Last night is going to hurt


Last night is going to hurt. Brendan will hurt, as will the players. As far as our European objectives for this season are concerned – remain involved beyond Christmas – it is close to meaningless, but it will not feel that way.

The players need to make that hurt work for them. Two weeks today, they face Anderlecht. The unpleasant taste of defeat should remain on the taste buds when we take the field in Brussels. This is our opportunity to cleanse the palate. Bottle the hurt, don’t let it escape, let the mood remain sombre.

Use it as a embryo of growth. Be sharper, fitter, more alert and clinical. Take the positives from last night, and there were some, and build on them.

Competitive football is ruthless. Players who reach the Champions League have all filtered through hundreds of iterations of selection and rejection. Last night will have brought the spectre of rejection closer to home than any of them experienced during the Invincible Experience.

If they perform as they can, they will win in Brussels. Do that, and they will justifiably feel better about their place in the great football food chain.

Spare a thought today for others who delighted in our demise last night. The morning after is when they will have realised that defeat just means we redouble our efforts to improve.

Pitch Invader

Oh, and the pitch invader: sue him for whatever fine Uefa impose.  It was a mindless attempted assault.  The reputational damage to Celtic fans from this type of action is incalculable, which the club must show concern for.  The consequences are never appropriately served on the offender.  Let them act with apparent impunity (a ban is irrelevant to some) and you let them cause real damage the reputation of Celtic fans.

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  1. Like most today, really disappointed with the result. If it were true champions that were playing we would have been playing Monaco if we drew the french representative not the over paid stars of PSG. But this is what UEFA want and they are playing a big role in who is at the big table, financial fair play my arse



    From what I saw of the match through my horrendous feed and constant buffering, I thought the young boy Ralston acquitted himself well. The one thing I will offer young Tony is, don’t get mixed up in the chit chat with that weasel of a supposed professional. If he mouths off about a tackle hit him harder next time and when he complains again just ignore him get the head down play football and thwart his every attempt to suck you in by walking away with a smile on your face, this will turn the tables on the wee ratbag






  2. !!BADA BING!!



    I can’t remember the last time we had a run of injuries like this.



    Dembele, Boyata, Kouasse all out long term.



    Would they have made much of a difference last night?



    I don’t think so, but ye never know.

  3. Why pick over the bones of last night.


    It doesn’t always have to be someone’s fault.



    Sometimes you just have to appreciate the other guy is faster, stronger and more skilful than you could ever become.



    I watched PSG play at a level I’d never witnessed before. Total confidence, total cohesion , a team capable of playing with the same skill and risk in defence as they would in attack.

  4. Perspective please, ghuys and ghirls.


    Firstly, PSG had better quality players all over the pitch. We may have reduced the score had we parked the bus but would have still lost.


    Re the media. Twas ever thus. When we won in Lisbon the rectum ran an article saying oldco were still Scotland’s biggest team. Hurting huns always.

  5. I think Brendan needs to be more pragmatic and play another midfielder and sacrifice one of the wide players – even away to Anderlecht.



    We go from playing against Hamilton, which is like a practice match for us, to playing against PSG, virtually a practice match for them. What can be done? Teams in the smaller leagues like Holland, Belgium, Turkey and even Portugal now are out of their depth in the CL. I think they should form a Euro league for the second tier European clubs, break away from UEFA if necessary and take them to court if they object, on the grounds that the CL is not a real champions league but an competition designed to make the super-rich clubs even richer.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Big Cup Winners


    Sometimes you just have to appreciate the other guy is faster, stronger and more skilful than you could ever become.





    That’s absolutely correct. But then that’s when you have to be even more alert so as not to make things even easier for them. I think we could have done a bit better in that aspect.


    If we don’t improve on that side of things Anderlecht could be another defeat.

  7. Phil- difficult to see how we could have stopped PSG. Dembele gives strength and presence, Kouassi looks like he is ideal to shield the CBs.HH

  8. Noticed a few have had a go at our fitness compared to the PSG players.


    When you spend mega millions on players, you are paying for a top, top athlete, one who has the technical ability as well as the top levels of fitness.


