Last night is going to hurt


Last night is going to hurt. Brendan will hurt, as will the players. As far as our European objectives for this season are concerned – remain involved beyond Christmas – it is close to meaningless, but it will not feel that way.

The players need to make that hurt work for them. Two weeks today, they face Anderlecht. The unpleasant taste of defeat should remain on the taste buds when we take the field in Brussels. This is our opportunity to cleanse the palate. Bottle the hurt, don’t let it escape, let the mood remain sombre.

Use it as a embryo of growth. Be sharper, fitter, more alert and clinical. Take the positives from last night, and there were some, and build on them.

Competitive football is ruthless. Players who reach the Champions League have all filtered through hundreds of iterations of selection and rejection. Last night will have brought the spectre of rejection closer to home than any of them experienced during the Invincible Experience.

If they perform as they can, they will win in Brussels. Do that, and they will justifiably feel better about their place in the great football food chain.

Spare a thought today for others who delighted in our demise last night. The morning after is when they will have realised that defeat just means we redouble our efforts to improve.

Pitch Invader

Oh, and the pitch invader: sue him for whatever fine Uefa impose.  It was a mindless attempted assault.  The reputational damage to Celtic fans from this type of action is incalculable, which the club must show concern for.  The consequences are never appropriately served on the offender.  Let them act with apparent impunity (a ban is irrelevant to some) and you let them cause real damage the reputation of Celtic fans.

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    Agreed. The financial gulf is killing teams like us. Apparent from last night’s results and probably for a long time to come.



    Having said that,mind our goal-Liam Millar-v Lyon? How many passes,over two dozen?



    We lost 3-2 to PSG U-19s last night. You should see our second,a thing of beauty.



    I’ll try to find it.





    Just did,




  2. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:08 PM


    Lets not forget that this PSG team,minus,Neymar and Mbappe,beat Barca 4_0 last season.



    The overturning of that incredible result by Barca in the second leg,was down to the display of Neymar,which no doubt instigated the transfer.



    They are from another Galaxy,far far away.

  3. Great crack with the PSG fans,in the ole Springy Vaults,drink flowing we all sang our songs,very friendly guys,they also joined in YNWA at the park too.

  4. Paul 67


    It doesn`t really hurt me. It saddens me, though, that buying almost instant success is the current way in football. It takes some of the shine off watching such a talented side as PSG undoubtedly are.




  5. Gub Ross County,Dundee,then show the scum just what their place is in football by giving them a tanking.


    Oh yes.

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Thanks to Corkcelt for the cheque given to me last night for Mary’s meals


    A tidy sum indeed ☘️☘️

  7. Last night was a sobering lesson.


    They are an excellent team whose workrate was incredible.


    People said they looked fitter?


    Perhaps because their shape and system had us chasing the entire evening.


    The biggest disappointment to me was the stewards allowing that clown on to the pitch and the repercussions will be massively punitive for our club.

  8. BT Showcase


    Freeview Channel 115


    Champions League


    Feyenoord v Manchester City


    KO time 7.45pm

  9. Well said on passing any fine onto the perpetrator(s), that’ll give any idiots in the future pause for thought. I say the same about those who set off flares, if you cannot identify the individual, fine the dozen surrounding the area it was lit, it would be amazing if the perp doesn’t ‘volunteer’ to own up, i’m sure the other 11 would ‘persuade’ him/her.





    Rarely can you decide on who is in your vicinity at the park. I had a few run-ins wi the numpties who sat beside my Dad twenty years ago,and the family seats in 111 finally were given up due to more of the same.



    Would you be happy if you got done because of a numpty who had nothing to do with you? Would you be happy wi the club telling you that unfortunately due to circumstances outside your control,there’s a bloody psycho in your vicinity,and it’s down to you to control him,or you’re getting banned?



    Course not.

  11. BAWSMAN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:21 PM


    …, if you cannot identify the individual, fine the dozen surrounding the area it was lit, it would be amazing if the perp doesn’t ‘volunteer’ to own up, i’m sure the other 11 would ‘persuade’ him/her.




    The Nazis tried a similar tactic in Oradour, look where that got them.

  12. Finding it difficult to comprehend how the club can be responsible in any way for the behaviour of the lunatic pitch invader last night., Yet this is what UEFA will find.


    It’s akin to saying if your house is burgled, it’s your fault. There are virtually no measures you can take from preventing a determined burglar from gaining access to your house or property. Insurance companies will generally pay out so long as there’s no negligence on the part of the insured, and courts will convict if the offender is caught and proof is presented to support a conviction.


    What sort of security would UEFA deem acceptable ? 1 steward per 1000 ? per 100 ?, 10 ? even then, it would still be the fault of the club if a burly 6ft 18 stone, alcohol fuelled nutjob trampled over a 5ft. 8 stone young woman and staggered drunkenly toward a player or official………


    Impossible situation for the Club to find themselves in.

