Ladbrokes SPFL use Level5 to dig into Celtic


Level 5, the PR company born out of the need to convince Newco fans to back one specific camp, have been given the Ladbrokes SPFL contract. Promotion of the SPFL is the responsibility of sponsor, Ladbrokes, who also pay for PR, this was not a decision by the league or member clubs.

Their brief is to manage the news and keep the words Ladbrokes SPFL in the news. Recent coverage has been a case in point.

Yesterday’s newspapers gave an excellent example of how this is operating.  Ladbrokes wanted their app promoted for free in the newspapers. Their Level 5 performed to task, the Evening Times ran with:

“Murdo was promoting a new Ladbrokes ’Track Your Acca’ app which allows punters to track their bets and cash out on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

While the Daily Record ran with:

“MacLeod was promoting a new Ladbrokes ‘Track Your Acca’ app that allows punters to track bets on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

Both a copy and paste from the press release.

Here’s the rub, though. The bait for both Ladbrokes adverts was Murdo having a go at two different Celtic players. The League’s sponsor is employing a PR company, who could have chosen any subject at 42 clubs, but they chose to have a dig at Celtic players.  Digging at Celtic players is one of the most reliable ways to ensure your comment runs in the newspapers.

That PR company just happens to be staffed by a former employee of a club who can hardly make a public comment without proclaiming their desire to bring down Celtic.

Ladbrokes got their promotion and two Celtic players were used as fuel, this is unacceptable. The League sponsor cannot employ a PR company who have enjoyed such a close relationship with a PR-dependent club, while undermining Celtic.

It is a fundamental conflict of interest and has to stop, Celtic cannot be cannon-fodder for the SPFL sponsor. Ladbrokes are representing the League on PR matters and cannot undermine the Celtic in this way.  The SPFL cannot allow their competition to be undermined by partisan promotion.

Let @Ladbrokes know your thoughts.

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  1. Talking about Firefox, did you know (and it will do you no good whatsoever to know it) that Barclays mega secure corporate online banking only works with Firefox v17 and no other browser, or any later version of Firefox (of which there are now many).



    Bizarre situation where their biggest clients transacting millions must not install upgrades or the whole bloody system falls down. Hilarious, in a way entirely not comedic.



    What’s this got to do with Celtic? Well absolutely nothing to be quite frank, so move on.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on 29th October 2015 11:11 am






    I’m happy whenever Celtic win, and often times, happy whenever we play well but don’t.



    The whole discussion centres on what Celtic do with the ball. In the first half, our priority was to keep it, thus we had plenty of it, but did next to nothing with it, which was the concern I had highlited pre-match.



    Hearts’ purpose was to create a chance whenever they got the ball. Both teams succeeded in their purposes in the first half: Celtic had loads more possession, Hearts had more attempts to score.



    The introduction of Rogic and the impact of Griffiths changed the game in that respect. We had less of the ball and created considerably more chances. It seems counter-intuitive, but the harder you try to score, the more likely you are to concede possession, certainly at the level we play at.



    The lingering concern is that, while we have a plan to regain the ball when we lose it – the high press etc – we don’t seem to have a plan to use it when we have it, beyond working the ball into a crossing position. Last night presented good example of the issue, each half highlighting each side of the dichotomy.



    All good stuff for us armchair Rons.




    Yes – I see your point. It’s the perrenial problem for us – we play against packed defences week-in week-out and find it difficult to pick the lock despite our retention of hte ball – as you say, a paradox. I often think it worth giving the ball to the opposition to draw them out, Not for Europe usually. Perhaps teams like Molde excepted.

  3. “we need someone to actually take on defenders (plural) doing what LG did and what Rogic is good – at close controlled dribbling and do it centre field not out wide.”







    Interesting. I agree.



    Kc has been playing huge chunks of the last 3 games in a more cental role. I thought this might be the catalyst but it appears not.





  4. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I am not sure why after a great win away from home we spend time talking about the huns and the MSM we have known there views an all things Celtic for many many years and they are not going to change anytime soon. I would prefer we discussed all things Celtic. H.H

  5. Just dropped Ladbrokes a email.


    They are being very, very silly.


    Profit-margins at risk.





  6. This increased my Wednesday night contentment level –



    Sassuolo 1 – Rubentus 0



    Rube are 12th in Serie A Won 3 Drawn 3 Lost 4.



    Maybe my annual punt on Napoli winning Serie A will come good this season.

  7. What about izzy and tierney both playing on the left hand side at the weekend ?



    I think Armstrong is good player and hard worker but not left midfielder.. I’d put him in centre beside bitton and brown.

