Late developer Jullien, Turnbull and medicals


Toulouse central defender, Christopher Jullien, looks set to become Celtic’s first confirmed signing of the transfer window.  A 26-year-old, the €8m fee,  is a departure from Celtic’s strategy of signing young players they can develop into more valuable assets.  He is, however, a like-for-like replacement for Dedryck Boyata, who left for Hertha Berlin last month.

Neil Lennon will know what he is getting with Jullien.  He has been tested in a difficult league and there will be no repeat of the Marvin Compper fiasco, when millions were committed without proper diligence being carried out.

Jullien was a late developer.  He played only one top-flight game, for Freiburg in the Bundesliga, before joining Toulouse as a 23-year-old.  Since then he has been first choice for the Ligue 1 outfit.  This relatively low profile is probably why he remains attainable for Celtic.

At 6’5”, he is three inches taller than Boyata, who joined Celtic as a 24-year-old, having played roughly the same number of top-flight games as Jullien at that age.  I will be delighted to see the paperwork sorted and the player pass his medical.

Speaking of which, there are reasons why we do medicals.  A discrepancy was flagged in Jozo Simunovic’s medical four years ago.  The player was sent to Harley St for a second opinion, which gave Celtic enough confidence to complete the signing.  Jozo has hobbled in and out of the team ever since.

Whatever the problems with David Turnbull’s medical, millions are not casually spent on any player with an expectation he will sit in the stand, or fail any future medical, which would inhibit any resale value.

Let’s hope the boy’s health is good, first and foremost, and that a way forward is found.

Hope the players get a good stretch against Austrian fourth tier SC Pinkafeld tonight.

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  1. KING LUBO, don’t post much here anymore ,but have family members going thru the same, god bless pal.hh.




    My heart goes out to you mate.


    Not easy but keep on here as a lot of sound advice is given regularly on here. HAIL HAIL. KTF.

  3. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    On citalopram myself kinglubo. General low mood/FNS but fugg me the dark days are bad ones. There only thoughts kl, you’re a winner.

  4. All the very best wishes King Lubo, that sounds truly horrible.



    I hope you and anyone else suffering from mental health problems finds some peace and happiness

  5. TheLurkinTim on

    Well said KingLubo…brave post…am on Fluoxetine to boost seratonin lvls…and obvs doc was reluctant to give me sleeping tablets…gave me 7 Zopiclone…to be used very sparingly when insomnia gets too much…




  6. !!Bada Bing!! on








    Lennon after today’s game.



    * Close on a few deals.



    * Jullien – Hope to get it over the line soon.



    * Turnbull – Clubs still negotiating after medical hitch. Confident it’ll go through.



    * Nothing more to say on Tierney. Every player has his price, but it hasn’t been met yet

  7. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Night night y’all



    You’re a champion KL – you survive depression fugg the lot of them!

  8. King lubo,


    thanks for your post,


    i know someone on Setraline,


    will warn them of the dangers of the other medication.

  9. Kinglubo


    Very powerful post – my depression was triggered by anxiety over what appeared to be very little. I was prescribed Prozac which didn’t do anything – had a lot of talking therapy which helped a lot.


    My thoughts and prayers are with you

  10. Go tell the Spartim on




    The bravest and kindest thing that I’ve read on here in a long while and Celtic supporters are noted for their selfless acts.



    Truly humbling, whilst battling your demons your first thought is of others. Your a credit to yourself

  11. KINGLUBO. Thank you for sharing so courageously with all of us what life has been like for you. You have great courage and trust to do so. I said a prayer to St Dymphna for you.

  12. King Lubo – A very brave man to share your story, I salute you. A Health professional for most of my life no GP should stop a medication like Trazadone so suddenly after such a lengthy period of it being prescribed, little wonder you suffered such terrible withdrawal symptoms. Like others I too have been in that dark place with Depression/Anxiety, I shall keep you in my prayers.




  13. King Lubo


    Very brave of you to be so open and forthright.


    You deserve a sympathetic and encouraging ear on here.


