Last season’s Celtic edge over the line


Shortly after Elfsborg cracked one against the crossbar last night I quickly scanned the Celtic team and had a thought.  For the second season in a row we are taking on the Swedish champions but we’re missing two of last season’s big performers and none of this season’s new signings were ready for action.  In short, this was Celtic 2012 minus Wanyama and Hooper. No wonder we looked unstructured.

Joe Ledley brought some vision to central midfield when he arrived, hopefully banishing the Brown-Kayal partnership to hidden corners of our mind once and for all.  Anthony Stokes playing at the front of a wide diamond was equally effective.  With the signing of Amido Balde, bids in for Kevin Doyle, and the addition of a wide-delivery-expert Derk Boerrigter, clearly Neil Lennon has a different plan for the months to come….. so there’s no real need for me to state the obvious.

Defensively we looked solid after a shaky opening few minutes.  I’m not the only one who was a bit nervous about Efe Ambrose after he was (again) caught underneath a long ball, but he settled quickly.  As we know to our cost, being great for 87 minutes is not how Champions League reputations are made, you are judged on your how vulnerable you become in your weak moments.

I said yesterday that Samaras and Commons were the two players who could cope at this level, which became plainly obvious during the game.  Georgios was the one player who frightened Elfsborg, they either swamped him with four defenders or fouled him before he got near goal.

Kris is simply the most intelligent footballer we have.  He is not the fastest, will never have the best stats, but he understands how games are won and is able to act accordingly.  Without these two players Celtic would be distinctly vanilla.

Thanks to those who sent over their 1254125 Great Scottish Run details, I’ll have them on the page later.
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  1. charles kickham on

    I wonder how many of the trialists at sevco were asked about not being able to play the famouse Glasgow Celtic

  2. The Token Tim on

    Singapore Celt,



    says the liquid refreshment man, whilst waiting on…ahem… a business call!






  3. Stewart @sconnelly1888


    A company called Norland has pulled its of Ibrox Job due to lack of Payment.

  4. Token,



    call done and let me tell you, not as simple as identifying replacements on whom is leaving… MNC lah!!!!



    TTT, just upset and disappointed with our board…




  5. starry plough



    13:42 on 1 August, 2013




    Had a look at the game again this morning, a better performance than I thought in real time plus that team tried to kick us off the park as they had no answers to us, a wee bit of improvement here and there next week should see us through to the next round..



    I thought that last night, I had to get up off my seat loads of times, for me that’s a good game, my wee legs were sore it was like being at mass without he kneeling :o)

  6. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on

    ”Samaras and Commons were the two players who could cope at this level, which became plainly obvious during the game.”



    Exactly – I have long since held this view. These two are ‘footballers first – athletes second’…At the highest level that’s what you need.



    Are there any Samaras -doubters left?

  7. Whats the news on the old Asbestox roof………….!?



    ….any leaks from the boul’ Lotte?








  8. ASonOfDan




    15:49 on 1 August, 2013




    Stewart @sconnelly1888


    A company called Norland has pulled its of Ibrox Job due to lack of Payment.





    Found them here.





  9. I listened to talksport a lot yesterday – for the whole day they spoke about gareth bale – interesting story, loads of different aspects to it – no probs there – what was never mentioned was how Real could afford this – I don’t know for sure but I’m fairly certain they do not have: Acc. Bal. £100,000,000 written on their paper statements that drop through the post each month. I am quite sure they have access to shi* loads of credit which someone is currently ignoring or afraid to pull the plug on as it would be disastrous politically or for perception of the bank. Anybody can have the best team in the world if they spent stupendous amounts on single individuals and if this goes ahead they’re no better than chelski or new man city in my view. What does this matter to a celtic fan ? We put out a team from the spl, championship, epl rejects and others scouted from minor leagues and we’re on the cusp of the CL and I’m proud of that.

  10. Morrissey the 23rd on

    Hearts have registration embargo extended until end of January 2014 for players over 21 years old as SFA punishment for insolvency event.

  11. last post should have said A company called Norland has pulled its plumbers out of Ibrox Job due to lack of Payment.