  8. My email to Ladbrokes




    I would think that you re-valuate for a change of PR company than the one you have just hired would benefit your business here in Scotland, and other parts of the U.K. & Ireland, I’m putting it down to that you have either been badly advised or conned here.


    So until I see a change on this matter, I will not e using any of your shops, and I can definitely say that there are many like me on this massive own goal your company have scored, and the odds are against you right now of you coming out a winner.


    Thank You


    Tony Donnelly.


    Sent from my iPad

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 29th October 2015 11:26 am –




    I wouldn’t describe Chris Sutton as anti Celtic.

  10. Is there a download oot there,where I can read all these books that are coming oot for little cost to myself

  11. WC



    Celebrity virgins



    Skin trick



    $3 weight loss



    How Perth women earns $375 an hour



    iPhone stocks



    Weight suppliement



    That’s the list of trending articles I’m getting below Paul’s article.. I’m on iPhone 5s



    Good luck

  12. that wee advert with the blue and white dug limping along to that tune , does anyone else see the the analogy . a poor wee forsaken (blue and white mongrel) dog limping along till its put in a harness,just like the basket case at govan , sure makes me titter, if any blue and white dogs are offended by this post….see a vet!!!!

  13. Who are the players that Murdo criticised?


    I only read the ‘article’ on here were he pointed out that SJ should be rested….apart from that….not seen any players being criticised.


    I do know that, Murdo…correctly(imho) put the boot into Neil and his team for their pathetic display v’s St Mirren in a LCSF were we were defeated.


    Neil couldny handle the truth….Celtic PLC complained to the DR and, Murdo was replaced by Neil’s pal, Chris Sutton who had hee-haw to say when his pals team were knocked out of two cups at home by, Morton and Aberdeen but, everybody knows that, Morton beat us coz….BMCUW’s was there :)


    Murdo MacLeod…4-2….Cheerio 10 in a row….LEGEND.

  14. tonydonnelly67




    Hail Hail fella.


    Tony, did ye no tell them that….any huns reading this e-mail…GIRFUY.


    P.S. Am only kidding before ye release the hounds :)



  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    BIG CUP WINNERS 11:04am



    Good post.


    Everyone has different opinions, Robbie Nielson saw Griffs goal in terms of how Hertz could have defended better, we saw it in terms of how our striker manufactured a great goal for himself. Did Griff brilliantly shimmy past three defenders, before placing a great shot out of reach of the keeper? Or did three defenders miss a chance to disposses him, before the goalie made a poor dive and watched the shot go past him? Depends which team you have an interest in. Reality is subjective, man has known this for some time. Some better educated poster than me will remember the name of a clergyman from the Middle Ages, who recorded a simple experiment to make a case for subjective reality. If you have three basins, one containing water as hot as you can bear on your skin, one with lukewarm water, and one with iced water. Put your left hand in the hot water for five minutes, at the same time put your right hand in the iced water for five minutes. Then simultaneously plunge both hands in to the lukewarm water. To one hand it will seem hot, and to the other it will seem freezing. If two hands from the same person, at the same time, can have different opinions of the lukewarm water. Well what chance supporters and managers of different football clubs agreeing on incidents within a game. However I don’t necesserily (sp) see anything sinister in that.



    The Meeja have anti Celtic agendas for sure, but I am not sure it is applied to the forensic level some on here think it is (pulls pin, lobs grenade, runs for cover)



    Regarding Leigh’s goal celebration, and subsequent booking. I agree that the booking was 50-50 at best, harsh at worse. I enjoyed it, and he more than any Celtic player (even Broonie), must love to GIRUT to the Hertz support, who are so loathsome, as to deserve it. However in such a tight game, a second booking and sending off could have been costly. Winning is the best way to GIRUT.

  16. Ladbrokes are one of Celtic’s sponsors and we will have contractual obligations to them, so there wont be any club led boycott.


    If we’re looking for good PR supporting the ethos of the club then we could use and promote this brand. http://www.balasport.co.uk/


    I know the League will have a ball sponsor but what about Development and Ladies games? A very worthwhile cause if any of you run football teams!

  17. Bhoys & Ghirls!



    Not so long ago some on here were recommending that we should bet with any bookies rather than William Hills.



    Only an observation.




  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The Sweetheart is at work so I was lookin’ forward to playin’ my choons’ at a proper volume.



    Unfortunately I think I’ve just gone and blown my speakers.







  19. Murdo MacLeod….best assistant manager the Celtic have had since Sean Fallon.


    Bring Back The Jungle – CSC

  20. So….one of Celtic’s sponsors..Ladbrokes, decide to employ a PR mob with an Anti-Celtic agenda.


    Wonder what Big Pedro thinks about that….surely he cant be happy.