    It just shows that when we give people a hard time on here we have no idea what is happening in their personal lives.


    Let’s all resolve to play the ball and not the man.


    God give you the strength to bear your burden.

  14. The centreback we are looking to sign seems a bit of a baller. shved also looks a player.


    Less convinced about bayo, but he does appear to know route to goal and will hopefully have settled into scotland now.



    If turnbull needs an op that keeps him out for 10 weeks we should push ahead with deal, simply change payment plan with availability and fitness key to maxing total transfer about.



    We are crying out for a rightback. Hope we are down the line with this.



    Would hate to see kt go, but have a bad feeling he has played his last game for us. If he goes i with him well, great player with World at his feet If he wants it. I Would hope we already know where this is going and we have lined up a replacement.



    This football management is easy ;-)




  15. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    King Lubo. Thoughts and prayers with you at this time.Very brave of you to post as you did in thinking of others.


    Might manage the usual CCB caunel at the weekend?

  16. King Lubo


    Just read your very touching post. You’ve obviously been suffering a great deal in a way that I cannot imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Unbelievably selfless of you that your thoughts were to warn other sufferers about effects of certain medications.

  17. I recorded the France v England U21 game from last week but only got a chance to watch it tonight. I was interested to see that the £50m rated full back Wan Bassaka was playing and that Man U are willing to pay that amount for him. While he did quite a lot that was good on the game, in the first half he played a pass that was intercepted and resulted in Moussa being put through one on one with the goalie who saved Wan Bissaka’s blushes. With 25 seconds remaining of 90+mins, France won a corner, Wan Bissaka lost his man, got caught ball watching and then hit the ball past his own goalie who was about to deal with the ball and into the back of his own net to give France victory. They have to be kidding by offering 15-million for KT. Peter Lawell shouldn’t accept a penny less than £40m.

  18. Fool Time Whistle on

    Took my grandson to a Charlotte Independence game 2 weeks ago, versus Birmingham Legion. (I know)


    This is the USL, the next level down from the MLS



    Andrew Gutman played the full game at left back.


    He scored the first goal from a corner in a 4-1 win.


    He has good pace, a great engine & knows where the goal is.



    Charlotte & all USL sides are in the middle of their season so his fitness would be better than many of the other lads. Today, in addition to his pace & energy, he showed a good first touch and a decent awareness of what was going on around him. Played the first half at left back and the second as centre back.



    He’s being sent back to Charlotte after the pre-season friendlies to continue his loan there. NFL wanted to have a look at the guys like him & Manny Perez just to see where they were in comparison with the other players.



    He seemed to have acquitted himself pretty well even with the level of the opposition.




  19. Just watching a show on CNN about mental illness in the States and it’s been on the rise for many years, now although it affects more women than men the latter are reluctant to come forward with it. Good luck Kinglubo at least you’ve made that big step..

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    CNN, seriously? Up there with the sun and record as an MSM outlet.


    They are now supporting the use of ketamine on depression, issued by J&J as a wonder drug whilst ignoring their own results of clininac trials. 20 veterans a day in the US for years and now CNN decide to talk about depression, no doubt ignoring the cost of the drugs and lack of support.

  21. Fine Summers Morn In The Chilterns…



    KINGLUBO @ 7:30 PM,



    What a poignant and insightful post. Your vigilence and strength to come off the drug is a great tribute to you. Wish you all the very best in your battle.



    In general terms, I’m not at all sure what the alternatives are, though talking therapies are sadly under utilised, but my feeling personally the more natural that a treatment is, the better.



    Of course that doesn’t mean the most effective and that is the issue, you must always seek Doctors advice.



    But when I can, my preference is big farma to big pharma…



    David66, saw your comment yesterday morning, thank you and I’m sure your thoughts are appreciated. Hopefully see the bhoy soon.






    Didn’t see the game yesterday but it was interesting to see a mix of first team, reserves and academy guys get a great result. Looks like we’ve got a few bright youngsters stepping up.



