Lack of consistency haunts Celtic again


Celtic have been completely dominant in Scottish football on many occasions but only once did this result in a domestic treble (the treble was won another two occasions when Celtic were only marginally ahead of the competition but were ruthlessly focussed).

At all other times we have had a morning like this, tossed out of one of the cup competitions by a vastly over-performing team.  Little more than a handful of games against weaker opponents stood between us and a treble in each of the last two years, but as we have noted for many years now, Celtic are not consistent enough to win the treble.  The evidence is substantial.

There are parallel ways we should react to this.  In the middle of a Champions League campaign we should be focused on little else, players should be rested for the challenge ahead, even if there are resultant risks, but there will be disappointment that we didn’t see a recognisable performance from those drafted into the team.  It wasn’t until Matthews, Commons and Stokes arrived last night that we looked anything like the Celtic we know.  On no occasions should we lose at home to a Championship team looking for their first away win since April.

That domestic treble from a dominant position was achieved by Martin O’Neill in season 2000-01, a time when Martin scarcely made a substitution before 85 minutes, never mind rested players.  This drew criticism, of course, as his ‘feeder’ players were denied opportunities to grow.  Despite last night’s reversal I would still rather use these games to develop the wider squad.

I also don’t subscribe to the belief that ‘every game is a cup final’.  Motivational strategies lose effectiveness if you roll them out too often.

Credit to Allan Moore and his “boys with desire and work-rate”.
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  1. Kojo



    Thanks for the reply.


    Virgil and Efe are looking increasingly, head and shoulders above anyone in this Celtic team. Virgil’s wee shimmy by two Morton defenders and accurate lob into the danger area in the first half, was the highlight of the night for me.

  2. I’ve been trying to find information on Marcus Fraser’s recovery progress. Anyone know anything.

  3. Bada,



    You’re taking my posts too personal.



    I was disappointed balde didn’t start and raging when he didn’t come on as I thought last night was his night so to speak.



    I was referring to other hysteria as you say.



    But I’m not wanting to move away from my original point….getting incandescent with rage doesn’t make you a bigger fan.

  4. GM-Not trying to be a martyr,but merely upset at a worrying series of poor results in Cup Ties.Hail Hail hombre.

  5. After 57 years of supporting and Celtic I have come to the realisation that we are prone to losing cup ties against much lesser opposition. Was at the Inverness game, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led to MON being appointed

  6. Last night we were so obviously complacent, that’s all. we must play EVERY opponent as if they were Barcelona. As most teams visiting CP will play with all men behind the ball we simply must find a way to get past this obstacle. Anyone with an ounce of football sense can set a team up not to concede, as they say, it’s hardly rocket science now is it?


    So, with all defeats, we must learn from the mistakes, and prevent them re-occurring.


    Nuff said, well played Morton though to be fair. It’s not their fault we could not get past them.


    Hail Hail




    ps We do need a midfield playmaker though but I have high hopes for KC in that department. Bring back Crosas!!

  7. Delaney’s Dunky



    Yep.. Ah also Enjoyed that wee “shimmy” That Ambrose, perpetrated oan that


    unfortunate Mortonian.



    Speaking of Ambrose..



    the Very First game ,which Efe ,Played fur us..



    Ah wiz so Impressed by his ball Handling and His calm Demeanour , ” oan the Ba'”,





    Wiz Prompted tae Proclaim..



    “We hiv his Found our Next Lubo.. This Kid, Is a Heaven Sent..



    Mid Field General”



    Yes.. Ah thought that Ambrose wiz jis the Ticket fur oor Next.. Mid Field Engineer.



    Ah wiz no Pleased when Neil. Insisted oan Playing Ambrose in Defensive Position..


    Right Back or C.B.






    It noo looks like Neilk Wiz right..and Kojo wiz Wrang..




    Ah am Delighted tae Concede!



    Ambrose, is a real Pick Me Upper.. fur low spirits…



    When he plays the Role.. of a Ball Playing C.B.



    He exudes..Class and elan.



    Much the same… as His new Partner ,Also , Does..



    Virgil, is Another Super Ball Manipulator of the Highest Class,




    We are Indeed Blessed, in Having Two such Classy guys in oor Center Defense.






  8. glendalystonsils on

    Now that I’ve calmed down, I’m trying to be philosophical about last night’s debacle.



    If you’re going to get a boot up the Erchie it might as well be with a size 14, steel toecapped winklepicker.

  9. timaloy29



    14:56 on 25 September, 2013



    “Probably for the same reason that NL used Nir Biton as a defensive midfield player, last night, when we didn’t need one – who knows what goes through the mind of football coaches.”



    I don’t think it was anything tactical. I think it was the case of giving a player a game who needed it. Same for Rogic.



    My main gripe about players like Biton is, if we are signing young players who are not ready for the first team, why do we not give chances to Fisher, Irvine or Twardzik?



    Are they never going to be good enough? What’s the point in Celtic having a youth system at all? We never attempt to develop players once they outgrow the youth team.