  21. Here’s a way to get your own back at Ladbrokes and at the same time show remarkable faith in your own team


    Let’s all wait till next week and muster every penny you and your families have and put it all on through Ladbrokes for a a Celtic win against Molde. I am sure that with Dermots millions Peter’s salary and bonus and the combined millions of the Celtic support,it should be possible to bankrupt them into oblivion,it’s a sure fire plan isn’t it.


    There again should Ladbrokes become aware of the plans afoot I have no doubt they will immediately be in contact with Dallas to contact the match officials and use his influence to scupper the plan,so maybe it isn’t so sure fire after all silly me

  22. The Battered Bunnet on




    One of the frustrating things I notice (and I’m not alone I’m sure) when we’re playing against ‘packed defences’ is that we actually allow them to pack.



    We repeatedly play the ball backwards through the retreating midfield of the opposition, giving them the time to regroup and reshape before we look forward.



    Possession is important of course, but not in and of itself. Possession at the back is unthreatening, particularly when the opposition is goal side.



    One view would have it that an attacking position is one where you are in possession of the the ball beyond the opposition’s midfield, and that chances are created when the ball is beyond the opposition’s defence. Whether you pass your way through, play it long, or dribble, you need to get the ball beyond their midfield, and beyond their defence. The means are dependent on the abilities of the players, and the ‘style’ or ‘plan’ of attack developed from there.



    Some good examples of that from us last night in the second half, but Hearts tried to do it from the get go and would doubtless have been the happier team at half time, despite having little of the ball. Only when we changed our approach did the game change in our favour. Bitton’s initial burst from deep for the first, and Griffith’s similarly for the second set up the chances.



    Incidentally, wee Forrest got a bit of a shellacking on here last night, and it’s a pity in some respects as he’s a very good player when fit and firing. Last night though he was neither prepared to play, nor firing.



    Example: First half, he tried to take the full back on 20 yards out on the right hand side, and lost the ball. It happens. The full back carried the ball up the park, promptly lost it at the halfway line, and in a jiffy, Forrest had it again in the same position as before, only this time the full back was 30 yards behind him, and he was facing the centre half.



    That’s a perfect situation: The instinct is to take the ball to the bye line beyond a defence that’s now absent a full back and a (beaten) centre half. Unfortunately, James chose not to, passing the ball in front of the defence, and losing possession again. That’s what happens I suppose when you’re trying to find your mojo after a few weeks out.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on 29th October 2015 9:37 am



    Murdo MacLeod will do anything,if there is money at the end of it.






    And you know this how?



    On second thoughts, BB, plese do not elaborate…

  24. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    embramike says “the Huns are Deid” on 29th October 2015 10:08 am



    Thankfully it is only 5k ……. Silly proposition, more akin to hunmentality

  25. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Hahahahahahaha ….brilliant

  26. the green Man,



    He’s obviously not seeing as Paul is the mouthpiece for the board (©negatonians).





  27. Ladbrokes, dear-oh-dear. Kick them out of CP.



    Great goal from LG last night.



    You can always tell the quality of a Celtic goal by the velocity of the subsequent yellow card.



    By that formula it was an undisputed, empirically-evidenced BELTER.



    Roon ye hun-wanabee goat-pumping hate-fuelled bitter marching-morons Jambo scum.

  28. Murdo MacLeod…walk-on in the rain at Hampdump 1982.


    A great Celtic day, thank you.



    Bed time Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  29. BigchipsUK at 0958, totally agree with you, the way Griffiths took his goal was very reminiscent of Henrik. Hard to find a bigger compliment than that! Sharpness of thought and motion.

  30. Geordie Munro



    I wouldn’t imagine Peter would be happy….seems like a breach of good faith, to say the least.


    I mailed Ladbrokes,..you wont be surprised to know, that it was very sarky and insulting:)




  31. Let’s say Celtic PLC are keen on setting up their own media channels. News, matches etc. What would make that easier than the existing channels all losing the Celtic pound.



    I don’t think it hurts Celtic to have their fans driven away from the MSM in ever greater numbers.



    *reapplies tinfoil to windows*

  32. lennon's passion on

    HEBCELT on 29TH OCTOBER 2015 10:19 AM



    Won’t get them until Saturday night so could meet you Sunday morning. Or if your down for the Molde game.

  33. Kevjungle,



    You could be right in your assertion that MacLeod was the best assistant manager since Sean Fallon. I don’t agree but that’s beside the point. He now does nothing but criticise Celtic and the players. No balance at all. And of course, he is not alone by any means. It’s the only way for a “Celtic” minded man to build a media career in Scotland. That simply cannot be denied. It is all too common.

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