    It got me thinking back a few months ago I posted our likely June squad, it’s about as predicted…





    Craig Gordon: May 2020


    Scott Bain: May 2022


    Conor Hazard: May 2021





    Jozo Simunovic: May 2021


    Kristoffer Ajer: May 2022


    Jack Hendry: May 2022


    Kieran Tierney: May 2023


    Calvin Miller: May 2020


    Anthony Ralston: May 2022


    Andrew Gutman: May 2022


    Manny Perez: May 2022





    Nir Bitton: May 2020


    Eboue Kouassi: May 2021


    Youssouf Mulumbu: June 2020


    Olivier Ntcham: May 2022


    Scott Brown: Jan 2021


    Kundai Benyu: May 2021


    James Forrest: May 2022


    Ryan Christie: May 2022


    Jonny Hayes: May 2020


    Scott Sinclair: May 2020


    Lewis Morgan: May 2022


    Tom Rogic: May 2023


    Callum McGregor: May 2023


    Mikey Johnstone: June 2023


    Marian Shved: June 2023





    Odsonne Edouard: June 2022


    Leigh Griffiths: May 2022


    Vakoun Issouf Bayo: December 2022



    From what I’ve seen though, only Oko-Flex, Henderson, Aitchison seem likely to come up and play a role in the first team.



    Of course as there are no new arrivals as yet this is where we are with respect to Sarajevo.



    Of course, the next couple of games will shape the team for the qualifier.



    It’s interesting who seems to be missinng in Austria. You’d think over the next week some youngsters will go back to Scotland and players like Mulumbu will join up after International duty.



    The question mark regards the “high value” players – obviously our high value players weren’t named in the leaked document. Also what constituted a high value wasn’t stated? So I’ve made a stab.



    Ajer is obviously a talent and is important to the first team but as his stock has not fully ripened yet he would still be in the “prospect” bracket. Scott Sinclair with his goals and assists is a very valuable player but due to his age and one year left on his contract is not a high value player as such. So who are they? Well from the above list I would say…



    Kieran Tierney: May 2023


    Olivier Ntcham: May 2022


    James Forrest: May 2022


    Tom Rogic: May 2023


    Callum McGregor: May 2023


    Odsonne Edouard: June 2022



    From what I can make out, only two are with the squad, Forrest and McGregor. We’re expecting a bid for Calmac and it would not be beyond reason to think that James might be courted.



    However I think these two can be relied upon to give their all in the qualifiers. The thing is will we, can we, miss the other four?



    We’ll see how it unfolds but my thinking is Lenny might have to rely on those bright youngsters…



    Hail Hail

  22. King lubo.



    I know that sometimes that dark black tunnel you talk of must seem long and endless at times, but there is light at the end of it!. I know!!.



    HAIL HAIL bud.

  23. Good morning CQN from a beautiful, wind free and sunny Garngad



    Well done to the bhoys last night, only caught small bits of the game.


    Although these games are all about fitness and match/game time time, it’s always good to rattle in some goals, it keeps the feel good factor going after a treble treble.


    From what I seen some of the young yins done well.



    D. :)

  24. KingLubo,



    The pharmaceutical drugs being administered are wrong.



    I’ve went through the illegal drugs phase Ecstacy etc. Long Term they are bad, very bad.



    If you are ever struggling to get a wee sleep, Trust me, Call on Jesus. Just ask the Lord and Saviour to get a good sleep. I know not if you Believe or dinnae but give it a try, much better than the parasitical PLC/Governmental agencies that are dealing with your Health and everyone elses.

  25. David66,



    You have been through the mill, I hope Celtic excite ye for the new Season.



    Juliens gonnae get YOU!!!!



    It is good hearing Mikey showing up very well. Big Season for the Bhoy.

  26. weebawbabitty on

    KINGLUBO, wish you all the best bud , reading back some great comments on depression hope you find some comfort in them , had a period of anxiety depression years ago , touch wood been fine since , so hopefully you can be the same, take care bro HH

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