    Nobody is going to pay top dollar for someone who has the technical ability but is so out of shape they can’t use it, are they.


    Building up fitness takes time, we are way fitter that we were a year ago, we will get there.


    My only complaint, one which I posted last night was our inability to retain possession, this is something our coaches really need to work on, giving the ball away like we did last night was shocking, maybes the players were awestruck, who knows, they certainly didn’t do themself’s justice, I’m sure they are as disappointed as we are.

  9. 79caps



    Yeah, we don’t get the level of competition here in Scotland needed but the goal we lost to Hamilton highlighted the defensive deficiencies that we all just knew PSG would exploit.



    As a club we are between a rock and a hard place. We rule the roost against Scottish mediocracy and being the European mediocracy. Qualifying for the CL gives us a massive financial advantage over all other domestic teams but in Europe at CL level we are the paupers.



    Qualifying with a chance of third and a maximum of 6pts appears to be our CL level. I think as a fan base we need to accept that. Anything above 3rd and Europa is almost unattainable now the way game is fixed and anything other than ruling the roost in Scotland with our finance is unacceptable.






    Retaining possession is difficult when you don’t have more than one option.


    Roberts had the beating of his opponent but then would face a second and third as no one gave him a passing outlet.


    We lost possession often last night when our players hesitated looking for options.


    They probably were fitter but our constant chasing also wore us out.


    If we had been positionally more disciplined we would have made it harder for them and less taxing on ourselves.


    Though not that easy against a team playing like they are.


    Modern football is about pace, power and movement in a positive direction.


    Unfortunately we we never showed much of the above.

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    I’m friendly with one of the stewards as I sit next to where he is situated every week. When the pitch invader ran on he told me that, short of having fences up again, or trebling the amount of staff, there’s little they can do to halt it. What they do have, and was proven last night, is studded footwear in order to chase down any idiot who gets onto the field.


    Surely the club can get the message out loud and clear that any such incidents will be dealt with by Civil Action.


    Obviously not that simple.



    On another note; The joy and ecstasy emanating from Shortbread and especially Richard ‘it could have been ten’ Gordon last night was truly sickening. It followed on to this morning’s news bulletin when the Teuchter sounding reporter reminded us three times that this was biggest home loss in Europe. As someone earlier said, we are despised by the vast majority in Scotland and that includes 90% of the msm. Few give a toss about coefficient, a good result for the country, or the £375k our skint clubs receive from Celtic’s CL qualification.


    Keep upping the ante Brendan.

  12. As if last night’s result was not bad enough – Vale lost their 6th straight league game without scoring :((

  13. My friends in Celtic,



    Saw a great comment on the Facing Book.” You cannot take wallets onto the park”



    Yes the PSG players cost a fortune and are paid a fortune. However their work ethic was very evident and that’s not totally down to money.



    HH. The engine has stalled, but the journey will soon be underway.

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    We try to play like PSG, but at our level.



    We can press teams in our sphere. We can move them about the pitch and take them out of their comfort zone. Give them no time on the ball.



    PSG did all that to us, because, as you say, they are fitter, more talented and all round better players.

  15. Listen wee we’re well and truly beaten,with a good football team, Celtic are quite happy reaching the Champions League, picking up the 30 million or so,oh for someone like the chap that owns P S G.

  16. Marrakesh Express on

    Exiled tim



    I agree with that. Sitting next to the tunnel you get a close up on the build and physique of players. I’d go as far as to say that PSG’s domination was as much down to their physical attributes as their skill and organisation. In particular Rabiot, Cavani and Mbappe, athletes. Neymar too is a powerhouse.