  12. bankiebhoy1



    Pictures on Twitter showing a huge hole that is letting the elements in.



    Although some speculation it is an escape hole for Walter and Sally




  13. Fairly enjoyed last nights game, thought we looked a bit pedestrian in the first half, but upped the tempo in the second,where big Sammy was unplayable and the Swedes had to put 3/4 guys on him just to try and foul him. Its also a bit obvious that we need someone with some guile in the middle of the park. On a separate note,went to the Kerrydale before the game, that’s a good we set up and should bring a few bob into the club throughout the season, shoulda done it years ago




  14. How many of Sevco’s ex SPL players were asked if they would miss playing Celtic?



    Celtic’s new signing Derk Boerrigter brought a


    little colour to his first media conference,


    accidentally saying Rangers’ league position is


    “s***t for them”.


    Boerrigter was introduced to the media on


    Thursday for the first time since his transfer


    from Eredivisie champions Ajax and spoke of


    his desire to impress at his new club.


    The forward was then asked by a reporter if he


    was disappointed to learn that he would not


    be coming up against Celtic’s rivals in the


    league this season. His slip-up amused the


    assembled media.


    “It’s s**t for them,” Boerrigter said, before


    quickly apologising and correcting himself.


    “It’s too bad for them,” he added. “But in a


    couple of years they’ll be back and the rivalry


    will be back as well.”


    The player was relaxed in what was his second


    public appearance for his new club, following


    his introduction to fans at Celtic Park on


    Wednesday evening. Asked what his family


    thought of the move, he pointed out his


    parents at the back of the room and invited


    journalists to ask them.


    On a more serious note, he spoke of his


    frustration at not having a regular place in


    Ajax’s team and promised Celtic fans they


    would see a player who is “very fast, a good


    dribbler, good crosser and with a good shot.”

  15. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    We have sold two of our best players therefore the present Celtic team is weaker than last seasons Celtic team, therefore we are unlikely to do as well as last season. Logic.


    In simple terms, unless we bring in players of the right standard, we are going backwards,


    not forward as PL has stated.

  16. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    ASonOfDan 15:54 on 1 August, 2013


    last post should have said A company called Norland has pulled its plumbers out of Ibrox Job due to lack of Payment.



    Must be bad old Craig Whyte not paying the bills again…..

  17. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    They not got some plumbers on the books in the playing staff?




  18. Surely we will get a decent striker in this week?



    CHARLIE AUSTIN has penned a three-year deal with Championship favourites QPR after Burnley agreed to sell the striker for an undisclosed fee believed to be around £4m.

  19. charles kickham on

    Hearts bring in hundreds of trialists



    or in other words



    Alex O’Henley ‏@OHenleyAlex



    Hearts issued with transfer ban until February 2014 for entering administration

  20. charles kickham on

    Mark Lawrenson to have ‘reduced role’ on Match of the Day



    should be ‘NO ROLE’ in my opinion

  21. The board have made over £2million pounds available to Neil Lennon already to replace Hooper.



    It’s not there fault that he spent it on Balde .


    Who Lennon feels isn’t ready yet to replace Hooper.



    What a bloody cheek to blame the board.



    Lennon and his scouts are not without fault.



    The Bangura situation is a fiasco.


    That being said , whoever did his loan deal cocked up by not putting in a ” No play” clause in the deal.




  22. traditionalist88 on

    williebhoy:’I certainly won’t be happy if we do sign Kevin Doyle…..at 29 he has no re-sale value’



    Looks like the PLC propaganda machine is working TOO well.



    Maybe, we should just sign players that are good and will improve us if they are available for a reasonable price. Not giving an opinion on Doyle specifically but the fact he may have no re-sell value is a ridiculous reason not to sign him, IF Lennon decided he was good enough.



    I know our strategy is to buy low, sell high but it is not our ENTIRE strategy – buzz words like ‘resale value’ are nice little soundbites but if we applied your above theory we’d never sign another player over 25.



    How likely is it we’ll make a profit on Boeriggter? Not very, Id say. But he could turn out to be an inspired signing.




  23. TinyTim



    I had heard that no such clause could have been entered for Bangura.