Ma Mind..



    tae Come Oan



    and Exhort..Demand .. a Proclaim..



    that..So and So.. Poster..



    Should be Ignored.. banished…sent tae Auchenshuggle..



    and simply Because..



    His or Her Opinion Happened tae Differ Frum Ma Ain oan a Particular Matter..




    Landsakes.. Ah wid Never dream of being so Over bearing..



    Nice Chatting Pal





    Still Laughin’

  14. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    It’s more likely that that is the problem as opposed to the solution :-)



    I laughed the other day when I saw posters talking about just how fabulous a manager Neil Lennon is on the back of the recent financial figures. I thought of Ross County, St Mirren and Kilmarnock away and had a wee smile to myself.



    Today I read posters suggesting that he should be replaced by Terry Butcher (yep that Terry Butcher!!!) and I think of his tactics in the final game against the club that died, Spartak away and how his use of the 2 full backs in the Camp Nou almost kept out one of the best teams ever to have played this game we all love. And once again I have a wee smile to myself.



    The fact is that neither are strictly accurate. Neil Lennon is nowhere near as good a manager as some on here seem to think and equally he is nowhere near as bad as some appear to believe.



    Ps I still have those spares for Kilmarnock on Saturday if anyone’s interested.

  15. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Rum,sodomy and the lash is a good album,or a good night oot in Kilwinning.

  16. gallowgate mad squad on

    Shane MacGowan – has there ever been better lyrics than ‘thousands are sailing?’ A true genius.

  17. Neil Is a Good Manager.



    He is Not a GREAT wan…Yet!



    but, He has Possibilities..






    Ah Insist that Neil Must






    and it is wnen He Makes the Same Mistake , Again.. well..Ah must Confess..



    IN KOJO’S OPINION.. he diz..



    That is when Ah Feel that Neil Should come In fur a Reprimand..



    Fur , It is a Deserved wan..






    Like Ah said at the Beginning..




    Neill Is a Good Manager..



    It is Just that. Kojo and a Few Ithers



    are Impatiently trying tae Advance Neil.. tae the Giddy Heights of being a



    Great Manager..



    before he is ready tae assume that Mantle.



    Therefore, we Must Curb oor Enthusiasm,folk.. and




    Let Become that Great Manager at his own Pace..



    Which he wull achieve ..in Time






  18. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I read a review of it in The Telegraph a few days ago. It summed up the blunders as “Act in haste,repent at leisure”



    Or life,really.



    Well worth a look,thanks.

  19. When I heard the team last night, I looked forward to seeing the fringe players. Big Nir, however, looked to be shackled in a defensive role, when that was not needed. He looked much better offensively, but our coaches could be heard telling him to hold his position. Against a team who were not attacking us?


    Teemu was severely overcrowded by the Morton defence, getting no support from team mates.


    Derk, hope I am wrong, but he just does not have the heart or courage required. Did not ‘show’ once for the ball. Tom and Dylan were very poor, sadly blew their chance again. Still frustrated by the team last night. Losing to Morton at home, just shouldnae happen.

  20. gallowgate mad squad on

    The Spirit Of Arthur Lee


    15:09 on


    25 September, 2013





    Phil Chevron wrote that song







    Ah….Did Shane write the lyrics?

  21. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Brilliant song are you going?






    Good to you last night. Having met your sister I now know who acquired the looks gene :-)




  22. timaloy29


    14:56 on 25 September, 2013




    I agree with you entirely.


    The point I am making is that Nir Biton is supposed to be a box to box midfielder not a defensive midfielder. We didn’t need a defending midfielder because Morton came to defend.


    Basically, the whole problem with Scottish football is the lack of home grown players in the teams. The SFA and their pandering to the huns have destroyed football in Scotland. That Morton team, last night, only had 4 Scots in their starting 11, and they’re a Championship club ffs.


    Celtic don’t help matters when they don’t promote youth players and are happy to go out and waste money on substandard foreign players, who are overpaid and sometimes not fit for purpose.

  23. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I should bloody hope she would have!



    Pleasure was ours,mate. See ya in UoS.

  24. gallowgate mad squad on

    Just checked – it wasnt Shane. Phil Chevron – he should have international recognition for that alone.

  25. The Spirit Of Arthur Lee on




    I will ask for that as a burthday present but will have to take the next day off work as i will be in the same nick as shane.




  26. Rum , Sodomy and the Lash ..



    My ears prefer —–Red Roses for Me .



    Remember hearing a thing on Radio 4 re quotes falsely attributed to Churchill .



    One such quote was ——” Don’t talk to me about naval tradition , it’s nothing but Rum, Sodomy and the Lash “.



    A Churchill expert denied that Churchill had said it and claimed that on learning that he had supposedly said it , Churchill said ——



    ” I never said that , but I wish I had “.



    Some versions of the quotation have it as ——– Rum / Sodomy / Prayers / The Lash

  27. Delaneys Dunky



    Ah thoroughly Agree with everything that ye jist Posted.



    We are airm and Airm.. Pinkety ,Pinkety ..Ma Friend



    regarding your Stated opinions of the Individual Performances of Some of Last Night’s Cast.



    Nir, will Be alright. the Lad Is so New,and dressed up in his Brand New Fitba Gear..




    I am An sure that Ah heard … His Boots Squeak!



    He has tae find his Land Legs..and Ah thought that He did a Fine Joab in getting with


    the Programme..



    Ah expect a Big Improvement..




    Virgil, has Noo Settled..and So His Ambrose..



    And if We are Patient with Pukki.. Ah am sure that we wullnae Regret it.



    Pukki, Ah like..



    Boeriggter.. Like Ye say..and Ah heartily Agree..




    It looks like that Chap is a wee bit Too Chicken Hearted fur the S.P.L.




    The S.P.L. is No Kansas..and Boeriggter is Jist Beginning tae Find That Oot!



    Ah Am Disappointed,of course in the Efforts that Ah saw from






    This Kid is Jist NOT IMPROVING. and Ye know that Kojo



    always Looks Fur an Improvement in a Player..



    And if He diznae see it?



    Well.. Kojo disnae Like ..No Tae See It!



    Nice Chatting



    Kojo Still Laughin’

  28. Geordie Munro-If you would like to point out ” but to sit back and carelessly criticise without responsibility is not for me.” regarding my posts i would like a chance to respond.Blogs are for people to express an opinion,obviously within reason.You might be referring to some of the hysterical guff which does appear here after a bad result.Last night i posted the lack of variation in trying to break down packed defences,is alarming,considering the amount of times we have failed in Cup Ties.We have too many similar types of player.I stick by those thoughts.HH.

  29. Googybhoy,



    I wouldn’t have a problem playing the development squad in the league cup but with two conditions….



    1, we were still in European competition.



    2, we were all aware of this at the start of the season.

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