  17. FAN-A-TIC


    When Paddy had the ball last night, time and time again I was shouting at the tv for someone to help him out, they also double up at least on him, this left space for our mid to exploit, sadly they didn’t


    We were giving a lesson last night, I hope our manager and coaches learn from it, but the simple things like making a five or ten yard pass to someone wearing the same shirt as you isny down to coaching, that should be mandatory for a professional player.


    Their players had spacial awareness, something ours seemed to be lacking in, hopefully they can be coached in this, they also seemed to instinctively know where to be or their team mates were, that also costs money.


    I am not criting our players, they are as good as they can be, just trying to get a sense of perspective of where we are, it’s not every day we are torn to shreads.



  18. TET


    I think Sinky was also isolated when he got the ball. You are also right about basic lack of ball retention – we were always rushed in our passing.

  19. Thom-Marrakesh


    Aye, fitter, stronger and had technical ability to burn compared to us, Martin Canning said something similar about us against his Hamiltion team last friday night.


    It still hurts mind you :-)



  20. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    I got the impression that our coaching staff were hoping for a pacey open game – similar to the Man City game last year.



    Well we got pacey right enough – but PSG were also superbly organized and disciplined in how they pressed and denied us space – so not in the least bit open.



    The pace of the game and the pressure of being in possession just looked too much for us in the first half – we looked disjointed and unable to support each other.



    I would agree with an earlier poster that at this level, we might need to have 5 in midfield just to give ourselves some more options when in possession. It might be a wee bit dour – but horses for courses.

  21. Gene


    I thot that Sinky grew into the game, you are correct, they crowded him also.


    As for our passing, time, wait a split second before you release the ball, I was taught this 50 years ago, 90 times out of 100 you will have the time to think where you want the ball to go, and complete the pass.



  22. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Agree with the comments about facing completely different problems from domestic games.


    I remember one of the Dundee United players (possibly Sturrock) saying the reason they did something well in Europe was because they didn’t have to change the way they played. They played the same counter-attacking style as they did against the better Scottish teams.


    Don’t know what the solution is mind you!

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    who could be singing this?





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  24. That was so sore it was painless,


    that was the best football i have seen at CP in a long time


    the ball ripped thro us,their touch was great,touch under pressure even better,


    they were fast and knew how and when to break out of their passing moves


    i think they will be there or thereabouts.


    We have to learn from this and i think we will



    Good company before game in Bv


    CorkCelt,thanks for dropping in on the parish,:-)


    was good having the all to brief chat with you.



    laughing at the bbc continuitymythchannel


    managing to talk of Celtics worst ever defeats,Barca,last night,Amedia,


    made me think is Luxembourg the noo liquidation :-)




  25. Go tell the Spartim on

    i think BR has a philosophy of how we should play the game, and whilst i wouldnt call for wholesale changes, little tweaks here and there may have better rewards against the really top teams, not so sure Brendan will see it that way, we’re still a project and in only year 2 of the Brendan revolution, so we may have to take a few more hits along the way.

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    Perhaps we should rebrand the BBC to ABC (anyone but Celtic) they are a disgrace and an embarrassment of a national broadcaster. Do you think the english part of it would sound so delirious and revel in our pain so much if it were one of their teams…………………………………nah didnt think so

  27. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Really good players know where they are going to pass before they get the ball.


    It’s the thinking time that buys you the space, especially on the part of a player who puts himself in that space to receive the ball.



    We are on the right track. it is our budget that separates us……as it does us from the SPL also rans.

  28. The Battered Bunnet on

    A Celtic fan’s wept in the dock as he admitted invading the pitch and assaulting a Paris-Saint Germain player during Celtic’s 5-0 defeat in the Champions League.


    Twenty-two-year-old John Hatton, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, jumped over a metal railing and ran on to the pitch at Celtic Park on Tuesday night and assaulted PSG forward Kylian Mbappe by attempting to kick him.


    IT happened in the 40th minute after PSG’s Edinson Cavani scored PSG’s third goal.


    At Glasgow Sheriff Court Tesco worker Hatton also pleaded guilty to behaviour likely to incite public disorder by approaching Mbappe.