    23 professional coaches plus all those young players on professional contracts. Wasting everybody’s time and money.






    I couldn’t agree more! Don’t give one or two a game then drop them cos the regulars were Lillian Gish. Play the entire team! They play together and would be up for a challenge. They’d also consider the attendance as huge!


    Would we as fans be so fickle as to criticise these bhoys if they lost? Indeed many have suggested they compete in lower leagues!!

  10. Ron Bacardi




    15:58 on 25 September, 2013




    After 57 years of supporting and Celtic I have come to the realisation that we are prone to losing cup ties against much lesser opposition. Was at the Inverness game, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led to MON being appointed




    do you think MON will be back soon.???????

  11. Since WGS we have had a worrying tendency to turn attacking midfielders {who can score a goal occasionally} Hartley,Robson,Crosas and Rogic now in to defensive midfielders.Biton i’m not too sure about,FWIW i thought he played well from the second half onwards.

  12. nctim



    First Street Draught House is a go for me.



    Traffic permitting I will see you at 1.00pm.



    Drink permitting I will get home.

  13. Bada, no probs my man




    Cup exits drive me mad but they are nothing new.



    Some guys think it’s was only the buns that stopped us winning cups in the past.



    I think you’ve noticed a worrying trend @1606 though.




  14. @Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    Wasn’t aware Biton was a box to box player. I had read he was a sitting player.



    Have hardly seen the lad play. Hope he has more to offer.

  15. FAVOURITE UNCLE 16:06 on 25 September, 2013


    Ron Bacardi


    do you think MON will be back soon.???????





  16. My major disappointment from last nights defeat is not the defeat itself.



    As many often say “We have no divine right to win”.



    Last night is an opportunity for our fringe players and new signings to step up to the plate.



    The standard of the opposition was of a lower league.



    Our players should be able to compete and beat a team of that standard at home.



    What was especially disappointing for me was the new recruits .


    We have spent millions of pounds in signing on fees and further millions on salaries.



    VIrgil probably had easiest job on the night , and looked a class apart.



    Biton , looks frail.Rogic a sand dancer.


    Pukki was anonymous .He should have been looking to fill his boots last night.



    Amido Baldo has been a complete waste of vital funds.


    The fact is that he couldn’t get on the pitch over 120 mins ,when we needed a goal and had 27 corners .


    This speaks volumes of the faith NL has in him.



    The scouting of centre forwards over recent years has been scandalous.



    Bangura,Murphy,Rasmussen , Miku, Lassad have all cost millions and flopped.



    Stokes and Hooper have been successes.



    One has gone and the other can go for nothing in 13 weeks.



    Last night was not about consistency .


    Most of our new recruits have failed to show that they are up to the required standard to play and bring championships to Celtic.



    Having spent millions on them ,Virgil apart .


    I am gutted at the complete waste of valuable funds they have do far proved to be.



    I will reserve judgement on Pukki , but at this early stage I suspect he is a poor replacement for Hooper.



    As for the rest .


    I have seen enough.


    They won’t do.



    Lenny and his scouting team , must do better, to maintain the excellent standard’s that they have already set themselves.



    A very disappointed TT

  17. @emusanorphan




    “I couldn’t agree more! Don’t give one or two a game then drop them cos the regulars were Lillian Gish. Play the entire team! They play together and would be up for a challenge. They’d also consider the attendance as huge!


    Would we as fans be so fickle as to criticise these bhoys if they lost? Indeed many have suggested they compete in lower leagues!!”



    To be honest, people will criticise everything when Celtic lose a game. Though I agree, it really makes my skin crawl when I see people get on the back of our own players.



    We fans would need to learn to accept young players making mistakes. That will be more challenging when the Zombies make their inevitable rise.




    16:06 on 25 September, 2013



    Re MON return.



    I hope not. There is no Larsson, Petrov, Mjallby to inherit and no large cheque book to spend.



    Hamiltontim was 100%. Lenny is no Jock Stein but he is no John Barnes either!


    If we are being honest, Shackter away was another one of those poor performances which we don’t see coming. We got a second chance then. Lenny obviously doesn’t see them coming either.


    But for the same reason we wont see Xavi playing in Scotland, neither will we see Ancelloti coaching here.


    We are where we are and we are what we are.

  19. The Honest Cover-up on




    Exactly. A disinterested Gary Hooper is the last thing we need around the club on nights like last night.


    Gary wanted to leave, we got good money for him and bought a new striker. End of story. Pukki deserves time to settle and we’ll see how many goals he gets.

  20. Emusanorphan 14.56




    Are they never going to be good enough? What’s the point in Celtic having a youth system at all? We never attempt to develop players once they outgrow the youth team.



    A point well made,i for one would prefer young talent coming thro from Lennoxtown.I cant help help but think, that in the rush for big signings in transfer windows we develop a need for such a signing,thinking it will be the answer.It is not as in todays market you get what you pay for.


