Lady luck, £5m decision, HMRC


Sion had their elimination coming, totally banged to rights.  Legia made a stupid mistake which came to light after two of the most impressive and important victories in their recent history.  Football can be a cruel game.  I’m genuinely gutted for them.

Notwithstanding that, after we read the rules and found precedents the outcome was not in doubt.  Unlike fielding an ineligible player, fielding a suspended player brings an automatic forfeit verdict.

For the record, it wasn’t Celtic who drew Uefa’s attention to the error, we played no part in Legia’s misfortune.

Having stayed long enough to see ‘the winning substitution’ I’m not confident of progressing beyond the play-off round with the squad as it is, but this decision guarantees us four home gates and the best part of £3.5m from Uefa from the next round and (at least) the Europa League.  That’s circa £5m extra into the budget this morning.

Ronny’s going to need every penny.  This could be a transformational moment.

Can we briefly speak about HMRC?  They will lose the next appeal, which, like earlier deliberations, takes place in Scotland, but they will win the final appeal, to the Supreme Court, in London – because it’s in London.

HMRC are right to appeal, aggressive tax avoidance schemes rob the poor.  I am confident justice will eventually out, but not in a Scottish court.

On another subject……  watch how the Uefa verdict is interpreted elsewhere in Glasgow.  For the first time in history, cognitive dissonance is close to taking physical form.  This one was dumb luck, nothing more.

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  1. DubaiBhoy (nee LondonBhoy) on

    This is a list of our possible opponents if i’m reading the UEFA website correctly







    Slovan Bratislava(SVK)







    Luck of the irish!

  2. Never saw this coming!


    Let’s make the most of our good fortune.


    Guy in work had a tenner on hoops to go though, threw line out. Bins being emptied as I type.


    Sevconians at work seriously gutted.


    Anyone got Breathing Space’s number?.

  3. CELTIC have been reinstated into the UEFA Champions League and will take their place in the draw for the play-off round today (Friday).


    It follows a hearing of the UEFA Disciplinary Committee in Nyon, who ruled that Legia Warsaw had fielded an ineligible player, Bartosz Bereszynski, in the third qualifying round second leg tie against Celtic at BT Murrayfield Stadium on Wednesday night.


    The decision, which is open to an appeal by Legia Warsaw within five days, is that Legia forfeit the match and Celtic are awarded a 3-0 victory, meaning that the Hoops go through on the away goals rule after a 4-4 aggregate score in the tie.


    The UEFA Champions League play-off draw takes place today (Friday), with Celtic one of the seeded teams.



    Official website :)

  4. Murdo said on the TV last night that – “There’s no need to change the ‘entire’ team, just add two quality players.”



    I’d go for – GMS and big Stevie May.



    Surerly, that would help?



    Btw, the huns got – in through the back door of the ECWC – and went on to win it!



    Only saying.



    Hail Hail

  5. saltires en sevilla on

    johann murdoch



    10:07 on 8 August, 2014


    BBC shortbread will be in meltdown mode – cue solemn music for today




    Solemn musak – superb!



    Playlists hurriedly redrafted



    The last 4 songs on shortbread have been in a minor key…. fact!

  6. BRTH, I think we could add a player(goal scoring striker) and that would improve the team.


    So we disagree, hey ho, where we do agree is it shouldn’t be get anyone in, it has to be targeted. The right player.



    The senior players really need to do some soul searching and ask, did I do everything asked of me and did I put everything I could into the performance, because I don’t think they all did.



    They all looked resigned to their fate after 10-15 minutes.


    That was the worst of it.



    Mr Z, I feel for your team, an admin error has cost them so much, I am sorry it did.


    I am delighted we have a shot at redemption if course I am, never the less…..


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    10:49 on 8 August, 2014


    SYD NEGAKEV 1037



    Brilliant. I copied that and sent it to,erm,one or two huns I know.



    They’ll put it viral as fact. Eejits!

  8. big wavy



    10:49 on 8 August, 2014




    We’re the weakest, they’re awe the strongest.

  9. If that’s the teams to go through and we can’t beat them, Ronnie is in hot hot water. We need investment right enough but the possible opponents are poor.







    Slovan Bratislava(SVK)








  10. I’d take Malmo from that list.



    My only positive thought is the 3 v good chances we had in Poland while 1-1, for Commons, Pukki and MacGregor.



    Embarrassed by the defeat, not by progressing via rule infringement – SFA take note!

  11. You really have to laugh.


    The only slight thing in our favour, in terms of “earning” the result, is that if we’d lost 4-0 or 6-1 in Poland, we’d still have lost the tie on aggregate. So from that point of view, McGregor’s goal and Forster’s saves actually made a contribution to the outcome.


    I do feel sorry for the Legia players (less so for their manager) but that’s outweighed by sheer glee at watching the apoplectic reaction of the zombies.

  12. Snake Plissken on

    Kev Jungle



    I watched Stevie May last night in Slovakia playing for St Johnstone in the flesh.



    Big, strong, quick and knows where the goals are.



    Decent player but not anything more.



    Scored after not being in the game in the first half. Sign of a good striker but funnily enough he was played wide left rather than through the middle.



    Worth a punt but not much else.



    Could develop.

  13. How many goals would Stevie May have scored for us on Wednesday from the amount of chances we made for our strikers?



    Midfield is the problem.

  14. A wee word of caution.



    Reinstatement is subject to appeal be Legia.



    Well remember a UEFA appeal meeting involving Celtic, when UEFA forgot to tell Irish member of the committee that meeting was taking place.

  15. Paul67



    Rebuild must start now. If we fail in the qualifiers we will be ready for the EL. If we wait then being ready will take longer. Must learn from the mistakes of not improving the squad before the Legia matches.




  16. Lets see what happens, Surely after Wed night , there must have been some players coming in talk? Surely. I am every optimistic so lets see if PL delivers after today? I would hope so after the pain for the past two days. Lets see if the CEO cares.




  17. syd negakev…



    Funny! :-D



    Can anybody tell me what the signing deadline is for buying players eligible to play in the final CL qualifyer?

  18. I think you may find that the bulk of the teams may think it is us that is the weakest






    big wavy


    10:49 on


    8 August, 2014


    So, who do we want in the draw ?



    Who’s weakest and who’s strongest ?

  19. Marrakesh Express on

    Legia fans will be in tears. I’m gutted for them and our friend Zbyszek in particular.


    However this was a straight forward breach of rules and a default decision from Uefa, unlike the corruption we were on the receiving of in 84.



    Get out of jail card for Peter Lawwell. Dont waste it.

  20. CL play off match should be free to season ticket holders after fans having to go to Murrayfield.


    All other tickets should be no more than £20.


    Get a full house and get the place rocking. The fans deserve some leeway after the Legia match in Edinburgh.




  21. Wee Lauren Laverne playing lucky Star by Madge on radio 6. Guess she’s just heard the news. Always playing JCGE as well!




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