  13. The Champions League is getting like the EPL.3 or 4 looking to win it,the rest making up the numbers ,and happy to be at the top table.




    Great to see you back ,those guys asking you not to post so many reb tunes don’t speak for all of us. If they don’t like posts just scroll by,last week (international break) could have been entertained by your tunes.


    BIG JIMMY hope you are feeling better soon you are another on here who I like reading your tongue in cheek posts ,puts a smile on my face and after last night we could all do with that. HH

  15. What is the Stars on



    Word for Johnston horse Voice of the North at 310 Carlisle. 6/4 fav.


    At a bigger price word for Arkwrisht,Kerry National,Listowel 405. 11/1

  16. BAWSMAN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:21 PM




    That’s pretty much what UEFA will do, just on a larger scale.





    Say the eejit from last night is a multimillionaire,for whom money is no object?



    Hardly gonna hurt,is it?



    Whoever is responsible will be vilified by his friends as much as by us. And barred from the ground for a considerable period.



    And lost the use of his £500 ticket,plus another £76 worth of CL tickets.



    The guy’s a numpty,aye. But word of the day was perspective.

  18. Last night -?



    It was as I feared .



    Thought their best player was Rabiot . Born and raised in a Paris suburb , played football in the Paris suburbs , supported PSG , went to PSG games . He had a very brief time at Man City’s Academy but didn’t like it and returned to France . Signed for PSG in 2012.. Looks like a fabulous player.!!!!



    About to take a train -this seems apt-



  19. Cant say I’M happy after last night.



    Realistically the transition from being attacked by Dougie Arnott and now being attacked by Neymar et al,took us to the 2nd half to adjust.


    Although outplayed for a large percentage of the game I felt 5-0 a bit harsh given the construct of some of their goals EG 1 own goal,1 of the guys ear.



    Disgusted with the pitch invader,and whilst I realise its difficult to stop,once again the area of Security and Operations under Ronnie Hawthorn has failed,yet no evidence of improvement in this front with regard to a formal plan of containment,taking flags off wee boys is not what he should be getting paid for.


    Any other part of the Organisation with this list of expensive failures and reputational damage,would be changed.



    PS I am never a supporter of boycotts but the utterances from Roy McGregor of Ross County,make me sick considering I have followed Celtic to that outpost since they were introduced to the Big League.



    A shocking cowardly roll over by him.

  20. If Celtic go after the pitch invader to recover any loss, should they also go after the stewarding company and the individual stewards who allowed the incursion?

  21. My worry is that after our result last night, and others from last night and last season, UEFA may think that those kind of results demean the tournament as the best in World football and may give ammunition to those who want the CL to eventually become an invitational tournament por cierto.

  22. PAPAJOE55,


    Cheers mate, I am feeling better….I’m in my local pub !


    When we hammer the Hun yet again (hopefully) on the 23rd in their tumbledown midden….how bad will they feel ?


    For all Celts……..hold your head up high !


    When my head left the pillow this morn….I was STILL a Celtic man !


    Feckin straight forward…simples

  23. garygillespieshamstring on

    What were plod doing? A steamer was able to climb over 3 rows of empty seats, get over a wall and and a couple of rows of adverts. He then staggered 50 yards up the pitch and move towards a player without a cop in pursuit.


    One can only assume they were too busy on important things like checking out tee shirts for logos Celtic should go for them too.



    I think the stewarding company also need a boot in the haw maws. That was as bad as the guy getting to broony at the provy cheque stadium.





    McGregor been got at anaw?



    Well,the way it’s going,it’s only Celtic and a lot of disgruntled fans of other clubs who still see a future for the fight.



    I see no future without one.

  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I didn’t expect to win, but I think we made it easier than it should have been for them.


    The ball watching is becoming a real worry (can’t even blame Ambrose now!).


    Are the players getting coached on this? Or did they go into a trance watching PSG pass the ball around and forget to do their job?


    Domestic teams don’t trouble us with those kind of runs, but I’m pretty sure Anderlecht will be playing on it.



    yes, saw that from Mcgregor eariler.


    Wasn’t it only last season our club told us that RC was one of the better run clubs, and that we had a very good working relationship with them ?


    If that’s what our friends are saying, it looks like we stand alone. No surprise there then.

  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on 13th September 2017 1:11 pm


    Ball watching first half especially. Second goal was criminal. In saying that it was hard not to stand back and just watch the ball considering what PSG were doing with it. But not whilst at work Celtic.

  28. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Prior to last night’s game, I watched the youth equivalent earlier.



    It was a very enjoyable, end to end game.


    We were good from middle to front and Aitchison is very close to being a first team player.



    However, we had glaring defensive problems, which mirror the lapses of the first team. Crosses caused problems all through and from a position of being 2-1 ahead, we missed a second penalty and eventually ended with a 2-3 defeat.



    Overall though, PSG were that bit slicker and crisper in their work.



    As for the ned who came on as an unbidden sub last night, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that UEFA order the section where he came from to be closed for the next tie.