Last act of Ogilvie should be to call inquiry


The hours immediately after the First Tier Tribunal reports on Rangers use of Employee Benefits Trusts, which the BBC discovered is due this month, to loan money (!) to staff what happens at Hampden will be most interesting.  SFA president, Campbell Ogilvie, as a director, was legally responsible for Rangers when they started using EBTs and benefited from one himself but he has refused to resign and the SFA have declined to put him on gardening leave, pending a public investigation.

Instead, SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, told press the Association had investigated Ogilvie’s contribution to the matter and found he had no case to answer, despite widespread scepticism that any investigation whatsoever was held into the president’s involvement in the issue.

If, despite protests from former Rangers directors that the club acted properly at all times, the FTT upholds the position of HMRC, that Rangers incorrectly failed to pay £94m tax, Ogilvie will surely walk (away), as the SFA will have to instigate disciplinary proceedings on the club which inherited Rangers membership, for deeds done while the president was in an executive position at Ibrox.

Even our new friend Charles Green would find it unpalatable that a man responsible for the subsequent penalty remains in charge of the body imposing the penalty.  We’ve said “Ogilvie will surely walk” before, of course, only to witness ever-higher standards of brass neck, but if he pauses for an hour before resigning, let it be to give those of us on the outside of the game what is needed, a full and independent inquiry into the game, how it is administered and controlled. Before the year is out we are likely to learn that our game was violated for more than a decade by people at the very top. A charlatan was expelled from the game earlier this year while the owner of a new club, without financial track record, is trying to raise millions from fans.

In any other European country, even Italy, the inquiry would already be under way.

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  1. Call_of_Juarez on

    Bonnie Scotland being overrun in early stages. Looks like a long night ahead for Mr Levein.

  2. sk-bhoy



    Totally. I am sure we are not alone there. Never wanted something so much for someone. Can’t wait for him to be at cp!

  3. Really interested in the Scotland game……wife asks who we playing?


    looks up at telly …bel? I think it Belarus :O(

  4. Out of context? lol!




    “Villa were surprised late last week when a Charles Green took a swipe at the club. “Whilst admittedly bizarre and out of left field, Green did later apologise, as set out below, stating that he was aware of Villa’s


    pedigree from a defeat of Sheffield Utd when he had worked there. “We are hoping that going forward Green will retreat to his day job and leave the cutting remarks for those standing on somewhat stronger footing. “Apology from Charles Green, Chief Executive of Rangers Football Club, to Aston Villa:-


    “During a press briefing I was asked how I saw the future of football. I was explaining how I believed that the current situation


    where clubs in England are receiving massive revenues from television rights, yet remain behind the big clubs in England and


    Europe in terms of success in competition, is unlikely to continue forever. Some of my remarks were taken out of context and I


    apologise unreservedly to Aston Villa, whom I know full well to be a club with a proud history. I remember clearly – but not too


    fondly – them beating Sheffield Utd in the FA Cup when I was chief executive there.”

  5. Good intricate passing there from weak link Maloney and Commons did well to win the free kick. Maloney’s free kick turned away by Belgian keeper.

  6. Even the womens get it from the SFA.



    Celtic’s women’s side have been


    expelled from this season’s Scottish


    Cup for failing to field a side


    because 11 of their players were


    away on international duty.


    The club lodged a petition to have their


    quarter final fixture with Glasgow City at


    the end of September postponed, with


    many of their team absent representing


    Scotland’s Under-17s side in three


    qualifying matches in Macedonia.


    As the rules of the competition do not


    legislate for postponements through


    call-ups to represent youth level


    international sides, they were refused


    permission and told to play the tie.


    Celtic had players available but deemed


    they did not have enough to fulfill the


    fixture. Glasgow City were subsequently


    awarded a walkover and the league


    champions will face Hibernian in the


    last four on Wednesday night. Celtic


    have no right of appeal.

  7. ASonOfDan



    One thing aboot the SFA ,they’re sticklers for rules…………………………..unless it’s


    anything to do with the dark side.

  8. Sevco fans dont do threats to journalists… From Sevcomedia



    Many of you may not be aware of Ewing


    Grahame; he is the Daily Telegraph’s


    resident Rangers hater, and peripatetic


    writer for several Scottish and Irish


    publications that quite often


    demonstrate………how shall I put


    it…………an ‘antipathy’ toward our


    famous club.


    Since Rangers descended into


    administration in February 2012, many


    of Grahame’s articles have focused on


    Rangers in a way that can only be


    described as obsessive and hostile.


    So, not surprisingly, Ewing Grahame has


    become a bit of an icon to the


    obsessed, deluded and demented souls


    that inhabit the likes of Kerrydale


    Street, Paul McConville’s stridently anti-


    Rangers blog, Phil MacGiollaBhain’s


    sectarian, bigoted and terrorist


    supporting site and Alex Thomson’s


    fairy tale world of mystery assaults,


    intimidated publishers and heavy


    breathers from Belfast.


    So, I have to confess to a degree of


    surprise when I read that Mr. Grahame


    had opted for an anti-Regan piece


    rather than the usual anti-Rangers one


    in Sunday’s Scottish Sun.

  9. Silver City 1888 on

    I think I see our problem here. Commons isn’t tracking back. Should never have been given a game for Scotland. :-o

  10. I don’t often watch Scotland, but am now getting the whole deal about Darren Fletcher. For the life of me, I can’t see how he should be ahead of Mulgrew. I know a single instant can transform a game but so far he’s been a liability. Scotland need more in the middle of the park.

  11. moonbeams wd. kano 1000 \o/


    supporting neil lennon 100%.


    champions. c’mon wee oscar.



    Not seen last two minutes of game as read that link twice now and pmsl.

  12. I’m not a violent man,but see if I was sitting in the pub next to Doddsy and he was


    talkin fitba,I’m afraid I would toe his erse oot the door.

  13. Silver City 1888 on

    Are Belgium reflecting our recent form, dominating with lots of chances but just can’t get it in the net?

  14. Scotland holding group leaders 0-0 after 37 mins and are now out to 12/1 for a win tells you how this game is going

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