Ladbrokes SPFL use Level5 to dig into Celtic


Level 5, the PR company born out of the need to convince Newco fans to back one specific camp, have been given the Ladbrokes SPFL contract. Promotion of the SPFL is the responsibility of sponsor, Ladbrokes, who also pay for PR, this was not a decision by the league or member clubs.

Their brief is to manage the news and keep the words Ladbrokes SPFL in the news. Recent coverage has been a case in point.

Yesterday’s newspapers gave an excellent example of how this is operating.  Ladbrokes wanted their app promoted for free in the newspapers. Their Level 5 performed to task, the Evening Times ran with:

“Murdo was promoting a new Ladbrokes ’Track Your Acca’ app which allows punters to track their bets and cash out on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

While the Daily Record ran with:

“MacLeod was promoting a new Ladbrokes ‘Track Your Acca’ app that allows punters to track bets on the go – for full details log on to thegrid.ladbrokes.com”

Both a copy and paste from the press release.

Here’s the rub, though. The bait for both Ladbrokes adverts was Murdo having a go at two different Celtic players. The League’s sponsor is employing a PR company, who could have chosen any subject at 42 clubs, but they chose to have a dig at Celtic players.  Digging at Celtic players is one of the most reliable ways to ensure your comment runs in the newspapers.

That PR company just happens to be staffed by a former employee of a club who can hardly make a public comment without proclaiming their desire to bring down Celtic.

Ladbrokes got their promotion and two Celtic players were used as fuel, this is unacceptable. The League sponsor cannot employ a PR company who have enjoyed such a close relationship with a PR-dependent club, while undermining Celtic.

It is a fundamental conflict of interest and has to stop, Celtic cannot be cannon-fodder for the SPFL sponsor. Ladbrokes are representing the League on PR matters and cannot undermine the Celtic in this way.  The SPFL cannot allow their competition to be undermined by partisan promotion.

Let @Ladbrokes know your thoughts.

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  1. Danso188



    That could turn out to be self fulfilling prophecy and it might come true because to get the truth out about Res12 and LNS would shake the game to its core.



    However the world didn’t change by folk thinking it couldn’t be done.



    So are you part of the solution or part of the problem?

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Happy Birthday Starry



    70 today… your looking great … 69 if a day




  3. “That last link was meant to point out that DD has a stake in Ladbrokes.”



    Awe naw,



    Matters not.



    I think the preferred outcome would be Ladbrokes ditch level 5 rather than the betting company go bust.




  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Great article Paul. Classic degrees of separation and delegation approach by modern business that absolves any single player of overall responsibility.



    Any effective response really needs a top-down and bottom-up pincer movement.



    We, the fans, can do the bottom up. What assurances have we that the club are doing the top down bit?



    Hail hail

  5. Neganon



    Pat Bonners book


    On the contrary I think that someone was trying belittle the said Mr Bonner by insinuating that he was charging punters £7.50 for entry too his book launch tonight when in fact his book was launched at Celtic park at the start of the month. My understanding of tonight’s event is its more of a question answer session taking place at The Walkabout in Glasgow attended by Mr Bonner and three former Celtic players


    It seems to me that Mr Bonner does not have some people on speed dial

  6. Auldheid



    I am beginning to wonder why I bother so I can’t even begin to imagine what you feel.



    Have a look on Kerrydale Street re the post about Celtic The Early Years book, by a guy who did something about the situation we found ourselves in in 1994. It’s full of praise for the author and genuine interest in the subject matter.



    Here? We get accused of somehow making money from a book we have nothing to do with, aren;t selling on the blog from a player I was never that fond of.



    A wee while away from CQN is not a bad idea.

  7. I have just got an email from CQN Books promoting Celtic, The Early Years. Sounds like an excellent read.



    About 2 years ago there was mention of a film being commissioned to tell the tale of our foundation and rise to become a major club on the world football scene. It was suggested that it would be for global consumption, not just a local centered film.



    Anyone know if this is alive or has it been mothballed?

  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Pfffffffffft. Just saw a report on falling Puffin numbers on State National Broadcaster One news.


    Said they are known as “The Clowns of the Bird World”. Eh? Since when?


    “Parrots of the Sea” when I was at school. I will not rest until Puffins have their proper strap line reinstated. Standards, jeez, they just make these things up.