    I say we take a look at our development model,our scouting system,everything to do with a footballer in development so they can see a path to the first team.There is nothing that can compare with a fan of the club knowing what its like to play for our club.


    pity there is not an indice or ratio applicable to our youth policy as its an area we need to improve on

  21. BB



    It is a worrying trend. Tom Rogic and Nir Biton seem to be the latest to be turned/coached into holding midfield players, in the image of Lenny.

  22. Tinytim



    I agree we have struggled with centre forwards under Lennon. Part of this appears with his preference for the physical attributes. Guys like Bangura can look impressive when holding off defenders but thats no use when they are clueless in front of goal. Balde is just a mindboggling signing.



    I don’t believe Lassad and Miku were bad players. They just didn’t suit us.



    I am not sure if Pukki is a like for like replacement for Hooper. I think he has been signed with Europe in mind, to be a lone striker up front like the role he fulfilled for Finland against Spain.



    However, he is probably capable of the minimum 20 goals a season as a Celtic striker. We will have enough in the tank domestically with him, Commons and Stokes.

  23. It’s all a bit of a hulliballu!!!



    But then again maybe not.



    More than being dissapointed by our players last night I was dissapointed that our manager was out thought and tactically beaten throughout by Allan Moore with ease.



    Congratualtions to Morton whom I thought defended superbly throughout the 120 minutes. For a team I have seen many times this last 10 years that performance was the best I have seen from them them in that time.



    Over and above that a big congratualtions to a good good friend of mine and massive Ton fan who having followed the Ton for years (hence the reason i have attended a few of their games over the years) missed one of their best results in years due to illness last night. My buddy is 36, has MD and is wheelchair bound. Just sorry you missed that victory last night. Your team deserved it 100% and with your efforts over the years not to let your condition get you down and live with your happy outlook on life you really deserved to be there to see that.





  24. Tiny Tim



    Ah agree with Some of yer conclusions, regarding the failure of Some of oor


    New Guys tae Impress,in last Night’s Shindig.



    Not all… but. as Ah said ..Some




    Ah Do not agree in Your less than glowing Opinion of Biton



    After All,Pal.. easy Does it.. This Kid Biton..



    Had only his First Full Start for the Club..in last night’s Confronto



    Man.. Ye do not take Long tae form an Opinion of a Player ,do you..?



    You have concluded that Biton .. “Won’t Do.”






    Me.. Ah like the Kid.and Ah am willng tae gie him at least a Coupla starts in the First Team.. before Ah wull Issue a Firm Opinion of this Worth.



    Ah thought that he did well, last Night.. All Things Considered.



    Pukki, Was over whelmed.. He didnae get a Look in..




    Naebuddy.. even Hoops ..or.. Dae Aj say.. Henrik… wid Hiv bin able tae dae Much bettah than Pooki, did.


    playing under the same set of Circumstances’ as Pooki wus Forced tae endure.



    The Kid goat nae Support,last night..



    Morton saw tae that..



    Morton’s Defensive set up.. Coulda Smothered.. Barca.. Last Night..



    Yes.. It wiz That Perfect.



    Ah tellya We wuz Gubbed.. and that is No Lie.





    Stlll, Laughin’

  25. ACGR Supporting BMCUWP's Hootenannay, 28th Sept in Fun City on

    Hamiltontim: Rum, Sodomy and the Lash.



    You sound like you’re describing a night out with oldtim:-)

  26. williebhoy supporting Wee Oscar on

    I don’t think it is a lack of consistency, we have been remarkably consistent in getting outworked by much lower calibre sides in recent seasons.



    I thought we were badly set up tactically, some players are left out for weeks then thrown back in out of position and asked to perform. While others clearly have an attitude problem against what they see as lesser opponents. I’ve always said, accept less and you will get it more & more. Lennon apparently sees little wrong with things instead of booting backsides at half time. Players lack personal pride in their performances, we see all too clearly at other top sides. If they don’t want to work hard, give the jersey to some who will – No shortcuts to success, we have plenty of talent in reserve bursting for a chance and not getting the opportunities they deserve.

  27. Last night was Morton’s cup final.



    As some intimated, they did to us what we did to Barcelona.



    With a fraction of our resources they had a game plan which they executed effectively.



    They benefited from a generous decision by Madden.



    Their keeper was in sensational form and had some luck.



    Our team selection reasonably reflected what the coaches and most fans thought would be required to beat the opposition on the night.



    We created many chances but didn’t take them.



    For Morton to proceed further they need many of the elements to be in their favour.



    This was their cup final.

  28. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Best wishes to your mate.



    Good results for real fans are never grudged.



    Pity you won’t be around on Saturday,bud. Catch you sometime.

  29. We should resolve to play the development squad every game of the league cup. Give the boys a chance. The first team cannot be arsed anyway.



    Also would be worth watching so you can get a measure of what else is in the squad. Fisher, Twardzik, Fraser, George, Herron and the rest should have got a game. Plenty of SPL games to bleed in Biton and Rogic.

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