Last act of Ogilvie should be to call inquiry


The hours immediately after the First Tier Tribunal reports on Rangers use of Employee Benefits Trusts, which the BBC discovered is due this month, to loan money (!) to staff what happens at Hampden will be most interesting.  SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, as a director, was legally responsible for Rangers when they started using EBTs and benefited from one himself but he has refused to resign and the SFA have declined to put him on gardening leave, pending a public investigation.

Instead, SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, told press the Association had investigated Ogilvie’s contribution to the matter and found he had no case to answer, despite widespread scepticism that any investigation whatsoever was held into the president’s involvement in the issue.

If, despite protests from former Rangers directors that the club acted properly at all times, the FTT upholds the position of HMRC, that Rangers incorrectly failed to pay £94m tax, Ogilvie will surely walk (away), as the SFA will have to instigate disciplinary proceedings on the club which inherited Rangers membership, for deeds done while the president was in an executive position at Ibrox.

Even our new friend Charles Green would find it unpalatable that a man responsible for the subsequent penalty remains in charge of the body imposing the penalty.  We’ve said “Ogilvie will surely walk” before, of course, only to witness ever-higher standards of brass neck, but if he pauses for an hour before resigning, let it be to give those of us on the outside of the game what is needed, a full and independent inquiry into the game, how it is administered and controlled. Before the year is out we are likely to learn that our game was violated for more than a decade by people at the very top. A charlatan was expelled from the game earlier this year while the owner of a new club, without financial track record, is trying to raise millions from fans.

In any other European country, even Italy, the inquiry would already be under way.

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  1. See, when people say, “Oh no, not politics.”, they are playing right into the hands of the Minty Moonbeams of this world, the likes of Craigyboy, Chunky, and the parcel of rogues carving up the UKplc even further at the expense of us all. This is what it means when the phrase, Politics is Life is heard. I have no agenda except the belief in social justice, and there is precious little of that in evidence anywhere in 2012.



  2. Just_a_Bhoys_game,



    that is your opinion which you are entitled, but my opinion is


    different, i happen to think that by waiting on a governing body to act a governing body that is just as guilty is just a


    bit naive,on damage have we not been damaged for years via this?

  3. Ithink just before the verdict of the ftt, or lord nimmo report comes out


    the bold campbell will anounce that he is standing down.

  4. Just_a_Bhoys_game on

    danso, i think the point you are missing is we are still awaiting the outcome of the first tier tax tribunal. We still have the SPL Tribunal to sit, let alone reach a decision. Once these things have happened then we will have to decide on our course of action, til then, best to keep our options open, and our powder dry!

  5. newradbhoy-With a handsome financial package i’m sure,he has been taking money under false pretenses by admitting he hasn’t been able to do his job for 6 months, because of the huns meltdown.Regan backed the wrong horse again and has to go as well.

  6. How much of a golden parachute will the shameless C.O. be handed as he floats out of Hampden? You can bet it won’t be a carriage clock or a fishing rod or a set of golf clubs.


    It’ll be some well bent, untouchable off-shore package to be sipped on as he sits in Monaco swapping tales of the high seas with Craigy types as the rest of us worry about unaffordable fuel bills.


    Me? I’d kick his knackers until he went cross-eyed.


    I am sick of all these bent barstewards gallumphing around like robber barons of old just whipping the life out of the country for fun and profit. They all need a right good hiding.

  7. Teuchter


    I concur with your thoughts.


    I love the Celtic, enjoy my moments in and with it. Simple pleasures elsewhere when Celtic not available.


    Looking forward to being back in action soon, Saints, Barca, Killie, other saints etc, etc.




  8. Re wee Oscar keep fighting young fella .



    As a parent who has a kid with health issues, it breaks your heart to witness but the way kids. just get on with the cards they have been dealt is awe inspiring. Yorkhill is full of kids who make the best of what they have .



    That in itself is a lesson each one of us should learn from . I always leave Yorkhill a humbled (though better l hope) man



    Oscar you keep doing what your doing . Your inspiring loads of people.




  9. I mean, I am really sick of it all. The poverty bizness is giving a lot of tossers a lifestyle that would shame a Roman Emperor while food banks cannot cope and rickets is on the rise again.


    Eh……what’s the score?

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    I don’t think so!



    He’s already admitted he had an EBT, he’s already admitted he signed off accounts in good faith.



    He’s already he may have signed other documents without actually reading them.



    The guys has such a brass neck he is untouchable.



    Also, he knows toooooo much, imo.



    If and when he does go down, he won’t go down alone.

  11. Just_a_Bhoys_game,



    i will concede that point to you, but i ask you to remember this when the time comes because i feel it will be another charade.

  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    danso_1888 15:10 on 16 October, 2012



    Did you expect HMRC to do a deal with Rangers?

  13. !! Bada Bing!!


    Was your O.G-? because you didn`t understand O.G`s joke? ie CO`s EBT was big enough for all of Glasgow to have a night out? Or are you making a joke which I don`t understand?


    More confused about this than I am about Independence!




  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    As you have stated above the SFA will have to instigate disciplinary procedures against Sevco



    Can you confirm that this has indeed already been agreed upon and accepted by all parties ?



    If yes I will cynically predict the stripping of titles and a nominał fine as I would suspect has already been decided.



    My posts last night spoke of coordinated delays by a handful of bodies. My cynicism lead me to predict that this is due to wanting to keep Sevco alive by allowing the share issue to take place.