    Hatton, who was wearing a Celtic tracksuit, was banned from every football ground in the UK by Sheriff Sukwinder Gill who told him: “I don’t know much about football. But this was a high profile match. It was a Champions League match. It was televised across the UK.”


    Defence lawyer Dan Cameron said: “The incident wasn’t viewed on television screens. It was 40 minutes into the match. He was taken by security stewards almost immediately from the pitch. The match wasn’t disrupted for any great length of time. He had consumed a lot of alcohol and can only remember parts of the day.”


    Hatton was granted bail and sentence was deferred on him until October 11 for background reports.


    A second Celtic fan Anthony Lavelle admitted punching Hatton on the head as he was being led from the stadium by police.


    Depute fiscal Louise McNeil said: “Mr Lavelle was a spectator and after seeing John Hatton invading the pitch he became upset and angry. While the police were escorting Mr Hatton from the stadium he punched him on the head. Mr Lavelle was then arrested.”


    Defence lawyer Ann McKinlay said: “His last conviction was 42 years ago when he was 19.


    “Mr Lavelle was far from the only person who was angry about the pitch invasion. The consequences for the club could be very serious. UEFA could make them play their matches behind closed doors.


    “Mr Lavelle said that as Mr Hatton was being taken out of the ground he was laughing and he struck out and hit him on the head.


    “I am told that Mr Hatton is very sorry that Mr Lavelle got into trouble because of him.”


    Sheriff Gill said: “Was it a case that Mr Lavelle managed to get to him first,” and Ms McKinlay replied: “I don’t know about that but he accepts he managed to get to him.”


    The court was told that Lavelle, an asbestos remover, who now lives in St Albans, England, has been a Celtic supporter since he was 13 and takes his nephew who suffers from epilepsy to matches.


    Sheriff Gill fined Lavelle £400 and gave him two months to pay it.


    She refused a Crown motion to impose a football banning order on him.


    Sheriff Gill told Lavelle: “You have been going to football matches for 48 years with no trouble and you take your nephew to matches.


    “If Celtic Football Club wish to revoke your season ticket that’s a matter for them, but, I would hope they would see sense.”


    Celtic have been charged by UEFA following the pitch invasion on Tuesday night.


    The latest charge against Celtic comes after the club were fined £20,000 for illicit banners and blocking a stairway during their qualifying win against Linfield.


    It’s not the first time a fan has entered the field of play during a European match at Parkhead.


    AC Milan keeper Dida was slapped by a supporter in the 2-1 victory over the Italian giants in 2007.



    [A little license applied with ‘slapped’, I think]




    English commentators and pundits are far more positive about Celtic than Scottish ones.

  30. Could I begin by thanking all those who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. The day did not end too well, but a stiff Gin and Tonic when I arrived home from the game eased the pain somewhat. I woke this morning still a die hard Celtic Supporter



    Three points I want to make which have already been dealt with by others. Neymar the two thousand million transfer player is an excellent football player not much of a man. How he could have refused to shake hands with young Ralston speaks more about the type of individual he is. Tony, live the dream and be a great player in the future but never follow the example of that tax dodger.



    As for idiot who spoiled our reputation once more, I hope the book is thrown at him. We will be made to suffer once again by people who think nothing of ruining a football experience for others so long as they have their supposed moment of glory. I went to the game hoping our singing would not get us into trouble again. I thought that the GB were excellent yesterday evening. I was not aware of anything being sung that UEFA or anyone else could object to on this occasion.



    Lastly sitting in the local hospital car park this lunch time, I heard the McLaughlin say that he had phoned UEFA this morning to find out if the previous eleven charges would be taken into consideration when last night’s pitch invasion comes before UEFA. This man stoops low to find anything to beat Celtic with but cannot find anything wrong at the SFA.

  31. Thom


    Yip, 100% in agreement, thing is imo, we have good players who with top coaching can only get better.


    They may or may never reach the dizzy heights, but you never know, if they apply themself’s