  9. Totally different era’s, and players of totally different abilities,in totally different teams . Leigh Griffiths scored 2 opening goals in our last 2 games ,that were Larssonesque.Different types of goals,but crucially,the opening goal in a game.The most important goal. Great to see him and Broony on the bench,enjoying the moment,a couple of Hibees,horsing Hearts.Great result,winning ugly as they say,difficult stuff after Broony called off in the warm up. A welcome good substitution from RD,Rogic for Forrest.

  10. lennon's passion on

    TERRYK on 29TH OCTOBER 2015 1:11 PM



    Yes I was there was it your first away game. War songs as you call them get chanted at all away games.

  11. auld heid I understand what you are saying , but bigoted Scotland will find it hard to do the decent thing and moral thing.

  12. As usual awe naw gets in there before me


    As much chance of ladbrokes being booted ooooooot of Celtic park than that ;*@#$ lord livingstone.



    Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooopy birthday to one of CQNs finest,


    ooooos STARRY PLOUGH.


    till later all chore time


    yes dear

  13. So after years of telling us no sausages on the site. Paul67 has been advising all and sundry to get your tv boxes kodi’d up and break the traditional broadcast model.



    Then we have Ladbrokes (which, as stated above, DD has a stake in albeit not a large one) acting in a way that might cause even more users to abandon the print media and their online portals. I’m reasonably confident the impact on Ladbrokes will be minimal.



    Strategic moves.

  14. Our resident statistician on corners (supersutton) has given us the latest – 1 goal scored in domestic competition from 103 corners.


    Yesterday, we watched Armstrong take a corner, with all Celtic players in a perpendicular Indian file line from the keeper to the 18 yard line. Nobody at the near post, or the far post. That formation needs a perfect corner. Result – Armstrong blooters it well beyond the far post. How many time do we see that? It certainly perplexed Jim Craig, who gave insightful comments all game.

  15. Micheal Stewart rightly getting a lot of plaudits for being a very rare animal in the SMSM football scene , a fair pundit!!!


    He is not in anyway pro-Celtic he just tells it the way he sees it without the usual bias.


    It just highlights how poor the rest of them are.

  16. See what i mean ,the main men at Celtic dont stick up for our club,,say what you like about the huns,they at times have shown the door to the media,why doesnt our club do likewise,

  17. Cathedral View on

    I think the desired solution would be for Celtic to assess and respond to the underlying reason we consistently get such bad press in Scotland.




  18. why is the celtic board full of tories ? for such a social club you would think we would be different, but alas that’s what being floated has done to our club

  19. timbhoy3 on 29th October 2015 1:47 pm



    Keith Jackson is persona non grata at the moment is he not?

  20. Inquitsouiv,




    100 and odd corners for and 100 and odd against and only 2 goals.



    I’d suggest modrin corners are rubbidge for scoring goals.



    Unless you are a couple of our euro opponents.




  21. Just WOW



    SUPERSUTTON on 29TH OCTOBER 2015 12:40 PM


    CQN Corner Stats 2015/2016 (Domestic)



    Games: 13


    Corners Conceded: 46


    Goals Conceded: 1



    Corners Awarded: 103


    Goals Scored: 1

  22. Happy birthday Starry Plough; hope you have a great one! After last nights result that shouldn’t be TOO hard ;-))))

  23. The statistical defensive paradigm to the recent narrative is striking but 1 goal scored from 103 corners sticks out a lot more for me. That’s just not right. 1 goal scored from 103 corners. Jeezo. We used to get one a game under O’Neill. Remember standing with arms out, fingers waggling and going ‘wooooaaaaa’ in anticipation at every corner.



    Not it’s hands in the pockets, muttering ‘ach’ and tutting.

  24. It’s the skua’s an seagulls fault for falling Puffin numbers.



    They’re eatin’ the poor bliddy things!

  25. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I am finding it difficult to accept that I have seen Celtic score only one goal from a corner this season. Who scored the goal? Boyata?




  26. BlantyreKev



    I was just thinking the same myself. Every time O’Neill’s team got a corner you anticipated that we might score and, if I remember correctly, we often did. I wish we could get back to that as our corners and crosses are usually pretty awful.



    (Cue someone producing M’ON’s corner stats to totally dispute this!)

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