    I believe that this is indeed the long term goal of all concerned rather than a case of keeping the Sevco body alive long enough for a public hanging. A public hanging will never happen and hanging a zombie is futile.



    Rather than pursuit justice and letting market forces decide they are in coordinated manner giving Sevco every chance to survive.



    Far too many questions have arisen to let the SFA pass any judgement on anything.



    If Nimmo asserts that the SFA has indeed brought the game into disrepute then what is the course of action ?




  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I think it is safe to say that David Longmuir will be Campbell Ogilvies successor.




  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Jungle Jim



    Thanks I have to admit to having a mental block there. Too much German been spoken in my life ;-(




  17. The connection between the SFAs inability to govern and the governments inability to instruct them how to govern is surely an indicator of Scotland’s ability to govern itself?



    For a First Minister to aknowledge the importance of football in Scottish Society and yet stand by and let this debacle that allows spivs to damage our game and take no action calls into question his leadership and statesmanship and he has to be called on this issue whether you support independence or not.



    The SG’s stance has been they cannnot interfere. If they want to prove they can tackle the difficult issues when they have unbridled power they MUST interefere.

  18. !!Bada Bing!!



    Yes, I realised that but I wondered if you were asking O.G to explain his joke or referring to something else.


    No matter anyway!






    PS Have you noticed I always give you your full title now? None of this BB sloppiness!!

  19. Steinreignedsupreme,



    they still play out of ibrox, for me this is a scandal in its self, that ground should have been confiscted and sold at a


    proper price for the tax payer, so hmrc did not act properly


    in fact they said it was better for them,for me again proof of


    goverment pressure

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    15:19 on


    16 October, 2012


    I think it is safe to say that David Longmuir will be Campbell Ogilvies successor.







    Go to any sevco site and he is the blue eyed boy among the Zombies.

  21. Awe Naw


    I have done exactly the same myself ie immediately posted a correction and the correction had more mistakes than the original!


    I put it down to enthusiasm 0:-)




  22. leftclicktic


    That`s the problem. Even had Ogilvie done the right thing, his replacement would have been from the same school.




  23. Jungle Jim-aye ha ha,it is confusing all this hun stuff,but deliberately so.Lucky for us the internet bampots are on to their every word.HH



  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Have you read the last of my posts from last night ?



    The agreed course of action taken by the footballing bodies and bolstered by the complete cooperation of all non footballing bodies indicates;



    Cosmetic change only



    A stitch up



    Same as same as



    The new product for Scottish football for the next 30 years will be the procession of Sevco to the top league …whatever that may be by then and then the domestic title competition between THE OLD FIRM ?



    Even DD thinks so ?




  25. leftclicktic


    15:23 on


    16 October, 2012




    15:19 on


    16 October, 2012


    I think it is safe to say that David Longmuir will be Campbell Ogilvies successor.







    Go to any sevco site and he is the blue eyed boy among the Zombies.


    Well that’s the interview process completed then……

  26. Philboy @ 12.59,


    Campbell Ogilvie for Chancellor in an independent Scotland? All you pro-Unionists should pause & think for a moment. In case you haven’t noticed, Scotland isn’t independent YET we have all the corruption that you rightly criticise. However bigoted Scotland is, it’s become so during 300 years of the Union – or has remained so during those 300 years: it’s a fact that Scotland became more bigoted 100 years ago when the UK Conservatives were battling against (limited) Home Rule for Scotland & Ireland, so anyone who claims that the Union has been a force for moderation is being very selective with history. Our compatriots aren’t perfect, but this year they have shown that they are far from being the collection of huns without the bus fare that many here suspected them of being.

  27. twists n turns on

    In the event Mr Ogilvie has forgotten what the duties of a director encompasses, here is a reminder of two of those duties;



    – select suitable accounting policies and apply them consistently


    – state whether applicable accounting standards have been followed



    It is a fairly safe bet that none of the above standards were met. How then does Regan reach the conclusion Ogilvie “had no case to answer”?



    When the reports are finally published it would seem to me that not only should Ogilvie resign his position or be fired, but Regan must also resign, and indeed, any of the members of the SFA who apparently investigated Ogilvie’s part in this whole debacle should do likewise.



    If this does not happen, and one or all of them decide to hang on to their positions, then that is when it would appropriate for Celtic FC to release a no confidence vote in the governing body, and indeed to seek legal recourse.



    Celtic FC were disadvantaged significantly by the misappropriation of funds at Rangers FC, and have probably lost out on anything up to £75m from CL revenue. Dumping Rangers in the lowest tier of football is all very well, but does not compensate us in any way for our losses. The fact remains they should have been ousted from football and made to re -apply for acceptance to division 3, instead of automatically being assigned a place within it.



    Re the share issue about to be floated, beyond belief. How on earth can this be allowed to go ahead when there is still ambiguity over who is currently funding them and when there are no accounts released?



    Nothing has been learned by the SFA throughout this whole sorry mess, and in my eyes, Charles Green seems to be every bit as unscrupulous and untrustworthy as his predecessors. Sabre rattling has got the gullible fools on board determining that they (fans) have also learned nothing from their previous situation.



    Green is taking that lot back to another doomsday scenario, and incredibly is doing iy=t under the watchful eye (or not) of the same people who sat back and allowed it to happen in the first place. £20m shere issue? For what? Working capital? This amount for a team who cannot sign players and have been bragging to all about 40k crowds?.



    I hate to see the average Joe (or Billy) being fleeced, but, in this instance, if anyone buys shares they deserve all they get, which is likely to be the same as before. A share in nothing.

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